ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  •  plan was slightly scuppered when I attempted to drink water from a cup without stopping at the halfway point.  I tried to swallow, but ended up breathing it, coughed and choked and it was dribbling down my face.  This is where David shoved the camera in my face... Great!  Those 2 men had got about 5 metres ahead now, and There was a really really steep hill! I started to have doubts and thought about walking, but then remembered its only another 5k and a walking stop would probably negate pb potential.  I was running hard anyway, so I didn't want to waste the energy expended doing a hard 10k, if I wasn't going to fight for that time.  I still had a few seconds in hand from the 7:23 mile 2, so I gritted my teeth, started breathing deeper and pumped my arms.  I managed to pass a couple of people going up that hill, but the men I had been drafting before were still well ahead.

      At the 7k mark, there was another drinks station.  I could feel my breathing was getting tough and my hr was. Really high, so I thought a little walk break and some water would be a good plan.  I walked a long time before actually drinking it, as I didn't want to risk it when my breathing was so heavy.  This did give me decent energy to start running again.  Now it was about catching people.  I'm sad to say in that last 3k, I only passed 6 people and 3 passed me- one in the finish funnel.  I think that gives an idea of the quality of runners in this race- they had clearly all paced it well, so I couldn't catch them.  Still they dragged me to the finish strong, and I crossed the line in 48:05, a 97 second pb for me!  On a hilly and windy course I'm most impressed with this, and also curious what I could have done on a flatter race, or if I had carried a water bottle with me and not lost time at those drinks stations choking or walking.   Afterward David met me, and first we stuck my legs in the air to drain them a bit- I really had pushed hard as they were showing the signs of cramping I get at the end of a marathon! Then we went for a tea and scone in one of the Dedham tea rooms, whilst we waited for our car to become free of the race.   So the paces: Mile 1: 7:55 Mile 2: 7:23 Mile 3: 7:45 Mile 4: 8:05 Mile 5: 8:01 Mile 6: 7:15 Last 0.24 - 7:08   The uneven splits are completely acceptable once you see the elevation profile:

        Chip time 48:05- really happy with this as race time prediction services now suggest a 3:42 marathon time.  So I should probably be looking at faster than 8:20 pace for my half marathon next weekend.
  • And the spice girl Mel C got 1:48:04 at GNR yesterday... surely I can't let a spice girl beat me??

    Mr P- I agree with Malcs, I don't think you can gain anything at all by doing another super-long run.  I think you should trust that 20.07 miles will broadly have the same effect on your physiology as 22 would have done, and as we all know, the effects of your run takes 2 weeks to show in fitness gains, but recovery from these marathon efforts can take a hellova lot longer.  Trust in the training you've already done, and taper well image

    Sarah- your speed and talent amaze me, really, its stunning you can get that sort of time when you're not feeling your best.  Really well done.

    And Clive, massive congratulations to you too!  4 mins off a half marathon pb in those conditions is extraordinary!!

    Jenf -  I'm glad your 18 miler went well.  I agree, this is definitely the thread to be on!  Since joining it back in March I have set a pb at every distance, and have even re-set the 5k and 10k ones, so that's gotta mean something right?? Well I actually joined the Sarah and Minni thread, but you catch my drift- good bunch of knowledgeable running geniuses rubs off on us mere mortals image

    Malcs - This weekend was the BEST weekend ever.  I'm not really a makeup and accesories kinda person, so getting ready for the pick up address appointment was kinda stressful- putitng makeup on, straightening my hair adn putting in extensions, but the lady in the shop was so helpful, and very intuitive, like when I tried a bracelet on and it had dangly bits that annoyed me, she instantly knew not to show me anything else with dangly bits but stick to things with structure.  We got the whole look styled, and as a really nice surprise, my mum paid for all the accessories.  Though the lady in the shop did have to teach my mum that it was ok that my wedding shoes aren't white, because they are Choos!!! image

  • Great race report Angela, and glad you emjoyed picking up the Wedding Dress- sounds less stressful than for Mrs K, whose dressmaker went bust and disappeared off the face of the earth 3 months before our wedding... Thankfully we found someone else who was able to do the same design so all went weell on the big day.

