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  • Hi Jen, no wonder you cant sleep and you feel all stressed out if your children have all move out. I think you need a weeks rest with no/little running, recover on your sleep etc. Im sure that by this time next week you will be feeling better. You did so well whilst you was on holiday with all those early morning runs. How many weeks   is it until your marathon? I really cant believe how quickly there approaching.

    Glad to hear that calf was ok angela I hope you enjoy this hen weekend, glad to hear that youve taken your running shoes with you just incase image

    Hi Clive welcome back. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing holiday and spent some quality time with your family. I cant believe that you managed to bank that many miles, thats so impressive. Even though I have done 20s for my long run my total weekly milage has only been in the 40's, but thats the same as what I did for london, so im guessing thats fine. Cant wait to see your photos.

    You could try with heel supports too in all your shoes and running on softer ground. You are prob already doing this all ready but heel raises on a step can help to.

    Hows the new job going?

    I set of running yesterday for my long run trying to decide on how far to go. Having done 20 miles on my last two long runs, I did think it would be ideal to do less this week, however I have that training session with Martin Yelling next Saturday and I have GNR a week on Sunday so I did feel that I would be better cutting my milage down next week instead of this week. I decided to aim for 20 but if things started hurting or if I got tired then I would stop. For anyone that knows me well...that means I was doing not one for giving in and being defeated, im a little stubburn at times! I took it slow and got round ok. I maintained a steady pace all the way round. My legs felt tired towards the end but I guess that can be expected a little and it didnt stop me from doing my house work when I got home. Legs feel fine today. My average pace was 8:47 m/m. Rest day today (going to a wedding, so there might be a bit of dancing involved) and then hopefully 6-7 miles tomorrow (if im not too hungover) to take my weekly milage to 44-45.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Well I sort of took the advice...but who can resist running when the weather is so beautiful! image I took it slower, went off road in forest, then along the beach, stopped to admire the view and take photos and 16miles later I was still feeling good! Sometimes I think I get too caught up in sticking to my training programme. Looking back I've done 48miles this week, plus two power weight sessions! so maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself!

    Clive, I suffered with PF a bit once when I tried different trainers. Its v painful, I feel for you. Sorted mine with a combination of massage/ icing/ heat, and sticking with the old faithful make of trainers since! ( well apart from my dalliance with minimal trainers recently, which are great for short runs)

    Sarah, can't wait to hear about your training session with Martin Yelling next Sat. And yes, a cut back in mileage this week is a good idea!

    New shoes Mr P? Jimmy doesn't do running ones I'm afraid! I've just treated myself to a new pair as last pair were looking v worn, this year I'm sporting a very fetching purple with lime laces!

    Sorry its slow progress with your leg Malcs, keep working that roller and stretching, it will pay off in the end. So what sort of 'fun' races have you in mind for the Autumn?

  • Evening! 

     20 today, quite had after missing last weeks run. I did 5 at 9mm, 10 at just over 8mm, then four at 9mm with the last mile at 8mm.  

    I was knackered after that so I slept through the second half of the Liverpool match and the first half of Arsenal. But then I perked up and knocked up a chicken and ham pie so I'll have a couple of beers now image.

    In Hydration News, 80.8 kg at the start, 78.4 at the end, that is after 500ml water , before. Leaving, 500 on the run, 500ml lucozade sport, 250 ml choc milk shake, and a cp of tea. Gosh!

    Jen they wil be Asics or Reebok from the outlet village up the road! I have sympathy with the lack of sleep, I often toss and turn all night worrying about work or something. 

    Sarah I listened to two marathon talk podcasts today, you are so lucky with Martin Yelling.  I had a brief chat with him at the expo a couple of years ago, he is really inspiring.


  • Hi all,

    I'm back!!! Have been ridiculously busy through the summer months which has helped take my mind off the fact I'm injured.

    I ran 3.2 miles yesterday @ 7:53mm and felt like a beginner! A little discomfort in left knee but nothing afterwards and plenty of ice after has left it feeling fine. I will build back up slowly and see how it goes. Abingdon is, obviously, off the radar now so thinking about April  now.

