ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 - great to see you back here but as Jen says, it's awful that you're still struggling with the knee.

    Can you not hop on the bike to keep the fitness up or does that cause problems too? I went out with Mrs Malcs recently and was surprised how much I enjoyed it so I'm thinking about doing a bit of this while I sort out my leg/foot/ankle issue.

    Really hope you see some improvement soon!

    Mr P - sounds like your running is going extremely well. Thanks for the Marathon Talk link. They were so enthusiastic about TR24 - makes me want July to come round even sooner!

    Were you not tempted having listened to their report?

    Angela - that run of yours sounds wonderful. Might need to pack your easel and paints if/when you do it again image

    Jen - wow, great 15! Not sure I like the sound of Graveyard Hill - something in the name - can't quite put my finger on it...image

    I always try and cane it down hills. I find it much harder to hold back. Not sure if it's the best strategy.

    I am going to have to do more strength work. What trigger point roller do you use? I have a smooth foam roller but it doesn't feel aggressive enough. I was considering the rumble roller, either the original or the physioroom one which is a bit cheaper and slightly less painful looking (Mr P, if you're talking masochism and you haven't seen them then these are a true msochist's best friend!)

    My leg is still painful. I did a 30min cycle yesterday followed immediately by 3 miles running. I was trying to ease the pressure on the leg but was also quite inspired by Mrs Malcs sprint triathlon at Bewl Water earlier in the day. Btw. she did amazingly well except that she went the wrong way on the run and ended up adding 4mins to her time! Frustrating or what?!

    Anyway, enough of her image  Cycle was fine on my leg but the running was almost immediately back to the normal pain. I reckon it is calf/achilles and referring pain down underneath the heel and ankle bone as well as in the achilles itself.

    I stumbled across a link to an interesting article on another thread about treating achilles pain while still running:


    I'm quite encouraged by this so I plan to keep running but lower pace, shorter stride and then do lots of standing on one leg and other excercises. No idea how my York training will be affected. If I can maintain the same mileage then who knows it may be a benefit to be running slower. I'll just keep pressing on and see what happens. 

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Malcs it did sound fun tbh, perhaps if you were short of a team member...image

    Angela that run sounds great, I love going along the footpaths here, it takes a while to spot the signs, but when you get the hang of it it's fun isn't it? Some of the paths round here run through people's farms and properties too but they are usually ok about it. I like the adventurous feeling I get when crossing open country.

    i have been spectacularly lost a few times too, I soon learned not to make too many plans if I am going out with my map.

  • Hi all, been a little busy with weddings and then recovering from weddings and sleepless nights but I promise to catch up with you all tomorrow when I will have more time to read through all the post properly, 

    Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

  • Hiya Jenf,  Ooo, I was thinking about doing Dublin, although the risk of rain is so high!  Would you recommend it?  I think there is a lot to be said for doing the off road races.  I'm still considering doing an off road marathon this year- for one thing, u can usually enter them in the days and weeks before, rather than a year in advance!  I agree with you on the Trigger Point...

    Malcs, take note, although the thing is called a foam roller, actual foam is not usually hard enough to take your body weight and have an effect on removing knots from your muscles- I think most typical foam rollers were actually designed for pilates poses rather than sports injury management.  I would recommend a good sports massage, but failing that, DEFINITELY a trigger point roller, and perhaps the stick as well.  I find I need to use the stick on the calves, as I can't transfer enough of my weight through the calves onto the trigger point for it to be effective, though it is very effective for hammys, quads, hip flexors and piriformis.  

