ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • So, I did another section of the Essex way yesterday, stage 4, from little Leigh's to Cressing.  I did it with one of my Parkrun buddy's and her husband, though he went shooting off ahead of us from the start.  We met him again around halfway though because he had gotten lost and so added an extra 2 miles onto his route.  Running buddy didn't have as much energy as me, so although this section was much flatter than last week, I did cover it at a slightly slower pace.  It was nowhere near as interesting as the part near where I live too image in honesty, boring by comparison.  Apparently you can take a detour to go by Cressing temple, so maybe I'll do that if I decide to run the entire 82 mile route.  This section was just over 10 miles and took us bang on 2 hours.  I'm gonna help her out with her nutrition as she had such energy blips, and I submitted my sports nutrition module today, so hopefully I passed and will be qualified shortly image

    afterward, David picked us up and drove us back to their car, they shot off and we went for a pub roast lunch, but I think the 1.5 peronis were a bad idea as by the evening it was clear I was pretty dehydrated!  Felt awful last night.  In marathon training I'm really good with all the nutrition/hydration and recovery stuff, but without that big goal, I forget about it!

    next weekend I'm going to try and do a section that ends at the finish in Harwich so we can go for proper fish and chips.  Probably too long to do it from home though,  that would be 31ish miles... Might be something to try if I'm feeling a bit crazy one day though. Or if I'm training for comrades or mds or something.  Feel so happy to havdo found this trail- so many new routes to explore now without getting lost as I know roughly where it's supposed to go thru

  • Loving the picture puffy it's nice to see people getting into the party and fun spirit, hopefully there will be many people dressed like that for GnR 3 weeks on Sunday to entertain me. I didn't end up doing the speed training yesterday as I had an ill husband so I had to pick him up from work before I had done all my phone calls, prescriptions and letters and take him home. I then had to go back to work to finish everything off so I ended up not finishing until almost 8, which I decided was far to late to be then going to the gym and spending 2+ hours there. I normally do my speed training on a tue anyway and had only decided to do it yesterday as Chris was supposed to be out in town watching football with friends. Because in now having to go to the gym after work today it means I can no longer cycle to work which im a bit disappointed with but hopefully I will get to do it next week instead. I'm going to do the mile reps! 

    Angela I'm loving the way your finishing these long runs. I did wonder why there were not as many pictures on Facebook from this section of the Essex way. Loved the pictures of the horses though! How much of the next section will you run?

  • Hiya, I think mile reps is a good idea-agree with u that longer slower reps are better than shorter ones for the longer races, that being said I'm still at the stage where just more slow running gives me big improvements, so what do I know eh?image

    not sure what to do.  The last 3 stages beyond Dedham are 8, 5.4 and 5,7 miles, so I'll probably just do the last 2 stages to make approx 11 miles, although might be a bit annoying for David who would have to drop me at one end and pick me up at the other... There are trains that run from here to harwich, so I could do the last one as an out and back, but I doubt there will be many trains on a bank holiday Monday... Hmmmm dilemma...

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - well done on the 18 miler. 9mm pace sounds perfectly acceptable to me. I can't remember if you said what your target time was for Chester?

    Looking at your paces we are almost identical. Looks like it would be a dip for the line if we were ever in the same raceimage

    Can't believe they closed roads that would block people's driveways for that cycle race. There's one way to get the locals on your side. If they manage to get permission to do that next year they'll be lining the roads with eggs and tomatos!

    Ha, great pic! 

    Sarah - sounds like Chris has been through the mill a bit with his knees, sorry to hear that. Alex has had issues with hers for a long time but with some management it's behaving. I'd even say it's improved a little so maybe that will reassure him. 

    Wow, those paces are pretty damn swift. Remind me not to challenge you to a short distance race! Over half marathon I may just have a chance of seeing you cross the finish line albeit from a pretty long way back! image

    9 weeks to York is it? Blimey, that's got me a bit worried now. I will need to start doing some running soon or I'll be stuffed.

    Try cycling quite hard for a bit and then do a quick transition into a run - it's really quite a bizarre feeling. Take some elastoplast just in case you go AOT. Good luck!

    Angela - Ah university, those were the days. A 3 year holiday with the odd break to do a bit of work here and there image  

    Nice Essex Way'ing! Great to hear that you have some more routes to add to your collection now. I think it really helps to have some variety to keep things interesting.

