ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Mr P, your comment above made me laugh...was the way you said it! How are you today one week later?

    Thankyou for your confidence in me DS2 I hope your right image. I sort of agree with you on the water and energy gel front. My parents said that they never had anything on the marathon fuel wise and would just drink water. The elites dont even do that most of the there must be something in it? For me however because im use to having the odd jelly baby here and there I think I would struggle to get out of the habit...and its aways a good incentive to keep on going knowing that in one mile time you get a red or black JB!

    hahaha Angela your extra 1.8m after doing a marathon in the lakes!!!!image There was a 10miler I fancied at buttermere in April and one of my friends posted some pics of longdale yesterday so I now fancy doing something round there, it looks amazing. I would love to go to iceland but im scared it would be too cold (and too expensive at the moment with having to pay that stupid tax bill). Hope your feeling better today and you enjoyed the wedding and being a bridesmaid.

    Malcs nothing beats a good old JB....I always think that if you can use them to treat diabetics having a hypo then there great for me whilst running...instant energy and they taste great too. Im not moving again until im elderly and downsizing and my children (if I have any) will do it all for me as im to old and incapable. Its a right load of messing around and so stressful. The fees as well. Stamp duty is such a con. Me and the tax man are not getting on at the moment....they tell you one thing and then change their mind a year later and demand their money back. There also the most unhelpful and rude people Ive ever had to deal with pn the phone and in letter! If im flagging at any stage next week im going to think of how much they have annoyed me over the last month and im sure that will give me enough adrenaline to pick me up!

    Im planning on doing a slow 10m this morning, starting at 9:30 as a trial run for next week and then 3 easy miles tomorrow and 4-5 miles on wed with 3 m at MP. How about you? when do you get to York? I put my race pack somewhere safe but I dont remember where!!

    Morning Clive I sponsored you this morning before I even read your comments above...its not just about the race, its all the training and heart ache that goes in to it too and your raising money for a good cause. I really do hope that the foots ok on the day and you do another GNR and get another PB, you deserve it. Did you get chance to "bed" the new insoles in at all? That was interesting that the guy from africa was there....cant wait to hear what he said and recommended. Im the same as you in a way on the nutrition side of thing. I had a shot block or JB every 2 mile and a sip of water every mile so drip feeding/drinking and that seems to work for me. Gives you a constant trickle of energy and water which in theory would be easier for your body to break down and use rather than a huge amount say every 40-50 mins. Good luck this morning...feeling excited and nervous for you. Do you have time to go out tonight on the beer and try some local ales?

    Jen I dont really run to music, I like to listen and look at all the nature and let my mind wander, I find music a distraction to all that. I did use to listen to music when I was on the treadmil however as I needed a bit of a distraction to the gym I would just listn to the top 40 or have my ipod on random. Was the 15 miles including/excluding the getting lost??

    Im planning on doing a slow 10 miles this morning at 9:30.....feeling quite nervous about it due

  • Oooh the taxman...last time I had to call, the guy was stumbling over my name, I knew he hadn't got the spelling right, then he told me I had "failed security"! 

    When I got through again, it was fine and they dealt with my query very efficiently, but it took a few days of hanging on and giving up before I got through.

    I will start back tomorrow with our group, we should be on winter routes now, which lean heavily towards hills and speedwork.  This time last year I was still full of cold and flu and had hardly run over the summer, I vividly remember having to go and watch my friends rather than take part in the Sandstone trail ten miler.  This year, I've been able to stay consistent from January so I am really looking forward to sharpening up on these winter nights and trotting out the endurance at the weekend.

    Clive your comment about lumbar puncture reminded me of an incident awhile ago with a lad who worked with us, he had learning difficulties with memory and numbers, and got mixed up between acupuncture and a lumbar puncture for one of our drivers. Poor bloke was in agony and mess of nerves and we just thought he was popping down to clinic somewhere.

    As usual Sarah I don't want to jinx anything, but I'm not coming up to York 'cos I think you will be finished when I get thereimage.


    is there tracking like the Chester one?