    Jen- good running at the weekend- you must be looking forward to Snowdonia now?

    Malcs- I am glad that you are getting out on the bike and anaged to get some runs in. It is such a shame that this has happened to you when all the plans for York were going well up till TR...

    Mr P- good run at the weekend. I have to agree with the others that i wouldn't try to get a 22 miler in now, maybe a shorter one with MP miles in there? That seems to be the advice that Greg Mcmillan and Martin Yelling had? Do you like running with the Camelbak- I used to hate it until someone told me to put a vacuum on which stopped the sloshing around noise, but I have ruined a couple of good tops due to rubbing from the straps

    Right quick GNR report...

    Went up on Saturday afternoon, which was getting tense after the morning ferrying kids around, as Mrs K (who was on girlie weekend to Paris) had organised for Tesco shopping to come as well, and then her parents turned up 30mins before my train. At least the train was delayed in Doncaster so made it ok. Got  to Newcastle and then over to the Uni residences where I was staying. I went for a 30min trot round the block to get my bearings, and find the restaurant where I was meeting Sarah and Chris for dinner. Had a really nice evening with them- sensible no drinking and lots of pasta - you could spot the runners a mile off as they were all drinking water and wearing trainers; everyone else was just pissed.

    Weather forecast was not great, and when I woke up it was correct- pissing down with rain. I had breakfast then wandered over to the start- people had been turning up for over 2 hours before, but the organisation was great and I managed to get my stuff on the buses without any problems, and had an hour to stand around. It was dry but cool so not too bad. I didn’t see Sarah even though we were in the same starting pen. It was a bit odd that they didn’t announce the Mens elite race over the tannoys, so we didn’t get to cheer for Mo before hand, especially as the legend who is Roy Gale? (Exactly- still don’t know who he is) was doing the Green goddess impression warm up. Then it was countdown to the start… As it got really close a lot of people barged through the fence who were much slower which was causing a bit of angst amongst some others, but luckily didn’t get in the way for me as we were off! Christine Ohurogu and Graeme Swann were the starters but failed to high five either of them.

    The first bit seems downhill towards the bridge and I went on the right, as Sarah had said that was not behind the celebrities so easier to get thorough. Didn’t have any issues with getting some ‘real estate’ at all during the race, as they had opened both sides of the dual carriageway for much of the race. It diminished the atmosphere a little bit, but I think enhanced the running. I went off a bit quick for the first couple of km and was really aware of trying to slow down. I always panic about going off too quick and was worried I would blow up later. It started to rain after Gateshead stadium, and it was quite welcome. First 5k in 21.48, so thought I should not push it. The rain eased and then started quite heavy round about the half way stage, but still felt ok; it was at 7.5miles when suddenly my heel got REALLY sore, like I had twisted it or something. I slowed a bit, but was really aware of my gait changing and I was starting to worry that it was all going wrong. Luckily it started to ease off after

  •  a mile so I picked the pace up. It was a really undulating course, but the 3 miles from 8-11 are all uphill. The highlight was the water station at 9 miles when I was handed water by Dame Tanni Grey Thompson, who told me I was looking strong and to keep it up- that was such a huge boost and a runner from Southampton told me that I was privileged as she hadn’t been saying much?

    At around 10.5, I saw a green and yellow vest with long blond hair- it was Sarah! I managed to catch up and say hello but she said she was too tired to talk… I tried to keep up, but we were running on opposite sides of the road and she must have pulled ahead… I tried to pick up the pace and felt good when saw the roundabout at the coast Road- it is only 2k from the finish but it felt a lot longer. I tried to speed up but it certainly wasn’t easy and felt pretty knackered. I looked at the clock and it said 1:34, I thought it was around 40s when I started so I was made up, but couldn’t believe my Garmin- 1:31:16 for 21.18k- o PB by over 4 minutes!! Chip time was officially a second quicker.

