ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Does the Halstead need to be run in 10 consecutive years to get a permanent number?  I think they do a similar thing for the Berlin marathon, which is pretty cool image

    How was the Frinton half?  I guess it can be quite windy - I'm just trying to think how they manage to get 13 miles of running in Frinton, its not that big a town, and even Colchester half spends half of the race in the sticks...

  • I believe that the 10 can be at any time but at my age I'm running out of time. I'll be 56 if I do it every year from now on before I complete my 10 so I'm not intending missing any!

    Frinton was a good course. If I remember rightly it started at the Technical College and then went all over the place and then ran back along the seafront for a few miles. It was pretty windy!!! I really enjoyed it though and the nature of the course meant my wife and kids got to see me a few times on route and easily made it back to the finish in time. From memory it was pretty flat.

    My overriding memory was that the course seemed a bit short but I could be completely wrong and just had a good day!image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Malcs, I loved your race report! I'm so happy it came together in the end for you after all the worries with injury.

    Love the idea of Jen week!! lol. image Thanks team!

    So my plan this week; did 10 miles off road saturday, A social 6 miles last night with club, a few teeny weeny wts this eve (just cos they make me feel good) then a massage wednesday, rest thursday, travel up Friday, Race Saturday. Carbo loading thurs/friday. Sound ok?

    Water stations??? no no no, this is SNOD, we have farmers in 4x4 with flasks of tea, tea rooms serving scones jam/cream, kids with tables outside their schools serving flapjack!! This may seriously affect my finish time! I have resigned myself to the fact that this is a v hard/hilly marathon, with weather conditions usually against the runner. The only goal I have given myself is to finish.

    I just hope I do you all proud. image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Having a packing break.

    Angela - thanks, yes it was certainly more hilly than I expected. Sort of comforting to know I wasn't the only one that found it that way. Can't really complain though as Jen is just about to run up and down a freakin' mountain!

    I didn't realise you had 4 mara's booked already. Wow, all that, TR24 and the small matter of getting hitched to that banana fella. Going to be a busy year then!

    DS2 - If you're looking for flat ground to train on better give York a missimage  How is the flu now? 

    Tigger - totally agree and yes, wow a year gone in a flash - how did that happen? 

    Jen - thanks!

    So Jen week looks pretty good to me. Nice to see you'e not being tempted into more running.

    Ha - loving the Snowdon setup! I see what you mean though - scones with jam and cream could be a terrible distraction image

    Regarding goals, you picked a beauty beacause finishing is the biggest goal of all! Forget about times, those are just little cherries on top. Dragging yourself through 26.2 miles is never easy whatever speed you go at.

    I think those speedsters that shoot round in a mere 3 hours have it easy. Try staying out for 4 or 5 hours and you have a real test of endurance. It's definitely way harder the longer you're out there.

    You've also got the hills as well so make no mistake about it, getting round this will be a mighty achievement. And by the way, you will get round it and when you cross that line you are going to be absolutely ecstatic!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Sneaked on while my anaesthetist messes around with syringes full of colourless fluids...

    Jen- that sounds like an ideal week for the final peak before SNOD. I think it will be great, and as Malcs said, not having the devil on your shoulder shouting out split times means you can enjoy (??!!) the run more. the farmers with 4x4 reminds me of the Crathes Half I did last year on Royal Deeside- they were dishing out plastic cups with water and juice, and then running after you to pick them up as they only had a few!

    Malcs- all credit to you again for Sunday- that is an impressive performance considering the injury and knock on effect upon the training. Nice to get under the 4 hours too. Race report was great (as always)

    Sarah- also a fantastic performance and race report. I wonder what made you feel unwell? Considering how you felt to run a sub 3:25 is awesome, and twice in a year even better. I echo what DS2 said- don't over analyse or be critical as that time still puts you in the top 10% of all marathon times by UK runners this year. The other performances show what talent you have, and the time will come- it is a matter of when rather than if.

    Angela- hope you're feeling better. How is the studying going this week? I'm impressed by your resolve to keep going on the long run- I'd have been in the pub ringing for a lift from David image One of my friends did Manchester last year, and said it is easily the flattest course he has ever raced.

    DS2-hows youre week going? Been out yet? I think there is a lot to say for training on hills. Sheffield is a nightmare for that and I think doing long runs in the peaks builds up leg strength, so makes the flat races easier? I know what you mean about the BC nostalgia- when I logged on just now the forum went to around the time we were all announced as the final 5s...

    Mr P- sounds like you are getting back into the groove nicely. I like the sound of the hills session you did. My brother in law is trying to persuade me to do the Conway half- when exactly is it? Have you done it before?

    Still no running for me yet. Foot is still a bit sore, but more back to the chronic discomfort I had for the last 4-6 weeks of training. I have commited to trying to let it rest, so sitting fattening myself up for Xmas image I might try and have a wee trot at the weekend...

