ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Yay! Glad to hear u managed a longer run!  see how good a bit of reassurancd can be.  We were traipsing Along Oxford st on rainy saturday trying to find ribbon for my sister's wedding invitations before going to a prom in the evening, which was excellent. Then Sunday morning I went with my sis to do a lot of errands whilst the boys stayed home painting.  Her driving made me very car sick image

    home now and have decided to do an 18 mile stretch on the essex way- my reward fora week without running. Shall start in Dedham Nd go all the way to th end of the path in Dedham, so a total of 18 miles image

  • Thats brilliant news about your leg and the fact that you managed 5.2 miles yesterday Malcs, I bet your so relieved. Its so hard to stretch....I have good intentions but then I always seem too busy to find 10 mins here and there to stretch!

    I have sort of rested for the last 2 days and plan to do my speed training today instead of tomorrow now, to make the first day back at work less busy!

    I found it a nightmare sorting through 6 years worth of mine and chris's accummulated junk at our old house.....I really dont envy you, good luck! 

    I love that movie, its one of my favourites..havent watched it in ages but I might watch it tonight now. image

    Morning Angela I always get travel sick the morning after a few drinks if anyone but me is driving...its awful. Good luck with your 18 miler today.

    I just did my weights and a 3 mile recovery run on saturday (@9:14 m/m) and then rested yesterday (thats if walking for 5 hours around buckingham palace and london counts as rest).

    Im planning on doing 10 miles today 2m w/u, 7m alternating between 5min at 1/2 MP with 5 min at MP, as I enjoyed that last time) witha 1m c/d. Did end up drinking a reasonable amount of alcohol when I got home last night (dad dragged me to the pub) in the space of an hour so im not sure how that will affect me as I normally dont drink the night before speed training but it wont be until later.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - Cheers, yes the reassurance is worth a great deal. Thanks for your continued prodding - without it I'd have probably waited another month!

    Oxford St. in the rain eh? I think I had the better deal stuck in the loft with my boxes of crap image  

    I managed to kill two birds with one stone on Saturday - saw the osteo on a last minute appointment and in doing so managed to dodge a trip to Bluewater. Bluewater on a rainy Saturday is a recipe for male suicide (Even Alex wouldn't go there under those conditions for anything other than an emergency surgical strike).

    Very envious of your 18 miles on the trail. Enjoy - weather should be fantastic for it.

    Sarah - thanks and yes I am relieved but I still have a way to go to be pain free. At least I know what I have to do now.

    I am the world's crappest stretcher and have the flexibility of a 70 year old (a very inflexible one at that).

    I wish I was doing your run today, I like the sound of it. I'm sure the added calories from the alcohol will be more of a benefit than a hinderance. If that completely unfounded statement proves to be true then you'll be going out on the lash with pops the night before every run image

    How was the Palace? Did you bump into the puff meister? 

    I am trying to decide whether a short jogette would be wise or whether I should rest and stick to an alternating day strategy until I see some pain reduction. Part of me thinks that a gentle run followed by alot of stretching would be better than sitting on my backside and as I'm working today I'll be doing alot of sitting. 

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Morning! Got back knackered but had a short run this morning with mrs p and feel good now.

    i kept my eyes open but didnt see any of you!

    That is good news Malcs, must be a boost.  Have you tried heel drops? I think theprinciple is that they develop the gastrocnemius (?) to share the load when youre running

     it certainly chucked it down on Sarturday!  because of engineering work, our train journey would have four hours on the way back so we chose to drive down to luton and get the train in grom there.  We missed the rain, we were indoors most of the time, and when we checked in they gave us a few free drinks vouchers too so we ate at the hotel too. 

    It brightened up on Sunday so we wandered over to Brick Lane market, but it was a bit early a lot of them were still setting up. Then we popped over to Camden Market, but it was mental so we went to the V and A as planned, mrs p wanted to see an exhibiotion of clothes. It wasnt completely image tbf, some beautiful evening dresses and a lot of eighties pop culture originals forpeople ike Toyah. I could stay there all day looking at the different parts but we had a bite to eat and then came home. 