    Have u actually taken some proper rest?  I know you saw a physio, but I would always go for a second opinion,. as it seems the outcome based on his/her advice isn't really working.  I wonder if you can get to someone who can tape you up with KT tape - that allowed me to train for a triathlon with patella tendonitis that would flare up both with cycling and running.  It took away all the pain, and allowed the weak muscles to strengthen- magic.  It also promotes blood flow to the injury, which will help to heal it.

    congrats to mrs Malcs on her triathlon! image 

    Mr P, the run on the Essex Way was AMAZING!  It was so adventurous, and I enjoyed it so much for so many reasons, one was gettinng off the bike, another was thinking about my dad- he loved the countryside and was always taking me on walks along random footpaths.  I suspect he would be rather proud that I managed to navigate myself for a run, though I do have an advantage, in that my degree is in Geography, so no excuses about getting lost really.  I didn't take a map though.  There are handy wordy instructions on the Essex Way relay website, which point out things like the name of the cottage you have to turn right after, or that you will be going across a footbridge, or through a kissing gate.  Onve I've done all the essex way, I'm certainly going to find other trails to run along.

    RRR had been talking about doing the Thames Path- I've done a lot of the london part, although thats fairly boring, but I suspect the parts closer to the source are much better.  I did do a river boat holiday along parts of it - I went for a run to meet my family at the next lock, and travelled much faster than the boat did to get there image 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Angela, I loved Dublin! Its on a bank holiday weekend, and the city atmosphere is fab! Crowds line the whole route and are wonderful. Got wet the first year, gorgeous sunny day last year! Its a great city for a weekend break, so if you do it, stay a few extra nights. I will do it again, poss to get a good for age place for London if I miss out on ballot again.

    Malcs, my roller is the grid trigger point, just type in trigger point on google and its the main one that comes up. I can get enough pressure on calf when I cross leg at ankle, balance on hands, and just small movements. ( bit of a core workout too!!) As Angela says, its not actually foam, it has a firm inner tube. It can hurt!!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    oooh forgot to tell you about our club night. We had a fun 3 mile race, where we had to estimate our finish time, the winner being the closest to their real time, not who actually came first. Obviously no garmins/watches/i pods etc allowed. I came 2nd! its amazing how useless we were at judging pace, some people were 5mins+ out with their estimates. It was a really good pacing excercise.

  • Angela 6th lady is great and after all that cycling and races your pace was great. Your run at the weekend looked amazing. Your pictures are gorgeous and your wite up is fantastic. Looks so have me thinking about wanting to do the whole length of it now!

    Mr P you know you want to join us at TR next year !!!image Will try and have a listen to the podcast later. Thankyou. Good luck with your tempo run tonight. I decided to do my speed training yesterday instead of tonight as usual after a two day made a pleasant change.

    Welcome back to the thread DS2 we have missed you. I was hoping that you would be on a road to recovery by now. Are you managing any cycling at all or have you had to knock that on the head to?

    Hi Jen, im the same as you, I really struggle with the down hills. I normally pass all the other runners on the way up and then they zoom past me on the way down. I have learnt that leaning forward can help alittle but thats probably the only advice I can give....looking forward to hearing everyone elses tips! Well done on your 15 miler.

    So sorry Malcs that you are still having problems with your leg. I was hoping that you would have been ok too by now. Its reassuring that you are fine cycling as least that will help maintain your fitness if you do need to have a rest from running (which I hope will not be the case). My foam roller is just a plain/smooth one so I cant advise. Poor Mrs Malcs going the wrong way image, but a huge congratulations to her for completing it and doing well image

    Have patients now so I had better get back to work!

  • hiya Sarah, when I was showing the pictures to david at the pub, he asked me whether I had done any running!! quite rightly, as it took me nearly 2.5 hours!! haha! I don't care, it was really fun!  I think the only race they have on it is a 10 stage relay, which you do as a team... perhaps a RW forum thread team?image  Might be nice to take a holiday runnig along and staying at b&bs on the way, but I think this particular route is more fun done as individual stages with pub stops as a reward.  Looking forward to doing the last leg that ends in Harwich for fish and chips image

