ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • If you go to the York mara website, therr is a live tracking feature, so I'm following Malcs and Sarah..who have both started...

  • I don't wanna count my chickens, but looks like Sarah's having a cracker.  Am almost ready to go out on my run, but might wait to see how much she smashes her target! image

  • Looks like it's tough out there. Sarah has finished in a good time but seems she may have faded a touch towards the end. 

  • Sarah finished in 3:24:47- fantastic result. Malcs- 3:59:04- amazing, especially with the run up he's had.

    Well done to them both image

  • Hi Clive, I just text Malcs. Waiting to see how he found it but, like you last week, something to be really proud of.

    sarah slowed a bit near the end but still a great time. Looking forward to the reports!

  • DS2- I totally agree. Really proud of both of them. It was funny, since I knew quite a few people running today, I felt a bit nervous this morning! How you doing?


  • Still suffering with the flu but feeling very inspired by the performances of the last couple of weeks!

    Hopefully my injury woes are behind me now. I have 7 weeks of build up before my 18 week programme begins. 

    I know now what you were saying about feeling nervous for othersimage

  • Amazing results, i foundthe tracker a bit hit and miss so good to see it confirmed.

    cant wait to read all about it now. 

    I went for my run after lunch, started with a drizzle, then a full on rain shower, then on the way back beautifully bright and sunny. 

    I am trying to just consolidate DS2 and start my build up after conwyy half next month.


  • Me too with the tracker Mr P. It showed Malcs at 31k after 4:15. I thought he must be in all sorts of painimage And then he was miraculously finished in 3:59image

    I just got a text from him. He's pretty pleased but said the last 3 were really tough.

  • Hi, thankyou for tracking us and for all your support...I felt really pants for the last 8 miles as you probably gathered with the times. I didnt realise that the tracker was there until I went on facebook after the race and saw peoples comments.

    Everything seemed to go great, the training, the carbo loading, pre race sleep (managed a full 6 hours) and getting to the race on time (although we had to do a steady jog to the start from the toilets...but that was only a min or too/warm up)

    When I set off my legs felt slightly stiff and heavy but that is usual for me and tends to go by about 2 miles. On this occasion it didnt seem to go until mile 8 but I didnt mind, I was keeping up my pace and was just glad that my legs felt ok again. 

    Miles 8 - 14 were quite uneventful. I didnt feel fantastic but I felt ok...similar to how I felt at VLM at this stage in April. The course at this stage started to get a few hills in places and was quite sunny and windy.

    Just after mile 14 I started to feel nauseous. Have no idea why. When ive looked back I cant see one reason why I felt like that. I had the same nutrition at the same points as in VLM and in training. I guess I was running slightly quicker but not much so. I started to wonder if it was the hills and the extra effort I was putting in on them but the nausea didnt settle on any of the down hill bits and the hills were not that steep, just slightly long

    I tried to ignore the nausea but by mile 16- 17 I was starting to gip quite alot. Luckily I saw my parents and chris and that took my mind of it alittle.  I decided to miss out my next shot block as I really didnt think I could stomach it. At this point also my toes had started to get quite sore...they were fine on the uphill bits but quite tend on the downhills!.

    I ran back past my parents and chris at 19 miles and mentioned how rubbish I felt...think they felt sorry for me. I was comforted by the guy running nect to me saying the same...we had been running together from the start aiming for a sub 3:15 together. The other two runners in our group had vanished by this time.

    After leaving my parents, this guy I had been running with me stopped and walked. Think that didnt help as he had been helping to spur me on and I was using him as a shield against the wind when it got bad.

    By mile 20 I was close to being sick so I stopped and walked for a bit. I ccouldnt feel my toes at this stage so they were not bothering me and my legs didnt feel to bad. The course was also flatter from here.

    I attempted to run again at 20.5 when a few runners shouted some words of encouragment but I just couldnt run as I still felt like I was going to be sick.

    Luckily by mile 21 the sickness has settled enough to allow me to start running again but as I tried to speed up it became worse so I just tried to take it steady. At this point I was just thankful that I could run as at mile 20 I thought I would have to walk all the way to the finish and would get a personal worse.

    The sickness peaked again at mile 22 but luckily after walking for about a minute it settled back down and I started running again but roughly at 8:30 mm pace. I was trying to work out in my head what time this would get me and thought roughly a sub 3:30...considering how I felt I was over the moon to think that I would get that time.