  • Hi Mr P , it's could to see you sounding so positive and not letting one little marathon knock you down. It's so easy to let the marathon take over our lives but just as you've pointed out we get so many benefits from the training that last way beyond the marathon. Thankyou for your kind comment and for believing in me.

    I wish I'd had more luck with the tax man, when I've phone up they have been very abrupt, unhelpful and rude. Last Friday i was told that they couldn't help me as try didn't know the answer to my question, they couldn't ask anyone "as it was a Friday and most people don't work on a Friday" said they would phone with the answer on Monday but didn't. I phoned on Tuesday to be told that information had been posted out to me that day and they couldn't discuss it on the phone! Think if I start flagging next Sunday I will start thinking of the tax man to build up some anger and adrenaline to fire me round!

    Just heard, Clive got round in just under the spuds of it it was a painful experience though.

  • I haven't seen anything advertising any tracking but i will let you know if there is/I do hear something

  • Clive did brilliantly to get round in 3:29 considering the foot. That took real courage just making the start line. I was watching on the live stream and thought I saw him cross the line. Now his result is up I know for sure it was him.

    well done clive. A monumental achievement. Can't wait to read the full report!

  • 3;29:35 was his official net time!

  • What I wouldn't give for that! Well done Clive!


  • It'll come Mr P! 

  • Evening's been a long, long time since I last posted on here, although I've been dropping in from time to time to have a read (unfortunately it's got less and less in the past few weeks with the impending passage to parenthood beckoning.

    As Sarah has already mentioned, Mrs. Shady Ady gave birth to little Elliott yesterday after a nice 40hr marathon of labour. As he came out with a balck toe nail, I'm seeing this as a sure sign he'll be a future runner. He also came out and urinated over both the midwives immediately as he dropped on to the delivery bed. I'm sure this might be a sign of similar tricks in the future as well.

    Well done Clive on your time. Great effort considering the difficulties. I hope everyone is well.

    Here's the obligatory "I may be a smiling, but I have absolutely no idea what to do now" new father photo. I', sure he'll be the excuse for some sleep deprived runs in the upcoming months.



  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Shady Ady baby! 

    Congratulations - everything changes from here. Best of luck, I'm sure you'll work it all out.  Hope Mrs Shady is recovering from her ultra labour - 40hrs? Bloody hell!

    Clive - immense performance! Well done on an amazing result. Look forward to the full report.

    Bit late now and I'm shattered from packing boxes. Will catch up tomorrow.

  • Hello all, sorry I've vanished again.  My flu (I'm pretty sure it was) took a turn for the worse Thursday night/Friday, and have been feeling pretty lousy all weekend, which wasn't ideal as I was bridesmaiding in one of my best friends wedding.  I even got a very strange spot that I noticed when I was up in the night on friday night.  Convinced myself it was a chicken pox and spent the next 3 hours lying awake wondering about when would be the best time to get to a hospital to get it treated whilst still participating in the wedding ceremony image

    Super Congrats Shady Ady!  What wonderful news.  Glad all are doing well.

    Clive well done for Cologne, by the looks of your FB post it was a rather painful event, but you still got through it, and in a fantastic time.  Like Mr P, what I wouldn't give for that time!  Its so lovely you proposed in the Lakes image.  David was planing to propose after I finished the New York marathon, although I guessed that long before he even bought the ring. In the end, he did it about a day after the ring was delivered to him because he was so excited... on a thursday night after I got home from seeing a friend for dinner.  I had to tell him to put some trousers on before he continued to ask the question!!! And its a good thing too, as the marathon was cancelled.  Oh, and I will let it go that you asked  atypical non-runners question of 'how long is that marathon'... its 26 miles and 385 yards, although given the terrain I supose its possible its slightly mismeasured.  I don't know about training- I have no races in until March at the moment, so a good few months to do some base fitness building.  

  • Thanks Malcs for the confidence in my getting a GFA.  After not running for well over a week, I must admit I have lost some, but hopefully when I finally give this lurgie the off, I will come back stronger!