    JenF, I've been to dublin a gazillion times for work, and my ex lives there, so probably best I don't spend any more time in the city that I have to for a raceimage  It is a really fun city and people are so friendly though.  On the downhill running, sorry I missed that.  I did the great trail challenge back in June,and had to be happy running down hill as uphill on Latrigg Fell was totally impossible to run.  It helps to have your hands out to ur side for balance, rather than bent arms swinging back and forth.  Agree with Sarah, on the forward lean, and look at the ground approx 5m in front of you as by the time you get there your brain will have figured out the obstacles.  I guess I would imagine falling forward and that the running motion is coming mainly thru the hips, also think about kicking ur legs back high- u probably wont actually be kicking high, but this will ensure you don't trip over your feet going so fast.   I think having a decent amount of core strength helps too, as u can use ur core for balance really.  Anyhoo, I'm rambling...


  • Jen congrats on coming 2nd....did you win anything?? I always get my paces wrong on the short distance races, always thinking that im running slower than I am...then I die at the end!

    Angela when are you planning on running the last leg? image

    Well after a 2 day rest at the weekend (well I did several hours of dancing on saturday night which made my legs feel like they had run a marathon the next day...but that doesnt count), I decided to do my speed training yesterday instead of today.

    A did a 2 m w/u followed by 5 x 1 mile reps (6:49, 6:44, 6:44, 6:40, 6:30) with 75 sec recoveries (9:22 min/mls) followed by a 1 mile c/d and loved it! Such a good stress buster!

    Tonight im planning on working on my core and strength with just a 2 mile recovery run, before hopefully a 10 mile run with chris on wednesday image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Grrr...lost my post!

    Good pace Sarah, would you have been able to do that session before you started the   Mentoring?

    Angela I think you should come up here and do Sandstone tail in May next year, 33 miles but very accessible and achievable for a marathon runner.

    I did a five mile tempo run tonight, averaged 7:45 so pleased again and hopefully not too depleted for tomorrow's midweek long run, 7-8 miles.

    Oh dear, look at the time! 



  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - Great running! All seems to be looking very good for you at the moment. I hope the midweek run goes well. 

    I think we'll have to take that as a yes for TR24 next year thenimage  I forgot that you'd done that 33 mile trail run - you're more suited to TR24 than the rest of us!

    Angela - many thanks for the foam roller info. Mine is made of foam and you're right, it just isn't hard enough to get in deep. I think I will bite the bullet and go for a rumble roller. 

    I had about a week's rest while on holiday although I did go for that beach run. I agree about the current strategy not working. There is an osteo guy I know who I could go and see. Perhaps it's time to pick up the phone. 

    The KT tape really does sound like magic! I guess I'd need to get the problem properly assessed before covering myself in blue? 

    There's a guy on the Paris thread who did the Thames Path 100 this year. The weather at the time was terrible - snow etc. very muddy and he had to pull out part way through as he'd turned an ankle in the mud. Sounds like it would be fantastic if the conditions were better.

    I really fancy the North Downs Way 50 - starts in Dorking and ends up in Knockholt which is only a few miles from me. I could run home after that oneimage

    Jen - thanks, so trigger point roller it is then. I looked up the one you were talking about. I'm considering an even more medieval incarnation. Listen out for the screams, they should be audible 200 miles awayimage

    Great result in your club race! That must give you alot of confidence - well done you!

    Sarah - once again, sympathy much appreciated. As you say, it's great that the biking is fine. At least I can maintain fitness. However, York is rapidly approaching and as we all know there is no substitute for running. Not worried yet but if there's no improvement in a week or so I will start to get concerned.

    Brilliant mile repeats there! I can only dream of that speed image 

    Hope the 10 miler goes well.

    Thanks to everyone for their congrats from Mrs Malcs. She will be making sure she checks out the route in advance next time! (yes, there will be a next time)

  • Sarah, brilliant speed session... I think I'm catching up to you thoughimage see below image

    mr p, I would LOVE to do that race, but unfortunately May next year has to be kept free for my impending nuptials image. i have been writing down all the crazy races I want to do though!