    So no running, i will try to get a long run in this week, cant do it tonight as we are off to  Old Trafford to watch Chelsea.

     the bike i was looking at went for £300 in the end, handy price guide for the future.

  • That should have said end of the path in Harwich... Anyhoo, did it, and ended up as a 20 mile run!! Shall tell ya more later- got some eating to doimage

  • So, after a week of zero running, I felt terrible.  There was no reason for no running, other than feeling tired all the time, which probably could have been fixed by going for a run.   It was a pretty busy week, and so, no runs happened, and then at the weekend I was exhausted.  I decided that rather than do a 10 mile section of the essex way, I would instead get up early on the bank holiday Monday to do stages 8, 9 and 10.  By my calculations, approximately 18 miles.  Although, now I look at the distances, perhaps it was 19.1.

    The fiance dropped me off in Dedham where there was all hustle and bustle for the bank holiday, an antiques show.  I walked the first section, whilst I was waiting for the garmin to find satellites, which took forever!

    I started the run and within 100 metres, a kissing gate.  Turns out, these were a feature of this section.  That and horses.  I had read in someone else's blog t'other day about a disease that some of the horses in this area had, and so I was a bit concerned about getting near them.  This meant that the run became a bit of a run, walk slow past horses, stop to open kissing gate and walk thru, scan the new field for livestock, continue running.  It was a rather frustrating run because of all the stop start, and despite the beauty of the countryside, I was happy when I got to Bradfield, as it seemed the instructions showed fewer kissing gates - I was closer to the coast now, so the land was flatter and therefore the farming tended to be arable, so no need for these gates - its not like the corn or the manglewurzls would escape.  Though, that would make a pretty good cartoon I suppose.   Once I eventually got out of the fields, there was a little run down to the river Stour, and on to Mistley Towers.  They were slightly underwhelming, as I was expecting some giant gothic structure, however on reading the information sheet, it was quite interesting- they were towers of a church that has ceased to exist, but the towers remain.  Just before the towers, I caught the attention of a chap, who wanted to tell me if I was running the essex way, I was going the wrong way.  Now, as a geographer, I'm pretty good at following written instructions, especially when they give clear instructions about the contours.  I convinced him I was going the right way, and we had a bit of a chat.  He said he had started the Colchester Harriers, and that now, he runs Ultras.  He had apparently completed the length of the Essex Way in 12 hours! Wow, that made me feel pretty bad.  By the time I got to the end of this 8 mile section, 2 hours had passed!

    In Bradfield, I sat on a bench to have a gel, and I spent a rather long time trying to find which way to go at the start.  The instructions say to start at the community centre and then say to run along the path 150m with the church on your left.  Problem is, not knowing the village, I had no idea where the church was, and it wasn't in view from the start point, so this was a bit of a waste of time.  Eventually I got going again though.

    This section was Bradfield to Ramsey.  After running along a busy road for a while, this was all about horses.  There were so many horses around, and horsey people moving their horses from one paddock to another.  I slowed down to a walk so I didn't startle them.  Eventually, started running through an RSPB protection area/woods, and then out across more fields.  It had been quite a long uphill slog, so I stopped to walk a while, to get my breath back.  Needed to stretch my quads as well as my knees were grumbling.  I heard a runner coming up behind me, and he asked, are you doing the essex way!  I explained that I'm just doing it for fun today

  •  but not doing the race, and that I had started in Dedham.  He would be doing this section of the relay next week, which is only a 5.4 mile section, so seemed quite impressed, though I had to give him a kick up the butt to start running again - I was resting with another 6(i thought, but actually 8) miles to go.  He only had 1.  By the time I passed through another horsey field, and a windmill, I met him on his way back.  I suppose he was doing an out and back.

    So Ramsey, and the Castle Pub was looking very enticing, and it was rather sunny.  I could so have had a pint, but was really concerned about the time I was making.  18 miles ought to have taken me 3 hours- perhaps 3:30 with the  more difficult terrain.  I was supposed to be arriving in Harwich for lunctime.  I looked at my phone, and had a message from my driver about how long I was taking! charming!  I figured I had about an hour left, now, so told him.