    Glad to see everyone else is still at it and posting on here. I will have a really good read later and catch up properly.

    Happy running!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 is back! image

    Great to hear you're back in the saddle. We can build back together. I'm still hanging on to a thread of hope that I can still do York. This week is a key week for me.

    Bit snowed under here so will have to catch up myself. Had a brief skim.

    Just want to quickly say I have my fingers crossed for you Clive - really hope it's not PF. And Jen - great to hear you've bounced back with a super 16!

    I'll be back bith more babbling later.


  • grrrr!!!!  I typed almost an entire post, on the computer, and it vanished image

  • Hello,

    Long time no post, I’ve been away on a hen weekend, so poor eating, no running, but lots of wine drinking in preparation for the Bacchus half marathon.  I’ll be writing a race report for that other running magazine I subscribe to, so very excited J  Not as exciting as being trained by Martin Yelling, but it might be the start of my journalism careerimage

     Clive – glad you had such a great holiday, and very impressed you got so many miles in.  I’ve been struggling with the heat in East Anglia- certainly made my runs a lot slower.  My 20 miler on the Essex way had an average pace of 14 mm! that’s walking pace… I guess I did walk a bit, and sit down for a bit without stopping my garmin, but still!  For PF, many recommend tennis balls, I recommend golf balls

     Sarah – Another 20 miler!  3 in a row!  You are mental!  Nuff said!

     Jenf – Amazing comeback with 16 miles.  Very impressive.  I think like Sarah said, the empty nest has probably been rather more stressful than you imagined – it’s a big adjustment.  I remember when moving out of home for Uni, I took it very hard, and that was with fresher’s week to be welcomed to!  My parents were of the school of thought of leave her alone to work it out, so I don’t think I had any phone calls from them for the first week L.  On the other hand, it must be nice to have the freedom of only one person to potentially scupper your running plans – does Mr. Jenf run?  Perhaps you could convince him to buy you the choos for the wedding?  The future Mr. Isherwood (yup, he’s changing his name and I’m keeping mine) promised me designer shoes every year for my birthday,… that promise disappeared after the first year, though hopefully it will resume when we’re no longer saving for a wedding, although I suspect I will want more practical things like running shoes.  Its amazing, mine also need replacing – its like they all have an autodestruct as soon as the Autumn/Winter ranges come out!  I’m sure I haven’t been doing nearly as high mileage as many of you, and these ones are from after my last marathon!

     Mr. P – Great work on a 20 miler- Chester is pretty soon now – what’s your plan pre- taper?  I know I was v disappointed when I had to forego my Autumn marathon, but now I’m actually glad that the time is freed up to just run when I feel like it and not when I don’t.  I’m really looking forward to Autumn though, its by far my favourite season.  I love the harvest, and all the colours on the trees, and the food – I saw a recipe for nettle pesto yesterday, so I might go foraging for nettles next time I’m on the Essex way – shouldn’t be hard – enough stung me on my runs there!

     DS2 – Sorry to hear you’re out of action for Abingdon.  Are you likely to venture to Essex anytime next Spring?  I already entered Colchester Half and have the entry form for the Essex 20…. A perfect 20 miler for a spring marathon if anyone is interested – if you enter before Christmas its only £8 - £6 if you’re an affiliated club runner – very reasonable.

    Malcs – are you getting any better?  How are you finding cycling- have you managed to get some longer rides in?  In the weather we’ve been having, a long ride is infinitely more comfortable than a long run – the extra wind resistance cools you down I find, but that’s because I move at a considerably greater speed on a bike than when I run. . .&nbsp

  • 6-pack update.... no 6-pack yet, but I did notice my obliques showing signs of defintion the other day... that's progress right? image

  • Hi all,

    Still haven't managed a good read back so apologies for not knowing what you are all up to. I promise I will manage it over the next couple of days!!!

    malcs - where are you with York training now?

    Clive - I hope you don't have PF. Be careful - sometimes resting in the early days of onset is enough. I've suffered from this in the past and it effectively finished my first team hockey career because I tried to run through it.

    Angela - great to see your enthusiasm never waversimage. When is the Colchester Half and the Essex 20? I could well be up for those!