    Malcs, I think u need to get a physio who knows how to use it, who can put it on for u the first time, and then show u so u can reapply, otherwise u can look on YouTube, but yes, a correct diagnosis is a good first step.

    i did 2 runs again today:

    Having bailed on my Tuesday run, due to needing to get to work early and being super tired at the end of the day, I decided today would be another double. The plan was to do the easy 4.5 miles in the morning and the speed session of 8x400m. In the evening.

    In the morning I was so cozy in bed that I refused to get up for a long time, but eventually I did. I almost didn't run, but decided something was better than nothing, so I went out and did 2.5 miles easy, the first mile and a half were hard. These recovery runs are important to loosen the muscles. I really wish I could just do them at lunchtimes sometimes. Any way, paces:

    Mile 1: 10:03
    Mile 2: 10:12
    Mile 2.5: 9:22

    I left work a tad early to get the evening one in. It was really warm and humid on the train and by the time I got into Colchester I was really tired again. I was considering bailing on this run, as I had so much else to do this evening, but I felt bad given i had given myself an extra half hour by leaving work a bit early. After arriving home I decided I would get into my running kit, and it worked, after I got dressed I sat down for about 2 minutes before deciding I wanted to run. I programmed it into the garmin. The session was 8x400m, and I set the rest interval as 90s. I think next time I can certainly reduce this. But, after I looked at the session I was super impressed with my speed. I'm not sure what speed I should be doing 400m reps, but here are the paces:

    Interval 1: 6:48
    Interval 2: 6:24
    Interval 3: 6:27
    Interval 4: 6:46
    Interval 5: 6:09
    Interval 6: 6:55
    Interval 7: 6:32
    Interval 8: 6:35

    The fact they are all under 7mm impresses me, but I really don't know if these are good paces toward an 8:20 paced half marathon, which is why I don't understand why this session is part of a half marathon training plan, but hopefully it'll help my 10k!    


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - bleedin' nora, your 400m paces are amazing! Those splits would be more indicative of a 7:30 or better paced half in my opinion. 

    Put it this way, I was running pretty much the same times for 8x400 in early July and I'd expect to run a half at close to 7mm pace. 

    Would be interesting to see what your pace is like on mile repeats, say doing the same session as Sarah did earlier in the week. If you could manage 7:30 or better for each mile then an 8:20 paced half would surely be well within your capabilities. 

    We've all had those moments when we're tired or it's been a long day and been tempted to skip a session so well done on resisting twice in one day! image

    Thanks for the taping advice. I'm going to see how I go over the next few days and if there's no improvement I'll book myself in with the osteo. 

    I did 45 mins on the bike last night with only a few little twinges so that was good. Found it pretty knackering as I'm not used to it. Quite enjoyed the speed but my back was a bit sore after from leaning forward. You'd have to be a real nutter to do 100 miles on one of those thingsimage

    Sarah - when does the new baby arrive? (The tread! I'm talking about the tread before anyone panics, not least Sarahimage)

  • Hiya Malcs, so that tells me 1 of two things:

    Either: 1) I'm too slow when the distance increases, which could be down to my west african physiology and therefore natural tendency toward fast twitch muscles...or just dislike of being too uncomfortable...

    2) you run your 400m repeats too slow :-P

    Haha, no, seriously, if you were doing similar, were you doing a shorter rest interval?  When I did it last night, after 3 or 4 i determined I was having a bit too long to rest as I was looking at my watch after 45s had passed wondering when i would start the next repeat.  When I did my 8mm 10k, and it was so hot and sunny I was thinking I could have kept that pace up for a lot longer in cooler conditions...

    Its funny, that biking lark... it doesn't actually take much to get into it, as demonstrated by my lax approach to training which could have been equivalent to training for a marathon like this:

    12 weeks to go, better go out for an 8 mile run

    10 weeks to go better go out for a 12 mile run

    5 weeks to go, hmm should be doing a 20 mile run, but I'll just do 13.