    Sarah I dont know what to say about the tax man.  For my own personal affairs, luckily I don't seem to have too many problems any more, and like you say, it just gets adjusted in my tax code, but I'm executor for my dad's will, and well tax is pretty much the last thing you think about, so about Jan this year I got a letter addressed to me basically bullying me for dad not filling in a tax return for the previous tax year.  Most other financial institutions I dealt with were very helpful and understanding about the difficulty of all that, but not HMRC.  Eventually I ended up getting one letter back saying I owed £275 for the previous year from one tax office, that had to be paid immediately or they would start chargin fines, so I did.  About a week later, i had another letter from a different tax office saying they owed his estate £250 and I would receive a cheque.  When I received a cheque it was £47, which was neither the amount they stated, nor the difference between the 2.  I must admit I've given up caring about it, assuming they;ve closed the file on him and wont bother me again!

    So Malcs and Sarah are the taper madness demons getting to you yet?  I'm wondering whether I should fill in the pre-entry for York to make that my potentially serious Autumn marathon next year.  If its the same timing as this year, it will be approx 5 weeks after the Bacchus marathon, which should be enough time to recover from running an off road marathon and do some sharpening up for the road one I reckon.  Plus hopefully I could have a cheer squad in York?image



  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - no problem, I really do think you have it in you the way you've been improving.

    "Bridesmaiding"? You make it sound qute casual, like marshalling for a race image  Sorry to hear that the flu is lingering. What's this about Chicken Pox? Who's got the taper madness now?

    Sarah - I'm trying not to think about the stamp duty - it seems a very unfair system. Prices are ridiculous down here. We're only buying an extended 3 bed and we just avoid going into the higher stamp duty band. 

    I have a similar week planned too. An easy jog today just to loosen things and then maybe a shortish one on Wednesday but I may just take the whole week off - will see how I feel.

    Jen - I'm buying you a compass for Christmas! Glad to hear that the 15 went well despite your sense of direction going AWOL image 

    I'm not a running music listener either but if I was then at the moment I'd go for Shellshock - New Order. 

    DS2 - really glad to hear that your return is going so well. Puts you in a very good position to ease up to London without having to rush things.

    Mr P - ha, I thought Jen was referring to running venues too image  How is the body recovering after last week?

    TR24 Entries will be going in tomorrow night so if you fancy joining us do let us know asap.


    I did 11.5 miles on Saturday at about 9mm pace (started slower though) then did the last 4 at 8:30 pace. Stretched at 3 miles then...nothing! Finished without needing another stretch. I had a nagging pain the whole way but nothing too bad. It seems to be under control once the muscle is warm. 

    So that was really pleasing as I think I can get round York with minimal stretching stops. Secretly I'm entertaining the thought of breaking 4 hours. If I get 3:57 or better It'll be my second fastest ever image

    I don't have time for taper madness at the moment thankfully. Been packing and dismantling things all weekend. Had a rugby festival in TR24 like conditions on Sunday but all the rest of the time has been packing. It's exhausting. And the dust  from behind wardrobes etc. is making wheeze like a 40 a day smoker image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    You lot have a one 'track' mind!!!!   lol Mr P!!

    image congratulations Ady, lovely news. xx

    Well done Clive, I'm SO pleased for you, a brilliant time! I hope you don't suffer too much as a result. A well deserved rest for you now!

    Hope your move goes smoothly Malcs, perhaps moving is a good cure for taper madness! Luckily I havn't had any symptoms of the dreaded syndrome yet, probably because I'm in denial of even doing SNOD! When people say ' Good luck. you're mad' , I'm thinking 'why, what am I doing?'

    Hope you're feeling better Angela. I ran in gloves n ear muffs on saturday! I much prefer the cold weather runs.

    DS2 It's looking good for your birthday bash! good running this weekend.

    Sarah, Tax bills rule my life !!!image I share your frustration!!

  • Hi everyone,

    Just quick hello between patients at work- will try to get race report up later.

