ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



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    Jen - great report, sounds like a fantastic race. Nice job on getting the local radio shout out image

    Angela - ha, yes if you were growing due to the presence of a mini Angela then indeed childrens clothes would be a must image

    DS2 - that's great to hear that you're feeling good after yesterday. Well done on resisting a run today. The last thing you need is to come back too quickly but I think you know that. Fingers crossed for you tomorrow.

    Clive - we need an update on the bionic heel!

    I did 10K today. Managed to get to 5 miles before needing a stretch which was great. It was still a bit sore just before stopping and it feels a bit tight now afterwards. However it's another small step in the right direction so I'm happy with that.

  • Malcs - that certainly sounds like progress image. It's good that your general fitness is good and I'm sure you'll make it ok to 18-20 miles. If you need a run/walk strategy after that you'll still be assured of finishing in a half decent time so not all bad.

    I'd rather take your position than mine!

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    DS2 - many thanks! Yes general fitness feels good. I ran that 10K very comfortably at 8:50 pace. Reckon 8:30-8:50 might end up being my target MP. I agree 18-20 seems quite achievable then after that I think I need to be prepared for a struggle. At least I know what to expect....hmm, is that a good thing?  ;-)

    Btw. Shady Ady Baby news...well, no news as it happens. He's still waiting! Due date has been and gone now. His comment was "I'm not sure I can deal with the smell of curry in the house for another night!" - clearly hasn't lost his sense of humour image

  • Aaaagh- work computer playing silly beggars and deleted my long post image

    good running DS and Malcs

    loved report jen image

    hope you're recovered Angela and Mr P

     quick foot update- much less pain today but still limping. Calf and hamstrings really tight from limping I think. Operating all day today standing not ideal but still planning to run Sunday 

    proper check in later

  • Go for it Clive! I'm sure once you get into the running the limp will disappearimage

    Malcs - sounds like a plan. I was wondering how Ady was doing. thanks for the update.

    feels a bit sad that I won't know the Paris 5 this year. I miss the daily updates from their blogs! Am I the only one? Coming up for the anniversary of when we first met. Who is entering this year?

  • DS2 my goal is 3:30 it will have to be the spring now, but I'm quite optimistic, our club goes into its winter routes soon, it is quite focussed with a hill session and a speed session and some good intervals routes, and if I get to all my races by February I think I will be able to work out whether it is feasible. 

    I feel quite good, I think Parkrun on saturday might be a nice way to ease back in.

    good news Malcs, another positive step.

    the only fairy on the bus eh Jen? I wish i could post pictures on here, I think I posted it on Sarsh's thread, we stayed in a b and b For gnr and had breakfast with Flash, Mr Incredible and Captain America.


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    Clive - good to hear that the pain is subsiding and that the race is still on. Maybe standing will be better? You're moving around no standing completely still. Better than sitting which is not great for everything else stiffening up.

    Mr P - nice positive talk there. Given how you've been running lately you have every right to be optimistic about 3:30. The main thing is that you stay fit and don't pick up any injuries or niggles. Aside from the back, which it seems you have under control, you're in a very good place. 

    DS2 - well you might not know all of the Paris 5 but you could end up knowing one or two of them. I'm sure there will be plenty of bootcampers from last year that apply again. 

    I said at the end of last year's comp that I wouldn't be entering this year. I'm still thinking that will be the case. However, a teeny tiny part of me would love to try again. Just making it to bootcamp again would be great.

    Bootcamp winners were announced mid Nov last year so I guess the entries will be opening soon. Once the comp is announced I'm sure I will feel pressure to change my mind image

    Feels like winter has started here today. Not that I'm complaining as I want it to be cool for York but then I keep forgetting that's just one day and I'll be freezing my nads off the rest of the time....I suppose I could always turn the heating onimage


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    Interesting article on the BBC web site today:

    It's talking about water consumption. I know there's been alot written about this. The interesting thing is the test they did. They took a load of cyclists, worked them until they lost 3% of body weight in sweat. They then split them and rehydrated some but not others and checked performance. The finding was that there was no change regardless of how much they rehydrated.

    Crucial to the test was the fact that none of the cyclists knew how much hydration they had received because it was all done by IV.

    I have to say in recent years I've started to question whether I drink too much in a marathon. Hyponatraemia symptoms include cramps, confusion, nause and fatigue. I've had this on all but my first and last marathons.

    My first marathon I drank very little. I did hit the wall but I didn't carboload and I didn't take any gels or other nutrition during the race. I had no nausea, cramps or spasms though.

