ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Hi everyone

    Great report Sarah! I'm definately up for next year avec trail shoes...Not bothered (or good enough) about solo, but think team of 5 prob best??

    This is particularly after doing the Millbrook Monster 10k last night- local race of Hyde Village Striders near Manchester. It was my brother in laws idea...I'll try to keep this race report brief (although likely not possible image)

    Turned up at 7 after driving across Pennines from Sheffield, and had the start of feeling of deja vu from TR24- torrential rain, and an off road course. Luckily it eased to allow the 180 runners take off up the narrow, muddy path at the start. I went off quite quick to get some breathing space, but quickly wished I hadn't. The first 3 miles are all UPHILL, total ascent 257 (almost double that of TR) and as we went out onto the moors it felt like more of a fell race. My legs felt pretty leaden, and there were a couple of points where I had to walk for a few metres to try to catch breath. The paths were quite treacherous too, especially with the weather as it was.

    It was a huge relief to see the reservoir at 5k, and know it is all downhill after that (or so I thought). There were a couple of guys close to me who kept overtaking and dropping back so we ended up flying down the hill on a tarmaced section at about 6min/mile pace. I managed to pull ahead until we got to 9k, and realised there was a steep section which was broad steps! we all walked up (grumbling image), and then sprinted downhill to the finish. 47.48.9, 41st overall, and 10th in age group.

    It was one of the hardest runs I've done, mainly as think legs weren't up to a hilly run so soon after TR. Anyway, nothing a chip butty and pint for finishers wouldn't solve.

    Aching today though, so easy run tomorrow, and going to push long run back to Sunday

    Angela- I'll sponsor you later.

  • Here I am!


  • Race sounds exciting Clive- I'm in awe- I've had to take the whol week to recover from last weekend, although I may not have been so cautious if I didn't have this silly bike ride to prepare for...

  • Haha... didnt take long to recruit another solo runner!! Malcs you should have done what I did, ran in the shower cap and black bin liner, it kept me surprisingly dry image

    Im impressed that you have even attempted to clean your shoes RRR ive thrown mine in the garage all muddied up and probably wont look at them again until winter...can the mud damage them?

    Loving the photo way that you can choose cycling over running though image

    Clive I dont envy you, your race sounded so tough, especially after the weekend youve just had. Good time and placing though considering image. Whats your next race?

  • I just did 7.5 miles yesterday (after doing my weights). Started off at 8:30m/m and increased my pace slowly to 7:20 m/m and then 6:30 min/mls for the last half a mile. That was instead of my speed training due to TR24. Legs felt very stiff and heavy for the first 2 miles but then loosened up. Worried about loosing some of my speed so it was nice to do a few faster paced miles but I def need to do my speed training next week.

    Rest day today and then long run in the morning all being well image.

    Bought a TM yesterday...gets delivered in 2 weeks excited!image

  • Hey guy's!  Everyone's race reports were awesome! Mine is on its way, just come back from swimming with seals so need to get on the laptop! Bloody tablet! Im up for organising next years trip so if you fancy it and didnt come this year message me!


    Fosters is calling...back later x

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sod it - count me in for solo too next year.

    I am already making a checklist. So far I have trail shoes, bin liners and superglue (for timing chip, so I can't take the bugger off!)

    Clive - great result in your race. No way I would have been able to do that! Nice post race refuelling too image

    Tigger - welcome back! How was the swimming then? You know that all the seals have been exitedly telling their mates that they would be swimming with Tigger this week. image

    Sounds like we might have more than one team next year as well as the solo entries which is great as there will be more of us on the course at the same time.

    My lot are all up for it again so the HQ and canopy will be back!

    Sarah - very jealous of your running. I feel so slow at the moment. Haven't run since the weekend. Not sure what to do about this ankle pain. I feel I need to get that sorted before continuing with York training.

    Angela - is that Hampton Court? Are you on Bradley's throne? Not long now until that little race you've been so looking forward to! I bet you will love it once it's under way.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah has quite sensibly suggested switching over to this thread as most of us on her thread are on this one too and we end up posting in two places. She's ever so efficient don't you know image

    This got me wondering whether we should have a new thread of our own. I know this question was raised after the comp finished and we took the path of least resistance and stayed here. 

    However, in the autumn there will be another 26.2 thread so maybe it's time we moved on?

    We could call it 26.2 Bootcampers or something completely generic. Answers on a postcard. But if the feeling is that we all still want to stay here then fair enough, we can go with the majority.


