ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • So, 100 miles is a long way to drive, let alone cycle, with the extra bits getting to the start and from othe finish back to the car I think we've travelled as much if not more distance by bike today thaN we did by car... Not sure it's good form to report a cycling event on a RW forum but I'll post the link up when I put it in my blog.

    Thanks for all the well wishes and sponsorships you generous people, and Sarah, I'm definitely sticking to running image


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Tigger, Brill report! I'm so up for next year! I know when you suggested it at the beginning I thought I was too old n boring, but I've become much more adventurous lately image

    Sarah, Cyprus was so so lovely, getting up at 5.30 to run was amazing! Our villa was up Aphrodite hill, and a hill it was! It was brilliant training for Snowdon, cos I had a long steep hill at the end of every run. I'm still a bit in panic mode of 'what on earth am I thinking, everyone else on Snod thread is so much fitter than me'. But it will be my race, ran at my pace!

    I met up with Malcs on Sat and had a great run on coast path. It was brill hearing all the TR24 news first hand, and it was SO nice having company. Thank you Malcs.

    Hi Puffy n Angela, I've not really met you yet,image *friendly wave*

  • *waves at Jenf*. Hiya, I was following Sarah O's RW thread and RRR's and got sucked into the awesomeness that is TR24!  I did apply to 26.2 but didn't make it to bootcamp image. Maybe next year...


  • Hi everyone...

    Jen- nice to see you back image, holiday sounds fantastic. Only 5 days till I hit the Costa Brava for 2 weeks image, althought the road out of the village for any runs is over a mile steep up hill. Glad you managed with catch up with Malcs

    Tigger- great report. Swimming good, you heading up to treeton any time soon? good to hear the knees is OK

    Angela-how was the bike ride yesterday??

    I like the name change Puffy image Sounds like a good run


    Sarah- impressed with the 18 miler. I went for 15 yesterday whilst down in North Wales with my wife's parents- felt pretty good after the mid week run, but thigh was bit 'aching' afterwards. I was only given a 15min turnaround back at the campsite before taking the kids for a walk/cycle into Rhyll- about 3 miles along the river bank path. I then had to walk back in the rain as the eldest son wanted to cycle back whilst everyone else went in the car! Needless to say after my legs were so sore- and even getting up from a chair was painful. Not sure if it is anything serious, but going to get the roller out now, and maybe try a light recovery jog tomorrow..


  • Hello,

    Well, I think this report shows I'm definitely a runnner... It was fun, but I got pretty bored after box hill!

    Clive, I suspect TR24 + another muddy 10k is the correct explanation for your achiness.  My little finger has been numb since the ride- holding onto the handle bars too tight on the scary downhills image  Have fun in Espagna

    Infra Puffy, I like the new name!  You sound like a Super hero... or should that be Infrahero?

    Sarah, I dunno about cycling- definitely enjoy running much more.  I think cycling is more fun used as a method of transport, when there's no presure to meet a cut off, or train sensibly.  I guess I would quite like to do a cycling and camping holiday, but with the race, and having to finish in a certain time, I felt bad stopping to take in the views/scenery.  Looking forward to focussing solely on running again.  I'm going to try a part of the Essex Way trail this weekend- the part closest to where I live.  Might have to finally get around to cleaning the mud off my trail shoes for that!

    What races does everyone have coming up??




  • Infra Puffy wrote (see)

    Infra is the opposite of ultra ( I think) and some of the Mundane people did the grim reaper ultra on Friday and changed their names. The run was good, very well organised. 

    We met up at Total Fatness which is right on the Greenway that we use to run on. Chris sent everyone to the appropriate group, I was with the 8:40 pace group, and we had a good chat, the pacer and I have a mutual friend so we were chatting away, and Chris, the race organiser was with us and he is always good fun.

    i managed ok, I couldn't help thinking that I might have left a lot of fitness in the Tavernas and cocktail bars of Katelios though.  The pacer was a bit fast I thought, garmin s don't work too well on the path as it is an old railway line and set in cuttings  and tunnels and lined by trees.

    the organisers had arranged water stations every three and a half miles or so, there were 69 runners, some did 14, the rest 17. Average pace was 8:30 so bang on for my planned  race pace.