    The last leg was quite a nice run.  through flat fields, although, unfortunately, some had not cleared the footpath properly, and there was one where I had to go around the edge rather than diagonally across, only to run up a bank onto the seawall and run back on myself.  However, now I was on the seawall, I knew I was on the home straight, or so I thought.  It was quite windy up on the sea wall, but the ground was solid, and I could actually get into a stride now.  There were several sheep eating grass up on the seawall, and I gave several quite a scare as I got close to them.  The last one I passed, however, had nerves of steel, and didn't budge as I ran past.

    Eventually the grass turned to tarmac, and then a carpark next to beach-huts.  Yay! I must be in Harwich.  I was at 17.6 miles, so not long to go, however, I still had half a page of instructions.  The instructions should have just said run along the seafront for 2 miles, because that's basically what I did.  About a mile along the seafront, I was enjoying the sound of the sea, and the waves, and the view of a little bit of beach - the tide was very high, and I saw a chap come out of the sea in a wetsuit- he looked at me as if he had such recognition, I thought he must know me, possibly from Parkrun.  Anyhoo, he knew I was running the essex way, and encouraged me that there wasn't too far to go now.  I wished him luck for the race next week.

    I went around the headland, and now, I could see the huge huge port.  Giant cranes and piles and piles of containers.  It must be a very important port for goods from Europe.  Eventually you pass a lighthouse, which has become a maritime museum, and then an old crane to the left.  This is where you turn away from the sea and run inland for only about 100 metres.  Here, my fiance ran alongside me and raced me to the finish, but I was only at 19.84 miles, so I continued running.  I ran a few circles around another lighthouse, and then into the town a bit, then back again, then bleep, 20 miles... Done!  Phew!  Time for fish and chips... however, didn't feel much like fish, so got battered sausage and chips.  I enjoyed the chips, they were really good, but 1 bite of the sausage, and it was dripping with grease, and I'm not sure there was any meat in the sausage, so left that.

    All in all, really glad to have completed 20 miles, but not so happy with how long it took.  I know this was down to terrain, gates, and not really knowing where I was going, so Essex Way, its been fun, but you're not the only way, so I'm gonna take a break for a few weeks...

  • Hiya Sarah, yup, a day walking around london certainly isn't rest, but its also not vitality giving exercise I find!! Perhaps I'm grumpy from all the rain!

    Malcs- I certainly think its worth paying for that reassurance.  number 1, the human mind is very powerful, and if you think you'll always be in pain when u run, you will be.  Number 2, there are so many people I know who have injuries - usually in their knee - which means they can't run.  Yet they walk just fine.  Some of these of course are genuine, but I suspect a lot are just untreated tighness somewhere, in need of some stretching and reassurance.  (usually these are injuries of people who don't like running in the first place though).  Lucky you for dodging that shopping trip!  I actually hate shopping.  I don't see the point of it, unless you need something specific, and if you do need something specific, its often cheaper, and certainly easier to buy it online and have it delivered!

    Mr P- glad you had a nice time in London.  All the trains seemed to have problems yesterday and Saturday.  We had to use buses all day (which I actually prefer) so it was rather slow getting around everywhere image


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hahaha!!  can't believe everyone was up in london at weekend! so was I!! I was white van lady n drove my daughter up to move into her new flat. I concurr that moving is very stressful. I did manage to fit in a couple of runs though n sussed out the local parks and surrounding area.

    Glad to hear the foam roller is doing a good job Malcs. I think tight muscles are a source of many a runners problems. Getting sound advice from physio was a good move.

    Wow Angela, mega run!!

    I really need to read back properly n catch up on what everyone else has been doing......

  • Malcs whats bluewater? What did you decide on at the end...did you go for a gentle run or just stretch? Despite not drinking much on sunday night my head felt quite foggy all day..up until I did my run, then it felt great. The run went really well and I actually found it easier than the last time I did that run before VLM at slower paces and for a shorter im either getting fitter, or it was the alcohol!!!! image

    The palace was really good. Its been a while since ive been able to spend the day with my mum so I thoughly enjoyed it. The palace was gorgeous, but I think ive been spoilt by going to the vatican as it wasnt a patch on that. After the palace we popped to Harrods and then hyde park.