  • So Malcs, that wasn't actually Hampton court, but I couldn't resist having a sit down in the throne... I wonder if they will make it available for piccies at the end of the event, when I can do a ridiculously long lap of honour and sit there in my cycling kit, just like wiggo... Should have got some stick on side burns to confuse ya!

    with the thread, I don't mind where we go...

    Sarah, I don't think I'll favour cycling.  Fallen off the bike too many times for that!

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Ha ha Malcs I've Only just found my way here!

    another shambling group run tonight, my pal with the bad foot from Monday went home early, my dear friend Andy bravely plodded round and you could see he was so pleased we'd waited for him at the mulster stop.

    it was a great run along the river bank, I was really suffering, but when we got into the shady straight section it was better and I was able to put in a good effort.

    great race report on the other thread Sarah, I loved reading it, like I loved reading a Stephen King novel on holiday, the bit about getting into the tent was particularly horrifyingimage


  • Love the picture Angela!

    Sarah- buying a treadmill- thats dedication for the long winter nights...

    Malcs- happy to go with the flow for the thread- agree likely we will have to move, but depends on what RW call the thread this time round??

    Are you going to see anyone about your ankle?


  • Thanks for the sponsorship Clive image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Brilliant reports guys! You all did amazingly!

    I'm def up for next year (if you'll have me) image

  • Thanks for the sponsorship Malcs!  Not sure there wont be thunder and lightning... My train to work this morning was through a T&L storm!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - welcome to the extended family! Sorry about that, didn't mean for you to be moved from pillar to post - we may all remain here depending on the consensus. Anyway great to see you here.

    You know you're going to be under pressure to join us all next year. The buffs were out in full force so you'd fit right in! 

    Angela - I think the side burns you have are probably long enough image. The thrones were all still there when we went there last summer so I wouldn't be surprised if they still have them there. Could be a bit of a queue but it'd be worth it!

    Feeling the nerves yet?

    Jen - it would be an honour and a pleasure to have you along.

    We are back in the Wild West again btw. Been so busy I forgot to give you prior notice. We only have Saturday though as we're heading to Pendine on Sunday for a week. I fear we may have missed the good weather though image.

    Are you parkrunning tomorrow? 

    Thoughts on moving to a new thread?

    Sarah - treadmill-tastic! If you hook up a hose pipe over the top of it and smear the tread with vaseline you can start practicing for next year's TR24 image 

    Clive - I saw someone last week and they said it was overuse and possibly me running on the outside of my foot too. Not sure I can afford to go and consult a running expert so I think I'll have to sort it myself.

    What I do know is that it felt better at the end of the weekend than it did at the start which would suggest that it's tightness and not something that's damaged. Not done anything this week so far. That includes stretching which is stupid really as I should have at least been doing that.  

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    What is the date for TR24 2014 ?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sacrebleu - I feel an arm being twisted image

    I don't think there is a date yet but it has always been the last weekend in July. Entries open in November so we'll know for sure then.

    Would be great to have you along PC!

  • PC -PC - ✭✭✭

    I doubt that I'll be there but I have a couple of friends who are thinking about it. image

  • I think we're going to need a stadium for the number of people we're gonna have in our group at TR next year... my OH wants in too... perhaps he and Mr RRR can be on my team since I'm not so insane as to be going solo!!

  • Malcs, on nerves... I think I'm feeling bravado... certain I'll get to the 50 mile mark in 3 hours, so an average speed of 16.6mph, then allowing myself a bit of fade for the next 25 miles through the Surrey Hills.... will be very happy to finish in7 hours...

    SEVEN HOURS!!!  I should have just entered an ultramarathon instead...

    A friend of mine is doing this:  maybe I should too.... 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    evening all.

    Just started raining here, inspired by all the mud reports I may seek some out on Sunday!

    re thread, please stay here, I'm too easily confused! its called asics 2013, so the new bootcampers can sort their own name and year out!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Jen - fair point. Let's just stay here then image

    Anglea -  ha! I'm sure the hours will just fly byimage  Very best of luck to you!

    The ultra looks great btw. 

    Would be great to have your OH along at next year's TR24!

    PC - the more the merrier. I don't know if anyone mentioned it already but this week's Marathon Talk podcast is all about TR24. Worth a listen.

    I am heading off for my first run since the weekend madness. We're in Wales so going to attempt to rendezvous with Jen on the coastal path. Fingers crossed for the ankle!