    That explains the name image. Sounds like you had a fantastic run and you havent left too much speed or fitness in greece. Your still several weeks away from the marathon too so I think your right on target.

    Hi Jen, glad to hear that you had a fantastic holiday. I cant believe that you managed to get up so early to run, im so impressed. Last year I was proud of myself getting up at 7:30 to run in spain, but your on a different level. Sorry but if you can run up that hill, you are fit image.

    Congratulations Angela on your mammouth bike ride. I bet it was surrel cycling around London with no traffic! Will try and read your report once I get home tonight. How far is the stretch that you will be running this weekend? My next pre booked race is GNR but it seems ages away!

    How are your legs today Clive? did the foam rollering help? Hope your induction went well and that you have a fantastic holiday.

    I managed 10 miles on sunday after painting our bedroom and then doing my weights. I did it all in the gym but set the treadmill to hills. My average pace was 8:20 so slightly better than on the friday. Legs felt fine depsite the 18 miles. Had a rest day yesterday (so was made to watch lord of the rings...chris is trying to convince me that its better than harry potter) but im off to do some speed training tonight.

  • Hiya Sarah- thank you... no obligation to read the report, its about boring cycling anyway! 

    The Essex way stretch I'm planning is from West Bergholt to Dedham- I think its 10.5 miles, but I may as well set off from home rather than have david drop me off, so it will be a total of approx 13 miles I guess.  Will be looking forward to a lovely pub lunch as reward at the end.  GNR is only just over a month away!  I feel a bit lost-- don't have another race until 8th September- so strange as I've raced every weekend for the last 5!  I might actually get a chance to do some training now... how novel!  Nice runs!  

    I don't understand the LOTR obsession - I went to see the first one at the cinema- I guess I was in my early teens at the time... anyway, I fell asleep!!! Decided it was too boring to bother trying to watch again, or watch any of the others.  I remember being forced to read The Hobbit in high school and hated that!  But I do really enjoy Harry Potter, especially as their dining hall is based on the dining hall at my College= Christ Church image

    Did my first run this morning since TR24.  Easy 4 miles.  Felt so good to be back on my feet again, was grinning from ear to ear, and sayin morning to the many people out and about at the early hour of 6... I'm thinking of doing a double.  Doing a 4 mile tempo run this evening.  We'll see!

  • Angela - loved your Ride 100 report! Sounded amazing! WOuld love to have a go but I'm not really coordianted enough for bike riding. I struggle to open a gel and keep running ...

    Well ... I've written a report for the Thunder Run but there are rather a lot of references to portaloos, squishy frogs and trying not to beat people to death with my trainers so it might be safer to give you the link:

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Greetings one and all. I am back on internet terra firma after 4 days in the wilderness that is West Wales!

    Will take me a little time to catch up but I just wanted to say massive congratulations to Angela on her little saunter on two wheels image We saw a little of it on TV whilst at the caravan and it looked like an amazing event. 

    Looking forward to reading through the reports of what you've all been up to! 

  • haha Angela I actually wanted to read your report....felt like I needed to pick up some tips ready when I try a bit of cycling myself! Your 13 miler sounds perfect for the weekend. Im planning in the same. Hooping to do half at MP but it will all depend on the weather of course, if its as hot as last friday I think I might struggle! 

    Its strange isnt it having no up coming races to do...I guess there is always park run to fall back on if we become really desperate!

    the first time I watched LOTR I turned it off after 5 mins as it seemed stupid, but chris made me watch all three episodes over the last week. I've got to admit it was better than I initially thought, but it was no Harry Potter! Is your college dining room really like the one at hogwarts?

    did you manage your tempo run this pm?

    hi RRR ..those frogs were so cute...will have a read through your report image

    welcome back Malcs. sounds like you had a lovely run with jen at w the weekend. Hows the legs?

