ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • SN, I still keep my annotated training plan from paris with me...painful to look at let alone run image.  At least it's done...well until Monday!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    LOL - thanks seren, that's me done then!

    One bootcamp place for sale, unused, in original packing - would suit early riser with no troll allergies and a penchant for jaffa cakesimage

  • Thanks for bringing that back up mcs - I was doing my best to forget that bit! image

  • Well..... in fairness...there has been no stopping either of you ever since image

  • Knight rider - I'm thinking I might let the train take the strain after all. I shall look at that option now.

    5am starts - excellent. A lie in every day!image

    Choisty - nice going on the half. 2:39:xx sounds lovely doesn't it? I shall enjoy following your progress!

  • Just had a look at the train option. Cheapest is £144 return and I'd need to leave home at 5.30am.

    I think I will defo drive up the night before. Anyone found a decent hotel at a very decent price yet?

  • I'm going to be driving up Friday morning from the Berkshire area so if anyone fancies a lift, let me know.

    A 7 week old son means 5am definitely feels like a lie at the moment DS2! Has anyone ever prepared for a marathon with a newborn around?! image


    This is where the RW team stayed last year. Apparently close to where we need to be although there are many hotels in the vicinity.

  • DS2 - Have you tried for train tickets? It sounds a bit dodgy but managed to get a return from Manchester for £34, however it does leave at 6.30. Know you're coming from the south but aren't there more trains from there?

    As far as setting up a new thread how does all that work? I might sound a bit daft but I've always preferred to read forums and never really posted on them. It is all kind of new to me. Prefer just to tweet or facebook!



  • Sills - why don't you train with the new born in a back pack? All that extra weight will be excellent training and you'll get the good for age time no problem.

  •  Stan t..........if you look at the forum tab at the top there are several running, triathlon etc.......and of course clubhouse which is where anything non running gets put..if you click on one of the headings it will show you the posts that had been recently posted on..............

    or there is  aheading there that says something like.start a new then give it a heading and title etc and post on itimage

  • Hi Stan - thanks, but I;'ve bitten the bullet now and booked a night in the Quality Inn in Hagley Road for £56. I thought it'd take a bit of the stress out of it for me. Loads of trains but have to get across London which is never easy. Just didn't fancy it so took the comfort option.

    Seren nos - thanks for advising on that. You put it much simpler than I would have done!

  • Well done bootcampers. I went for the cheapest option and drove down that morning very earlier from lancashire to avoid the birmingham rush hour. It wasn't too bad, but I'm used to early starts and long commutes. The only prob was, you finish about rush hour time on a friday, so nightmare drive home, and had a wedding 'do' to go to that evening, so my OH wasn't too impressed when I was lateimage.

  • Haha Stan, I did propose to my wife that we get one of those jogging pushchairs but supposedly "they don't look very nice"...the offer of a couple of hours peace and quiet wasn't enough to tempt her!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Thanks simon62w - that's a good point, hadn't thought about getting back image

    DS2 - I tried and got quite different results depending on whether I started from my home station or from Euston. Euston to New Street I found £38 return Thu night returning Friday evening and £57 doing it all on Friday. New Street to the Uni is only £1.90 single. When I added my home station to the chain it whacked on way more than I know it costs for cross London travel.

    sills - congrats on the new arrival, first one?

  • Sills - congrats on the arrival. At least those early mornings will train you to get up and run early!

    Malcs - I think I may well get the train anyhow. Especially if I can book Euston to Brimingham for that price. I'll book this end separately and I'm sure it'll cost about the same as driving but without the hassle.

  • Even got me looking at trains and I only live in derby!! Ooo so excited! I'm black and blue from pinching myself!

  • Thanks for the congrats guys, is the first one & loving every minute of it, will definitely add another dimention to the training plan!


  • echo that G&WT  image

  • Black and Blue Tigger!!!image

  • i think this year the RW team has made a good change........letting those selected tell everyone that they are going to bootcamp.....

    it means that you can start to post on here and start to get a feel for the place.start to form friendships and ask questions.......

    just seems to be flowing better this year than the previous onesimage

     and hopefully as you get to know each other even if you are not one of the final selected 5 then you will still post on the threads of the lucky fewimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    Ds2, I've stayed in quality hotel twice. good choice.

    thanks for the advice re threads seren nos. it makes good sense.

    (oops my predictive text just typed serenity , lucky I noticed before pressed send!)
  • Oh thanks Jen. That's good to know. Is it far from the sports centre?
  • I'm thinking along the lines of a hotel, a 2.5 hr drive isn't too appealing, and the trains are nearly £70! Thats a bit of an outlay so close to xmas. 

    There are some really good tips on here so thanks everyone. 

    I'm probably not much good with tips myself being relatively new to running (just under a year) and and have only been to Birmingham a handful of times.

    The only tip I can offer is if you are  travelling from S Wales (like me) the train direct from Newport actually stops at the university on the way to New Street, so could save some time and money.

    It looks like it will be a dodgy M5 travelodge for me. image 

    Absolutely can't wait now. Less than a week to go. imageimageimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    Ds2 think it about 30min walk /5min taxi to uni campus
  • hair of the dog.have you done any of the newport park runs image


  • jenf - that doesn't sound too bad! Feeling glad I've booked it now. Thanks for the info.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    just want to say I've just run first MT10! wind rain mud n sand. Really hard..... but I loved it!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    jenf - I had to look that up, is that the one in Pembrey country park? My wife is from Llanelli so I know Cefin Sidan very well - amazing setting for a race!

    Currently online hovering on the buy button for a 5:55 train departure on Friday morning, can't quite bring myself to click image
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    yep that the one! a few miles of the race was on the beach...fab views. My legs are a bit achey now though!
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