    4 weeks to go, I hate running

    3 weeks to go, running is boring

    2 weeks to go, seriously, running is really boring, and i'm getting really fast in my other sport...

    1 week to go, I'm gonna do a crazy 24 hour race in another sport which I enjoy more

    on the day: well I'm here now, may as well run it!

    I bet the next time you ride, you'll go 90 minutes before you feel sore.  On ride london I was at 60 miles bt the time the sore back started to get me.  I moaned about it to another rider, and she said its good to hold the back of ur saddle with your hand and twist.  That really helped to relieve my lower back.




  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Blimey it's getting speedy on here!! some great splits there Sarah and Angela!

    Mr Puffy, I keep loosing my posts aswell! It is SOOO annoying, some days I just give up n dont post!!  You will notice most of my posts are short, cos I press submit quickly before they vanish!!

    No Sarah, no prize, but it felt good!

    Thanks for the downhill tips Angela/Sarah, I will def try the arms out, because my main fear is loosing my balance n falling ** over **

    Can't hear any screaming yet Malcs??image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - ha ha, of those possibilities it must be no. 1)   image

    When I last did that session (that would be about two weeks before TR24) I was doing a 2 min rest in between! Really it should have been 90 secs. I definitely wasn't feeling like another rep after 45 secs.

    Sounds like you definitely have some good speed and probably a high lactate threshold. I reckon it's harder to get that than to build endurance over distance. If you can work on that then you'll destroy your current goals.

    I appreciate the encouragement re. the bike. We shall see if your prediction comes true when I do my next one tomorrow. 

    Jen - I forgot to say that I also use the 'arms out like a child playing aeroplanes' technique for descending and it does really help. You can also try laying down on your side and rolling down. Just be prepared for the odd bruise image.

    The roller has not arrived yet but when it does you will know!

    Didn't do anything today and that includes work. Just way too much going on sorting the kids, phone calls, general house stuff and new house stuff too. Had to go check the drains at the new house as the surveyor suggested they might be blocked because he'residual material' when he looked inside. How pleasant image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Good Evening, very funny Angela, you could write that up in Runners World. The house is empty then Malcs? hope no one has blocked them on purposeimage.

    tonight I did my 8 mile route at 8mm, very humid but it was a good run, I started off a little slower and speeded up...

    8.13, 8.06, 8.0, 7.57, 7.59, 7.50, 7.41, 7.33 the last mile is always uphill so pleased.

    i keep comparing  my times pre-London, this is the route of my midweek long run so it's a constant and good for comparisons.

    jen do you use an iiPad? Can be very frustratingimage

    Any races coming up Sarah?

  • Hiya Jenf!  I look forward to hearing about your downhill running image  do you live anywhere you can practise?  Also, is it for a downhill on the road? or on trails?  When I did the trail challenge, I actually felt safer running fast downhill than trying to hold back, strangely. I think its because it made sure I was very sure footed.

    Malcs, 'is it coz i is black'.... yes!  Hahah, Now I just don't believe that your splits were like mine and you're just being nice, or you're forgetful...  Unfortunately I don't have a track, so it was all on my estate (no I'm not posh and rich) so some had downhill bits and some had uphill bits.  When I did an average, it was 6:34.  I shall have to try that mile repeats version, and see how I go.  Before my marathon, my magic mile was 7:18 and that was just 1 mile, but that was 4 months ago.  I do feel much speedier now.

    Hey hey Mr P.  The editor of Runners world did Ride London as well.  I was tweeting with him, a couple days after as we both suffered the cycling injury handlebar palsy... mine's all better now, but wow, for a few days, I thought I would never make a fist with my left hand again!

    Wow, 7:33mm on the last mile of an 8 mile run, where do you people get all this speed endurance??  Its not fair... image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - ha image There were no dirty tricks from the neighbours (hmm, maybe not the best choice of words).

