ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 - great to hear you're ready to start training again. I have everything crossed for you. Please do give TR24 serious consideration. Also, it's best to try and get there on the Friday if you can. Once the running is underway on Saturday you don't get to see everyone all at the same time.

    Angela - confirmed, Alun is doing that race! image

    I will give your 'oven method' a go tonight and see how it goes image

    Jen - massage was great thanks Jen. It was preceeded by a not particularly pain free 6 miler. I got very frustrated and caned the last 2 miles in anger. Not very sensible as the calf and foot were quite sore after. However, the massage allieviated the pain. 

    The thought is that I may have torn something back in July and the scar tissue is stopping part of the muscle from stretching fully. I have booked sessions for Monday and Thursday in an attempt to blitz it. My last throw of the dice before York.

  • DS2- welcome back! image sounds like things have been full on for you this summer, and that the cycling has been more of a focus. Glad the injury has settled and good luck for the run this weekend. Sorry that I can't join you and the girls for VLM, but will be cheering you all on.

    Angela- Thanks for the links. Certainly I think I need to take a chill pill, take on board that anything I do now is not likely to affect my fitness, and try to rest the heel. I am annoyed at myself for yesterday, since feel the heel is worse today. My hamstring feels tight on that side and not sure if that is from 'limping' to try and take weight off it image The workout with gliding sounds quite interesting- I can imagine its a nightmare on crowded London streets! image I might try it after Cologne though for a change. The marathon is on 13th October. The start time is 11.30 as the half marathon goes earlier- wouldn't the other way round be more sensible?- so trying to plan my morning routine. I don't tend to sleep all that well in hotels anyway, especially before a race so need to occupy my time. Kindle and stretching??

    Jen- I will take that advice!!

    toe socks- how many people use them? do they feel odd to wear? Are they better than normal socks? Should I get some urgently before cologne??


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Clive, nothing is urgent pre Cologne, stick with what you know!!!!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Clive - you said it yourself. Just relax, take a break and get some well earned rest. Seriously, you have to look after that heel or any fitness gained will be down the toilet. If you didn't run at all between now and the 13th you'd still be absolutely fine on race day. 

    So yes, take an overdose of chill pills, rest and ice that heel and look forward to some serious carbo loading! 

    Angela - forgot to try your heat wrap injury solution last night. Will have to do it over the weekend now. 

    28 weeks does seem a long way off but it'll soon creep up. Sounds like you've made a decent start. I think building up slowly over a long period has alot to be said for it. 

    Jen - last long run this weekend? Taper starts next week does it not? You've done really well so if this is the last long one make sure you enjoy it and don't push too hard. You've earned this taper big time.

    Sarah - been thinking about your TR24 dilemma. I was having similar thoughts about what to go for. For me there's not much difference between pairs and solo in that I think I'd end up doing the same number of laps whichever option I went for.

    The main difference would be that in a pair you'd have to coordinate with your partner. In that respect I think solo would be easier because you could take a break if you need it without affecting anyone.

    So aside from the cost difference, I think solo is better than pairs.

    Your choice then is between solo and team. I guess it then depends on lap targets. First off bear in mind that a team of 3-5 is about £240. If you run it as a 3 then it's more per person than going solo! You might as well take the solo option and have breaks when you want.

    So let's assume it's a team of 4 at least. At roughly an hour per lap that's 6 laps each. If you aim to do more than this then you need other runners who are aiming to do less than that. This worked for me last year because I wanted to do 8 but Alex and Claire only wanted to do 2 or 3. 

    If your aim is to do as many laps as you can (8+ say) then go solo. Whilst attempting 8 last year was possible within my team I felt like everyone was haveing to bend to accommodate me. So going solo means that nobody has to do that.

    If you're more interested in running fewer laps at speed then go for a team of 4+. 

    As you can see, I really havenn't thought about this muchimage


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    What's going on - no edit button any more? I pressed reply by mistake before finishing. Mr P, that means you get a whole post to yourself image

    How is the cold today? First day on the carboloading for you - is the fruit and nut open yet?

    Weather looks like being dry with sunny spells, 15-18 degrees. How does that suit you? Alot of people would call that ideal conditions. Personally, it's about 10 degrees warmer than I'd like it.

    best of luck with the food fest!


  • Hi all,

    Thanks for the welcome back! Sorry to see the niggles for those leading up to marathon day. Being an expert on this subject, as Malcs will tell you, could some of it be 'Taper madness'?

    Really meant to catch up yesterday but another bliddy 14 hour day at work had other ideas. Will do my best over the weekend.

    Clive - don't do anything new!!!

    Tigger - I have PM'd you!

    Cycle tonight, run  tomorrow! Feeling a little excited rather than apprehensive. Perhaps a good sign?

  • Good luck to Mr P, and RRR running their respective marathons this Sunday!  I wish you a successful carbo loading, and an even better race! Very Jealous!  I want race reports people!