    The nausea settled by mile 24 so I decided to try to jelly babies as I knew there was a big hill just after 25 miles to face and lots of people would be cheering me on....I managed to make it to the end nausea free and even managed a sprint finish when I saw that I could make a sub 3:25.

    My spilts were; 

    10k; 45:29, 20k 45:25, 30k 47:34 (which was still on target) and 40k 55:06!

    Did I run the first 20k slightly too fast (although its only by 1 m

  • minute which isnt much over 20k)

    Was a 3:14 marathon too ambitious? 

    Did the hills/effort affect how my stomach found the shotblocks?

    Am I coming down with something?

    Im starting to wonder if its the latter as ive been feeling nauseous for the last 2 hours and feel like ive got a temperature. My legs feel fine but my toes are not looking the best. I have a blister on one of them thats almost bigger than my toe. Its a cert I will be loosing a few nails and my newish trainers are now blood stained!!

    Malcs managed to find me at the start and say hi which was lovely. The marshalls and supporters were fantastic, the race was well organised and I saw so many friendly faces. I still cant get over the runner from goole who offered to slow down for me to run in with many runners would do that?

    The course I found tougher than london. I didnt think that it was that flat or fast but its hard to judge when your not feeling your best. There was a beer tent at 23 miles which looked so inviting...i was so tempted and I dont even drink beer. 

    All in all im glad I did it. Im disappointed that I didnt get a sub 3:15 as I do think im capable of getting it but at the same time im happy and relieved that I still managed to get a sub 3:25 when I was feeling so rotten (and wasnt left with a PW). I was hoping that this would be the last marathon that I raced (aiming to do shorter distance and off road marathons instead) but I still have my sub 3:15 to get so it looks like im going to have to do another one now!

    I would just like to say a huge thankyou to you all for your support and especially clive as when things got tough I did think about what you went through and achieved and it got me going again.

    A huge congratulations to Malcs too, an amazing time after your injury and so little training...just think what you could do when your marathon fit image

  • Sounds like you had an eventful park run yesterday Mr P!!! Think I would go back every week to just try to annoy him!! Im sure Ive heard of that run you mentioned.

    Thankyou clive for sharing my nerves

    I really cant believe that marathon training for spring marathons starts so soon DS2. Im kind of relieved that im not having to do it having spent 2 3rds of this year training for a marathon. However I think I will be so jealous of you all come april especially with missing out on your birthday run.

    Jen I hope your enjoying your taper and your avoiding the madness. Cant wait to see how you get on on saturday, im hoping that you follow in Malcs footsteps and have an amazing race and not mine and clives!

    How did the rest of your run go Angela?

  • Fecking ipad lost my post again!

    did you have a gel Sarah? I note from the website it was the lucozade elite dual carb that we had at Chester.  A great result, I know how disappointed you will be but you are in your prime and obviously improving so it won't be long In coming.

    Malcs, you've put me in mind of Steve Cram's commentary on Christine Ohoroghou...5 weeks to go and  he was nowhere! 3 weeks to go he was nowhere...2 weeks to go and he was nowhere!! And then you snatched it on the line, what a brilliant effort image.

    the tracker was all over the place, Malcs was DNS at one point, and Sarah had no 40k split or finish time so thought she'd had a calamity till I saw the finish time on the left.

  • Hi Sarah, sorry that things never went to plan but well done on battling through and getting a great time. I gathered something had gone wrong by your splits. 

    You definitely have a sub 3:15 in you and, to be honest, I believe you were in that form here but the marathon is such a tough event that you need all the stars aligned if you are to run it to full potential. I've run 10 and only twice had it gone to plan.

    it is more disappointing when everything in the lead up had gone so well but by the sound of it what happened was just one of those things. I don't think you went too fast - you were definitely in shape to run at that level.

    concentrating on other distances can be a relief. Marathon training is such a commitmeny, not just for the runner, but the loved ones as well.

    You could set the world alight at 10k or half marathon and I look forward to seeing more startling performances on here!

    Well done today. You may feel a tinge of disappointment but you will look back in months to come on amazing year with two fantastic marathon times! 

    Onwards and upwards!

  • Morning Mr P. I took my own fuel-shot blocks and jelly babies-exactly the same as what I had in London and in training so I'm not sure what happened, maybe the faster pace and the hillier course meant less blood was diverted to my stomach to break them down, but I did try the fuel on a training run I did at MP but it was interpsered with running slower.