    The clothes exhibition sounded fantastic Puffy...wish I had been aware of it...I love clothes....and bags....and shoes...and furniture (think I just love shopping)! Sounds like youve had a very busy weekend. Its amazing how much travelling takes out of you. Chris was watching the match last night whilst I was unpacking and putting the new curtains and bedding up/on so I missed it...what was the final score? Good match?

    Another fabulous report Angela I think you have done fantastic completing 20 miles in an unknown area, over stiles, through gates, on tough terrain. I think you did right in going slow and steady and enjoying yourself. It was such a warm day yesterday and you havent done that amount of milage for a while. If you had done it too quick you could have risked injury! I love running passed horses...I get so jealous of the people who own them but then I remember how time consuming they are to look after and that to have a horse I would have to give up running which im not willing to do. The end of your race sounded nice on the sea front...and im so impressed with your will power (not going into the pub)!

    I loved the pic of you in your white van Jen. Is your daughter moving out of the family home?

    Yesterday I did my weights in the gym followed by an interval session. I did a 2m w/u followed by 60 mins (8 miles) alternating between 5 mins at half MP (6:49-6:53) and 5 mins at MP (7:24) with a 1 mile c/d at the end. Total miles 11. I thoroughly enjoyed it and actually found it easier than the last time I did this session before VLM when my paces were slower and I did it for 15 mins less.

    Having a rest from running today but did cycle into work instead.

    Not sure what to do for my long run this week...any advice...I did an 18, then droped back to 13, then a 20 followed by another 20. I have another long run hopefully scheduled for next week then I will be dropping back the following week when I will be doing GNR (15th)?

  • sarah osborne wrote (see)

     It was such a warm day yesterday and you havent done that amount of milage for a while. ?

    Excuse me Ms. Osborne!!!  But I did run 18 miles at TR24, and then Cycled 116 miles the following weekend..,. I'm basically an Ironman, if we forget about the wet part... image  I was listening to Chrissie Wellington's a Life Without Limits audio book on my run yesterday image

    Seems a lot of people are calling me a slacker these days... you take one week off to rest and reaquaint yourself with alcohol, and you never hear the end of itimage

    If I were you, I would probably do a shorter long run- perhaps 15 miles with maybe 5 miles at your intended GNR pace in the middle?  Maybe even as little as 12 miles - depends what your goals for GNR are?

    Jenf- its crazy isn't it, if we had all known sooner, we totally could have planned a get together!  How is your training going?  When is your marathon?


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - Bluewater is Kent's answer to Meadowhall, ie. on a rainy Saturday hell on Earth.

    I do like going there when it's quieter though because it has what myself and Iestyn call the golden triangle - Apple Store, Lego Shop and Krispy Kreme's image

    Glad to hear you had a good time in London. 

    That was a fantastic session you did yesterday. Must give you alot of confidence and also shows your dad that he's going to have to up his game if he's going to stand any chance of sabotaging your attempt to beat his recordimage

    Mr P - I have done heel drops in the past but not for this issue. Good shout, I will give them a go, thanks!

    Sorry about the rain. It's not rained like that down here for some time and I think the South East was the only part of the country that got it too. 

    Sounds like it didn't hamper your trip too much though. 

    I only saw a little of the footy. Looked like a decent game for a 0-0. Are you a Man U supporter?

    Very good price for that bike. There seem to be some very good deals to be had on second hand ones.

    Angela - thanks for another great report, really enjoyed reading about your exploits with farmyard animals - ahem image

    I think it is admirable that a bone idle, sausage eating alcoholic like yourself managed to do 20 miles. I am simply in awe.image

    Jen - I'm quite glad I didn't know you were up because I would have been gutted if there was a meet up as I couldn't make it. Unfortunately house stuff is first priority at the moment.

    Where has your daughter moved to? 

    Pics in white vans? Is this on friend face? I think I may need to drop some more friend requests - brace yourselves image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Lol idle sausage eating alky, very funny, could be me malcs!

    the match was a bit boring, I support Liverpool n but Mrs P supports Chelsea.  One of our suppliers has two seats I think no one else wanted them bueing a Monday night. I do ike the songs they come up with, bit rude for on here though!

    that is another ace report Angela, I like the way you call him "the" fiance, charming!  I was thinking of you as we walked round the city, I know you work round there somewhere. When I am out on the Sandstone trail I often bump into people who are recceing for the whole thing. 