    I managed to do interval training yesterday after my weights, did a 2 m w/u followed by 5 x 0.85m @ 6:40-6:5mum/m with 90 sec recovery then 1m c/d....was nice to pick up the pace a bit! Tonight I did a slow 9 miles (9:23 m/m) with chris outdoors, exploring new roads around our new house. Tomorrow will be a welcomed rest day!

  • Hmm....the main tip I picked up angela is not to cycle 100 miles.....sounds exhausting....although those down hill sections sound fun. Seems surreal cycling around London with no traffic. Could you imaging stopping in a running race to tweet?


     For some reason its saying that your blog RRR doesnt exist....will see if I can access it from FB instead,x

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Wow Angela that was really interesting. It's ironic really, I loved cycling when I was in my early teens, my stepdad bought me a Carlton Corsa and that was it, I was away, but ive never fancied cycling as a participation sport, i got knocked off once by a car cycling to work and never bought anothe bike.  I will visit the sponsorship site when I find my wallet, I hope I haven't lost it.  I am at the stage now where I put things in stupid places but I really think I must have left it somewhere on Saturday.

    i quite liked lord of the rings, but the end dragged on a bit. And gollum reminds me of a bloke I used to work with.

    so, training, last night was gym night, the usual rowing, then planks and my hill session on the treadmill.  Tonight I did my seven mile midweek route at 8mm with a really fast last mile uphill. Again, compared to my London prep I feel faster than I was at this point, but I know I've done a lot less mileage. I will plug the garmin in tomorrow and check it all out.


  • Morning all, wow, you all stay up so late! I'm usually in bed and fast asleep by 10.30pm!

    Excellent TR24 report RRR, I fear with so many wanting to enter as solos, there will noone else doing the race except people associated by this thread image

    Thank you Malcs, I was so undertrained, that it really was a saunter, rather than a race... I would say I'll go faster next time, but not sure there will be a next time...

    Sarah, I think the tip you should pick up is that if you are going to cycle 100 miles in a race, you should train properly for it.  I did a grand total of 3 long rides at 38, 54 and 57 miles.  The 57 miles was 5 weeks before the event and I think I didn't cycle again until event day, other than 2 miles up and down the road to get to and from the Doctors.  Yes, my college hall is Hogwarts hall- in the movie, when they film the staircase leading up to it, they filmed our actual staircase, whereas the hall was a recontruction, as ours only has 3 rows of tables, whereas hogwarts has 4 for the 4 houses.  Oh, and Christ Church hall only has an enchanted ceiling on Halloween...image

    Infra I totally agree on the cycling, even when I was training, I was so concerned about other road users and how vulnerable I was that I never really enjoyed it.  Whereas I get back from a long run and am quite relaxed, aside from the need to eat everything I see, after a long ride, I still felt a bit antsy after.

    Yes, I did manage the double yesterday:

    So, today, I did 2 runs. I missed my easy run yesterday, and I had my sports massage (Aka paid for torture) in the evening, so I was going to fit in both my easy run and tempo run today. I've read a lot about how doing doubles massively improves fitness. I also want to guard against weight gain when I want to eat everything in sight since my bike ride.

    The morning was 4 miles easy:

    Mile 1: 10:09
    Mile 2: 10:06
    Mile 3: 9:49
    Mile 4: 9:38

    The evening was 4 miles tempo (middle 2 miles trying for half marathon pace of 8:20, but didn't have it)

    Mile 1: 10:13
    Mile 2: 8:59
    Mile 3: 8:31
    Mile 4: 10:03

    During the second run, my legs started to get tight, but hey ho, a nice efficient way to get a recovery run, a tempo run and 8 miles in in a day without being exhausted after image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Having read all these fantastic race reports I'm feeling v left out!! Roll on Snod so that I'll have something worth writing about!! But I will have to admit my writing skills may not do the event justice.