    My run last night was 45 mins easy- was supposed to have hill repeats, but I couldn't be bothered, so just did an easy run:  4.3 miles.  Avg pace: 10:06.  Done at home, so needed my headtorch.  Really enjoyed this actually.  'I own the night' and all that.  After I'd eaten and chilled for a bit, I ordered some motivational wristbands (like RRRhelp me toward my goal,  "You can give more", "How much do you want a GFA?", "Each step is 1 closer to a BQ".  I'm thinking of getting some more done, so would like some suggestions.

    Malcs did Alun do the inaugral race?  There are already 14 entries and the entry limit is pretty low 100, or 150.  I think I would rather do another trail marathon, and save the ultra for another year though.  Don't want to run so much that I'm put off doign the Bacchus Marathon in September!  As for heat treatment, beware, you can develop an unhealthy attachement to your blanket.  Its so soft and snuggly I almost didn't get out of bed this morning!

    Clive, I think you need to do something to take your mind off it all - go get a massage? or play a video game... or watch Run Fat Boy Run??

    DS2  good luck in your run this weekend.  Looking forward to hearing how it goes image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - he didn't do the first one, he ws supposed to but after knackering his leg at TR24 he had to pull out. Instead he marshalled it. Might be the right call to leave it a bit longer and focus on yor marathon goals.

    Warning heeded re. blanket image

    Re. wristbands, you have to have Minni's "Don't be shit" for a start!

    DS2 - I think it is a good sign that you're looking forward to it. Really hope it goes well for you. 

    Yes Clive, I went totally mental in taper last time - to the point where I had to go and lie down in a darkened room! Don't make the same mistake.

  • To help me in my laziness can someone let me know who's running where and their target times for the forthcoming marathons please?

  • 6/10 - Mr P Chester (3:30), RRR, Bournemouth - she STOLE my place!!! image

    13/10 - Clive - Cologne, (don't let the taper madness get me...)

    20/10 - Sarah (beat her dad) and Malcs in York

    Jenf - Snod, but I don't know when that one is...


  • Thanks Angela. Most helpful. I 'm looking forward to some fast times - I need something to motivate me!!!image


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    My aim is to start and finish York, beyond that there is no goal image

    Snowdon is 26/10 I think.

  • Malcs - sometimes that is all that matters. You've had one great performance this year and if you are able to run a marathon at this time of year in any time it puts you in a good place to start marathon training for the spring!

  • Thanks Angela for the vote of confidence in my mental stateimage



  • I have decided to run for Macmillan cancer support; if anyone would be kind enough to sponsor me I'd really appreciate it.

    ive set up a just giving page. 

    DS- re times- I had secretly harboured dreams of a 3:15 ie GFA/BQ but that is beyond me now with the heel injury. Whilst I ran a pb at GNR 3 weeks ago of 1:31:15, I don't think I could extend that for the full 26.2. If I get round in under 3:30 I'll be delighted. Are you looking forward to the run at the weekend?


    all sent from the comfort of a darkened room Malcsimage


  • Hey Clive, glad you've made it to a dark room to calm yourself now- any more news on the camper van?

    Good on ya for supporting Macmillan 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    DS2, SNOD is 26th Oct, my aim is to finish it! image Then see you in London next year!

  • Ha ha thanks Clive.

    last week rhe guys at Chester mara were giving out samples of the gel that will be on offer in the race. I went ought on Thursday, I did have a few mouthfuls of wine and a beer to take away the taste afterwards, so I was a bit tired yesterday morning at work and I thought it would be  an ideal time to try the gel.

    Wow! for about 20 minutes it was like everyone else was in slow motion! I'd told everyone what I was doing and they found it hilarious.  It was lucozade sport elite containing caffeine, it was not as syrupy as SiS, I think you need water though, and the taste was ok.  I will definitely try them in the race.

    Jen I've never done Snowdonia though it isnt far from us, S4C, the Welsh television channel, cover it, I've learned the welsh word for Marathon - "marathon" and Triathlon - "triathlon". 

    I'll have a walk around the city walls today and look over the preparations.


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    GOOD LUCK all you racers tomorrow! image Have a ball, GO FOR IT!

  • Just a quicky to wish Mr P and Sarah good luck for tomorrow, will be thinking about you both

  • Thanks Sarah!

    I walked the last mile of the course today, it's 300 strides on the grass of the racecourse from the point where you  enter it to the finish.  The atmosphere was great, itis a perfect venue, it's just ready made. If anyone wants to track me I'm 2148 you can do it through the website.


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Echo that - adding my best wishes too. Go for it puffmeister! And RRR, hope your calf behaves and you have a great race.

    Clive, Ha! Hope the dark room session has helped image

  • Hope everyone has had a good weekend?

    mr P- was it a good race?

    I am gutted at the moment- went for 10 miles easy this morning, heel was ok and then at about 9 1/2 miles felt something tearing under my foot and lots of pain. Iced it as soon as I got home, and limping now. Don't know about next weekend....image

  • Oh crikey Clive. That doesn't sound clever. Fingers crossed it turns out ok.

    good luck to those racing today. Will be hoping for great results!