    I discovered the Green Chain Walk recently. Sam had suggested I check it out back when the 26.2 comp was going on but I never got roud to it. It's a network of footpaths that run through the green parts of South East London (yes, there are green parts). I'd get bored if I only had a few routes to chose from.

    Don't rely on the trains on a bank holiday - blag a lift! image

    Injury update - not run at all for over a week. Did two 20K cycle rides and will do another today to try and keep some fitness. The pain seems to be receding. It complained a little during the cycling but I think that was because I was trying to cane it to keep my HR up. I eased back and the pain went away. I'm not really going to know how it is until I run on it.

    The main focus of pain seems to have moved to just under my heel. If I press my heel on my rubber ball and move it from side to side I can feel a click as it moves over something hard or tight - a tendon maybe? Don't have it on the other side.

    I still think I have time to get in shape for York. I have some fitness and endurance still from earlier training so I won't be starting from scratch. If I give it another week then I'll have 8 weeks. I did 13 miles two weeks ago so could jump in and do 14, 16, 18, 20, 20 then do the 3 week taper. Tight but doable I think. We shall see.

  • Heya Malcs, sorry to hear you're still not running.  Great idea to get on ur bike though! When I was pretending to train for ride London I found it really beneficial to my running- prob as I could be out for 4 hours on the bike and feel fine the next day- much longer than I ever would have been out running.  I would certainly recommend getting ur bike rides up to 2-3 hours once a week whilst u still can't do your long runs, and go see a specialist to fix you!!

    That green walk looks nice- wish I'd known about it!  When I was training for London marathon I lived in new cross, so a lot of my training runs were on the course, but some parts of the course are not very nice when the roads aren't closed.  Would have been nice to find some greenery only a bus ride away.  I'm staying in London this weekend, so looking for a park run...


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    That's a great idea Angela. By coincidence I was reading about how cycling can help running. In addition to the long ride for maintaining stamina there was a suggestion that adding a short run at the end (injury permitting) is even better.

    Where are you staying in London?

    My rumble roller has arrived and first impressions are very good indeed. I was a bit unsure whether to go standard or extra firm (ooh matron!) Took the risk and went for the latter and I have to say I made the right call. Had a go this morning and I know already it's going to be a benefit. Looks brutal but it's not as painful as I thought it would be, honest! Sorry Jen but you will have to satisfy your sadistic pleasures in some other way as there will be no screaming coming from here image 

    Here's the beast (actually it's quite small and neat but it looks nasty):

    Your advice to see a specialist is exactly what I'd tell someone if the shoe were on the other foot. Strangely I have an uncanny ability to not follow my own advice. I think this is mainly because I think I know better and I'm worried about paying out a load of cash for someone to tell me I need to stretch and foam roll image

    That said I'm going to give it another couple of days and if I don't see any improvement I will bite the bullet and go see someone. 

    The depression I would usually be feeling has been eased by being able to do at least some form of exercise. I've actually quite enjoyed being on the bike and I think I'd keep it up after I'm all sorted for leg strength, recovery and just a bit of variety.

  • That's what I thought about the bike, but it has been sitting in my spare room without the front wheel on and waiting for a clean since the 4th of August!! image

    Will be staying in Dulwich, so I think I'll do Dulwich parkrun image

    That foam roller looks special image  

    Totally understand about injury and being fleeced by the specialists.  I have had mixed experiences going to the same place here in the city.  one I saw a few years ago was brilliant, but one i saw last year totally fleeced me, until I went to the GP and got a referral to orthapedic surgeon, who diagnosed 'housewives knee' and that continuing to exercise wouldn't cause damage, but ice it if it bothered me.  I think beware of the standard 'your glutes are not engaging and I need to spend 10 weeks working with u on this' it may well be true, but you don't really need to pay £70 a week to learn this stuff.  Have you tried the GP then referral option??  If your GP is into sport he/she might be quite helpful.  Mine is - at least if you can have someone tell you whether or not u are doing damage by continuing to exercise for example, it can really help settle ur mind... and u might find it starts to ease once you have that reassurance image


  • Angela I think I would be blagging a lift...what are husbands/future husbands for? image You can always go for diner together again afterwards......or could you talk him in to running with you...or is that a little too far at the moment? Did he decide to do that half in the end or was it too soon?

    Hows your running going this week?