    Angela, I'm in bed by 10.30 aswell, I need all the beauty sleep I can get! Great bike ride of yours, well done, I still need stabilisers image. You mentioned you didn't get to bootcamp last year, are you applying this year?

    Sarah, glad to hear you still doing weights. I've got a session with a trainer this eve, am really looking forward to it! max effort squat look out!!

    LOTR is best watched at home with lots of friends, wine and a takeaway!!

    Infra Puffy, I have prob missed the post somewhere, but what race are you training for?

    RRR, read your TR24 blog! made me laugh SO much!

    DS2, if you are lurking out there, let us know how you are doing. We miss you x

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I am training for Chester Marathon on October 6th Jen. I am open about finish time, my long term aim is to get 3:30 then give up marathons image

    Angela, I never used to stay up late till I got an ipad, now I go to bed at about 10 ish and just waste my sleeptime tapping away!

    I did two 10k's in a day once, training for London in 2011 I think, the first was a funnish run for our local hospice, and I was holding back as I didn't want to overdo anything, but the afternoon was a proper race, and I couldn't believe it, I was on fire and recorded my second best ever 10k time.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Tigger - loved the report! I think you got it in just after I left.

    The seal swimming sounded amazing. I think I could just about manage that. All I've had to swim with this week is jellyfish!

    Great to hear that the knee is pain free - long may it continue!

    Clive - pretty good bounce back from TR24 and your 10K to get 15 in. Sounds like a pretty exhausting day you had. I really hope you haven't strained anything and that it's just tired muscles. 

    Do you think you'd bring the minions to TR24 next year? Have a great holiday!

    Jen - fantastic to see you again. Sorry we didn't catch you earlier in the run - we were thrown by the hat image  I have to say, you were looking very strong - early days I know but it bodes very well for Snowdon.

    As you said, great to have company so thank you too. I managed 13 miles by the time I got back to Swiss Valley. Ankle was bugging me most of the way so I still have a problem to sort there unfortunately.

    Angela - bet you're glad to get back to running now and put that horrible cycling business behind you image  Excellent report - really enjoyed reading it. Can't believe you had to cycle another 10 miles afterwards!

    Very nice double there! I'd love to do more doubles but as they take more time I end up combining them into one.

    My days tend to be two slices of work early and late with with a childcare filling. Some nights I can be quite late (read early hours). You are quite sensible to get to bed early - I wish I had more self control.  

    RRR - Fantastic race report, you had me in stitches. I am amazed that Mr RRR survived the 24 hours, and I'm not talking about the running!   

    I had no idea you'd run into loo issues. This is a problem I have experienced too. Last year, after my sixth lap I handed over and just kept running - I know exactly what it's like to be unsure whether you'd make it in time. I got there to find I had to freakin' queue!  

    Infra Puffy - well done on the infra! Sounds like you are doing some great training already. I always find it hard to get back into it after coming back from holiday.   

    What will you do when you've nailed 3:30 and given up marathons? On to ultras then or are you retiring altogether?

    Completely get your iPad issue! image  

    Sarah - wow, 18 miles in the bank already. That's impressive stuff. I managed 13 in total during my run with Jen but to be honest the ankle wasn't having much more plus my hips were still a bit sore from TR24 and were really moaning by the end.   

    I'm a bit worried about this ankle pain now as it isn't improving. I tried some beach running with Iestyn (my 11 year old) thinking it would be gentler on the foot and eliminate any shoe issues. However, as we were running in wet swimming shorts this only resulted in over aggressive chaffing of the inner thighs which has put me out of action for two days. Tragic just does not cover it.   

    I love LOTR and HP - I couldn't put one above the other so I will park my bum firmly on a fence post for that one.  

    No moving date yet, still need to check the surveys then let the sols do their stuff. I reckon we're at least a few weeks away.  

    Apologies if I missed anything or anyone!  

    And yes, DS2 - where are you?

