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  • And 10k! image got 49:43 a couple weeks ago image. Thanks Shady- when is mini shady due?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - echo what Ady said - fantastic report. Once it all kicked off it was difficult to get any time to chew over the gory details with everyone so it's nice to have a detailed summary!

    I didn't realise you'd had knee problems. Good to hear that you managed to click it back into place - ouch! Reminded me of Mel Gibson's shoulder manoeuvre from Lethal Weapon image

    Ady - I'm even more in awe of your Comrades performance now. I did fewer miles with breaks in between in cooler temperatures and I had Tigger with me for moral support! Can't imagine doing what you did.

    Sister is fine thanks - hopefully all should be ok from now on.


  • Just bernard here coming on quickly to say hi and Thankyou to jen, Ady andnPC91 for your good luck and well wishes.

    PC91 which marathon are you doing?

    Ady when is the baby due?

    Malcs what a fantastic race report....I didnt even realise that you did a lap without a chip, that must have been so frustrating. I think you did brilliantly with your 7 laps, especially with your injury. It was so nice to meet you and your family.Mrs Malcs and baby Malcs are so lovely as were your friends. Im sure I wouldn't have been able to have enjoyed that lap in the torrential rain and knee high puddles and mud if it wasnt for that life saving pasta dish that seemed to fire me around.

    Hi Angela will have a read of your race report next...quite excited to hear your side of the story and weekend now. I will try and post something later in the week when I have a bit more time (painting is more hard work than working)!

  • Think I might have to read your report tomorrow now getting told off my chris....he's paused ray donovan waiting for me to watch it with him!image

  • Chris got fed up of waiting for me and went to bed instead, leaving me to read your race report Angela image. Another great report allowing me to relive a memorable weekend. I hadnt realised that you was injured though....feel like a bad team member now. Is your knee ok?

  • Hey yeah I think its fine now- sometimes the patella tracks funny and I think it was caused by a dodgy landIng on that foot during the second lap and because i went straight to bed rather than stretching it didn't have a chance to realign- its the same leg I tend to get patella tendinitis so I guess there's still weakness there although it hasn't given me a problem for ages. Don't worry, if I thought it was serious I wouldn't have gone out to do that 3rd lap- probably would have been ok on it were it not for the mud!!

  • Glad to hear that your knee is ok. I loved all that mud....was so much fun!

  • Hi everyone,

    WHAT A WEEKEND- the Thunder Run was amazing!! Great reports by Malcs and Angela, so I'll be brief with mine.

    first of all, a massive thanks to Tigger and Malcs who organised all of us, and also to the rest of the Team.

    My report of TR24...

    I didn't get down till Saturday morning, but the 'base' of Team Eclectic (myself, Sarah,Angela, Tigger, Gemma, Paul, Neil and Matt), Zombie Shufflers (RRR and Mr RRR) and Team Adam (Malcs, Mrs Malcs, Nigel, Alun and Claire) was well established and they had saved me a parking space. Everyone was introduced, and i would echo the sentiments of the others- it felt like meeting up with a bunch of old friends rather than internet stalkers image

    Tigger had organised great kit, and we all posed with our vests with names on. The running order was arranged, so I had time to kill as not going out till around 4.45. The weather was glorious, although we were warned at the race briefing that storms were expected in the evening.

    We wandered up to watch the start, and also see RRR, tigger and Malcs go by at the end of their first laps. Support was great, and everyone was really up for it. It was frustrating hanging around, particularly as we watched the others get ready, run then come back all excited and enthusiastic. Eventually it was my turn and I wandered down to the start to take over from Paul.

    The course was quite tough, especially the first 5km (IMHO). After a few hundred yards it went straight up the hill through the woods, and as it was so hot and humid felt quite out of breath really quickly. My Garmin didn't like the sudden changes of direction in the woods so my paces were all over the place- from 3.50 min/km to 7.25/km in the space of a few yards! Everyone was cheering, and having your name on the vest is a big plus- always gives you a boost when people call out your name. Sarah had wandered down to the half way point, so it was a big lift for me when she was cheering for me and I least expected it (Thanks Sarah image)

    The stretch from 6.5 to 8k in the woods was tricky, as there was white tape weaving back and fore through the trees so it was not quickly apparent which way to go, and it was a worry for the later night run. I finished in 49.03 with a smooth handover to Neil, and was pretty happy with that.