    Have to say I am ecstatic, especially when the aim is Cologne in 4 weeks and my heel has definitely affected things (really limping today with work shoes on). I was gutted for Sarah that she didn’t get sub 1:30, but can take a small bit of comfort that I ran the last 6k 20s faster than her….image

  • Hey hey, so I decided the chance of a VLM ballot place was small, so have entered the Greater Manchester marathon for spring- anyone with me?

  • You don't sound as positive Malcs, but I think there does come a point where you just have to get out and run so I'm sure you're doing the right thing. 

    Clive,  Tanni gave mrs P some water last time she did GNR, she wasn't feeling good but she said Tanni was really inspiring.  I've never done the race, it is mrs P's thing, I love the atmosphere and supporting. We stayed one year in a b and b in Hamsterley, it turned out the owner was a runner himself and had done the race several times. We stayed in Durham Uni one year, again a wonderful atmosphere the night before.

    that is another great time Angela, I wish you could have been at our 10k yesterday, it is quite a fast course, technically it is downhill as it finishes lower than it starts but it has a couple of short hills, nothing major.  I was marshalling at the start , so I stayed for thei first lap, and tried to memorise the first few runners so I could see how they did at the end. The men didn't alter but the girls obviously had a tussle they had reversed order by the finish.

    then I had to stay and help with the fun run, it was pretty funny really, all these kids going like the clappers for a hundred yards at a time then blowing up and stopping.

    I am obviously in a minority of one when it comes to the long run and shortening the taper! Normally I would do eighteen at this point if I had banked all my lsr's so that's what i'll do, but with some mp miles as well I think

    surprisingly, I felt fine today so I nipped out for an easy five miles, broken up with a diversion to look at a car for Puffy Junior as my route took me past a local dealer. It a nice blue Focus, but while I was there I saw another one that I fancied for myself!


  • Ah, Mr. P, we're short of 10ks in this area- I wonder if its becaus there are so many in London, but I don't like paying london prices for them- especially as having had to pull out of the Bupa 10k twice having paid the entry fee.  Rn it twice though, and an awesome race!

    i think Sam Murphy had her runners do their longest runs 4 weeks out from the marathon and begin their taper from there, erring on the side of caution.  If u do want to focus your training in the last few weeks, I think tuning up the speed is more effective.  How far are you from Manchester?  Will I get a RW cheer squad?  I'm already worrying that I have the Essex 20 4 weeks out from Manchester and then Orion 15- a tough cross country 3 weeks before, so my longest run will have to be 4 weeks out, but then Orion 15 is so tough it's equivalent of doing 18+ on road- least that's what Sam murpht told me this year image and it seemed to work

  • The Sandstone trail races that we talked about on the original thread are 10 and 17 and everyone that does them pretty much agrees that they feel like a half and a marathon by the end So I am sure you are right.

    I will certainly do my very best to get over to Manchester Angela, it isnt far from here, about 45 minutes to the race area, perhaps we could all get together for a meal I imagine you'll need to stay over the Saturday night. There is a Harvey Nicks for your shoe requirements. 

    You'll need a whippet of course, and a proper flat cap, but I can sort you out Nearer the time, no need to rush things.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - great report! You finished very strong which is a good sign. I'm sure you can go faster regardless of the conditions - this is just the start.

    Interesting what you said about taking on water. I never have any water on a 10K race and don't carry any with me either. I'm sure you lose more time with all the slowing down, drinking and after effects than you gain in being a little more hydrated.

    Good to hear you enjoyed all the wedding prep and also that the Choos were officially approved image  What colour are they btw. - not black or shocking red?

    Would love to join you in Manchester however, I really want to do the Great Welsh again as it was brilliant last year.