    Malcs did fantastic didn't he, I can't believe he achieved that with so little training...certainly a machine!

    thankyou DS2 for your kind words. I think I'm already looking back and being proud of my achievements, managing to marathon train for 2/3rd  of a year takes some commitment and at the end of he day I managed to get two amazing marathon times. Like you said, it's a long was and so much can go wrong. Hopefully next time everything will work out perfectly and I will get that time, although I do think I will set off slower next time with the aim of picking up speed after half way l(like I did in London this year) rather than  trying to do even splits. I think Chris has found the training harder than me as I always seemed to be out running or talking about running which doesn't interest him in the slightest. How are you feeling today? 

    Im in feeling much better today. No longer feel feverish which is a good start and my legs feel as though they may have run a half marathon but certainly not a full one. I can do squats and everything without them even hurting which is odd. My toes on the other hand hurt so I took a needle to the blisters this morning and what a relief. The nails have settled back down so their no longer catching on things and feel like they will be ripped off.

    just wanting everyone's opinion-yesterday my hands were swollen by mile 5. my fingers looked like sausages and I wasn't even able to make a fist. I use to get this towards the en of a 20 miler in the summer but never as early as mile 5 and it was never as severe as it was yesterday...any ideas?

  • Massive congratulations to Sarah and Malcs!!  Awesome result.  Running conditions yesterday were not that great yesterday were they?

    Sarah- looks like you had a bit of a nutrition malfunction if you had those tummy issues.  Such a shame, but when we push our bodies to the extreme like in a marathon, small problems can become big ones.  Still, what I wouldn't do for a sub- 3:25!!!  10 minutes faster than a BQ.... Wel jel!!!

    Sarah, you're so sweet to ask about the rest of my run- I feel bad complaining about it on the same day you were running a marathon.  Basically I went out for a 12 mile run, but managed to hit the wall pretty much by 6 miles.  I had a flu vaccination on Saturday, and certainly didn't eat all that much, so I suspect that all had a hand in it...

    Really glad I got out for it, but after 6 miles I sat on a bench outside the pub in Wivenhoe and had to fight the urge to go in for a coke.  Then at 8 miles I just wanted to walk, so tweeted.  Got some support from RRR, which was lovely, but I was already out of fuel and started to think about what the reasons could be. At 9 miles I was almost going to ask David to pick me up, but then I saw a couple out power walking.  They were of the larger variety, and it made me think that they were probably on the start of their journey to health, and if they were out doing it in these conditions, then I shouldn't give up.  That got me to 10 miles, then I switched the garmin off.  I really had nothing.  Then it started raining and I managed to run another half mile, then I really had absolutely nothing.  Walked the rest of the way home, and about 5 minutes after I got in, it started chucking it down!!

    Felt much better in the evening after I'd chowed down a beef wellington image 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Sarahmy heart went out to you reading that race report. You are amazing!  Maybe it didn't all go to your perfect plan, but thats what makes running such an amazing sport, because we have to adapt when circumstances dictate, and yet still achieve great things!!

    Sorry you are still feeling rough Angela, some runs just aren't meant to be! I should know, I've had a few of them in my marathon plan! Don't try n make it up, forget it, rest, move on. ( hug)

    DS2, 7week build up, and an 18 week plan! oh my goodness is that all the training time we have!! Glad you're  feeling better, I think this will be your year! image

    So, superman Clive... how's the foot recovering? What is next on your agenda?

    Malcs I am looking forward to the full report from you.

    Mr P, I have given up writing anything other than the shortest posts on my lap top because they vanish! I blame windows 8 because I have no trouble posting on anything else.

    Well I did a lovely 10mile through the forestry at the weekend, but I did have a mega mega panic attack, feeling totally inadequate for the task ahead. Luckily Tigger managed to talk me down! Feeling calmer today and I can't wait to start my carb loading!  shopping for fruit loaf this evening image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sorry folks, I've come straight back into packing hell here so haven't really had a chance to come online. I'm sneaking on while Alex is doing a dump run so I'll have to be quick. That said, I've packed the rolling pin and all sharp implements so I may be safeimage

    Just want to say a massive thank you for all the comments and support. I have to say I think some of them are a bit embarrassing image.

    Sarah - I certainly didn't feel like a "machine" sarah, unless it was one on it's last legs about to go to the scrap heap image

    Loved your report btw. I agree with the comments above. You did everything you could but sometimes it just doesn't happen. You certainly deserved a good time and although it wasn't what you were aiming for that was an awesome time.