    I haven't run tonight, I feel exhausted, probably still tired from the weekend. I will do my usual midweek medium run tomorrow, I will aim for ten miles at Marathon pace. Cant run Thursday, evening commitment, so I will have to take a view on how I approach the weekend, I would like to get back to long runs on Saturdays so I can do. A session on Monday night.

    Not long now til Chester, the next organised run is the 8th September, 20 miles, I plan to go quite hard and see how I am, I feel fitter than London, but not quite in 3:30 shape though, so I am prepared to have to go again in April somewhere, or perhpas January.

    when they built Bluewater I was still a HGV driver, spent many happy Hours waiting to unload there. We stayed i nDartford one year for the VLM it was a really good spot, straight in on the train to Blackheath.


  • Angela Isherwood 2 wrote (see)
    sarah osborne wrote (see)

     It was such a warm day yesterday and you havent done that amount of milage for a while. ?

    Excuse me Ms. Osborne!!!  But I did run 18 miles at TR24, and then Cycled 116 miles the following weekend..,. I'm basically an Ironman, if we forget about the wet part... image  I was listening to Chrissie Wellington's a Life Without Limits audio book on my run yesterday image

    Seems a lot of people are calling me a slacker these days... you take one week off to rest and reaquaint yourself with alcohol, and you never hear the end of itimage

    If I were you, I would probably do a shorter long run- perhaps 15 miles with maybe 5 miles at your intended GNR pace in the middle?  Maybe even as little as 12 miles - depends what your goals for GNR are?


    Hahaha, your certainly not a slacker, far from it. Cycling that distance would kill me....finding it hard to do 3x2 to work and back lol...but I am enjoying it, better than driving in to work!
    I would like to race GNR so I would aim to run between 6:50-6:55 m/m.
    Haha, I see what you mean about Bluewater now Malcs ...Meadowhall is a nightmare when the weather is rubbish (and at christmas/jan sales)..I love shopping but I avoid the place on days like that!
    Think my dad is secretly scared!! Although dont tell him this but his time of 3:14:?? was gun time and not chip time so even if I do get 3:14 he will still have done better than me...but im not going to point that one out to him!! Thankyou for yoru friend request on facebook....I wouldnt have recognised you from your photo!
    Good luck for your 10 miler this evening Mr P hope it goes well and its not as hot as it is here. Im planning on doing 5-7 slow miles with chris...if his knee holds out. He hasnt run for the last 2 weeks so its to see if he will be able to do GNR or not. He did cycle into work today and admitted to a few knee twinges so im not fancying his chances to be honest. Its so difficult seeing the frustation in his face and makes me feel guilty for enjoying my runs. I cycled in to work again today and walked on my visits. Been nice getting some fresh air!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - good shout on using Dartford as a base for the marathon. Would indeed be an easy route in with most people converging on London Bridge. It was a major scrummage the first time I did it and then I discovered that I could get a train direct to Lewisham from here and simply walk up the hill - bliss.

    I'm having similar thoughts to you about the autumn campaign. If I can't get enough training in then I'll just run a slower pace and have some fun. Spring will then become the focus for any PB bashing.

    Sarah -  tell Chris he can come and run with me and we can pull frustrated faces together image

    In all honesty, I'm becoming more and more convinced that for these kind of injuries some running is better than none at all. Unless there is inflammation or obvious damage to tendons or muscle then I reckon you're better doing something to keep things from tightening up. What do you reckon as a medic?

    After my 5 miles on Sunday I did another 4 on Tuesday - didn't see much of an improvement. Yesterday I did some interval training on the bike - it's the only way I can do any decent CV work. It was a good hour session and I had no twinges from the leg at all. Last time I cycled I had some minimal discomfort so I'm taking this as a positive sign. Still reckon I have a long way to go though.

  • Malcs, I was in training for the Bacchus half marathon I'm doing on Sep 8th! I wasn't slacking!!!