    Clive - great report too, sounds like you had a belter of a race. I can't believe that with all those people you managed to spot the poscket rocket. The fact that you managed to see her through her dust cloud is impressive enough!

    Saying that about the speedster, you weren't far off yourself. Nice to have a bit of a challenge for thread whippet image

    Jen - are you doing 20 at the weekend? How long have you now, must be 6 weeks to go if I'm counting correctly? You must be feeling much more confident now given how you've been running lately?

    Mr P - makes perfect sense to do what works for you. If I manage to get pain free I'll be having as short a taper as possible before York image  

    We have a blue ford focus so naturally I think it would make a great choice for Puffy J. 

    My son has done the schools cross country up at Crystal Palace a few times so I know exactly what you mean about the sprint then bonk. They have quite a large field of 200+ which begins on a wide 50m ish start line but then narrows to 10m or less after 80m. So they all converge at their peak speed and it's total carnage. Reminds me of the grand national. It's a miracle there aren't more than a handful of fallers.

    Yes, not quite as confident as I really thought I'd see some improvement by now. However, I now know that not running at all doesn't seem to make much difference so I will be doing another 3 runs this week, all short with stretching stops, and we'll see how we go. Also going to head for a massage as well. 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    oooh yes Angela, can we have sneak preview of choo colour!

    Malcs, I'd better put GWM in my diary then!

    So, I'm on week 11 of my plan, and supposedly have 20miler this weekend, then another week after next before a taper. However...I confess I have a 10k race this weekend, so may jiggle things around. I just hope I won't let you all down on Sunday, I hope PBs are catching!

    I've never taken water on a 10k either. What are other peoples views?

  • Hiya, the shoes.... hmmmm, If only I could post a picture... I took a picture on my iPhone...  hmmm, ok...


     I didn't want the water for hydration necessarily, but the back of my throat gets dry from breathing so deep, which I find uncomfortable. The second time I stopped, I really did need to get my HR down, so I don't mind too much... I had had a few G&Ts and a glass of wine the night before, so didn't start the race very hydratedimage 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    image love love love them choos!!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - Aha, now the truth emerges! G&T's? Glasses of wine?.....busted!

    Looks like you could have someone's eye out with those shoes image

    Jen - yes, get that diary out! I was hoping you'd be running it?

    Best of luck with the 10K!

    Injury Update

    I set out for my second run-stretch of the week. Started better than Monday so that was good and I did the stretching regularly before any pain set in. Managed 6 miles in total including a 2 mile section with no stretching.

    So it's progress. Better than Monday. Certainly had none of the burning I'd had before (probably thanks to pre-emptive stretching) so that's good. Looking forward to Thursday now.

  • image yup, busted!

    malcs I'm glad to hear ur injury is improving. image

    as a cautionary note, I thought I was a ok after my 10k (u like the rhyming), even went out for easy 3 miles this morning, and did some cursory stretching.

    just had a sports massage, and Wow! I. Was not fine! Knots all over my shins.  Deep knot in my ham,y, and tight quads!  New shoes have arrived to hopefully prevent the shin problems, but I was probably very close to an injury had it not been for the massage.  So, all, go and get massages, and if not, get reacquainted with ur foam roller...

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Thanks Angela - baby steps (almost literally in my case). If Thursday progresses further then I will feel a whole lot happier but until then I remain a little anxious.

    Good call on the massage then! 

    I showed Alex the pic of your shoes and she was swooning!

  • luckily I copied this before I tried to submit and the site went down last night!!

    Thankyou jen and Malcs for allowing me to have an (unofficial) sub 1:30 image

    Glad your run went better this weekend Jen, hope your calf has recovered. I always miss the speed/interval/hills out if anything feels dodgy as its those runs that are more likely to cause problems

    So happy that your injuries getting better Malcs and that youve been able to get up to 6 miles. I hope your legs are still good and that you go from strength to strength. You have been very patient with everything so you deserve a speedy recovery. Your comments about me made me laugh. You make me sound super speedy image

    Another fantastic race report angela I dont know how you manage to remember so much of the race and in so much detail. Im with Jen on this one...your shoes are gorgeous...I want them! How are you feeling for ipswich this weekend?