    Think how you felt at the time, and you walked too - for most people that would be game over - target time + 30-40 mins at least. You didn't throw the towel in and you battled on to bag another excellent time.

    Mr P - ha! image I didn't even know there was a tracker. Obviously a tracker with a sense of humour.

    Jen - glad to hear that Tigger got you through your panic attack. Not long now and you'll be tearing up Snowdon!

    DS2 - sorry you're still not right. Plenty of time to get fit and ready for the road to London. 

    Clive - how is the heel now? I assume that the cortisone was just a temporary fix?

    Angela - ouch, that run sounded terrible. I'm glad that the beef well' sorted you out though!

    Apologies, but packing beckons - I will come back later with a full report, providing I can make it up the stairs one more time image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ok, I'm boxed out now so I'm taking a break to report.

    We were staying in a little hotel near Selby near my sister. She's just had a baby so we thought we'd give her some space - nothing at all to do with any concerns about being woken in the night by baby noise image

    Didn't get a great night's sleep so I was up in good time, got ready and headed for a much needed breakfast only to find that it didn't open until half an hour after I was due to leave - panic!

    Luckily I found a garage just round the corner and got weetabix and milk - God send! I haven't panicked as badly as this since I discovered I'd left my race belt with all my gels in my bag at VLM. Those guys don't look on you favourably when you ask them to retrieve a bag from a truck where every one looks exactly the same! image

    Got to the race in good time. Loo stop, bag drop then on to the start. Hadn't managed to see Sarah befeorehand but luckily I saw her in the pens - fully clad in the latest in bin liner fashion (no shower cap this time though). Only had time for a quick word before the race starter was beginning to get going.

    I was stood in the pen with my brother-in-law. Both of us must have put down pretty fast predicted times because the 3hr pacer was only a few yards in front of us! I felt like such a fraud image

    They did a nice little warm up for us which was great for me as I was really worried about starting cold on the dodgy leg/foot. Having not run all week it had been slowly tightening each day so my concerns about having to stop at 2 or 3 miles and stretch were really at the front of my mind.

    I had a decent calf stretch on the pen barrier and that really helped I think but when the gun went off and I started to run I could feel it straight away.

    The start was great. There were amazing crowds and as we entered the city walls there were almost London like crowds. The Minster bells were ringing and there was a band playing, yes, you guessed it "keep on running" image  This was all a welcome distraction from the injury but I hit the 3 mile mark wondering how much further before the burning would ramp up and I'd have to stop.

    4 miles, then 5 miles came but the pain didn't get any worse. 6, 7, 8 and by 9 if anything it felt like it was easing a little. It was certainly manageable and wasn't at all affecting my running. Definitely not in the same league as the pain that Clive was had to endure.

    My biggest problems at this point were my legs and my stomach. My legs were a bit sore probably due to the lack of training. In April I remember coasting through to half way. This time it was completely different.

    On the stomach side I think I'd taken a bit too much fluid. This, together with the jelly babies was repeating on me. It was really hot and I was sweating alot. I had to check with someone that it was indeed late October and that I was in Yorkshire. I'd booked this race specifically to do one in the cold and I had April conditions!

    Halfway came and I treated myself to a cheeky trip to the bushes. Luckily the country lanes provided plenty of opportunities for relief. I somehow simultaeously managed to calf stretch through the whole process. Must have looked very weird to those who passed by. It was a good call though and clearly I had taken on too much fluid as it was like that scene from Austin Powers where he comes out of cryo image

    I was stopped a full minute but the resultant high that only such an experience can bring meant that I caught up most of that over the rest of the mile.

    Got to 14 miles and there was a turnback. I'm not keen on these but this was the

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    best turnback I've ever run. The crowds were massive. Also, I got to see my brother-in-law coming the other way which gave me a nice lift.

    Sarah mentioned the hills and the longest stretches of these came over the next few miles. There was of course down for every up but the up seemed to last forever and in the sun it was quite draining.

    There was another turnback around the 18/19/20 area. This seemed to last forever. Again, the crowds were great but I was starting to suffer now. I picked someone who seemed to be doing about my speed and stuck with them for a bit. That tactic seemed to work quite well.

    When I came past the 20 mile marker I had a sudden surge of adrenaline. I was running 8:30 pace for a short while. Unfortunately it didn't last long and by mile 22 I was starting to struggle. 

    I talked to a few people and that also seemed to help. I think just talking and smiling is a great tactic - seems to fool the brain. 

    By mile 23 I was felling it badly. The injury pain was now nothing in comparison to the feeling we all know - where your legs are just fried and all you want to do is stop.