  • Hiya Jenf, not sure about bootcamp- I was thoroughly intending to enter again as I definitely want to do a spring marathon but with my wedding in May I'm not 100% sure if its a good idea- of course I'll be doing the training anyway, but the time spent on the forum is a big commitment.  I probably will enter it though, and as usual not get thru! image

    mr P, I do the iPas snooze as well- really bad that the last thing I do before sleeping and the first thing on waking is reach for the iPad or iPhone to find out what's going on in the world.

    Yes Malcs, very happy to be back running again, although last night I relearned a lesson I should have already learnt, which is dont go for a run when I've just eaten.  I got a falafel meal from pilpel to eat on the train home, which was delicious, all sorts of salad, falafel and some pickled chillies- it being salad it took A long time for me to munch my way thru it- probably 1830 by the time I finished.  Got home at 1915 and did the quick turn around so I was ready to run at 1930.  The plan was an easy 3 miles followed by strength and stretch- I'm jumping into Hal higdon's intermediate half marathon program halfway thru in prep for Ipswich on 22 sep.  Anyways, when I Started the run it was a real hard slog- I figured this was down to my double the day before, but by the time a mile was done, I was getting a stitch, and then the tum started gurgling.  The second mile I had a few burps and by the end of the second mile was certain I would vomit if I didn't stop running, so, sensibly I stopped running!  I walked the rest of the way home and had a decent stretch but didn't do any strength work in order to save my tum image

    today is a rest day for me and this evening I'm meeting up for a get together with the rest of the Colchester castle park run core group... Yippee image


  • Morning everyone!

    Angela- It was a good idea to stop your run early last night, as vomiting whilst running not easy nor a good look image I tend to run on an empty stomach, but mainly cos I try to get most of my runs in first thing so Mrs K doesn't get too grumpy about me being out whilst she is left with the minions! Hope tonight better

    Malcs- sorry to hear you're still getting grief from the ankle. Maybe take a couple of weeks off, do some cross training and then back into it? Still 11 weeks till York isn't it? I might take the kids to TR next year, especially as one of my friends has a camper van and has muttered about letting me borrow it....

    Jen- when is Snowden? I really enjoyed my weekend in North Wales last week, and still have to make the effort to go to Snowden, especailly as I have climbed Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike several times.

    RRR- loved the blog!

    Shifted my long run forward to today so that I'm not stressing whilst arrive on holiday. 17 miles, managed just over 8.01 pace. thigh still grumbling a bit, but feels better than last week.

    I'll be on radio silence for the next 2 weeks whilst in Spain as no internet in the villa, but will be thinking of you all at work whilst I'm lying in the sun image Happy running!!!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Happy Holiday Clive image ( SNOD is 26th Oct)

    OOOh Angela, a spring wedding, how lovely! My daughter is getting married in the April, and I know how excited she is! (and I am!) I made the same mistake as you on sunday, running after I'd been out for lunch with friends image that has taught me not to be a slave to my training plan...feeling that I HAD to fit a run in.

    Thanks for saying I looked strong Malcs! I didnt feel it into that head wind, it always knocks me back, but I am feeling that I'm doing ok with my plan for Snowdon. Sorry you still having ankle probs, its hard when you cant really identify why. Hope it resolves soon.

    Mr Puffy, I have a VERY open finish time for my marathon!! I'll be glad to just get round!! but I have no plans to retire, I've got an ultra planned next march!

  • Afternoon all.

    puffy, I really think you will get your sub 3:30, you seem to be running so well at the moment and there are still many weeks left. I don't think I would ever get on a bike again if that had happened to me. Even now I don't like cycling on roads and just stick to cycle paths, and that is in york where drivers are use to cyclists and I haven't had any accidents (luckily). Do you really think you would give up marathons after getting a sub 3:30? I rekon yuou will just get a new goal image

    well done on the doubles Angela the only time I have done it is at TR and I didnt find it too bad but each lap did get slower...I certainly don't think I would have gotten a PB/second best time like Puffy did on a second run/lap! I want to come to Christ church on Halloween! I once vomited at mile 4 of a 5 mile race...that last mile was tough....took me two mins longer to run than the previous 4!