    I think an 18-20 miler with plenty of MP miles in is a great idea for this week Mr P. I want to watch a fun run now...they sound like fun! I will try and go to mancs to watch Angela if I can, would be nice to meet up if possible. How are you feeling for chester...all set?

    Clive really enjoyed reading your race report...comparing it with mine (which I havent yet written up). Are the splits up on the GNR website? The photos are up now...Ive got to admit, im not looking my best....can see in my face that I gave it my all...well almost as I wasnt nearly sick as I crossed the line like I have been before...but im sure I was close. When I heard "sarah" at 10.5 miles from behind I assumed it wasnt me as no one knew me there and my top didnt have my name on it....but then when you shouted it again I turned round and saw you. It was alovely suprise as I didnt imaging that I would have seen you in the crowd. I had just started to feel the pain just after 10 miles and knew that I still had a 3 miles to go so didnt dare use any of my energy left to talk to so sorry as im normally very chaty when im running (as it takes my mind of any pain).

  • That picture is so funny Angela, it's the sheer amount of debris around that made me laugh.  I quite like shoes too, and I'm quite old fashioned in that I often look at a man's shoes when I first meet in a work environment.

    I can never remember much about races either, I try to, but I just give up.  Plus I am at the sugar bowl in the fridge stage anyway so it is all I can do to remember where the race is sometimes.

    I got in last night and just fell asleep on the couch, absolutely exhausted from work, it is pretty frantic at the moment. It was a real relief to get out tonit for my usual route.

    I did a half mile round the vilage by way of warm up, then got into my pace down the hill for a mile.  I have noticed a young lad in a flash VW Golf caning it down the road a few times lately, he was coming up the hill tonight, if I had been a Hundred yards further up the road he would never have been able to avoid me at the speed he was going.

    anyway, having survived, it was a two mile uphill which I managed at 7:52 and 7:53, then a steady 7:55 and 7:49; 7:48; 7:45; 7:48 Back up the hill.

    Overall it was just over 8.5 miles at 7:53 average pace so again very pleased. 

    How quickly the season has changed, it was cold and windy, bit of rain, but I really enjoyed it after some of the stifling runs I've had lately.

    I think it would be great to meet up, Team Angela, bring it on!



  • Ridiculous amount of packaging isn't it Mr P? Plus I store a gazillion pairs of shoes under my desk at work- such a mess image

    Looking forward to having a cheer squad for Manchester.  will be nice for David to have someone keep him company image. And I would really appreciate some local knowledge for an early evening pasta dinner.... I can get somewhat stressed the day/evening before marathon, so a place to minimise that would be good- as u say, we have plenty of time.  Decent run u got in tonight too.

    Sarah, that website crash was so annoying wasn't it!  I don't know how I remember- I really didn't think I would have much to say, but in writing my blog, which is my de facto training diary, I like to record things that happened before the race so that when I look back on a good or bad race I can understand why.  For example, I could have done with getting to the race venue 20-30 minutes earlier and not drinking gin the night before- wine or beer wouldn't have made me so dehydratedimage and I could have saved 5 seconds at that water station.

    incidentally, I did need a puff of my inhaler after this race.  The guidelines say that I should use it before exercise but then I'd be using it almost every day, and usually exercise doesn't give me any asthma problems, but I wonder if a puff on the start line of a race would be a good idea? Or am I best just leaving it?  I tend to get that horrible cough I can't clear after I've finished the race and my resp rate is getting back to normal.