    Malcs Chris has had nothing but problems with his knees, they really do get him down. Hes had a slight bit of swelling on the lateral aspect of his knee for the last week but it is settling and he is no longer getting any pain when he walks. Im hoping another week will see it out and he will be able to get a decent run in before GNR and still do GNR. I think its his lateral collateral thats playing up, and his ITB but we will see

    Haha thankyou but I still need to get quicker. I would love to get 1:30 for GNR but im not sure how achievable that will be with the number of people in the race. I have lost all my confidence since injuring my foot, although I do feel as though I have got alot of my speed back now.

    I know, its not long now is it, I hope you manage to sort out your injury in time. My friend mainly trained on her bike for london marathon due to an inversion injury and managed to get the same time as the year before so it did help to maintain her fitness. She did manage to do some runs in the final month though before VLM.

    Think im going to do a mini duathlon on monday and see how I go!!

    Sorry but your roller looks like a torture machine!!image

    So yesterday I did my weights and then interval training...I get such a buzz out of it but felt quite tired towards the end. I managed;

    2 mile w/u,

    3x1m reps @ 6:44 m/m with 75 sec recovery @9.22m/m

    then 3x1m reps @ 6:40 m/m with 75 sec recovery@ 9:22 m/m

    1.5 m c/d, 10 miles in total!

    Chris's bday today so im having a rest day (and will porbably end up pigging out on all the wrong foods)image

  • So excited. I have just been told that I have won a competition that I entered earlier in the month with lucozade. It involves going down to london on a saturday in september and being coached by Martin Yelling and getting one to one advice from him, a sport physio and nutritionist together with a goody bag (which is going to be sent out to me), all expenses paid....I really cant believe it, im over the moon. The only problem is that it clashes with when I was visiting a friend near bath (who I havent seen for 6 months and was looking forward to seeing), but were just trying to re-arrange that now, whoop whoop!image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - hey, congratulations, that's fantastic - well done! Remind me, whose birthday is it? image 

    I heard about that competition. Apparently there was a bit of controversy because  they ended up picking two Doctors from the Busy Lifestyle group and nobody from the first timer category image.

    That was a great session you did. 6 x mile repeats is pretty hardcore stuff particularly after a weights session.

    Really sorry to hear about Chris's knee problems. I really hope he can get fit enough to do the GNR. Hey, maybe all he needs is some medieval foam roller? Seriously, it could work wonders on his ITB.

    I have tried it out today and I have to say it is amazing. My calf and shin muscles really felt like they got a bit of a loosening. Early days I know so I will see how I am after a week of using it but the signs are good.

    Enjoy the double celebrations tonight! image

    Angela - some great advice there thanks. I hadn't thought of going to my GP. You know what they're like "just take some paracetamol and come back in two weeks if you're not any better" image Hopefully there are no GPs reading this image image

    Ha - so not straight back in the saddle then? I don't blame you for wanting a break. I'm sure you'll have it dusted off and back on the road some time soon.

    Yes, the roller does look like the sort of thing you'd find on the front of a JCB but as I said earlier, initial impressions are great. It's not as painful as it looks as there's a little give in those spikey bits.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    You're ok Malcs, I'm certain there's no GP's on here. 

    that is a mean looking roller though! How big is it actually? 

    I saw a bike on eBay this week, a Trek 1200

  • Hey hey, thanks for a asking about my running Sarah, but alas, have been catching up on my drinking this week- felt zero energy so decided tonight when I was keen for a glass of wine that perhaps it was worth taking some time off the training, afterall I didon't actually take a break to rest after ride London- the next few weeks are a whirlwind of obligation with bridesmaid stuff, and I have 3 weekends in a row of racing in sep, so a strategic few days off seemed like a good idea!  Wow on the comp- so jealous!! Let me know the date in case u have a chance to meet up, or wanna stay in commuting distance of London, though sure my gp sister would also offer accom in london if u begged image

    Im having a party today because my wedding choos arrived (yes the typo is intentionalimage) my fiancé David is very excited, but my boss David not so much image. The dress is also ready so I have an accessories shopping appt in a couple weeks now image yippee and. Choos are perfect for some honeymoon outfits too image

    i Know some GPS can be frustrating sometimes, bbut u do have one on here who is a real gem image. I can understand it though, we are incredibly lucky to have the health service and the majority of our sports injuries are self inflicted and not life threatening, that said, if u can find one who is willing to refer- i got the referral to be private- it can be great.  Does sound as though a bit of reassurance is probably what u need though... I don't know tho as I don't know what u consider pain vs discomfort or an ache for example.  What I would say is its worth making the effort to find a good 'team' To support ur crazy endurance running- I'm quite lucky that the guy I now see for sports massage is trained in physiotherapy- I see him every 2-5 weeks, which means if something is starting to bother me, he can work on it and usually fix it.  He's incredible but it's Colchester, not London prices so negligible that I don't feel this is a luxury, compared to what I have paid for (almost useless) physio in the past at the London prices- more than double for 30 mins what I pay for 1 hour sports massage in my home!!