    In my marathon back in April I also drank very little and everything went to plan - no cramps or nausea.

    On all my other marathons I drank alot and had all the above symptoms. Not the most scientific of experiments but it does suggest that fluid intake could be an issue. I'll certainly be going on thirst for York.

    I should add that in training runs I have never taken on much water and never suffered nausea or cramps. 

    Anyone else had similar experiences? Mr P, were you glugging it down at Chester? I wonder if that had an effect?

  • Hiya Clive, yes, recovered enough to get out of bed and go into work today, with ear muffs!!! I love ear muffs... I love all things that lead to extra coziness, so whilst I don't like the cold, I do like that it means gloves, scarves etc image To help me deal with my illness, I have entered 2 more marathons in the last 2 days.... Whoops!  The Lakeland Trails one, which circumnavigates Coniston water.  This is in July, and so we’ll do a little Lake District trip for my birthday, which I’m already very much looking forward to.  And, will hopefully test out camping gear ahead of TR24 (so long as we’ve bought it by then)- would be interested to have advice on that actualy- a good 2 man tent /sleeping mats – maybe a stove, though I’m hoping we can still use the one my family used when we went camping when I was little.  I’m still wedding saving, and we’re not planning on any arctic trips, so good enough quality it’ll last about 5 years of intermittent use, but doesn’t cost us the earth.

     And second, the Bacchus Marathon.  Entry opened yesterday, and are sure to sell out fast after my excellent review of the halfimage  Go on Malcs, its right on your doorstep… You know you  want to….Honestly, though, this one was so much fun, I would recommend it to anyone.  Now I have to figure out my costume image

    No running for me this week, and still not feeling 100% so I think I'll leave it until at least Sunday.

  • Malcs I've had cramps on 2 of my 3 marathons, but in both, I put it down to unseasonably warm temp, and undertrained.  I think its fair to say this given how little I knew about running when I trained for my first marathon.  I recently tried to piece together how much running I actually did in my 4 month lead up to my first London marathon, and with so many mid week runs missed, and a few of the long runs, I think I only managed 250ish miles in the build up, so no wonder I started getting cramp around mile 16!  Berlin, 6 months later was a similar story.

    Halstead, this year, I trained far more consistently, but also took on board fuelling - I had left isotonic drninks at 3 of the 5 drinks stations that we passed twice- they were my drinks, so I was used to them.  I actually barely drank any water, just the sugary drinks and gels until about 20 miles in, when I was sick of sweetness in my mouth.  On none of these occasions did I experiance nausea.  I think its VERY important to test out any race nutrition before the key race, in a race like situation.  Either a half marathon, or experiment on a few of your long runs.  Whilst I'll be running London in April, I have no intention of tkaing a Lucozade sport gel, because I use SiS, and I get on well with them.  Why change something that can have such uncomfortable consequences?  On the topic of water- hyponatremia, this is why i just went for energy drinks, but I've learnt i get sick of the sugar, so for my next marathon, I will probably start with a 500ml energy drink in my hand, and then rely on gels + water for the remainder of the race...

  • Malcs - I think you know my views on this. I've only ever experience that once and it was definitely because I drank too much water. Of that I have no doubt. All of those symptoms you describe I got and since I read that too much water is far worse than not enough I've relied less and less on fluid intake and more  on being fitter!

    At Halstead I drank a couple of mouthfuls every three miles and one gel before and one during the race. I didn't even bother opening the other gels I had with me and felt in control the whole way.

    I never train with water now and never feel in need of it to be honest. Possibly the best bit of advice I ever received.

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    Clive I share your frustration of vanishing posts! The only computer it doesn't happen on is my work one, so I've taken to sneaking on my lunch hour now. Hope your foot continues to improve, diagnosis sounded positive.

    GO GO Malcs! Go for Asics bootcamp again, I'd love to follow a thread by you! What category would you enter this time? I'm def not going to enter, firstly as I'm doing VLM, and secondly as I really don't think I could bare my soul and hold a thread together having seen what the guys did last time. It will be good to follow again though, especially as I have a spring marathon.

    DS2 Are you going for it again?

    Mr P, I did manage to post a pic on here once, but i can't remember how now! I found a very unflattering photo taken by the official photographer, It's not going up on here! I look like a fat old fairy!! lol

    I love the cold weather. I'm so looking forward to earmuffs n gloves Angela. I run much better in the cold, my problem is usually overheating. ( I think it's my age!)