    The house is occupied. I called the surveyor and he did concede that someone may have just used the facilities immediately prior to his inspection. Awww, how thoughtful of them image

    Angela - image I doubt your genetic make up would show that much of a bias. I'm sure you are quite capable of running fast over distance.

    I re-checked my last 8 x 400m and it was 18th June. My splits were 6:22, 6:23, 6:20, 6:04, 7:30 (steep hill image) 6:23, 6:10, 6:24. So all very close to yours albeit maybe a bit quicker than I remembered. However, I did 400m rests at 8mm pace so 2mins - quite a bit longer rest than you.

    The mile repeats will give you a better idea of where you are over distance I think.

    DS2 gave me a good run that I used quite alot on the last campaign. It's 9 miles, first 3 as slow as you like then do the next 4 comfortably hard. The last 2 miles you can do at any pace but I always found I ran them much faster than the first 3 because the legs are in the zone. Works well for getting used to enduring pace over a longer distance.

  • Thankyou Puffy , im not really sure, I cant remember what paces I use to run at last year. I did everything in KM last year aswell, but changed to miles as soon as I started training for VLM. I think the sandstone trail sounds lovely and a nice intro to ultras. You have done some great runs this week...from what I recall, much more speedier than for london. My next race is GNR which seems ages away, but the number arrived on wednesday. How about you?

    Malcs it looks like your eyeing up some crazy runs too...just like Angela and I....there so tempting!

    Will you be joining Mrs Malcs next time? My baby arrived today 12:15, just need to fit it together now....cant wait to try it out image. Buying a house is so stressful...your bringing back all those bad memories!

    Wow Angela there fantastic reps...your hot on my heels image. I always think the shorter but faster reps are better for shorter distance races and the longer but slightly slower reps are better for the longer races...but thats just me guessing. Are you liking the double runs in one day? I would agree with Malcs that with those speeds you would be looking at a quicker half time than you are planning

     Boo Jen for not getting a prize, but you still did amazing. 

    Only managed 4 miles with Chris on wednesday as his knee started to play up, but I bagged my first 20 miler in the york campaign this morning. I ran it alittle too fast (ave pace 8:06m/m) but I felt very comfortable all the way round.

  • welldone on ur 20 miler sarah! Wish I could do 20 at that pace!  I do like the doubles- wish I could do more of them.  I know I could get so much faster if I had more time to train.  When I was rowing, we used to have 2 work outs a day at least 3 times a week and one rest day.  Still never been fitter- the other 3 days were single workout days.  Now I find I forgo all the strength training just to make sure I fit in the runs, which I know is a bad idea.  Least getting used to 2 in a day will help me fit in the weights...

    i think I cheated as my rest intervals were walk/ jog...

    out of interest thought, I would like to see how people's paces stack up over the various distances 5k, 10k, half and full marathons.  my bests, all this year are 7:15/8:00/8:51/9:51. So they are very far spread out.  I definitely think the 5k and 10k should be much closer together.  It  really is all about building endurance for me.  I only started doing speed work in June and set the 5k and 10k races in July, so the speed I've gained there this year was almost all from the long slow miles of marathon training.  Ilike the look of that DS2 work out- a nice one to have in the bag for winter training.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I will check on the PC later, but I've found that if I'm doing well, it's at all distances. when I've pb ed at marathon in April Ive also pb ed at 5k in June 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - yes, more like dreaming than eyeing up though. No chance of me getting into tri, I can't do the wet bit! Duathlon maybe but have you ever tried coming off a bike to run - it's the most bizzare thing. I tried it the other day and felt like Bambi image

    Woo hoo - new toy to play with! Just make sure you get the wires the right way round when you put it together or at least make sure Chris is recording when you test it for the first time so you can at least bag £250 from Harry Hill image

    Apologies for giving you house move flashbacks. I feel like I'm mirroring your experience by being out of action at the very time you need the stress busting effect! My problem is self inflicted too though I didn't need any props like you didimage

    Anyway, less of that - wow, 20 miles done and dusted, fantastic stuff!