    There was an uphill section just after mile 24 and that was a killer but the real torture was half a mile out where there was quite a steep section. Sarah had warned me about this but nothing could have prepared me for it. I had a similar steep ending in Wales but I had Jen there to drag me up it. 

    I crawled past a guy who was walking which wasn't great for morale but when the top came it was utter bliss. I think I ran the last few hundred yards faster than any in the race. It was all downhill and the crowds were so loud. Crossing the line was amazing. You just don't get that in any other sport. My brother-in-law was waiting there as he'd crossed 5 mins before me (pretty damn impressive for his first marathon).

    I could feel the cramps coming but we kept moving and managed to avoid that particular pleasure.

    I was asked afterwards if that was it now to which my response was, no way! I'm not sure I'd want to do one on so little training again but I'll be back for more in April you can count on that image

    Today I have been mostly in pain but it was all worth it.

    Again, I can't thank you all enough for the support and encouragement. Since discovering these forums my running has taken an amazing turn for the better. Looking forward to the next campaign already!

  • A great read Malcs, nice to be able to finish a marathon and be looking forward to the next one. Good luck with the rest of the move it can be hell. 

    I dont think there is anything nicer than that feeling of not having to run after you've done your race  And then just easing back into a routine at the soft end.

    Tonight was our hill route, first  time I've done this for nonths so I took it easy on the first two efforts then went for it up by the cemetery image   Then we do a little one by the castle, followed by a jog down past the racecourse before a long pull up the romantically & imaginatively named Canal St Right back up to the Highest level in the city. Jog again and downhill about half the distance of our climb a quick right and right and a sprint up the road parallel to it. Here we are really near the end but we do a left and jog right back down again past the college and do a last 600m climb before stopping for a muster. Then its back to the start, or you can do an effort if you like. 

    So a very good weekend, park run lsr  and hill session all done. Shins a bit sore but I can rest tomorrow having made a good start  


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - many thanks indeed! Packing has been much harder than I expected so I hope once that's done we'll have the worst part out of the way. 2 days left and there still seems to be a shed load to do. 

    Sounds like a very nice run there. You have indeed had a very good weekend of running. Any news on VLM places yet?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Right then, I'm a day late but I'm officially renaming this week JEN WEEK image

    So, Jen, what's the schedule? Not too much running I hope. Lots of rest. Short gentle run out tomorrow maybe?

    Don't feel you have to run at all though. I only ran (jogged) on the Monday and rested for the whole of last week. Personally I find it better to let the body have a complete break. The only reason to run is if you feel you need it mentally.

    What's the carbo load plan, 2 or 3 day? Liking the sound of the fruit loaf!

    Got your fuelling strategy sorted? Gels or sweets?

    What's the water station setup like for Snowdon? I must say I quite like a 3 mile distribution - stops me from taking on too much.

    Come on Jen - you da (wo)man!


  • Great reports people! Fantastic efforts on both parts to keep going when it got really tough! That is after all the challenge of the marathon. If it were straightforward we'd all be running ultra's!image

    Sarah - I wouldn't over analyse it. Right from the start you were aware that you weren't your usual self and yet you ran all that way in a remarkably quick time, especially considering you were forced to walk some of it.

    You did all the right things leading up to it, training went well, nutrition was good and your race plan was right. Sometimes our bodies - especially the internal bits - don't play ball and we have to rescue the run using our grey matter which is exactly what you did.

    I do think you are capable of a very fast time at half marathon distance and believe you could be down around 1:25 with some focus on this event - a bit more speedwork and no need for runs over 15 miles. I think you'd really enjoy that. I've decided, having read yours and malcs reports that 2 marathon campaigns in a year is too much of a commitment and will aim to do VLM (hopefully Sub 3:15) and then concentrate on half marathon in Autumn 2014 (perhaps Cardiff or Birmingham) rather than a full marathon.

    I'm convinced that if I could get back to 1:25 for the half then running Sub 3:10 pace for the marathon would feel comfortable. I'm sure that is how you should see your immediate running future. I'd be interested to hear what you think but it's very easy to think running is all about marathons when in fact we can race so much more often at shorter distances with no need for recovery other than a few easy days.

    Malcs - a great read, as usual mate! I could almost feel your pain in those closing miles but an amazing performance to get under 4 hours. I think you used your head really well and got the best result possible. You've done that twice now this year and have made massive strides.