  • Forgot to say - I did manage another 3.2 miles this morning with minimal discomfort. Iced the knee straight afterwards and pleased to report things remain promising! Average pace was 7:55 which was ok! Still struggling both legs and CV wise though!

    Where did all that fitness go?

    Happily, it looks like I may have sold may Abingdon place so the entry money can fund a couple of races in the Autumn.

    Anyone got a decent half or 10 miler to recommend?

  • Sarah - 3 back to back 20 milers - you are mental!!!

  • Hi Jen glad to hear that your feeling better again. I agree 48 miles in one week is good and there is no need to be hard on yourself. Think the most milage I have done in one week is 47! Your new trainers sound lush!

    Good 20 bagged there Mr P. Are you aiming at around 8mm for your MP? Im still waiting for the details for saturday...starting to get a little nervous as I havent heard anything from the organiser since last wed. they did say that they would be in touch this week, but to me its cutting it fine when its on saturday. They said that they would organise train tickets for me, but im yet to know what time I will need to get the train at and back and where from and where to and how I will get the abit of a planner so im really struggling with the unknown

    Welcome back DS2 so glad that you back up and running imageimage.

  • Hey ds2- they're both in marxh- the Essex 20 on the 9th and Colchester half on the 16th then the following Saturday is the Orion 15- that crazy cross country in Epping forest I did and despised last year, but think I've convinced Sarah to do it next year, so hopefully her speed will encourage me to finish it at least 20 minutes quicker image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 - so glad to hear you're on the mend. Really great news.

    My York training is buggered. I was doing ok in July but then I've had this ankle/calf/achilles pain which has vastly reduced the amount of running I can do. Been diagnosed as tightness in the calf so I've been stretching but so far I'm not seeing any great results.

    I did 30 mins on the bike and a 2 mile run straight after today. At least I'm getting some excercise in but my mileage is pants. Got to be pain free by the weekend or I think York will either be off completely or if I'm lucky done for fun at a much slower pace.

    I had meant to have read back by now but time is getting the better of me.

    Angela - keep the faith with the 6 pack image

    Sarah - that's great endurance work but do be careful. I've found that the time when you think you are invincible is the time when you are at your most vulnerable. Fantastic stuff though and still 7 weeks to go.


  • where did the rest of my thread go that I posted...grrrrrrr!

    right now to remember what I had said...silly runners world forum.

    DS2 you should be proud of those paces, there amazing quick, especially after an injury and several weeks rest.

    Angela which mag are you writing for? im going to have to buy it and save it.  Its this sunday isnt it, your alcoholic race? cant wait to see how it goes. Is there an option to drink water if you want it? I am totally convinced to run orion 15 next year...its one of the runs/races im looking forward to with no big marathon plans....bugger ive just at a wedding in northumberland on the 24th orion 15 on the 22nd? Hopefully I should be able to get around it but im going to have to sweet talk chris as he will probably be wanting to go to newcastle that weekend (as its his mates wedding)!......and before I forget your just rubbing it in with the 6 pack ive just pigged out on stomach feels like its grown a few inches and theres no 6 pack in sight!

    Thankyou Malcs for your kind words I really appreciate it. Im cutting back this week alittle ready for the training session with Martin Yelling on saturday and then the week after im having a proper taper ready for great north run, I think I can afford to do it and think the taper may actually benefit me. I found it so strange running after biking last wednesday, feet didnt work properly for about a mile, felt like a fish out of water! How did your legs feel after the 2 mile run? I hope your ok for crossing everything!

    I had a rest day on saturday...was at a wedding all day so I ate and drank loads and probably un did all my hard work from friday. Sunday I felt so guilty about saturday I decided to extend my planned 6 miles a little and did 9 miles on derwent walk instead starting at 9:00 mm and finishing at 7:15 mm. Yesterday I did 10 miles on the treadmill again as a progressive run, starting at 8:34 mm and finishing at 7:24 mm (my hopefully MP). I did this on the treadmill on hills but only on level 2. That was instead of my usual speed training that I do today saving my legs a little for saturday. I have rested from running today (but cycled to work and back instead). Tomorrow im having a rest day (as ive a 13 hour shift at work) then im planning on doing a shortened long run on thursday night before another rest day on fri. Whats does everyone think 13 or 15 on thursday?