    We all went back to the tents, and the clouds started to come over. Tigger was back out for her second lap and the heavens opened....Thunder  and lightning and it was obvious the course would be deteriorating. Tigger came back soaked through, and if it wasn't for Malcs friends camper van and awning we would have been too.

    I went to try and lie down for a couple of hours as was planning to go out at 00.45, but really didn't sleep as the rain was so noisy and knowing i had to get up.


  • Gemma woke me up when she got back, and was absolutely buzzing. She had gone round in about 55 mins and was bouncing around she had enjoyed it so much. Malcs was up too, and we chatted while I debated whether to bother with waterporrofs, especially as it was not cold. In the end went for a long sleeve T shirt.

    I had to wait a long time at the handover, as Paul had fallen a couple of times, and was way behind his anticipated arrival. He look pretty dishevelled when handing over but didn't have time for a chat.. The lap was so much fun, but completely soaking and muddy. There were parts where it wasn;t running but more a combination of skating/slipping/ charlie Chaplin style waving arms about. Lots of people were walking but I ran pretty much all of it and finished in 56mins. Probably one of the hardest runs I've ever done, but the head torch and knowing you were going to get wet and no point worrying made the enjoyment so much better.

    Came back, had something to eat, tweeted how we were getting on (at the same time as RRR!!!) and then woke Matt whilst I crawled into the sleeping bag.  Didn't really sleep, but the rain had stopped by around dawn, so got up with the others. Still had some waiting to do as Sarah was doing a double lap, but everyone was still chirpy. Sun came out, and the course was drying out and sounded even harder to run on. We were a bit behind schedule so Matt and Neil went to run for Malcs team so they could get their 3rd lap done, and I wandered down to take over from Paul. I hadn't realised that if I finished before midday, then someone else would have had to go out, so team orders were to take my time and get in for 12.01.

    Paul handed over later, so I had 47 mins to get round before 12. I was the only one running past Martin Yelling and the guys from Marathon Talk doing the commentry so got some words of encouragement over the tannoy! As Malcs said, the mud was even harder now to run in and the edges of the track were also chewed up. At the 3k mark a load of guys had a trestle table laid out with about 2 cases of Stella, and were telling everyone to drop by at the finish- if that isnt an incentive I don't know what is! There was a huge puddle at 7k that was knee deep that I tried to jump like a stepplechase water jump, and ended up cpvered in mud. However the lady behind me who looked up till that point spotless, didn't take kindly to it and I carried on with expletives ringing in my ears image I ran/walked round, and was lifted at the end by the rest of the team at the final corner cheering me on.

    We stayed to see Neil finish, and RRR with her trademark sprint finish even after 9 laps- what a performance by her.

    All in all a fantastic weekend, and definately up fpr doing it again next year. Cheers, guys!!

  • Sorry it's not very brief image

  • Great report Clive image  its so fun reading about it again... reliving the weekend.. Wish they would hurry up and post the results and photos though image

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    Ha - I don't like brief Clive! image  Top report - I remember you telling me about the lady who was trying to stay clean. She was on a hiding to nothing. I'm sure you weren't the only person to get an earful.

    I may have said this before but the 24hrs went very quickly and with the constant changeovers, meal breaks, showers and attempts at sleeping it was impossible to talk to everyone and get the low down on how they were doing. That's why I love these detailed reports.

    Angela - there were some people who took their own photos who have posted on facebook. I had a look at one guy's pics and found these 3 shifty looking characters:


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    TR24 results are out though not officially.




  • Fantastic "brief" report clive image

    I really enjoyed coming over to the mid way point to cheer you on so im glad you did to.