    Ady- Congratulations again- love the picture. Hope your wife is ok after that labour- means I won't complain about how sore I am today!

    I want to thank everyone here for the support and advice in the last few weeks especially in the run up to yesterday. Thinking about that helped when the pain was really kicking in, and helped get me over the finish line... Thanks guys!!image

  • Evening everyone. That's a lovely photo Ady, congratulations. 

    Well done Clive, what a result under the circumstances.

    I had my first run tonight, back with our group, 6miles or so with three stops to muster, it was quite hilly but I was fine,  had a good chat about the marathon with some of the guys, and managed to turn in quite a hard session. Forgot my garmin so no specific paces but very satisfying.

    What are your palns now clive? Rest? Treatment?

  • Afternoon everyone.

    Finally got a few minutes to try and post the race report. Feeling less sore today (suprisingly- maybe wearing compression tights since the race has helped, but was too hot at work yesterday) and able to thin back to the weekend..

    It was an early start on Saturday- up at 4.50am so I could drive over to Manchester. On the recommendation of a good friend who's German, I flew to dusseldorf and took the train to cologne. With true Germanic efficiency the train was on time, left from the platform they said and arrived early. The journey was only 35 mins from airport direct to the station in Cologne,  so was in the hotel next to the station by just after midday. I walked over the river to the expo, with great views of the Cathedral


     There is an odd tradition in cologne where lovers put little padlocks with their names on them onto the railings of the bridge over the Rhein- there were thousands of them! Expo was small, and to be honest wanted to get number and then back to the hotel for a rest. The race pack included a few good things- a number belt and a commemorative beer glass with the route printed on it. Disappointingly it only seems to hold about half a pint image

    Back to the hotel, and then went for a 20min trot/hobble to try out new insoles running. I'd worn them in my other trainers to travel to try and get used to them, but even trotting round the streets felt uncomfortable. I had been to Cologne years ago on a Scout trip, but i had forgotten how quaint it is, especially considering most of it was flattened in WW2. I have to say felt a bit disheartened after the 'run' but after a snooze went out for my carb-loading-pasta-table-for-1. It was a tiny italian restaurant owned by sicilians. There was no menu, simply a blackboard with 'meat, chicken, vegetables' and a few different types of pasta, and then they made it how you wanted. I opted for a chicken in a creamy sauce, and was confornted by a mountain of pasta, chicken and bacon in a white wine, basil and cream sauce. The pasta was not one I'd had before- almost like small sheets, like half a ravioli with out the stuffing. It was stunning, felt really home made. I wandered back to the hotel, after being propositioned by a couple of prostitutes outside the station- I assume they were as they werent wearing very much and asked in german then english if I wanted some company!

    The race wasn't till 11.30, so it was a long dragged out breakfast. It was 5 degrees and pissing down so I wasn't too enthusiastic about the run. My foot was still sore, but I had made my mind to try anyway. The organisers had laid on free public transport for all competitiors, so I lazily caught the train over to the start area. It was really busy as the wheelchair/handcycle racers were going, followed by the inline skaters (it is scary how fast these guys go!), then the marathon. I dropped my stuff in the baggage vans, and then wandered over to the start. I tried to go for a warm up, but after 2 or 3 strides felt the tearing sensation in my foot again- aaagggh! After all the thinking these last couple of weeks about what I would do I decided that DNS was wiser, so I went to get my bag, and then go to the pub. However the baggage vans had left, so I was left with the option of walking back, or at least crossing the start line with everyone else (DNF).. Having studied the course I figured I could get across the river, and then bale out and hobble back to the finish area.