  • 14?


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    aagghhhh image just lost my post aswell. This is getting ridiculous! It's happening to me all the time!

    DS2, SO SO good to see you back image I know a very very nice MT10 in November. Jens granola bars will be provided!

    How about you too Malcs? its a lovely course, tarmac first mile, then trail in forest then beach, then trail again. Check out SRR website, invitation thrown out to you all, I'll be there to marshall and cheer!

    Clive, yep, golf ball! I agree with Angela.

    Sarah, hope they get their act together for you for Sat. I wouldn't do more than 13 on Thursday, you need fresh legs for don't know what they have planned for you!!

    Yes Angela give us a clue to the other mag, I'd like to read your report.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    You may need to put Sospan Road Runners into search bar, too many options for SRR!

  • I bet Running Fitness?

    my taper is going to be a short one, because I was too busy drinking cocktails and eating burgers in London last week, so I skipped my long runm so I will need to get another one in.

    it looks like this:

    8th September.    20 miler organised by Chester Marathon, with drinks, lucozade and gels, bit of a dress rehearsal. If I can make it 22 I will.

    14/15th September   22 miles, should be marshalling at our club 10 k on the Sunday so will try to run on Saturday

    22nd September   depends on what happens on 8th.

    29th september.   13 miles at race pace  organised by Chester Marathon.

    6th October.  Race!

  • Ten miles again tonight, harder than last week to maintain 8mm, but I had a. Long day yesterday and a pretty sleepless night. Lst night was supposed to be tempo but my back is killing me so I cut it short.

    Any Martin Yelling news Sarah?  


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Morning all! My calves ache today from hill sprints yesterday image but I'm sure its making me stronger for Snowdon.

    Mr P, I sympathise with the sleepless nights, I do not function at all well without sleep. Happily I seem to be back in a better sleep pattern this week, so my runs are feeling better. I have a hilly 18 miles planned this weekend.

  • Hello all, I was keeping it a secret.. you know, building it up... plus didn't want to advertise a competitor on here, but I guess my post will get deleted anyway if they don't like it!!  Its Women's Running Mag....  They are gonna give me free kit as a thank you as well image sooo exciting.

    Unfortunately, my running has been pretty bad the last week, and I'm losing confidence.  I've had a slightly unsettled Intestines since I did my 20- miler the weekendbefore last, and I think a hen weekend, eating non-nutritious food, and wine drinking may not have helped.  I thought I would do a 10 mile yesterday as I worked from home, but was feeling dodge all morning.  Decided to go out for 6 miles instead in the afternoon with middle 2 at half mara pace, but after the first mile at pace, I felt a code brown coming on, so stopped to walk.  I walked mile 4, jogged mile 5, then walked the rest of the way home.  It was pretty hot when I was running, so I guess I may have been suffering slight dehydration given the state of my tum in recent days image image

    Sarah- you heard from the Yelling gang yet?  Yes, we are allowed to drink water and eat food as well as drink wine whilst running- there is even a hog roast and glass of wine after included in the entry fee, so although it was pretty expensive for a half marathon, at £46, given all the wine and food, I reckon its well worth it!

    Mr P- be careful about your taper being too short - those long and hard runs can stay in the legs for ages - better to be well rested and feeling like you can give more if necessary, than over trained with nowhere to go.  That said, if the weather goes on like this, you may as well just walk it, and find a marathon to do in November!  That's how I'm feeling anyway- sick of running in the warm!  Silly silly tan lines!

    Jenf hill sprints sound painful image  race details for my race this weekend suggest trail shoes, which makes me think its gonna be a hard one!


  • Afternoon!

    DS- great to see you back! Glad you're getting out after the summer you've had, and also that you managed to ditch the Abingdon place.