  • Ok so here it goes; I’m not as good with this sort of thing but what the hell!

    I think I need to make a few things clear before I carry on, I love running on roads, I love my road trainers and I love being clean! And I’m not so into times and paces...more the experience!

    Leading up to tr24 I was very nervous, I had organised running vests and hoodies for the whole team, until we were all at the event safely, happy, camp area altogether and happy with the kit I couldn’t help but fret. As I live closest to the venue I knew I had to be there to get us all a spot, so 12.05 on the Friday I arrived! Luckily I bagged a good spot, near the toilets, main event village, close to the course and the water tankers.  I did feel slightly unorganised when fellow runners were using tape to claim their area, so I used the next best thing.......fold up chairs, airbeds, camping stoves, tent, basically everything I had in the car! I then realised that it was going to be awhile before Malcs arrived so decided to be big and brave and pitch the text, and honestly it went very well. My first attempt at pitching my 8man tent went up with no issues! Get me!

    From there everything else fell into place, the sun was shining everyone started arriving and the atmosphere was brilliant.  A trip for provisions was required as we went to pick Angela up from the train station.......wasn't planned to get the Chinese take away and beers back but worked a treat! I’m pleased to say everyone was happy with their running vests and hoodies, and it felt great wandering around wearing them. With all the Facebook messages, emails and forum posts I can honestly say it did feel like we were all old running buddies not meeting for the first time.

    As most of you reading this will know I have had injury and I really was worried about completing 1 lap let alone anymore!  The thing is with tr24 it’s a bloody long time and we figured if you get into the race mentality on the first lap you could screw yourself over, so as the least competitive member of the team and gobbiest I claimed the first lap! We all had to turn up to the safety briefing and the whole place was buzzing, I bounced, I sang and I shook like a leaf, I just hoped and prayed that my knee would hold up! I walked to the back of the start with Malcs and RRR and it was electric!  As we started it felt like we were at the start of a marathon, so many people around lining the route! Have to say it’s great having your name on your vest, felt like a total celeb!

    Lap 1 - It was absolutely scorching! The course was winding and hilly, but great fun! We soon lost RRR which was no surprise, but whilst we did run together it was good fun. I'm glad to say my knee did hold up, Malcs and I completed the first lap together. It was amazing!

    Thing is in our 'camp' we had 3 teams, so when you came back off the course, you always had someone to chat to, pass on tips things to look out for and so on!

    Lap 2 - OMG did the heaven's open or what! I’d probably got in around the 1k mark when it started to thunder and lightning, very exciting! Such a buzz on the course, then the rain started. And it wasn’t long before to be soaked to the skin! But at least it wasn’t cold! As I ran past the back of the camp I saw all the team huddled under the awning of one of the vans, so I yelled very loudly for a bit of a wave! As for the knee...still held out!

    So I returned to the camp only to have the water off the awning poured over me...cheers team! Mrs Malcs offered up a cup of tea I think at that point I loved her!

    Time to turn in for some sleep...or should I say try to sleep! Bloody rain! So I shared a tent with Neil due to me running one after him at 4 in the morning. I think I may have picked up a couple of hou

  • After I got home and unpacked the packing began all over again! I did drive up to Northumberland in the evening and it was worth it, we launched the rib from Beadnall bay and headed to the Farne Islands, it totally pissed it down although I was alright in my wetsuit! We decided not to swim off the boat as the conditions weren’t the best and my children would worry! So we dropped my friend and the little ones off on the beach and we headed back out, OMG that rib can shift it was better than Alton Towers! It was awesome!! We opted for a swim in the afternoon whilst the kids were back at the house it was lovely! 3pm hit the hot tub and the champagne!

    As we never got to swim with the seals on Monday, we went to Holy Island on Tuesday, we spent the day on a little beach it was amazing! The Children loved it, just before we left we hit the water, and I got to swim with the seals, they come up really close and are very inquisitive it was an amazing experience. We stopped for fish and chips at Seahouses, by the time we got back it was late so we put the kids to bed and settled with pimms in the hot tub watching the shooting stars! I’m going again in September to swim and another trip out with the seals and cannot wait!

    Wednesday was lovely just me and my children on the beach!

    I thought I’d share this because….well I can and I’m buzzing!  

  • Last thing I promise....

    Been out for my first run in a week...4 knee not saying anything else!!

    oh apart from go Angela!!