    Glad Jenf and Sarah ans Alex like the shoesimage... If u like them, you'll love the dress image


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Malcs, I think I'll stick to cheer leader for the GWM, I may be a bit sick of the course by then if I do the Ultra as planned. One week rest after SNOD and I start the Ultra plan image.  Hope your stretch/run strategy continues to work.

    I look forward to seeing pics of the dress Angela, but I dont expect preview of that! The week after SNOD my daughter is flying back and we're going wedding dress shopping in London. I am so excited!!

    Weather forecast for this weekend is hot n sunny again Mr P, hope you haven't packed those shorts away!

    It was an all out effort if you couldn't talk Sarah! lol I'm like that every race!

  • Evening everyone,

    Sorry not for posting been a busy week, plus I have upgraded the iphone os image can't bloody find anything, its changed my ring tone so I keep ignoring it as dont think its mine and all my apps have disappeared... That includes a post on here.

    Angela- liking the shoes image

    Jen- planning an ultra- are you mad? Too much to even think about for me

    Malcs- good to hear its on the mend. Hopefully you'll be able to get enough in to get to the start line in York, although think unless big improvements may be not worth the risk?

    Been a bit deflated since GNR, as heel been really sore. Tried to go out on Tuesday and couldn't manage a mile. Going to go for 30mins now, and hoefully ok as planned 20-21 tomorrow.

  • Quick question peeps.  I have a feeling its going to be a very soggy autumn/winter.  What do you all run in when its cold and wet?

    I did buy a splash proof jacket from the cycling expo, for cycling, but wondering whether its worth investing in something waterproof for running in the rain, and do you have any recommendatins??

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Good question Angela. I get v cold when I get wet ( prob cos I run so slow) so I wear a waterproof smock, which I bought from Paramo, originally for treking. Its very light, breathable and totally waterproof, but has vents to unzip if you warm up. Paramo stuff is not cheap, but I wear mine a lot, running and trekking.

    Hope your heel heals quickly Clive! I always feel deflated after a great race, hence I always have another challenge ready lined up. So yep, an ultra sounds an appropriate follow up to SNOD! image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    oops! just had a quick look on Paramo they have gone up in price a LOT since I bought mine! image  I probably wouldn't buy one just for short runs, but I think mine will be worth its wt in gold when I'm out on my ultra runs!!

  • Thanks Jenf!!! I thought I would take a sneaky peek in TK Maxx, and managed to find a waterproof breathable 'active wear' jacket with a hood which can be zipped off for only £30. I was expecting this little quest to set me back around £100, so I bought a few tops ansd some bubble bath, and still didn't hit that goalimage.  The brand is Sherwood Forest, which I've never heard of, but its almost my name, so thats a good sign.  I'll see what this one is like, and if no good, will upgrade to a running brand I know.

    Clive, so sorry about your heel. I had a knee issue before I did berlin a few years ago- it was on my long run exactly 4 weeks out.  I took the exec decision not to run again until the day before i flew to berlin, and then only for a couple of miles.  I managed to get around the race 5 minutes faster than my previous marathon that had been 6 months before, but both my knee and ankle on that leg were severely swollen after the race, though when i had a dr look at it, he couldn't find anything other than it was just fluid around the joints after all that pounding.  I guess what i'm saying is that you can still go for it at Koln!  You've banked your training, and can spend the next few weeks on the cross trainer if running still causes pain... I really hope you're fully recovered though, and my rambling is for nothingimage




  • I do admire your logic Angela.

  • image and this is what i'm like when I haven't run a very long way, nor had a night on the liquor!!! 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - ha image  Hmm, buying brands of jacket that match your surname eh? Would never work for meimage

    I couldn't bear wearing a waterproof when it's wet. If it's cold as well I use a compression top underneath a long sleeved running top. 

    That was very good going in Berlin. I'm trying to do things the other way round. I hope it doesn't have the opposite effect! image

    Clive - Sorry to hear about the heel. Is the pain at the back or the front? As a medic are you able to diagnose the problem? Really hope that a bit of RICE sorts it out.