    I've done two nice medium length runs this week, and last night I even ran with the 'big boys' in club, and kept up with them!!! I was so impressed with myself. They did manage to shake me off at the end though as they sprint finished n I had nothing left.  Got a 15miler at the weekend as I start to taper.

    I don't take much water during runs, but I do use isotonic gels. I've never had cramps etc but I do get lightheaded/low energy if I don't take on gels. I have quite a low BMI, and I have to eat regularly even when I'm not running!  It's about finding out what works best for you, and sticking to it.

  • Malcs - I think you should go for it again. You are such an amusing writer that it would be something to look forward to and breaking 3;30 is a great goal (or even GFA???)image

    jen - I won't be because of being in London. Last year it was all about getting GFA to run VLM on my 50th birthday so it has lost it's edge a bit. I might enter the following year though with a view to breaking 3 hours - I can but dream!!!

    Anyhow, I ran again this morning. 5.4 miles at 8:16mm average. Longest run since May!!! Felt better than Tuesday and comfortable at that pace so feeling quite chipper.

    Seems that the thread woes are lifting a little with both Clive and Malcs coming off the bench just in time.image

    Still waiting for detailed reports from the weekend marathoners. RRR where are you? Have you run out of pink fluorescent socks?image

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    DS2 - Don't forget yourself as well! It's been a long haul but with two decent pain free runs now it looks like you're off the bench too!

    Ha, I don't know about amusing. It would be fun to have another stab but like Jen says, last year's gang really set the bar high for the way they shared every detail. Great for the rest of us but one hell of alot of work.

    I almost had a nervous breakdown after the voting stages and that was only a week so I don't know if I could cope with 3 months of it!

    Jen - mixing it with the big boys now eh? Good for you! Not long before you'll be the one leaving them in your dust (fairy or otherwiseimage )

    Ooh - last long 'un eh. Enjoy it - and take it easy, we don't want you doing a Clive and having to get bionic implants.

    Never had cramps - you lucky so and so! image

    Angela - look at you, all marathoned up! I must admit I am tempted by the Bacchus. The EventsToLive people are great. They do the Spitfire 20 (which I plan to do again this year) and their organisation is top notch. I will have a think.

    How about you - will you be entering the 26.2 comp? Or would that triple book you for April marathons? I reckon you'd be a great candidate from both the running and the reporting points of view. 

    In other news:

    Today we finally exchanged on our house! Yes, it's only taken 4 freakin' months so it's worth every bit of bold underline I can apply to it.

    We move in two week's time! image

  • Jenf  I'm currently snuggled in the blanket that has kept me warm all week. It's so cozy, David and I were just discussing taking it on our honeymoon image. It's from lakeland and it's sooooo soft.

    dS2 so glad to hear ur back on track with the running. That's great news, and perfect timing for when cycling conditions are less than optimal!

    Malcs I think I'm gonna add to the peer pressure for u to do 26.2. As for me, I thought about entering the comp in women's running which is in a similar format, although for any spring marathon, but I think I've worked out most of the hard stuff, like training plan, nutrition etc and hopefully have u guys along the way for support when I need it.  Perhaps either comp would be better entered when I'm Really in with a chance of a BQ, which I think the earliest that is even possible is 2015.  As a person, I really don't like uncertainty.  See how I couldn't handle the potential disappointment of not getting a London place, so I entered Manchester.  

    Super duper congrats on the house! That's awesome news! When is the housewarming party? I'll bring a pavlova image

  • Evening everyoneimage.

    good news on the house Malcs, is this the one you talked about on the other thread? Glad you're feeling better Angela.

    Water... I did drink a lot, and I do wonder if it was part of what happened. The problem with marathons is you can't really experiment can you? A half or a 10k you can go again pretty soon if things go wrong.  I am minded to drink less next time though, and I wont use that gel again for sure.

    Stil resting, but also trying to get good sleep. I last had a drink at the ball last Thursday so that is a week sans alcohol, that is actually a long time for me, and I have been trying to get to bed around tennish and read or look at the forum for a bit. 

    I think I will need to observe a bit of this discipline for 3:30, but I just love coming in from a run or a club night, getting a shower and then cracking open a cold beer image.

    bo news on the club London places yet, fingers crossed though.

  • hi guys, 

    cant believe how much has been written over the last few days, taken me ages to catch up, but great to see it go from doom and gloom to happiness and positivity.