    Loving the photo above Malcs, its guessing that was the first lap?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Yes, we'd done a massive 50 metres at that point image

    Been looking at our team of 5 splits and they missed Alex's first lap out and added the time onto mine! She's not bothered but I am - that would have been my fastest lap! image.

  • Love the pic! You're all grinning like cheshire cats image

    I meant to do a 4mile easy today, but had a lie in this morning instead, and by the time I got home I was so ravenous I just had to make dinner and eat.  I'm guessing this means I didn't refuel properly after the weekend, in which case an extra rest day is probably a good thing ahead of my tortuous bike ride this weekend... again, remind me why i'm doing this?  I''ll be sat  on the bike for longer than it takes me to run a marathon!!!

  • Malcs- great photo.image

    Thanks for the link- looks like we were 80th of 252 teams so pretty good result. All my legs under an hour so pretty chuffed with that too.

    Photos will be available later today at

    Went for an easy 4 miler yesterday, and 'unfortunately' got the Millbrook Monster 10k tonight. A 10k cross country loop... hope its not like ground hog day for the weekend

    Been telling people about TR24, and already got at least 2 people who are interested for next year.


    How's everyone else?


  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    Great report Clive, it was the right length.

    I'm looking at the results, 1st Solo man, 20 laps in 23h in the conditions you have describde !!! The top 40 solo men ran 100km+. And the women were amazing, 1st 16 laps ! Even the names are great, there should have been a prize for the likes of Dyslexic Midnight Runners.  Well done everyone.

    Angela - Orleans Marathon in November, I live the other side of the channel.

  • Malcs....any excuse!!! Only kidding. How did you get the splits...I cant find them and would like to see what times I did my laps in.

    We came 80th overall. Initially I was a little disappointed with that, but when you see that there are over a hundred teams behind us I think we actually did quite well.

    Angela I think you deserved a rest day after the weekend that you have just had and the one which is approaching. You probably benefitted more from that than doing a 4 mile easy run.

    Did you see my lap times at all Clive? I cant get the link that Malc posted on here to work image. Good luck tonight with your 10k, fingers crossed the conditions will be more favourable. Let us know how you get on.

    PC91...I was thinking about going solo...but 16 laps.. thats a lot to beat!

    Decided to go out for a gentle jog with chris yesterday instead of doing my usual tuesday night speed session (no idea why I had scheduled one after the weekend, but hay). Legs felt very tired for the first 2 miles but then after that they had loosened up and felt great. Just did 7 miles @ 9 min/mls. Was nice to run outdoors with chris, exploring our new village!

    Not sure what to do tonight now ? weights and speed training or weights and another steady/progressive 7-8 miles...what do you think? Going to do my long run (17-18 miles) hopefully friday morning

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Yeah, best of luck Clive. I wouldn't fancy doing a 10K race right now image

    Angela - I agree with Sarah, rest is definitely well deserved!

    Sarah - wow, 18 miles planned, great stuff. I was originally hoping to do the same at the weekend but I'm not sure now. Maybe I should split it into 10K laps - easy image

    Here are the splits:

    2216 Lindsay Adcock 1 01:15
    2219 Sarah Attwood 2 00:49
    2218 Gemma Scougal 3 00:54
    2217 Angela Isherwood 4 01:01
    2215 Paul Sadler 5 00:46
    2212 Clive Kelty 6 00:49
    2214 Neil Wilson 7 00:54
    2213 Matt Neal 8 00:50
    2216 Lindsay Adcock 9 01:13
    2217 Angela Isherwood 10 01:01
    2219 Sarah Attwood 11 00:56
    2218 Gemma Scougal 12 01:00
    2215 Paul Sadler 13 01:09
    2212 Clive Kelty 14 00:57
    2214 Neil Wilson 15 01:20
    2213 Matt Neal 16 01:02
    2216 Lindsay Adcock 17 01:42
    2219 Sarah Attwood 18 00:57
    2219 Sarah Attwood 19 00:58
    2218 Gemma Scougal 20 01:00
    2217 Angela Isherwood 21 01:22
    2215 Paul Sadler 22 01:05
    2212 Clive Kelty 23 00:56


    Clearly you need to pull your (fluorescent) socks up! image

    I'm not posting mine, you stuffed me out of sight!