    I'm sure that Sub 3;30 will be there next year. I know only too well how hard it is to stay fit throughout a long campaign and as I approach my 50th it seems harder than ever. I guess we have to manage ourselves well throughout the winter months and be prepared to rest or cross train if necessary. last year I felt a fraud if I sat on my bike on the turbo rather than run but that was a mistake. Once my knee started playing up I should have maintained my fitness on the bike whilst it settled down.

    I never put cross training into my schedule - perhaps I should. Perhaps we all should???

    Mr P - great to see your enthusiasm hasn't diminished. You seem to be in a great place to push on. That looked like a fun session.

    Angela - we all have runs like that, especially after an illness. The important thing is to save it when you have a bad day, get out of it with as little damage as possible, rest, hydrate and come back stronger. Probably just your body saying you weren't totally over it.

    I was going to run today since I feel much better. I have my kit with me so may get out later if work allows it but I might just give it another day to make sure I'm over it.

    Jen - it's all about you now!!! I trust that Clive, Malcs and Sarah have left you inspired for this weekend. We are all right behind youimage

    And yes - VLM isn't that far away now is it?

  • DS2 I certainly think you're right, that 2 marathon campaigns in a year is too much (o dear have signed up to 4 in 2014).  But seriously, I think its far easier to get the training right for a spring marathon, notwithstanding winter illnesses.  There are far too many distractions in the summer to prepare for an autumn marathon- weddings, drinks after work, TR24. . . Of the 4 I've entered, I only intend racing the first one, and then taking the rest of them easy, enjoying the view/scenery etc.

    So, Jenf, its your week!  How exciting!!  I've been reading the book 'Running Crazy' and just came across a bloke who has done the Snowdon marathon 23 times... Have you decided on a time goal, or multiple goals, as I like to have...

    Malcs Great report, and what an amazing achievement to complete a marathon under 4 hours with so little training.  I've seen a few race reports on twitter, and seems it was significantly less 'flat' than the race organisers advertised.  The ones that did very well are those who basically did all their long runs in the lake district!

  • Angela - are you running the Halstead marathon next year? I'm going to do it again (will be my 4th year running) although I doubt it will be flat out. Once you do 10 you get a number of your choosing for life so that is an aim.

    I think I'm happier doing two relatively close together than 6 months apart because once they are out of the way you can relax a bit and concentrate on shorter distances.

    I PM'd Minks yesterday to see how she is and if she is intending to run at Halstead. I'll let you know what she says.

    I agree about the need for training to mimic the race. It is very hilly where I live and I think that's why Halstead suited me. When I ran London the first time I found the flatness really difficult. For next year I'm going to make sure I do a lot of my long runs on flat routes which will mean I need to drive somewhere else to start!

    How are you feeling today?

  • Hiya DS2 luckily I have the week off work so am able to rest up.  Still have a bit of a cough.  But just went out for an easy 30 mins- actually made the symptoms better, a bit of deep breathing is good for my lungs image

    At present, I haven't entered Halstead.  Its 2 weeks before my wedding, so didn't want to commit to it.  It is also, yet again, on a date with many local races, including colchester 10k and Frinton Half marathon - I'm quite tempted by the frinton half actually.  I do have in the back of my mind that one day I would like to join the 100 marathon club, but I have to remember my primary goal is to get faster first.  I must say that training in Colchester, and doing a marathon up the road in Halstead was the best set up ever.  It was great to be able to leave from home an hour before the race start with no stress whatsoever.

    My training plan has a lot of hill work in the start, but then focus will be on mimicking the route.  Manchester is supposed to be a very flat marathon, but I'm not sure about driving elsewhere... I guess running around a lake would be good.  I'm also thinking of trying this route as a run:

    By the way, what a great website for free running route plans ready made for you!!!


  • Im still lurking! 

  • You guys are just the best! And its been nearly a year since bootcamp!

  • Tiggerimageimageimage!!! I've been feeling quite nostalgic about it and would love to go through it again. Unfortunately, I have no reason to enter this year because of VLM. Paris would be before my birthday so would be self-defeating!

    Are you entering again this year?

    Angela - I think I should get out and run lunchtime for the same reason. An easy run might be just what I need and I'm stuck doing paperwork all day today which I hate so the idea of a run is becoming ever more appealing.

    I ran the Frinton half one year. I was at my caravan at St Osyth so it worked out well. Now that I'm on this run of completed Halsteads I don't want to stop and, also, I might just be competitive there as a V50!

    I shall take a look at that link!

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