    Congrats on your house malcs I have to admit I forgot to was moving image. Does that mean you will be moving the week after the going to be a busy week for you!! Suppose least you wont need to do any running though. So glad to hear that the legs getting better still, fingers crossed it will be perfect a week on sunday and not cause any bother. Im boycotting Xfactor this year...(again) I really liked paul and melanie! 

    DS2 so happy that your back up and running...and quite speedy already too. You will soon get your CV fitness back soon so dont worry. Im getting really nervous about trying to get a sub 3:15 now...wondering if im aiming too high...each time I think of it I feel nauseaous!

    Clive your so brave having a steroid injection in the foot...its supposed to be so painful. I hope its worked its magic and you get round cologne marathon ok. Are we able to follow you do you know? What time does your marathon start at?

    Jen I loved your race report....the fairy dust sounds mint...I want some to spread some magic around. Where did you get it from? Sounds like you had a lovely race and runs this week. Now the marathon is getting closer im wishing I was back on my 15 miler week...starting to feel nervous!

    Angela  glad that your starting to feel a bit better. Im so jealous of your lakeland tempted. I do fancy doing a marathon thats all about the scenery and enjoyment and not the pace and time and that I feel ould be one!

    Glad you hear that your feeling better Mr P i was so gutted for you especially after your spring marathon not going to plan...its got to be third time lucky for your next one.

    I tend to take a sip every mile in a marathon however the two I have done have been fairly warm. I think if its as cold as it is today a week on sunday then I wont need to drink as much. I have always tried what i was going to have in the race several times before the race and at race pace to make sure im ok with it. I cant handle sport drinks or the gels...the sport drinks are disastrous on my stomach! Havent had cramp yet but i have always been a big water drinker, normally having about 3-4 litres a day + 2 coffees!

    My runs this week...well I did 5 miles on tue (2m w/u 2m at speed with 1m c/d) and a 3 mile recovery type run yesterday. The plan is for 6 tomorrow at MP and then 9-10 slow on sunday. legs starting to feel tired and achey....not going to panic as I know that this is normal in tapering as is all the little twinges im getting, together with worries about my pace and picking up infections!!

  • forgot to say im not entering the comp again...dont think i could cope with all the stress of voting and recruiting voters for it not to count....not sure I could put all that time and devotion into a thread either again (and mine wasnt even as intense as theres) and have the pressure of getting a particular time.

  • ..."and at race pace" I think that's where I went at least partly wrong, fine in theoffice on a Friday morning, bit different sixteen miles in...


  • Malcs - that is fantastic news!!image Moving house is so stressful and it dominates your life until at last you get to exchange. Congratulations!

    Angela - sounds lovely, especially with this sudden change in the weather, although those from 'Up North' would probably view this as a continuation of summer! Looking good for your spring marathons. What time are you targeting? and what do you need for BQ?

    Sarah - I'm really confident in your Sub 3:15. You have trained really well and are ready for it. Just a step on the path to a Sub 3image

    Mr P - back in the day of my early marathons Gels didn't exist and even the London marathon didn't have Lucozade Sport until the Mid 90's if I remember rightly. We just ran on water. In fact when I set my PB there were only 6 water stops all the way round. I don't think they are necessary really. I accept they can give a boost but I wonder how much is psychological? I found that when I'm not absolutely trained properly I think they are going to give me the magical formula to keep going at a good pace but the lack of training always finds me out, whereas when I've trained fully I've barely needed them. There must be something in it.

    Having said that it's always worth trying towards the end of long training runs to see how you handle them.

  • Sarah, I was kinda hoping with the location that you, Mr P and Clive might be tempted by the lakeland one?  I love love love the Lake District.  Am so jealous that its close enough for you to go often if you wanted.  I'm sure I've said before, I've been very lucky to travel to many beautiful parts of the world- rainforests in Nigeria, Glaciers and Geysers in Iceland, but I still find the Lake District the most beautiful and breathtaking.  Especially the rugged terrain around Lake Buttermere image  Must be beautiful this time of year.  Well, if you do decide to come, we can have a little b'day party at the end, and maybe run an extra 1.8 miles, as it will be my 28th birthday image

    I'm sure you'll get your 3:15.  You've trained really well.  You just need the last ingredient, which is belief. We all believe in you... you just have to believe in yourself, and you'll do it!