    I didn't see anyone else vaguely british in the starting pen, and in fact people were smirking at my vest/short co

  • combo rather than long sleeves/hats/tights like everyone else. We started on time, and I hobbled with a very odd gait across the line. We crossed the bridge and the rain stopped, and it was very pretty looking down the rhein. As we got over the bridge the crowds were 5 or 6 deep, so I didn't feel I could bale out then. I then thought if the worst comes to it, I can hobble till we get to the main centre (Rudolfplatz) at 10k. It was really pretty running alongside the river, but now I could feel a blister starting in my left foot (to go with the sore heel). This was from the new insoles. There were lots of pharmacies around so I thought I'll stop and buy some plasters. seems they don't open on Sundays! There were no first aid points either image. I got to 10k having felt every step, and the blister was now a constant burning sensation under the arch of my foot, but otherwise I felt fine. The support at Rudolfplatz was amazing- lots of bands and everyone cheering. The course was shaped a bit like a clover leaf, and came back to this square 3 times (10k, 21k and 40K0 so it meant anyone watching could see the runners 3 times by moving all of 50yds. All the pubs were open so the crowd were in good form. I decided to carry on for a bit longer, as I thought we came back centrally again in a few km- I had miscalculated and it wasnt till 1/2 way! I was in a bit of a rhythm at this point, still hurting but it wasn't getting any worse so was thinking I might carry on till it was too sore, and then possibly walk the rest?

    I was running in a group of people all at about the same pace- no one was talking, but we seemed to be bunched together. I took some comfort from that, and sure I would have baled earlier if was on my own. The course comes together at 25km with the end of the course, and saw the womens racewinner going past in the opposite direction- she was flying, and looked so comfortable- 'bitch' I thought. It was quite a head wind but made easier being in a group, and I was counting down the km markers calculating how far I'd have to walk as was sure it was going to come to that fairly soon.

    We got past 20 miles, and I felt that feeling of knowing this is further than I'd run in training, gels were finished, and my foot still hurts. I was getting pain in my right hip and the calf felt tight, all because my gait was different because of the pain. When we got to 23miles I suddenly felt a stitch under my right ribs- it was really severe and I couldn't breath properly. I slowed to a walk for a bit, started running, walked, and after 400m or so it eased enough to let me run. By now the heel was so sore as I had lost the rhythm, and everything was aching. I don't think I hit 'the wall'?, as legs were sore rather than weak and I managed to carry on. It was all I could do to focus on the ground in front of me, and I didn't dare look up at the distance markers, or crowd particulalry as I knew that would be it then. We got back to Rudolfplatz and the crowd were hemmed in tight, so there was only enough room for 3-4 runners abreast to get through. I didn't even feel lifted by that, and with a mile to go the stitch cam back, and had to walk. Suddenly a scottish guy in the crowd who had cheered me on earlier, popped up and shouted 'come on Clive, bloody run, there less than a mile to go.. Think of the people you're helping by doing this' He was right, and with that ringing in my ears I started again. My body was screaming all over, and the last street seemed to go on forever (even longer than the Coast Road at GNR!) then we came round a corner and the finish was 150m away. I felt like I limped across and my first thought was 'thank f@£$ that's over'

  • There was all manner of stalls laid out with drink (water, energy drink, milk, coke, alcohol free beer) and food (bananas, apple, bread, sausages- WTF?), and then off to get the baggage, and wander back to the hotel to inspect the war wounds... Left foot- blister requiring 2 compeed plasters to cover it on the arch/instep, heel tender to touch, and unable to fully weight bear; right foot- blister on 2nd toe that had bled leaving blood stains on front of trainers image

    Finishing time 3:29:35, 2 min 55 slower second half. 800th overall.

    With hindsight it was a good marathon, and I'm sure I could have gone quicker if I wasn't injured. The atmosphere and crowd were fantastic, and it quite picturesque in places too.

    Again, want to thank all of you lot, as it did help when I was hurting at the end knowing you lot were supporting me. I don't think I will have done any lasting damage to my foot, but do need to have a proper period of rest and recuperation to let it heal properly

  • Clive your race report is very inspiring. I could feel your pain and really dont know how you managed to continue and get a fantastic time. No matter what happens now on sunday, no matter what pain I feel knowing what you went through will hopefully help to keep me going. I use to get blisters on teh arch of my foot when I ran is adidias and asics. Blisters were so painful there I had to stop running within a mile of them the hell did you manage to do a marathon with them?