    Angela- Thanks for the advice re golf ball. Have tried it but just made it hurt more! Think I'll keep with it though and add in the ibuprofen. Are you looking forward to Bacchus this weekend? You will have to let us know when your race report is in print image

    Sarah- good running at moment- have you heard any more about arrangements for the session with Martin Yelling? You will have to post an update as v jealous. I see you are really looking to nail the PB in York- 3:14?! Best of luck and confident you can probably do it. I can only dream...

    Jen- what is the race you were talking about- would be good to come down if a few others are up for it. Well done with the hill sprints- its a session I hate deeply when I'm doing it, but always feel really good after

    Malcs- sorry to hear the leg still not right. when you making a decision re York?

    Mr P- agree with angela regarding the taper, although I only use a 2 week taper rather than the 3 weeks most people use. Mine looks like

    8th September.    19-20 miles

    15th September   GNR

    21st September   20-21 miles.

    29th september.   Fast finish long run- 14-16 miles, with last 6-7 at MP or faster.

    6th October.  Fast finish long run- 10 miles, with last 5 at MP or faster

    13th October.  Cologne

    I'm still getting pain from my foot- so have decided to revise my target time for Cologne. Would love to go as fast as Sarah image, but reckon that is probably a pipe dream anyway even if I was completely fit. Assuming manage to get through most of my sessions would love to break PB, but likely sub 3:30 is more realistic.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    I get WR mag Angela, I shall look forward to that read! Forget about any bad runs, just get out there and enjoy!

    Clive, we know a golf ball hurts! but it works honest. The race I mentioned is one my club organises, (it is on this site somewhere), its a multi terrain 10 miler. Not too messy, but takes in road, forest trail and beach. I did it last year and really enjoyed. Entry forms/details on Sospan road runners website.

    My calves still ache! but its a complete rest day for me today. image

    Malcs, any update for us on leg? I keep hoping to read good news in a post. I'm sure it will sort itself if you are patient, but that is SOOO hard for us runners. ( hug)

    Sarah, hope all ok tomorrow.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Work and the return to school has had me tied up for the last few days. Good to see everyone is running well.

    Clive - as I can't defer or get a refund I'll wait until a few weeks before to make the call. Obviously I have to be pain free first and if that doesn't happen then it's a no-go. However, if I can get rid of it in time to put in some long runs then I might go for it but at a much slower pace. 

    I think we'd all love to be able to run as fast as the pocket rocket . At the moment I'd take running at any speed image

    Like the look of your run in. Hope it all goes well.

    Angela - so fame and fortune awaits then? Congrats on the article. I don't read that particular publication for obvious reasons but I may sneak into Smiths and have a looksy when your piece makes the press.

    Sorry to hear about the belly issues (I mean the upset not the six pack). Hope you are feeling more settled now.

    Jen - MT10 looks great. At the moment I find it difficult to think about future races - I just want to get back and running properly. 

    Wow, your daughter is in Islington - so right in the thick of things. Quite a difference from Burry Port. Best of luck to her.

    How are are the calves now?

    Sarah - have a great time this weekend with the competition. Is it being covered in any magazine or web site?

    I had a bit of a stretch after the bike so the 2 miles weren't too bad but I know exactly what you mean, it is really weird going from bike straight to run. 

    Mr P - not long now for you, only a month away - scary stuff. I can't believe how quickly these Autumn marathons are coming up. They seemed ages away and then bang you're into the final stretch. Good luck with the 20 this weekend.

    DS2 - I've done the maidstone half twice and really enjoyed it. It's quite hilly with a big section out on country lanes which is quite pleasant. Very well organised too. Not too far for you either. I think it's in Oct/Nov.

    Have you done any more runs? Managed to increase the distance at all?

    I've been mostly cycling to keep the fitness up. Causes me negligible pain unlike the running. I read about calves being particularly difficult beasts to tame once they get ultra tight.

    One guy said it took two weeks of daily tennis ball massage and stretching to sort his out so I'm doing that now. I think one of the deep muscles is the problem - I can feel it right down under the ankle and along the base of the foot. I just need to get it to release. Might have to splash out on a massage if I can't do it myself.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Jen - seems we cross posted there. Sorry that the calves are still sore - I'm sure you will look after them though, don't fall into the same trap as me!