    Mr P I do think the race pace is crucial, and thats why its worth testing out in a half marathon where you're potentially running faster.  as well as the gastro intestinal issues, a lot can come down to flavour as well.  I think given your high sweat rates, and tummy problems with that gel, you might be best sticking to just the energy drinks interspersed with water after a good carbo load in the days leading up to the race.  I think Sarah adopted a jelly baby/shot blox strategy in her last marathon - that could work too, as at least the jelly babies are approaching flavoursome food.  Personally, I never had a tummy problem with gels, but just a taste issue- those lucozade ones are minging!, but you do have to take lots of water with them, otherwise they sit in your stomach as a mass of gel, and actually suck water from the rest of ur system to try to dilute the glucose concentration.  given your description of your race, I wonder if this is what happened- the gel couldn't dilute properly, so it sat in ur tum taking much needed water away from ur system, thus dehydrating u further than you naturally would be.  As Jen (I think it was Jen) said before, the race nutrition is very much a personal choice.  For example, I like to have a drink in a 10k, whereas many on this thread don't.  I know I'm a salty sweater, I can tasted it around my lips on a long run/race, so I always try to drink a lot with added electrolytes.

    DS2 for a BQ, I would need 3:35.  For a London GFA 3:45 (they made it 5 mins harder).  I've set myself a stretch goal of 3:45 for Manchester in the spring.  Its a totally flat course, so should give me some 'free' time over Halstead, plus I'm going into it off the back of a number of pbs in the shorter distances: 5k: 22:33, 10k, 48:05, Half 1:50:20.  Both the 10k and half were fairly hilly courses.  I am really hoping off the back of that fitness and 6 months building up, that I can make those race pace calculators make an accurate prediction for once in the marathon.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - cheers, pavlova will always buy you an invite to any kind of party at our place! image

    I really think that 3:45 is achievable for you Angela. You're making great progress as you've seen with that volley of PBs. After that it's just 10 mins off for a BQ. That's half a minute a mile over the first 20. If you can get under 3:45 (which you will) then you'll make that next step too.

    Mr P - thanks, yes this is the same house. Seems to have taken forever but now it's a mad rush to get ready for the move.

    I'm with DS2 on the hydration issue. I sweat alot too but I seem to do alot better under hydrating than over hydrating. Worth trying cutting back a bit on your next marathon or even on 20 mile training runs. I did all mine in March on zero water and was fine.

    Gels, sweets etc. do seem to be a very personal thing. I am a jelly baby convert but I do wonder whether I could survive taking fewer of them. Again, I think DS2's point about being well trained makes alot of sense. I guess I can experiment a bit at York as I definitely won't be well trained there image

    I share your love of the post exercise beer. It was an essential part of the post rugby playing experience but I've managed to ween myself off it now. Took a bit of time though!

    Sarah - thanks, I forgot I was moving at points too! Moving on the 24th so yes, it will be a busy week - at least I get to do York before dropping any picture frames on my footimage

    Had more treatment on the leg yesterday. I think this is slowly having an effect. Don't think it'll be perfect by next week but hopefully much better.

    Good to hear that you have the panic under control. You've done this lots of times now so you know what's coming. Are you planning to do any running at all next week?

    I share your concerns about the workload for 26.2. It was great fun though. I'm lucky with my work that I can do it. Just not sure if I want to image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sorry - had to post what I had. Work interjecting with thread business image

    DS2 - many thanks, all through this process I've had your story about nearly moving 4 times in a year at the back of my mind. It's only the second time we've ever done it.  Not doing it again for at least a decade image

    I think the main problem is the system. It's just made for causing stress. What's worse is everyone involved knows it's crap and wants it to change. I haven't spoken to any party involved in the process who didn't want a better system - it doesn't seem to benefit anyone. 

    If the system had more commitment up front at the offer stage then a bit more when the chain forms that would really help. Then after that they need to improve the legal process. You have no control once the solicitors get involved and if one of them sits on things for a month there's nothing anyone can do about it.

    Jen - good luck with the last big run over the weekend. Then it's on to the taper - woo hoo! I can't see you suffering from the madness, you don't strike me as a worrier. Almost there. Snowdon is slowly coming into sight! 

    Clive - not sure when you're flying out but just wanted to wish you the very best for Sunday. You've had a great training build up and despite that terrible bad luck at the end you've still managed to get yourself in a position to race. 

    I still think you should set out at target MP and just see how it goes - what do you have to lose?  If the heel starts to grumble then pull it back a bit. Go in positive and you have every chance of achieving what you set out to do. You will own Cologne! 

  • Afternoon everyone,

    Just been trying to catch up...