  • I wish I could put these on runbritain rankings... I've slipped to 13th place, which means I wont be getting a prize. .. wish I'd gone for Conkers parkrun now!

  • Thankyou Malcs your a star....I actually guessed my times quite actually quite pleased with those.

    Haha, I didnt stuff you did 7 laps...I only did the 4!!

    Can you write to them Angela and ask them to include it?

  • TR 24


    I really didn’t know what to expect about this weekend. I was looking forward to spending the weekend camping and running with like minded people but I was also quite nervous about the event. I wasn’t sure how I would manage running twice in one day and also how we would all get along together. Ive got to say, I really didn’t have anything to worry about. The running went down a dream and we all got along like life long friends, infact even better than that. I really cant believe how well we all got along despite some of us not having even met each other before.


    Before I set of I decided to go to the shops to buy some staple foods and some fizz. In hind site I really shouldn’t have bought as much food and should have bought more fizz but never mind.


    I was picked up at 2 from my parents by Gemma, from there we went to Chesterfield to pick up Paul before traveling down to Derbyshire.


    We arrived just before 4 and thanks to tigger and malcs we really didn’t have much to do except soak up the atmosphere. The tents etc had all been put up. The weather was amazing so we ended up soaking up the sun as we waited for everyone else to arrive. Mrs Malcs kindly gave me a cider to help me hydrate for the event tomorrow.


    Once everyone had arrived we had a bit of a social with the help of a few fosters and fizz before retiring to bed at midnight ready for the day ahead.


    I woke up at 7am with the toilets being cleaned out and evacuated. After this we explored more of the stalls and attended the safety briefing before the race began at 12. Tigger was the first in our team to run, followed by myself. It was exciting to see her run over the start line with Malcs and sarah. I moved a few times around the course to see them running past at 5km and 6km before I headed to the start for the hand over.


    I took over from Tigger at about 1:15. I decided to take aim for about 8 min/mls due to it being cross country, warm/sunny and due to having more laps to run. Looking at my watch I managed to maintain this pace finishing in about 49/50 mins. I found the course extremely tough, I was hot and hilly. The first 5 km felt to be almost all up hill and then the second half through woods with lots of twisting and turning and exposed tree roots. Despite this it was a gorgeous route with lots of support. I felt almost like being back in London Marathon with people shouting my name (which I had on my vest that Tigger had organized).


    Finishing my lap I passed the baton on to Gemma. At this point I was so relieved that we were in a team of 8…the course was tough and I was wondering if I would manage the 4 laps I had planned to do.


    I tried to support the rest of my team on the course after having a shower however after cheering on Paul and Clive, the sky turned dark and it look like a storm was brewing so I headed back to the tent to put my clothes and running shoes under cover.


    I think the words “a storm” was an understatement. From 6:20 pm until 4 am there was torrential rain with thunder and lightening at times. We ended up sheltering for a couple of hours hoping that it would settle before each of our runs but it didn’t.


    I was running my second leg after Angela, which was roughly at 9:30 pm. I was dreading it. I wore a shower cap and a bin liner hoping that this would help keep me dry (as I was worried about going to bed with wet hair and feeling cold)…which worked to a certain degree. As I was waiting for Angela to come in, lots of other runners were coming in limping, others were saying it was deadly out there and so dangerous….I was becoming quite concerned&he

  • ….I was becoming quite concerned….However when I got the baton and started to run I found out that it was extremely enjoyable running in the dark and in the rain. No longer was I hot and over heating, I was cool and hydrated. The paths were sludgy, but I found this fun (thanks to packing my trail shoes). Lost of people were walking and sliding all over the place but I found I had no problems running the course and ended up over taking loads of people. Think this lap was one of the best runs I have had the pleasure of doing.