  • Oh and SaraH yup, I think 10 miles is too far for him, yet since signing up to the half marathon on 8th sep he has done zero training- like Chris a fellow new castle supporter and former footballer, he has 'footballer's knee' .  Cycling works well for him- we spoke about this half much earlier in the year but based on his running this year (a few parkruns and a max of 5 miles with me in France back in April) I certainly wouldn't have advised it, but he entered without telling me- on the one hand I know it's a bad idea, but on the other I did my first half marathon with 8 miles being the furthest I had ever run- It really hurt and I vowed I would never run again, but I did it!!

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Oh I vice up with this bloody iPad! Lost post again.

    i did a five mile run at my parkrun pace last night, and I ws going to do my Midweek Marathon Pace Medium Long Run but my legs hurt so I am resting instead. 


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - LOL, I "viced up" on the pad for posting a long time ago. Drove me insane. 

    The roller is quite petite. It's around a foot long and 5 inches in diameter. If you make a fist with your hand and then push out your second finger to make a knuckle (the way you would to give your brother or sister a dead arm as a child, or as an immature adult) then that's about the size of the spikey bits image

    Good call to rest. If I'd done that too then I wouldn't be rolling myself over industrial farmyard equipment right now.

    The Trek 1200 looks very nice. Certainly eclipses my current steed - an old Falcon Pro Circuit. I bought it when I was 16! Hand built in Britain - ahh, those were the days...

    Angela - seems it's party night everywhere tonight! image Great to hear the Choos have arrived though I'll be honest and say that this measures very low on the excitment scale for me. That said I'm singing and dancing about a small piece of machined foam image

    I am of course very pleased for you though. It sounds like everything is coming together nicely. Having sampled the test cake I know that's going to be spectacular and if everything else meets that standard you are in for one hell of a wedding.

    I think you've done really well to find a good team to look after you for your running. I reckon you're dead right about having that as it does seem that the body takes a bit of punishment with all this plodding around. And of course I wasn't at all including our very own in that sweeping statement about GPs - how could I? image

    Enjoy the wine and the party, I'm off for a cup of tea and a roll (verb not noun).  

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    OMG jimmy choos?? Mrs P works for a major British fashion brand she would kill for a pair of them.

    Malcs I had a Carlton Corsa, my mate had a Falcon, we went everywhere on them.

    ive just booked a room near Tower Bridge for Saturday, mrs p has a rare weekend off, so were going to the national portrait gallery, Regents park, Byrons house in Albemarle st, and anywhere else that takes our fancy

    does anyone eat Bircher Muesli? Yoghurt with oats and seeds? I had some today, work related, and it was really good.

  • Hey hey, I lilke Mr P!  You have shown the requisite level of excitement image  I'm working from home today... I might just put them on... image  at the moment I'm on day 4 without a run, but since its rained overnight a run could be quite nice today.  I was getting a bit sick of the hot muggy humid runs where I had to go so slow!

    Malcs, I had forgotten that you tasted the cake- I have now been commissioned to make my sister's wedding cake- the wedding is a few days after Christmas and she wants 5 tiers... argh!!  I feel as if my thunder has been stolen a bit with the wedding though, as 2 of my bridesmaids became engaged and will be married in the time since I got engaged and am getting married, so whereas I was taking a leisurely approach to the whole thing with plenty of time, now a lot of things I would have been doing the later part of this year, I will get no/v little help with it all.  So beware, you might get a bridezilla on here image

    Mr P, as for bircher muesli, umm, I sometimes get these yoghurt pot things from pret for breakfast.  My favoured healthy breakkie is fruits cut up with 0% fat yoghurt on top and sometimes I'll sprinkle some oats on that as well

  • Afternoon all!Just catching up after a week in the isle of Wight!  I hit the coastal paths yep me off road! and swam in the sea....a given! club relay tri on Saturday so very excited I think! Off to read up on the pages iv missed! Catch you later!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - fantastic! Do you still have the Corsa? I can't believe mine is in such good nick after so many years. Obviously built to last.