    Yes, patience is what's required but it is tough. At least I am cycling. I would be in major depression if I couldn't do anything.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I have just looked at the calendar. It's 6 weeks until York. If I can run happily without pain by the end of next week then I could possibly squeeze in enough runs to let me step up to close to 20 and then have a 2 week taper.

    Am I kidding myself that I have time to get to a point where I could run York?

    The last long run I did was 6 weeks ago (16 miles). I then did a fair amount of endurance work at TR24 two weeks later. So assuming I had something in the legs following that then I've had about 4-5 weeks to lose it. 

    I know it's not the ideal way to train for a marathon but do you think it's a bad idea to attempt it? 

  • Hi Malcs, as I lie on the sofa having left work early too exhausted because of my ibs, I feel for u and your training run up to York.

    i guess what it comes down to is what is your goal in completing York? And can these goals be put on hold?  I think if you're struggling to do 2-5 miles pain free, the chances of 20 or even 26.2 are quite slim.  The negatives from s dragging yourself through 26.2 could be quite severe however.

    i do feel as though you have been carrying this injury for quite some time with little improvement though, and perhaps your primary goal for the rest of the year should therefore become rehabilitating the injury rather than pushing through.  On both sides of this decision I would seek some professional help- someone who could tape you up so that running 26 miles is possible without the bad kind of pain?

    i totally understand how difficult this must be, but remember, there are always other marathons, and you don't want me beating your time in our next ones because u had to walk from 10 miles inimage 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Thanks Angela image

    I'm certainly not planning to run unless it has completely healed - no doubt about that.  What I'm wrestling with is whether to run the race if it heals up in the next couple of weeks and I only get to do minimal training. 

    Kind of getting ahead of myself here but it's less depressing thinking about what happens after the injury is sorted than dwelling on the fact that it's still there image

    I have done some nice work on my foot with of those small bouncy balls today. I found that there's a foot muscle that runs from the heel toward the little toe on the lateral side that is incredibly tender. The pain I get when running starts in the calf but always ends up in this area. Being able to push on it with this little ball feels fantastic. Maybe there's a little strain there that I can now hopefully ease out.

    Sorry to hear that the guts are still churning. Is this something you've had before?

  • Hi all, 

    I cant believe how quickly these marathons are approaching, with only a few more weeks left for long runs before the taper. Im kinda jealous Mr P of yours being so close, ive got to that stage now where I wish it was sooner rather than later...but I know as it gets closer I will be changing my mind. Ive only ever done a three week the end im usually chomping at the bit so im sure you can get away with a 2 week taper if necessary. Hows your back today? What did you do to it?

    Hi Jen I really fancied that race in November but it clashes with when were in palermo doing their half marathon. I decided to try for 14 miles yesterday but I had to stop at 10.5 miles for the loo and afterwards my calfs felt pretty tight so I stopped at 12 miles. Glad that I did less now though as my legs have felt quite tired all day, more than usual after a long run. Hope they feel fresh by the morning. Sounds like you put your calfs to the test with your hill running. Hope their ok again for your 18 miler.

    Angela, thats me buying womens running now just to find your article, will be my claim to fame! Its nice of them to send you some kit as well as a thankyou. How did you find out about it or was you head hunted? Hope your stomach/abdo is better for sunday. 

    Hi Clive i do hope I get 3:14 but im not overly confident. On paper it should be attainable but each time I run at the required pace I panic that I will not be able to sustain it for 26 miles. What is your current marathon PB? Are you racing GNR next week or using it as a bit of a training run?

    Hi Malcs thankyou for the compliment of pocket rocket image. I reckon TR24 was good training for a marathon as you spent so much time on your feet and was running on tired legs. It was a tough course aswell which must count for something. I still think you might be able to do York if your able to get a few longer runs in before hand, but it does only give you 4 weeks and you dont want to be increasing your milage too quickly as it might set you back again. Just wondering how much cycling have you managed to do per week to keep your fitness up? When I did london the first time round I only managed a few long runs and increased the weekly milage and long run distance very quickly to get it in. I got round london but it wasnt a very joyful experience. You could also cause more damage injury if you run it not fully trained. I really feel for you as your in such a dilema


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