    Just received the race instructions..."The water stations will be set out as follows:

    Table 1, wine,  Table 2, food, Table 3 water  image  I'm very excited! Perhaps I should find some fancy dress to run in, rather than running kit, although I'm not raising money for charity, so would purely be dressing up to look like a plonker!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Aha, all becomes clear now image

    Fancy dress? Something in white with a veil and a pair of Jimmy Choo's?image


  • Hiya Mr P.  David wasn't best pleased at being called 'the fiance' either... I was trying to protect his identity, which is kinda stupid since I've mentioned his name a gazillion times in my blog!  Ahh well image  you can't blame me, I had run 20 miles afterall image

    In order to avoid further accusations of being a slacker from Sarah and Malcs,image  I did 2 runs today, despite my legs feeling like lead from a combo of the long run Monday, and sports massage yesterday.

    So, 1st session in the morning was 3 miles easy- avg pace 9:48mm, then I played with my new kettlebells for a while after.

    The second was a session I did a few weeks ago, with an extra repeat  9x400m with 90s rest.  I decided to jog some of the rest intervals, but looking at my times, its obvious my legs are tired, as they were much slower than last time I did it!

    I did 4.66 miles in total, including the warm up and cool down, and interval paces were as follows:

    Interval 1: 6:34


    Interval 2: 6:57


    Interval 3: 7:15


    Interval 4: 7:20


    Interval 5: 7:10


    Interval 6: 7:02


    Interval 7: 6:53


    Interval 8: 7:25


    Interval 9: 7:02

    In the cooldown I felt my calf really trying to tighten, so I stopped and walked home- didn't want to risk a new tear image  so these paces are quite a bit slower.  Wonder whether I should have listened to Sarah's advice to have an extra rest day before doing speed work, or whether I will still realise some benefit from having done this session even if the speed isn't as much as it was last time I did it.

    Yesterday I was having high hopes that I could go for a London GFA qualifying time in my Spring marathon if I'm sensible about my training from now, but today's session has knocked my confidence a bit image so I'm doing more training for Bacchus half, with a glass of red image



  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    That's still a pretty damn good session Angela so I wouldn't be too down on yourself. You always get the odd session like that which doesn't live up to expectation but it really doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things. I bet you still have some tiredness in the legs from the weekend. Forget about it and enjoy the wine image

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    And the bike ride too Angela, must have an effect. look at parkrun, in the immortal words of Bob Dylan, the Times they are a' Tumbling.

    what about rowing Malcs? I find it very helpful, and the rythm and swish of the machine puts me in a zone.

    I met up with a girl from the forum at chester Marathon, I think shes from leeds, she briefly held the record for VLM in a wedding dress (i say briefly, it was a year obviously) 

    I did my ten mile loop tonight, average pace was 7:55, and it was quite comfortable overall. I think its time for new shoes now, I seem to be hitting the ground very hard.

    I got a real shock tonight though...Mts P has bought some scales, so I weightd myself before I dressed and set off...80 kg.  I took and drank 330 ml of water on the run, and weighed myself again when I got back. 79.9 kg! 

    AND I had a drink when I got in before i realised what i was doing. So thats at least 1.1 litres of fluid lost Isn't it?

    I know i'm not neccessarily dehydrated but no wonder I get a headache if I am only taking on a litre over the course of a long run on a hot day.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - on hot days you can easily lose alot of fluids on warm days. I don't tend to drink much while out but then I take on a load on return or, like you, it's headache time.

    Rowing would be nice but we have no room here for a machine so I'd need to go to a gym. Not really practical for me unfortunately.

    Last night I had a dream that I'd got the date wrong for York and it was this weekend image

  • The effects of dehydration are worse if you drink 2 glasses of wine after  a speed interval session image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Oh dear. Someone feeling a bit fragile today? image

  • Nope, just sharing a useful fact image image

  • Hi Malcs as you said, it all depends on the injury and whats wrong, if its minor or stiffness/tightness then some form of exercise is good. If there is any swelling, torn ligaments, muscles etc then rest +/- gentle stretching is prob best. Its so difficult as with any injury you dont want to loose any fitness which in theory could make the injury worse eg loosing quads could make a knee injury worse.