    Hi jen how did the weights/session with the trainer go? Im just about to quickly nip to the gym to do some weights...although I should be getting ready for the wedding im at tomorrow. I can't wait to hear your race report on snowdon as its a race im thinking about doing next year now!

    Malcs your poor ankle and inner thighs. The latter sounds so painful! I always though sand would be worse on your knees and ankles but Jen might be the better one to ask as she does many more beach runs than me...I've only done the two! HPmwins hands down!!

    Wow Clive 17 miles @ 8:01 m/m is so quick....what's you marathon time aim again? Have a fantastic holiday and happy running.

    I decided to have a drop back week this week with increasing my long run and overall weekly milage for the last 4 weeks. I did 13 miles this morning. The aim was half slow and half at MP. I didnt set of until 10 am so the sun was out but luckily there was a breeze to cool (and try and slow) me down. I decided to break the run down in to sections, alternating between 3 miles slow and then 3 miles at MP (roughly 7:24m/m)

    My reps: 8:50m/m, 8:30m/m, 8:18m/m

                  7:34m/m,  7:31m/m,  7:14m/m

                  8:30m/m,  8:20m/m, 8:18m/m

                  7:29m/m,  7:14m/m, 7:18m/m, 8:28m/m

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - well done on the vom avoidance image  I'm like Clive, I prefer to run on an empty stomach. However I am learning that there are some things I can wolf down and run quite quickly afterwards.

    Bananas I can eat and run almost immediately. Cereal - weetabix is best but most cereals I'm fine to run within 30 mins. I also found at TR24 that once the body was starting to burn calories it was quite easy to pop a sandwich, banana and a large bit of cake and then get back on the course within the hour.

    You may find, with a bit of experimentation, that some foods are easier on you than others. However, the experimentation phase may not be very pleasant image

    Clive - cheers. I did consider taking a break but I've only done a beach run since my 13 with Jen and it feels like the pain is getting worse. I felt better after 7 laps at TR24! 

    A year ago I had a problem with my knee and laid off running for a couple of months. I played rugby once a week to maintain fitness but because it was stop start I didn't get the pain. When I finally dusted off my wallet and paid to see an osteo he told me I had tight thighs and needed to get stretching.

    I started running again and stretching alot in between and slowly it began to ease off. I'm just wondering if this is the same sort of thing. The more I rest, the worse it seems to be. My only problem this time is stretching because it's hard to get at the musles in the calf which feel like they are the source of the tightness.

    Anyway, enough moaning. That was a damn fine 17 you did. At that kind of pace you are flying. Good to hear the thigh is feeling a bit better. Have a great holiday and enjoy that sunshine!

    Oh and it would be great to have the Clive minions at TR24 next year. We'll get Tigger to fence off an even larger area so we can have a footy or cricket pitch image

    Also one more Camper Van would be very handy indeed - particularly if it has a pop-out canopy! 

    Jen - I think the wind gives you a warped sense of your own performance. You certainly were looking good to me - unless you're going to tell me you collapsed when I got round the corner out of sight? image

    Sarah - thanks for the sympathy. Honestly there was no disguising the pain. I've been walking like John Wayne. I also have an E.T. like glow eminanting from my inside leg. I've had to confine myself to the house for fear of scaring small children.

    Sensible idea to play safe and consolidate this week. I over did it in the weeks before TR24 and now I'm paying the price. It's so easy to be lulled into a false sense of security when you have an injury free period. Nice pace too - 7:14! Wow!