    Weather on Saturday here is going to be a bit moist but Sunday looks ok. Have a great time!

    Not tried Bircher Muesli. You said it was work related, are you in the food business? 

    I make my own muesli. Always found shop bought stuff had didn't quite get it right plus alot had added sugar. I will look out for Bircher and give it a try.

    Angela -I did indeed taste the cake, several times in fact! It was very nice indeed and kept me going through the night at TR24. 

    FIVE tiers?!!! Blimey - you better get motoring. If I remember the layers are quite heavy, will you need fairly substancial support structures?

    That's a bummer that everyone is trying to get in ahead of you. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise - everyone will remember yours if it's the last one image

    Tigger - hey, hey, hey! Great to hear you had a good week away. Have a great race on Saturday! 


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I ran for the first time half in nearly two weeks tonight. Did 2.5 miles at 9-9:30 mm pace. Didn't go too well. Felt pretty much the same as when I ran last. I think I may have to bite the bullet and go see someone. Ah well image.



  • Heya Tigger!!  Isle of Wight must have been lovely!  We've had sucha  good summer image  Good luck in your triathlon! image

    Malcs, yup, the tiers will be heavy, but I am now an expert in cake construction, and I'm not giving away my secret on here!! I think the blessing is that I never have too many things to do at once, so wont ever get super stressful.  That is except the few weeks before, when people have missed their rsvp deadlines adn then expect to come.  Someone has done that for one of my sisters parties (yup, she's having 2),and so she asked his sister to tell him that his place has been given to someone else! Haha!  Too right though, as a guest, all u have to do is say yay or nay, and turn up.  A bit different to the workload involved in organising the thing, as well as the whole big deal of actually getting married!  That same guy for the rest of your life!! EEEEK!!

    Sorry your injury isn't getting better, I wonder who has been sayinng for the past 3 weeks... something... hmmm, what was it?... let me think... ah, yes. . .


    GO AND SEE A SPECIALIST!!!!  image


    but, if it doesn;t fix it-  is it possible to defer ur place  - or give it to meee??!?!?!image


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    It was nicked Malc, I lent it to my mate and he left outside the Post Office unlocked. I don't think I'm going to get a chance to look at the Trek now though, also the money the bike would cost will go in London over the weekend.

    I can't remember you mentioning a specialist Angela, are you sure?  As for weddings, I think it really is a marathon not a sprint to coin a phrase.

    I do indeed Malcs, it's bit too public on here to talk about, but I work in the cereals industry and this is something that is popping up in the chilled aisle I quite like it.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - what's that? Sorry, I'm not quite getting it...could you just give it to me straight?image

    Seriously though I am terrible at following good advice. You have a clear pass to say 'I told you so' of course. I just called to book myself in but got the answer machine. Maybe that's my specialist saying he told me so too!

    I'm with your sister on missing the rsvp. Quite right. 

    Still a bit early to make a call on York but if I'm not back into it by early September I think I will need to do some thinking. If I end up having to pull out I'd love to pass the place your way but sadly they won't allow that. I could probably defer though.

    Mr P - nicked?! That's terrible. It's probably a collector's item these days.

    I'm intrigued about your job now. Are you an industry spy or something? Do you go round supermarkets swapping the price tags on competitors products? image 

  • we've All been there.  As for potentially deferring be careful- ur decision Could have far reaching repercussions!  I was in a similar situ this time last year- had got upto long run of 14 miles then tore my calf whilst in prep for NYC marathon but as I paid a bundle for a Travel package there was no way I was gonna defer.  It wouldn't Have been sensible for me to run, so the gods put on a hurricane.... York, New York... I'm just sayin!!! So be careful Malcs!image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Ha ha no Malcs it is very boring I am involved with nothing more  exciting than packaging I'm afraid, although it does have its moments of high drama, usually when it isn't there. I will confess to "tidying up" the shelves when I go into the supermarket though, usually to our advantage.

  • Morning all, sorry I havent been on for a few days, been a hectic week. 