    I quite fancy running it next year now. The course sounds lovely with fantastic support. Ive always wanted  to go to cologne to.

    I think you should have a well deserved rest from running now.

    Congratulations again Ady, love the photo. 40 hour labour sounds horrendous, I dont know how people do it!

    Glad to see your back up and running well Mr P, how long is it now until your next race?

    Thankyou Jen for sharing my going to think of the tax man during any tough times on sunday...the anger is sure to help get me around, together with remembering what Clive went through this weekend.

    Glad that your feeling better now Angela, I think the week off running will have probably done you some good....youve plenty of time to train for london so I wouldnt worry. Me and malcs with have to let you know what its like before you enter just incase its not the best of runs.....otherwise there is cologne?????

    Hows your running been going this week DS2?

    Malcs I feel your packing pain....your going to be exhausted come sunday with all the packing that youve done. Hope you get to put your feet up at least at the weekend before the race. Glad you managed to get 11 in at the weekend with not to much stretching needed. I was working at our pratice on stockton road today...there were road closure signs out ready for starting to feel nervous now!!

  • I have to agree with Sarah.  Talk about overcoming adversity Clive.  I know what its like to start a race thinking you're not going to finish, but never a marathon!  That is kind of how I felt I would go into NYC, but when it was cancelled, I was pleased (very annoyed but pleased) that the gods had made the decision for me.  Excellent race report.  I love Cologne.  We used to go to Wetzlar and Giessen for various school and Orchestra exchanges when I was a teen.  Because I did german A level, I got to go on the school exchange more than once.  The first time I remember a tour in the chocolate factory.  I managed to sweet talk my german teacher into letting me go on that trip when I did the exchange during A levels, even though I was supposed to complete a week of work experience in Jack Wolfskin of all places!

    Malcs taper madness indeed... might give you some idea about how much I enjoy being dressed up and wearing heels all day!  It really was lovely, but because I was so sick I couldn't really enjoy it as much as I would have fully fit, and having been able to look forward to a run the next day.

    I managed a run tonight!  It was like being freed!  I wore my new free running top that Women's running gave me for the race review, and it is officially my new favourite bit of kit.  So comfortable. I'm gonna review it on my blog.  Its this:'sDryLeteSportop/4-114170/catId/cat10002/stockNumber/81212-BCRSTE/skuId/***4***81212-BCRSTE00**S/subCatId/cat10034/showDefaultOption/true/productdetails  

    The website doesn't do justice to how bright pink it is!!

    More later, off to watch bake off  image 



  • Great report Clive, a real air of get in, do the job, get out about it.   like Sarah said, one to remember when the going gets tough.   First time I've heard of a runner having to decline  the services of prostitutes before a marathon too.

    Take it easy Malcs, get the girls to do the lifting, your role ought to be more strategic at this stage. Sarah, the road closed signs always make me excited, it is a standing joke in our house.

    Well I heard from the man who looks after London places for the club, I am the second person to ask, and we should have three places. Priority goes to people who have helped at races, so that's a positive, and if there are more people than places he does a ballot. So I will book the hotel, just in case, it will be too late if I wait intil the decision is made.

    Angela, I  think Kimberley might pull it off, but for consistency I think Ruby has the edge, but I am not a baking person. I think all the guff about Paul and ruby is a bit weird, he's old enough to be her dad. It must be embarassing for both of them, there's clearly no basis for it, just lazy journalism.

  • Hiya Mr P,

    I stayed at an Ibis Styles really close to the excel centre when i did the east london half, as the cake decorating show was in the Excel. I reckon you'd have an easy trip to Grenwich from there too.  I have some friends who live in Limehouse, so will either stay there, or with my sister in Dulwich.  When I did London last time, I lived in New Cross so it was easy peasy to get to the start!  I was so excited and nervous all at the same time!  It was my first marathon image  quite excited to be doing it again.  Anyways, I think the hotel was perfectly adequate, adn the closeness to the expo is a definate plus- pretty much one fo the cheapest rates I reckon you could get in London anyway.