    Chris ended up not being able to run last night. His knee was quite tender after cycling and did have some fluid on it so he stayed at home whilst I went. We are going to attempt a walk tonight...finishing off in the local, which I havent yet been to for tea and drinks image. I had my first york marathon nightmare last night too. I dremt that we had to run up to certain levels and wait for people to un lock doors. On one of the floors I was waiting ages so I started shouting at people as my dream of beating my dads PB was drifting away!!

    Angela I agree with Malcs, that was still a good session yesterday and you shouldnt let it knock your confidence. You did it shortly after a long run, as sport massage and a run earlier in the day and still reached good paces. I reckon you should wear fancy dress..doesnt matter if your doing it for charity or not image. Hows your calf today?

    Good 10 miler Mr P. I drink loads when I run, im trying to cut back if anything as I always worry about needing the toilet. Nothing worse than running with a full bladder, but least I dont get headaches!

    Yesterday I cycled home and then went for a felt so strange, for the first mile my feet felt like flippers, as though they were flapping rather than running. After the first mile they felt normal again and I managed to do 7 miles in 7:45m/m pace. After my tea and a shower I then passed out on the sofa...which is so unlike me. Felt so exhausted and panicked that the patient I had seen earlier had given me their flu, but im ok again today, phew . Rest day today ready for my long run today, although im still unsure what to do for it!!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    sorry guys,  I just can't seem to keep up with the game at the moment!  you are all putting me to shame with the posts n the running!

    I am really struggling with my long runs at the mo. just seem to run out of energy after 10 miles. not sure if I'm not fueling properly beforehand or what. Work/ home has been a bit stressful,  can I blame that? as you can see by the time I'm not sleeping v well either!

    will give myself a stern talking too...and will try n get back on track with running and posting asap. 

  • Hiya jenf- sorry to hear ur prob with long runs- are u recovered enough from other training to do them? Are you going too fast? Especially in the heat worth taking the pace down by at least 30s per mile- are u well hydrated before you start?  Hydration can have a massive effect- basically if u strt to get dehydrated, your blood gets thicker, meaning ur heart and lungs have to work harder to get oxygen to the working muscles...

    Sarah, my calf was fine yesterday although my hamstrings were noticeably sore but I think thy was from the kettlebella-  had a rest day yesterday- had to buy wine and petrol for this hen weekend im goin on 

  • What did u decide for ur long run today Sarah?

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Thanks Angela, I think you're right, a combination of dehydration, hard training and stress has taken its toll. I've had a rest day today, a massage, and a glass of red wine. I suddenly feel SO much better!!! now if I can just buy a pair of jimmy choos for my daughters wedding...

    Sarah/Malcs, yep I now have empty nest syndrome, youngest has moved to Islington, starts her first full time job on Monday. I suddenly feel old!!

  • Hi everyone!!

    Sounds like you've all been very busy, comparing paces, cycling, running across essex, winning competitions and debating rollers....

    Got back from hols and weekend and started new job this week so not had chance to sit down. On call tonight so quickly sneaking on while waiting to go to theatre image

    Had a great holiday- v relaxing as did nothing except chill out. We had a nice villa with a great pool, so days were pretty much going to the beach for 3-4 hours,, and then back to the pool in the afternoon when it got too hot! Kids getting a better age so able to read a few books too.

    Got the training back on track, with 72 miles banked over the fortnight, including a 17 and 18 miler.. Had to get up early (before 6am for the long runs) as it was pretty hot, but running up the hill out of the village with the sea on the left hand side and a full moon as the only light was pretty special. I'll try to put some pics up when I work out how to do it.

    Only downside is I think I'm getting plantar fasciitis- inflammation under my heel. Had it when I was in Australia about 5 years ago due to walking on hard wood and tiled floors all the time, and think 2 weeks of wearing flip flops and bare feet have had the same effect...Spoke to an orthopaedic surgeon friend who advised anti inflammatories and I think might just try to 'brazen it out' for the next 6 weeks

    Gotta go as patient asleep, be back on over the weekend image

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