  • Wow Clive. That run is frickin awesome! Yes, what pace are u e aiming for in ur marathon?

    jenf, I guess snowdon is gonna be a tough hilly marathon?  Have u done any marathons before? Have u done snowdon before?  I have a long term goal to qualify for Boston, but pretty far off, and at the moment am distracted by so many other fun running things.  Sarah and I have been scheming leaving the hubbies at home to do this running challenge n Ireland next summer- 4 marathons in 4 days.  But I actually thing that would get me closer to my goal as the training would mean I'm building up my aerobic base even more.  Excited about the wedding yes, but we were engaged last September, but since then, 2 of my bridesmaids have become engaged and both getting married before me, so I'm focussing more on their weddings at the moment.  Have been commissioned to make my sister's wedding cake as well, so will be planning that first image

    malcs. Yes, usually I am more sensible about eating and running.  I didn't realise salad would be so heavy on the stomach!  I'm sorry to hear about ur ankle. Quite frustrating!

    sarah. Im sure I could take u to visit Christ church at some point- I go back from time to time to talk rowing club.  Usually we stay with some famil there, but there are some nice spa hotels around as well...

    well my legs are feeling 5 races n 5 weekends... Parkrun, 10k, Parkrun, tr24, ride london 100... So this morning I decided to sensibly run the Parkrun at a 10k pace. I'm hoping to do my next 10k 10s per mile faster than the last, so a 7:50min mile.  Did the Parkrun at an average 7:54.  The hills really got me today- they seem harder when you go slower image

    going for a section of the Essex way tomorow, ending at a pub in Dedham as a reward.  So happy to be back running again image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Oh I wish I'd known, I would have gone to parkrun and run 7:50'simage.

    I'm just off to bed ready for tomorrow, Puffy Junior is going to drop me off in Chester and I'll do 17-or 18.  6 miles out, 6 miles back, then 5 home should do it.


  • I thought u'd enjoy that Mr P! image was still only 6th woman though image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I will return to parkrun next week, I had to be elsewhere yesterday so I couldn't go.  I think it has helped immensely, even on a "bad" day it gets you out of bed and you run faster than you would if you went out to do 5k at home.

    I got up nice and early today and had some porridge, then my son dropped me off in Chester at 8:30. I realised I'd forgotten my Garmin and my extra water bottle. Luckily I had my phone so I set up Garmin Fit and popped into a garage and got a little bottle of water. 

    Before we go any further, you know I love Marathon Talk, and I had last weeks podcast on, all about the Thunder Run. I thought you masochists might like it...

    Thunder Run

    I decided to consolidate last week's distance rather than push on, so I went out for six miles at 9mm, then moved up to 8:30. All went very well, it's 5 miles to my house from the start of my run, so that was 5 miles less on the tedious Greenway, and 5 miles that I know I can do in my sleep.

    I think I need to rest tomorrow, so I'll skip the Gym on Tuesday and do a tempo run.


  • Hey hey,  did 13 miles on the Essex way today.  Text Is below, though see my blog for pictures image

    Today I finally began my Essex way challenge, and decided the part closest to home would be best, so I set off for west Bergholt to Dedham. The first challenge was to decide whether to use trail or road shoes. It's been fairly dry lately, so I decided on old road shoes so that I wouldn't be upset if they did get muddy. I used the printed out route instructions for the Essex way relay stage 7. I had to get to the footpath first, so the first part was on road, and I was comfortably going at 9:30 min/mile.

    Took a pic of the sign (which I pass on almost all my runs) so I knew I was entering west Bergholt. Then I went 'off piste' right down armoury road to find the first way mark for the essex way. I had read about the poppy becoming the new symbol for the Essex way, and how charming to see some poppies in the first field i crossed. A soon as I entered this field, I was grinning ear to ear. The footpath was actually well defined and possible to run on, and the sky was blue and the ears of corn, or was it whiskered barley were singing in the breeze image

    The route was really well marked, though I was glad of my printed out instructions. There was one part where I had to find the path from a road, and it was really hidden with overgrowth. Lots of nettle stings along here. The reward at the other end of this path was a beautiful fishing lake. A few more turns and the next one was across someone's property. Now it's customary in England that footpaths cross people's land, and you even head straight up driveways sometimes. Usually there's the genuine fear that u have gone off path and are trespassing, but when an angry dog comes running up to u when ur only 3 steps past the way mark clearly showing straight ahead, you start to worry a bit. He didn't look like the kind of dog that wouldn't bite too! I was surprised he wasn't tied up. There was no protection between him and the road after all, but I just kept running and prayed my run wouldn't end in some severed muscles and tendons... Luckily as I approached the field with a couple of horses the dog retreated. The horses were beautiful so I stopped to take a pic.