    Haha Malcs least I won this time instead of being shafted image. It was chris's birthday, think he was alittle unhappy about turning 32 though, said hes getting old! I keep telling him to go on my foam roller but he said its too painful...he is such a wimp. He almost cried when I did acupuncture on his knee last year! Glad to hear that your legs were feeling better after using your torture machine but disappointed that they still wont run for you. I want you back up and running and looking forward to york. Its such a shame you cant give your number to a many people on the waiting list I imagine!

    ...hmmm I will just skip over the referrence to GPs there image. I know what you mean though, some are pretty useless, unlike me of course. Thankyou Angela. image

    Thankyou Angela thats really kind of you. Its on the 7th of september. Think were supposed to be meeting at a university somewhere for the morning and to use their track and then going to a park later on. Im sure the university was called st marys or something but I didnt write it down as I was mid clinic and was still in shock...and they said that the venue wasnt confirmed. Im waiting to here from them again with further details. They said that they will organise my trains so im not sure whats going to happen yet and when I will be travelling but it would be nice to meet up if we can.

    I think you deserve a weeks rest, as you said you done alot of races, and training (both on the bike and with running), the rest will probably do you more good than anything else

     I love your shoes so much angela, they are amazing and so special...I want a pair. Its so exciting shopping for wedding so jealous. Are you having a tiarra? Veil? 

    In the GNR pack it says as long as you can run 8 miles you will be ok...but like you said, its probably going to be painful! Good luck for David. 

    Puffy 5 miles at 5k no wonder your legs hurt the next day.Im going to look out for that museli, it sounds lush. Hope you have a fantastic weekend in London. If your at buckingham palace on sunday then let me know as were going for the day.

  • On thursday I had no home visits so I had a three hour lunch break. Wondering what to do, chris suggested going home and going for a run. I managed a 7.5 mile loop (@ 8 m/m) around the villages at home and it was so refreshing. It cleared my mind between clinics and made me work so much more efficiently in the afternoon. After my  run I decided to cycle back to work (3 miles). Turned out to be such a lovely of my best working days infact.

    I did my long run yesterday, the plan was to do 18 (4 slow, 4 MP, 4 slow, 4 MP, 2 slow) but when I tried to speed up at 4 miles my legs wouldnt so I ended up doing 20 miles slow (ave 8:29 m/m) instead. It was quite warm and sunny when I tried to speed up so im guessing that together with the 7.5 miles less than 24 hours ago and the 6 mile bike ride (that im not use to) helped my legs to say no! The last 4-5 miles was quite hard and my legs hurt so much afterwards until I put my compression tights on, then it was like a miricle and they felt fine again.

    Might just do my weights and a 3 mile recovery run today and then rest tomorrow

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Just back from the osteo....'s good news image. Well not bad news at least. 

    Nothing damaged and no tendonitis but my calf is as tight as anything (soleus mainly). I've been told to stretch the bejesus out of it. Keep up the medieval foam rolling too.

    I can carry on running as well but if it starts burning badly then I need to stop and stretch, walk a bit maybe and if necessary go home as continued burning implies inflammation and we don't want that.

    So I feel quite reassured now and having dealt with chronic tightness in my thigh once before I know the proceess. It'll take a few weeks but I should be able to shake it if I do all the necessary rehab work.

    Upshot of all this is York is back on! image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - have a great weekend in the smoke. Try not to visit any supermarkets, you're on holiday after all. 

    Sounds like everyone is heading for the capital. Sadly we are too bogged down in house and other mundane stuff otherwise I would have jumped on a train and met you  all for a drinkette.

    Angela - thanks, not sure I'll make the same mistake again though. For the sake of 40 quid - ok, so that is quite alot, but it was worth it.

    Sarah - Old at 32?! Give him a kick from me will youimage

    I wouldn't worry about feeling tired, that was a good 18 miles after the big 20 last week. With that any everything else you've been doing the body is bound to protest a little. I'm sure next week you will cane it.

    Go easy today and rest as you suggested. More than ever I am appreciating the old adage that it's better to be over rested than over trained.

    Right, I need to stretch (again) image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Did 5.2 miles today. It was better than the 2.5 I did the other day. Had to stop and stretch 3 times but after each stretch I got around a mile or sfood pain free running before it started to moan again. 

    Been stretching alot today. Just need to stick at it.

    Hoyou you all enjoyed your trips to London today. Weather was better for you than Saturday which was terrible.

    I am still trying to sort through 18 years worth of accumulated junk. Not sure it will ever end but I watched Shawshank again the other night and that's inspired me to keep going at it image

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