    I handed the baton on to Gemma after it taking me about 55 mins to complete the course. I went back to the tent to sleep but I found it difficult to sleep due to the adrenaline from the run. I finally dropped of at 11:30 just as Gemma returned.

    I was woken up a few times in the night as Paul returned and then Tigger was looking for something, before finally waking up at 2:30. My next run wasn’t until about 5, however the plan was for Matt to wake me up at 4. I think I was that worried about missing my leg and not waking up I just couldn’t go back to sleep.

    Matt came knocking on the tent at 4 so I finally got up and got ready for my double lap. I had wanted to do two laps back to back so I could get a long run in and also see what it would be like just incase I decided to try it solo. I was worried that I might have been hogging the baton so I suggested me running one lap with the baton and chip and the second without but no one seemed to mind. Angela said I could run her third lap instead of her as did Neil.

    I went to the start at 5 am and ended up waiting until 5:47 until Tigger came in. I was concerned that she may have sustained an injury but luckily she was ok. She ended up having to walk a lot of the course due to the conditions. Because of this I was worried that I wouldn’t manage my two laps in the estimated 2 hours, but I knew that I had to give it a good go for everyone elses sake and to get my milage in so off I went. The course was a lot more muddier and churned up than the previous day but it was so much fun. My trail shoes were a god send, people were falling over all over the race or having to walk, whereas I was still able to run quite freely without many problems (except on a few bends). I love getting muddy, and boy did I get muddy. The huge puddle at about 7km ensured that those who had managed to stay clean and dry wasn’t going to stay that way. As I ran through it I was knee deep in muddy water…it was great.

    I managed to run my third lap in about 57 mins and the fourth in about 59 mins. I enjoyed running through the finish/start line and continuing on to a second consecutive lap but did find it tough doing the two laps back to back (but highly rewarding). It was nice to hand the baton over to Gemma again after my fourth lap allowing me time to have a shower, eat a well deserved jacket potatoe and have a massage before seeing the people run their final lap.

    I found it so emotional watching the solo runners coming in…could that be me one day?

    Over all I had a fantastic weekend which I managed to spend with some amazing people…thanks guys for making it a special and memorable event.

  • opps I fogot to change my lap times to the correct one rather than the estimates!

  • ....and just to add, next year they need a beer tent!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Great report Sarah. I'll say it again, it's really great to hear how everyone did individually.

    I am definitely investing in trail shoes for next year even though we all know it will be warm and pleasant for the whole 24hrs (if we all start thinking it then it'll happen). That said, aside from the slipping I also enjoyed the conditions. The worst bit for me was coming back soaked and then getting colde waiting to go out again. 

    All this talk of solo has moved me further up the temptation scale. I reckon I've as good as decided now!

    PS. yes, beer tent would be great and would surely make a fortune!

  • Beer tent next year!! And some solo entries!! Reckon we should all still camp together though - was fab coming back between laps and seeing (almost) everyone! image

    My trainers finally look clean although even after 30 mins of scrubbing them and rinsing them in the shower the water still won't run clear. Decided it'll have to do ...!! They were brilliant though on the trails!

    So ... who's up for next year then?

  • Love the report Sarah!  Its funny how many different views there are on mud!

    Malcs, definitely get yourself some trail shoes! I  got mine in December in prep for the great trail challenge, but I found they allowed me to stick ot my training schedule in the snow, as well as being quite good on the Sand for the Mersea Island race I did a month ago.  I also found they gave me great confidence flying down hill in my first lap at TR24, when it was still dry.

    RRR, I definitely think I'll do it solo one day, but not next year...though I would be up for being in a team where I can do more than 3 laps...

    That is, if I don't defect to cycling!  Just got back from the RideLondon expo... turns out I hand my card over quite easily for shiny new cycling kit too!!  Sooo excited!  Got to sit in Wiggo's chair in front of Hampton court palace image

  • OOO, and if anyone would like to sponsor me and the OH for our crazy bike ride, the link is here: 

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