  • Thanks Tigger!  Awesome report too image

    we're getting pretty nervous now- bound to be a grumpy start as the alarm is set for 4am....

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Blimey this is the thread to be on isn't it? Thumbs up to boats and seals, thumbs down to staying up late getting wet and muddy.

    Good luck tomorrow Angela, sounds like it will be a great day.  I was driving home on Friday and there are signs up for a road closure through part of our village, I looked it up and it is the etapmercia cycle race going round most of Cheshire, so I'll need to get my long run out of the way that day, I think it will be a bit hazardous for a pedestrian. 

    tomorrow is a training run with the Chester Marathon people, 17 miles so that will be fun after two weeks in Greece and a week of full on catch up at work. It's always enjoyable though, they're such a friendly bunch, and there's tea and flapjacks afterwards.

  • Morning all, sorry I haven't been on here over the weekend, my inlaws arrived after my long run on friday so we've been entertaining them all weekend and I didnt want to appear rude coming on the computer. At the moment their all in bed. image

    Thanks infra puffy (what was the inspiration for the new name?) and everyone else for agreeing to move over to this thread and leave the other one to drift away. As with a new thread I don't care what we do, whether we stay on this or create another one. I guess as long as we know where we are looking and posting on, it doesn't really matter about the name!

    Puffy  I hope you had a good 17 miler this morning and managed to get out and back before the cycling race kicked off. Sorry to hear about your not so pleasant run on Thursday....think this weather is destroying us all. I managed 18 miles on friday but the last 3 were a killer sweated more than when I did that speed training session a few weeks ago. How far did you manage to run for your long run whilst on holiday?

    Malcs haha, thats fantastic news about going solo next year, the more the merrier imageHows the ankle? Has it settled back down yet? How did your run with Jen go? I hope it gets better soon and you get back in to the training quickly, really looking forward to seeing you at york marathon, and obviously I want you to be able to do the thing that you enjoy. It does sound like something is tight rather than damaged with it getting better throughout TR24-have you been using your magic ball? Are you any further forward in getting a moving date? 

    Clive have you managed any runs since your race?

    Tigger I can't believe that you went swimming with seals...and that you enjoyed it. The thought petrifys me. Just wondering which one you prefer more, swimming or running? Glad you managed 4 miles with no arguments from your knee. image Another fantastic race report.

    Angela good luck today and enjoy. Rather you than me, but I can see me attempting to do a cycling race soon...(tempted to do the London to Paris if DS2 is still thinking about it). Does david run or is it part of the deal of getting married to you?

    Hi jen, hows the training going for snowdon? You looked to have had some amazing runs whilst on holiday, your photos were gorgeous and made me extremly jealous. That engagement ring too was lush.


    Managed 18 miles on friday for my long run. Average pace was 8:50m/m so roughly half a minute slower than usual. The first hour wasnt too bad (as it was quite overcast) but after that it was quite tough due to the sun beating down. I drank a litre of water before running and took another litre with me, despite staying well hydrated I ended up needing the loo almost all the way round! As I was running from my new house, I got the chance to explore and try out new trails and cycle paths which was quite exciting. I also managged to find our local GP surgery (at 18 miles) so called in there once I had finished to register as new patients before walking the .3 miles home. The last three miles hurt, but this wasnt surpising given the heat, that this was my longest run since April (last long run was only 15) and doing 24.8 miles last weekend.

  • Forgot to say tigger...looks like the website cut your TR report short...didnt get to hear about your last lap and collecting our medals image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Infra is the opposite of ultra ( I think) and some of the Mundane people did the grim reaper ultra on Friday and changed their names. The run was good, very well organised. 

    We met up at Total Fatness which is right on the Greenway that we use to run on. Chris sent everyone to the appropriate group, I was with the 8:40 pace group, and we had a good chat, the pacer and I have a mutual friend so we were chatting away, and Chris, the race organiser was with us and he is always good fun.

    i managed ok, I couldn't help thinking that I might have left a lot of fitness in the Tavernas and cocktail bars of Katelios though.  The pacer was a bit fast I thought, garmin s don't work too well on the path as it is an old railway line and set in cuttings  and tunnels and lined by trees.

    the organisers had arranged water stations every three and a half miles or so, there were 69 runners, some did 14, the rest 17. Average pace was 8:30 so bang on for my planned  race pace.

    the cycle race wasn't today Sarah, but i am watching the London event, keeping an eye out for Angela;-)

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