  • Lucozade Sport Elite is the spawn of the devil imageimage, and indeed, image.

    what can I say? I tried the drink and gel and they were OK but on a hot day like today, in race conditions, they didn't agree with me. 

    I felt great this morning, we got to the racecourse in good time, and managed to have a chat with Tony Audenshaw from Marathon Talk. everything was superbly orgsnised, it was like a mini London. We got off and I was running really comfortably at about 8:25 s after a good slow start.

    It was hot though, I was taking on a lot of water, and I had some of thenElite drink and then more water.  I had a gel, and felt fine, and at ten miles I was perfectly comfortable and debating whether to press on.   After half way I was perhaps just the wrong side of working hard, but still feeling good, though developing stomach aches.  I stopped for a pee and then started to feel sick so I thought I would just get it up and carry on. The gel itself came up in a sort of orange ink blot, sorry if it's gross image.

    But it felt like a bad hangover, I was sweating from every pore, a horrible clammy seepage and then my hands started going numb and I was conccious of the sun just beating down.  I tried to remember running in Cefalonia, 40 degrees, but it didn't work.

    I set off again and promptly stopped and decided on a brisk walk.  I got going again though and actually the miles seemed to tick down.  A guy came past me and fell over so I helped him over to a raynet van where they had radios and left him with them.

    I was seeing lots of activity by St John Ambulance, in fact there were runners at every help point and a few more st johns deployed around the last few miles. My elder son was at the bottom of the last long hill and tried to gee me up but it wasn't happening, my mum was at the top and she looked worried so I stopped to chat and reassure her. I ran the last few hundred yards into the finish and shook chris the Organisers hand  and  i think he must have wondered what had happened to me but was very polite!

    I got my bag, and lay down for a rest.  Then a medic came over and asked if I was the spinal injury, would have been funny if not so serious for the real injured guy.

    after about half an hour I got up and we drove home. I had a couple of cups of tea and a bar of chocolate and fell asleep. 


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - that's such a shame, I am gutted for you. I was tracking you on the web site and could see that something was not right. After starting so well it's so disappointing when everything suddenly turns. 

    I've been outdone by the weather many times so I know how you feel. You finished though and that is always an achievement - probably even more so given how you were feeling so good on you for not throwing the towel in.

    Very sporting of you to help the chap who fell. I hope the spinal injury case is ok - that really doesn't sound good.

    Ha - love that you went to reassure your mum image  I have been described as 'looking like death' on the final miles of most of my marathons. It's a tricky look to pull off but reading between the lines it seems like you may have managed itimage

    Enjoy a well earned rest and of course the chocolate too!

    Clive - nooooo! You were safely locked in the darkened room! How is it now? Have you been icing regularly? Just so gutted for you.

    Goes without saying that I have everything crossed that it's something minor. Make sure you get it checked out.

    DS2 - some good news please? How was your return to running?


  • Mr P - that's such a shame after all the hard work. I had a similar experience in one of my early marathons but there were no gels in those days and it was purely down to drinking too much water because I was scared of dehydration.

    well done on making it through and very charitable behaviour en route. 

    Tough days make the better ones all the sweeter as Malcs will testify. 

    Malcs - I bottled it and went for a two hour bike ride instead. Actually it was a favour to my neighbours son but will try a run this week. 

  • Finally made it home from a weekend in Somerset and thought I would quickly pop on here before unpacking to see how the race went Mr P. im so gutted for you, sounds like it was a tough run  under harsh conditions, who would have thought that it would be this warm in October.  It was really nice of you to help a fellow runner out and reassure your mum. I hope your ok now and you have your feet up resting.  

    Looking on facebook it looks like everyone's had a bad running day today.

    Hope your foot is ok Clive and your still able to run next weekend. 

  • Good to see you back on here DS2, youve been missed.

    Thankyou Malcs for your thoughts on TR24. Still not sure what to do. Minni has asked if I fancy running in their team too, and one of my running clubs is trying to enter a team. How's your running gone this weekend? there? Any running this weekend?

    loved your photos on FB Jen 

    I did 15 on Friday and nil else since. Did a 3 hour walk on Saturday to a pub and back instead which was quite nice. Been enjoyable resting...legs almost feel achey free!




  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Jen - I have to apologise - I completely missed that you had your half marathon today!  How did it go? Did the fairy dust work it's magic?

    It was the Cardiff half wasn't it? Alex's brother ran it too.

    Sarah - good to hear you had a relaxing weekend. Wow you're in demand for TR24! Some people are going to be disappointed. You could let them down X Factor style "Guys" (long pause) "I'm sorry, but it's bad news - you're not having me for the live shows "

    I did my 15 on Saturday. Stretched at 2 and 4 miles but then made it to 7.5 and 13 before needing to stretch next. Progress. We will see how this week goes.

    DS2 - don't blame you for being a bit hesitant. No rush so take your time!

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