    I was about to say that 8mm is really going for it but then that probably feels like an easy pace to you now. 

    That's really good going with, what is it, 10 weeks to go now? Eek that's just got me worried now image 

    Be sure to post some photos of the new toy.

    Has Chris had his knee seen to? Did you say it was an old footy injury or did I just make that up? Knees are awkward buggers. Mrs Malcs uses a knee strap which she finds really helps although it obviously is only managing the symptoms. I hope he can get it sorted.

    Angela - kudos for the rowing training, that's really tough. Nige (from TR24) used to have a Concept 2 when we were all sharing a flat in Wapping years ago. Not a good thing to find lying around when you get back from the pub. The number of times I've woken up on a Saturday morning feeling like I'd been crucified are too many to count image

    I haven't done a half this year so I'll give you my last one (Feb 2012). 10K was last Oct but marathon and 5K were both in the last 5 months. So in the days when I could run (cue violinsimage):


    I'd agree with you, your 5K and 10K ought to be closer. I find my half has always been very close to my 10K too like 10 secs per mile difference. Not sure if that is normal.  

    Will be interesting to see everyone else's.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I've given myself a headache trying to work out my paces, in 2011 it was 

    6.50. 7.00. 7.20. 8.04 but the marathon one is odd because the garmin measured it quite long.

    i did eighteen today, I was ready to stop after the first three miles!  I did parkrun yesterday and decided not to challenge Angela and clocked 23:40 something. Ten I did a practice session for an abs and a squat challenge, you're supposed to do 100 squats, but I stopped after 40 in case it compromised today's run, probably wise, my thighs felt pretty heavy.

    It was the cycle race today, but it was dead, I think i saw 6 bikes on the closed section.  One or two local  residents had ignored the road closure and were arguing with marshals.  I could see both sides really. we live in a medium sized village, we are on a B road but once you get off it they are quiet lanes. No public transport, lots of farms and long driveways.  They'd put warning notices out, and today there were big traffic comes in every driveway  with a sign telling people not to move their vehicles or else. So if they had to be somewhere at one o clock say, they had to leave at eight or nine and then hang around. It might have been better if it where busy but it was like a morgue.

    so, off I went, safe from cars and cyclists alike, my plan was to do my Ten mile loop, dip off onto the Greenway for four miles out and back then resume the loop, eighteen miles.  I hit my turn off point at 5.75 but I couldn't face the tedium so I went the other way up the RTrail rather than down, and added a mini loop of four miles or so, then joined the canal and ran up to within four miles of home on the towpath. Another mile had me on the long downhill so I picked it up a little and worked hard for my last mile uphill to home.

    i ran at 9mm and it was quite hard, but I did have beer and curry last nit, mrs p told me off a bit Tbh. i listened to a couple of the marathon talk podcasts, but I had to resort to Motörhead and Ace of Spades to get me up the hill at the end.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭


    Sarah I will be marshalling on GNR day at our club 10k, but if they don't need me I will do south Cheshire 20 near where I work.

    i love GNR, never done it, it is mrs ps race really, one year we went down to breakfast and there were three superheroes in full kit eating porridge, Flash, Captain America and I think mr Incredible.

    i can't make the pics work, I'll have to do it on the PCPC


  • Hi Angela maybe I should try a double work out sounds beneficial but im not sure where I would find the time. My paces are

    5k 6.18 m/m 10k 6:38 m/m 1/2 6:58 m/m marathon 7.45 m/m so im guessing I should be able to do better for my marathon time/ hoping 7:24 m/m in oct but I think to get this I need to get all my other paces down slightly too.

     Malcs im exactly the same with the swimming but I think I could give one a go...if the swimming part is indoors...the thought of swimming with creatures pretrifies me! I havent tried biking then running just running and then biking but Im thinking about cycling to and from work on tue and then going for a run so we will see how I get on!