    I'll just have to take it a run at a time and see how I am in the final two weeks. I'm happy to run under trained but not if I still have pain. I really want to do it because it was part of my 100 mile challenge.

    Jen - take your point about GWM, even the prettiest course is going to get monotonous if you're running it all the time. Would be brilliant to have you in the crowd again though - and I'm sure I speak for many others when I say that too!

    Wow, you don't have much time to rest after SNOD then! Wedding dress shopping? Can you not just pick one up on Amazon? (braces for verbal backlash)

    Mr P - wow, great 8.5 at that pace. You must be feeling quietly confident about Chester now?

    I can never remember much about races either, I try to, but I just give up.  Plus I am at the sugar bowl in the fridge stage anyway so it is all I can do to remember where the race is sometimes. 

    LOL - I know exactly what you mean. I put the teabags in there the other day. Not sure whether to be glad or worried that it's not just me!

    Sarah - many thanks, I hope you'e right. Maybe I've been too patient and should have been running all along? Very hard to know what is best.

    Long run day for you today isn't it? How did it go?

    Was a nice day for running here - sun out, not too warm. I postponed yesterday's run until today as my foot was feeling a bit tight. Managed to do 2.4 miles before needing a stretch so that's more progress. However, it did need a fair prod when I stopped so I gave it the full park bench treatment. Didn't need to stretch again until I got home. 4.5 miles done quite slowly but again a little bit further forward. Feel much better after running than I did before.

    The exciting news today is that my York race pack arrived! Have you got yours Sarah?

    As you might imagine this has increased my resolve to get this tightness sorted and at least make it to the start line.

    I'm in Zone 1 Sarah, I assume you're the same? I might move back one on the day as I may look like a charlatan if I set off from zone 1 at 9mm pace image  We shall see.

    Interesting looking timing chips - just a flat bit of paper with some silver bits pasted on. Not seen anything like it before. 

  • Evening

    Angela- thanks for the kind words. I wear a bright orange Nike fly waterproof- more showerproof than too substantial. It's really light, and cost about £40 on I'll wear it only when it's pissing down it snowing, otherwise it is a long sleeve zip up running top on top a t shirt... Also try to cover my legs up- I'll wear compression tights even if temp starts to drop image sounds like you did bargain hunt shopping though!

    malcs- That's a good weeks of running you've had. Really pleased that it seems to be working out. It's exciting when race pack arrives- I see there were a few people posting yesterday that they had got into VLM as they had got a magazine. I assume I haven't as only got bills today... Anyone else have better news?

    mr P- has the taper madness set in yet?? What plans for running this weekend? You must be looking forward to it know though

    i managed to get out for 30mins last night- heel was sore when I start but ran through it. On that basis I decided to try last big long run today. Managed 20miles in 2:45. I felt every footstep on my left heel but it seems bearable. I'm only 3 weeks out so would be gutted not to go for it, and rest properly after. What does everyone else think?

     Another question- I have tried both high5 energy gels (with and without caffeine) and Nectar fuel cells (water based so don't need to drink with them allegedly). I found both tolerable for long runs/marathon. What do others use/prefer, do they think either if these ones I mentioned are better, and how many would you take during a marathon?

  • Yo Clive! I already have a showerproof cycling jacket that I'll use for drizzle- I was more lookin for the heavy duty water proof for when it's chucking it down and 3 degrees ... I find the easy recovery runs so easy to miss if the weather is bad, so hopefully being warm enough in such a jacket will leave me with no excuses...

    as for energy gels. I'm all about science n sport.  They are tasty, not too sweet.  I have1 every 45 minuted but will also sip on energy drink.  The aim is 1g carbohydrate per kg body weight per hour, but u also gotta make it palatable.  I wrote a blog about it recently if ur interested:

  • Race pack arrivedimage

    I think ive miscalculated, it is two weeks on sunday


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