    Shortly after, I happend upon Dedham vale vineyard, which we would visit later. Well known for excellent British wine, some winning awards. As a foody, I very much like to buy and eat local, and, Given I live in one of the most productive regions of the country this should be easy, however, it still seems the baking potatoes I buy from sainsburys are imported from Israel! Still I was determined to taste the wine that had been grown and brewed just a few miles from my home. We ended up buying some rose and some Bacchus. I'm enjoying the rose now image

    After this the run became a tour of local churches. Luckily, the first one at Boxted handily had a water tap at the gate, so I refilled. Some more running nd a beautiful field full of hay bales. It looked like a painting and I was sure I was getting closer to Dedham. Around 10 miles in,I missed an overgrown turning but saw a couple of walkers who were probably coming the other way. I walked and ran back up the hill to where I should have turned and met them at the kissing gate. They had started in Dedham, though felt they weren't appropriately dressed for the 'tea crowd' in Dedham. I think they were New Zealand so I was surprised by this comment since I was fully intending having a pint at the end of this run dressed in my running gear. They told me the path was pretty well marked out from here. There was an uphill to langham church, then a very long driveway ending in very ornate iron gates onto the main road, I'm not s

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    *sends out search party*

  • hmmm, looks like it cut off the last few paragraphs....

    I'm not sure if the driveway was for a residence or the church, but they must have been very expensive.

    I was in Dedham now, but there were a few more turns to get to the end point. I crossed a road bridge over the A12 and then past Milsom's Tolbooth, which is known as the fanciest best restaurant in Colchester. I looked very out of place in their car park full of porshe's and bmw's looking for the next way mark. Through a short wood before coming out to the river, it was stunning, and this WAS constable country. I got a shot of the clouds reflecting in the river. I could see the church in the distance, my end goal and so was trotting toward it.

    It had taken me a particularly long time for a 13 mile run, because of the trails and all the navigation, but I loved every minute of it.

    More interestingly, this week, I have run 26.24 miles in a total time of 4:38:33, which is 2s slower than my first Marathon time. Given only one run was a race, this is encouraging, especially as so much of today was walking trying to figure out if I was going the right way. 

    See here for pictureS:


  • Hi all,

    Have been shamed into a return by malcs! Sadly, it seems I am still benched! I ran two miles easy with Mrs DS2 on Saturday and then 2 miles a bit quicker alone yesterday but still a lot of soreness in left knee. My fitness is dropping off at an alarming rate but I'm actually rather chilled, although a little worried.

    I've been so busy at work this summer that I've had little time to dwell on the injury so that's been a good thing.

    I will read back fully later on and catch up properly. Glad to see all the familiar faces still posting regularly.

    Happy running!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    DS2, Good to hear from you!! but so sorry you are still benched image there never seems to be an easy answer for running injuries.

    Malcs, I would recommend a trigger point roller for really getting into that calf muscle, I find calf stretches difficult, but this has really worked for me.

    Malcs/Sarah, Running on sand is meant to be better for joints as its lower impact, but it really will highlight any weak muscles. Hence my dedication to strength training n weights! Maybe I should enter a wt lifting comp... bet I'd do ok in my age categoryimage

    Angela, I've done Dublin marathon twice, its fairly flat. This is my first attempt at a hilly marathon! I have no goal time, I just want to finish it!

    the words hilly and fast don't belong in the same sentence image dont you agree Mr Puffy?

    I did my longest run yesterday since Dublin, 15miles, it took in quite a few mega hills, and I was very pleased with my performance. (I will have to introduce you to Graveyard Hill one day Malcs, after running up the path of doom!)  Best thing about running up hills is the fantastic views from the top, it was so clear and sunny yesterday I could see for miles! I have to admit that I find running down steep hills quite hard. Anybody have any tips??

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