    The treadmill is still in the box but were hoping to put it together camera in hand ready image.

    My aim was to run at about 8:20 m/m but my mind was elsewhere and each time I looked down I was running abit quicker than I would have liked. Found it ok though, so fingers crossed. For london I ran my long runs at between 8:15 m/m and 8:50 min/mls so I was hoping to aim for the same even though my hopeful MP will be slightly more quicker.....9 weeks today...eek!

    The knee that is playing up at the moment is the one he had an arthroscopy on 6 years go - has damaged cartilage and a partially torn ACL...from football. Its atually been ok for the last few years but has just flared up with the running unfortunatley. Last year it was his other knee that wasnt very happy. image


    Hi Puffy, sounds like you did a good 18 miles after curry and beer, hats off to you. I dont tend to drink anything the night before my long run just incase. I dont think i will be doing any park runs now until after york marathon as I dont want it to jepodise any of my training...although I would like to do one again to see if ive improved at all. Thats such a shame about your cycle you think it will be the last year that they have it with all the disruption that it caused and the few people that took part? I will keep an eye out for the super heros in a few weeks time...see if they will help me get a new PB image. Hows next weeks, week of running looking?

    I cyled to work and back yesterday (my turn to work on saturday morning) and found it quite refreshing and fun so im planning on doing it again on tue when I know that I dont need my car for patient visits. I did 10 miles today which was a loop from where I live, through three little villages on country lanes. It was so peaceful and I saw loads of other runners and cyclists out, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Only been to the gym once this week so im feeling guilty about not having done many weights but I am enjoying running outdoors more.

  • not sure what to do tomorrow for my speed training session either 

    6 x 1m mile reps at 10k pace with 75 sec recoveries (similar to last week but with an extra rep)  OR

    7 x 1km reps at 5 k pace with 90 secs recovery...what do you all think?

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I don't know sarah, you'd be scraping me off the track either way, but I would do the first one, if I was comfortable, next time I'd do the second?


  • Hiya Malcs, no need for kudos, I was doing a geography degree which involved 4 hours of lectures and 1 essay a week... Nevertheless I still spent far too much time rowing and ended up with a 2.2 not a 2.1, but I think I learnt far more being part of the crew that has and will help me in life than the content of my course, and I still enjoy geography.  The thing with rowing is, you can't really get injured unless you drop the boat on yourself,so you can train and train, though there was always the overtraining risk, especially when you do silly things like go out drinking and clubbing 5 nights in a row! image. Is your ankle feeling any better?  Thanks for the race paces.

    Mr P, that cycle race sounds a bit ridiculous for the road closures, it's not As if cyclists aren't used to sharing the road.  Most cycle events around here are on open roads- my triathlon certainly was.  Even most of the running events I've done locally don't have full road Closures, but perhaps rolling closures for the busier areas.  Not a problem unless there is no mutual respect.  Love the picture, end what a great run on Sunday image and thanks for the paces- very speedy. Looks like my 10k being that much slower than urs should probably be possible to do 7:40ish for it, if its flat?  And my best 5k was 7:15.  Thanks for not pushing too hard on the Parkrun.  I set another Parkrun record on Saturday though.... I was run director, and we had the highest turnout ever in Colchester (I was rd when we set our last record too) of 158 runners.  We were somewhat upstaged by Chelmsford which had Eddie izard visit and run it.  Much slower than me though, 25 somethingimage

    sarah, thanks again for the times, really gives me confidence about trying a bit harder on the longer races.  I'm always trying to save something- certainly in the last 10k, I felt I probably could have given more, but it was a very hot day, and I was easily gonna get a pb, so didn't wanna blow up with heroics.  I think on the doubles If u can fit in cycling to and from work then you get similar benefit.  You can't do 2 hard running Workouts in a day, but it's all about building on the aerobic base, so cross training does that too, especially if you go for a run after.  I agree with Malcs about those brick sessions though, it is really odd cyclinThanet running.

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