    Its funny- I haven't seen anything in the press, but I always think Paul is sweet for Ruby... as is my fiance!  She's been shockingly bad for many of the last few weeks, including tonight.  I can't believe that lovely welsh gal was sent home on the basis of tonight.  I definitely think it should have been ruby to go home.  I agree Kimberly was immense tonight!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Clive - I'm in awe. Makes my little niggle seem like a mere scratch. I remember doing my first Great Welsh Marathon and warming up with a limp but it was nowhere near as painful as what you've described.

    I have to agree it's an amazing performance. It would have been amazing had you just got round but to break 3:30 too is incredible. I will certainly be thinking of what you went through and using it as motivation on Sunday.

    Well done once again and enjoy some well earned rest!

    School run now so will be back later.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Wow Clive what a race! I can't begin to imagine running with that pain/injury, I definately quit too easily.You are going to be my inspiration when the going gets tough in SNOD, otherwise I'll be too ashamed to come on here and write a race report!!

    Who's starting the carb loading then???

  • Thanks Angela, I think I've explained my ritual though...we stay just behind Trinity House, I walk over Tower bridge and go to London Bridge Station, while mrs P, Puffy Junior and his mate enjoy an enormous breakfast at my expense. Then they are at the end of Tower Bridge, on the left, then they force their way down to the embankment for the latter stages. We cannot change!

    it is a bit expensive, but I think it is worth it for the occasion.  For mrs P's first London, in 1999 we didn't have a clue, we ended up at the travelodge on Heston Services image


  • Clive - one of the most inspirational stories I've heard in a long time. I felt every step of your pain. Incredible performance and a great report. I will never ever quit again!!!!

    Ady - I'd like to say that feeling of 'not knowing what to do next' goes away, but............image. Congrats though - it is an amazing adventure, parenthood!!!

    Malcs - I take it you will definitely finish York now!!!

  • ive everything crossed for you Mr P

    my 4-5 miles with 3 miles at MP didn't go I well tonight. Hot home early at 6:15 so decided to run outside before it got to dark, rather than run on the TM, set off and te first but takes me through some woods (roughly 0.5m). It was actually darker in there, I spooked myself out and ended up running faster than my slow warm up pace. I thought I was roughly doing MP though so I continued at that pace. My watch didn't start working until 3 miles and at that point I was running at 6:45mm and I'm sure I had down a little by then. I panicked as just did another mile at that point at 9mm.

    Think the adrenaline from running in a dark woods, together with the cooler weather and rain made my pace seem slower than it was. Now I'm in a panick wondering of I may have done too much/too fast and messed up my chances of getting that sub 3:15 on Sunday. I've 3 full days to rest and it was only 3 miles! Am I panicking over nothing? Or should I be worried? I'm i infected with taper madness?

  • Sorry about the spelling mistakes...was going to edit what i typed but you can't seem to do that anymore! 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - you are totally panicking. Forget about it - it'll have no bearing on Sunday whatsoever. It was only 3 miles! If anything, I'd say it's a positive - shows that your legs are already well rested and raring to go.

    Jen - no carbo loading here until Friday but I have bought all the food image

    What are you running this weekend? Something short and gentle I assume?

    Mr P - really hope you get a club place. I just entered the Lucozade comp - well you never know. 

    Ha! Liking the London ritual. If it ain't broke... 

    DS2 - Yes I will have to finish York now. As Jen says, Clive has shown what is possible if you are determined. He's set the bar pretty damn high.

    I think finishing should be fine. The leg has tightened a bit this week. I guess that's not suprising given the drop in running. I may have a gentle jog today to wake it up. We'll see.

    How is your running going - are you stepping things up slowly?

    Angela - well I guess I shouldn't be suprised that you're a GBB fan. Alex is really into it too. I'll confess that I quite like watching it too. I wanted the Welsh woman to get to the final but only because she's quite funny. 

    Clive - hope the recovery is going well. How is the foot now?

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