    Malcs- Fantastic news about the house! Really pleased it has finally gone through. I agree the system is rubbish and no one likes it, but there is a distinct sesnse of disinterest in the legal system to change it. At least ij Scotland accepted offers are legally binding so people can't pull out, but means a lot of paying more...

    Angela- where will you find the time to train as you'll be racing all next year image? I like the sound of the Lakes race- what distance is that? I love the Lakes too. I had never been till I met my wife, and we used to spend loads of weekends there before we had the kids. I even proposed to her on the top of Crinkle Crags...

    DS- sounds like you've got back in the training pretty seamlessly. Good times too. I think the CV fitness is there with the cycling and likely just need a bit of runnning specific fitness to be back on top.

    Jen- hope the last long run goes well! Disappointed we can't see photos of the fairy costume image

    Sarah- Sounds like the taper is going well, and that you're not coming down with 'the madness' like the rest of us (well me and Malcs!). I am sure you will run 3:15- the speed is there, and certainly the endurance is not an issue. Just keep calm, and enjoy it as I know you are capable and deserving of it image

    Interesting the debate on hyponatraemia, and water overload. Have to say I am pretty rubbish at hydrating and have only run with water a handful of times, when we were in Spain and it was 26 degrees even at 6am. I can do a 20 miler and not drink any water and been ok.. I tend to drink a lot during the day normally though, which started when I was in Australia. I have a 750ml sportsbottle that I carry around the whole time, so probably get through 2-2.5l of water during an average day, plus the occasional teas/coffes. As for the marathons, I carried a 250ml 'donut' style bottle filled with gels, so around 7 or 8 in total. I just sipped at that from around 5k till they were finished at 27-28k, then ditched it. I would take a few sips of water at each water station. I didn't hit the wall or get cramps. As the others have said, it is a personal thing, and I'm sticking with it as it seems to work for me. I agree with Angela that you should try them in training first so as not to get caught out. The article in the Latest RW was quite informative.

    Foot update- Sarah, a steroid injection is very painful, only marginally less so than a lumbar puncture (but I felt crap when I had that so maybe it is not a good marker). It is less sore, but certainly not right. I saw the guy today, and he has made some insoles for me. Interestingly he had a visiting South Aftrican podiatrist watching, who used to work for both Nike and Asics. I'll post another time about the differences in structured shoes for pronators..

    I am still going to Germany, but think it will be 50/50 (maybe less?image) as to whether I will be able to do it. I have thought hard about it this week, and will line up at the start and see how I get on. If I can't maintain a reasonable gait because of the pain then I will walk/run, and if no improvement then DNF beckons.

    Thanks Angela/Jen/Malcs for sponsoring me- no one else will do it yet as they want to see if I will actually do it! Someone at work thinks I'm going for a boozy weekend and pretending to run...

    Not sure if there are live updates, but I am No. 3484, and it starts at 11.30. I will try and get on here over weekend when i find wifi

    Have a good weekend everyone!!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Those pesky doubters Clive - we have faith in you here!

    ...that said, please don't feel you have to drag yourself to the end just because you've had a bit of sponsorship. Nobody will mind if you think it's for the best to pull out. You can always carry it over to your next one anyway.

    I had hoped you would be better than 50/50, that's a bit gutting. That said, I've started marathons in the past where I've limped to the start line not believing I had a hope in hell and somehow the body just gets you through it. 

    So try and stay positie and good for you for giving it a shot! 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Clive,  I sponsored you because I respect all the effort, courage and determination that went into your training, the outcome of the race is incidental. You are a star !!

    As a distraction to any taper madness, a question for you all. What is your favourite running track? You must just choose ONE!  mine is Whitesnake, Here I go again.

    15miles off road today for me, and I got lost again!! lol

  • Just a quick post (will come back on later to read through the above posts properly), ady has baby news!! He's had a baby boy! 

  • Hes called Elliott Donald Walter Livingstone weighing 7lbs 14ozs. image

  • That's nice Sarah image.

    Jen I thought you meant like Gateshead, or Crystal Palace image.


  • mr P - me too! for a moment I was thinking where in Wales is Whitesnake! 

    Great news and congrats to Mr and Mrs livingstone! Looking forward to an amusing tale of the labourimage

    Good like Clive! Go for it. Great words Jen. I'll be sponsoring you whatever especially for such a great cause!

    5.7 miles this morning at 7:50mm ave. pretty happy with that!

    Great 15 miles Jen!

    hope everyone has a good run tomorrow!

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