    I think I need to decide on what targets to go for next year- Anglea seems to have entered every online race there is image, everyone else is doing VLM, and I've only got TR (and a couple of swims Tigger!!) to look forward to. Wondering whether to go for Marathon again next Autumn and maybe concentrate on getting my half time down? Maybe go to the dark side of Triathlon (gives me an excuse to be crap again)? Suggestions please...

  • Malcs, yes, I'm afraid marathon booking was a symptom of my recent flu... I have the following:

    6 Apr - Manchester

    13 Apr - VMLM

    6 Jul - Lakeland trails marathon - circumnavigates Coniston Water

    14 Sep - Bacchus Marathon = wine drinking dressed up as a silly soemthing?  Banana will hopefully do the half...

    The good thing about getting married is that you can get out of things for a run claiming you're wedding planningimage  we're almost there though- David has finished making the website, and its frikin awesome!! image

    Clive  - you tempted to do the Lakeland one, just for fun? What's the ultimate goal for you?  I know you mentioned GFA?  I think its really important to recover and rehabilitate that injury of yours.  I was chatting to my massage guy about PF, given my Plantar Facias were a bit tight, and he was saying its something he finds really interesting image but it can take a really really long time to heal.

    Studying is going well thanks. I did a mock Anatomy and Physiology exam this afternoon and got 96%.  I haven't even revised the cardio vascular system or the effects of exercise on physiology yet, so I guess I have a good amount of memory image Just hope I do as well at the exams at the weekend.  

  • Angela- sounds tempting. There is the option for the half too. Not really sure what my ultimate goal is- GFA/BQ would be amazing, but don't know if I have it in me. It is 3:15, and I think if I hadnt been injured I could have maybe gone under 3:20 if the stars aligned, but that might be too much? I think I should just spend some time surfing the internet and see what races etc catch my eye image

    Whens the final move date Malcs?

  • Clive in my book about Qualifying for boston, one thing that Jeff Galloway recommends is that when you're really going for it, you book 3 marathons each a month apart, that way, if one isn't going to work out for you for whatever reason, weather, 1 week after a bug, tummy issues on the day, you can just use it as a really long slow run, and have a month to recover and taper to race the next one.  I certainly think when I'm a bit closer to the BQ this is something I would do to 'go for it'.  I do think in trying to get that super crazy time, a GFA or a BQ, you do need to have the perfect build up though, and perhaps if your race hadn't been overseas this time, you might have pulled out I think?

    How far is Coniston from Sheffield?  We're thinking of camping the night before, since there's a campsite not too far from the race start, and then going uber luxury afterward, since it is my birthday image  Did you know that there is a hog roast after.. part of my searching for marathons involves looking for good freebies.  Bacchus also features a hog roast and a glass of wine after, as well as wine all along the course.  A BARGAIN at just £46 (I think it was).  Lakeland was £39...


  • * our wedding day has a hog roast, and it costs significantly more than either of those marathonsimage 

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    Angela - Better not get ill too often then or you'll have a schedule like Dean Kannazes image

    Fantastic news on the web site, you must send a link to the site so we can have a nosey!

    What did you think of the bake off final last night?

    Mmmm, hog roast....

    Clive - many thanks once again. I might have missed it but have you been told exactly what's wrong with your foot? Sorry to hear it's back to being sore again but I guess you expected that. Would be good for you to have the peace of mind to know what's wrong and what you have to do to fix it.

    Now then, on to your target. For crying out loud man, if you don't have a 3:15 in you then I'm a China man. You just ran 3:29 on one leg! Of course you can achieve 3:15!

    As for what the best way would be to achieve that I'm not sure. You ran a brilliant half in September which would indicate your speed is there. Maybe focus on training so you can maintain 7:20 ish pace over a longer distance? I dunno what to suggest really. However, I do know that you can do it!

    Final move date is...tomorrow! I've been at it full time for the last tow days and it still feels like there's loads to do. Starting to get a little nervous now!

    I also forgot that my internet won't be connected at the new place until the 30th! The 30th! I'll have gone dark for 6 full days - that's nearly a week. Might have to hack into one of the neighbours' wireless networks.

    So I'll have to tonight and then you won't hear a peep until next wednesday! Not great timing with Jen's big one this weekend but I have your phone number Jen so you won't escape! That leads nicely to....

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    JEN WEEK - DAY 3

    Hope the weights session gave you a nice boost last night. Enjoy the massage today. I had one before my race in April and I really think it made a difference. 

    Take it easy otherwise, resist any sudden urges to run to Llanelli and back! Your body may start to give you all sorts of strange signals but you know it's all just smoke and mirrors. I had a bit of it last week. Strange pains, sudden lead like legs. I even felt I had a sore throat coming on. Ignore it all if it comes.

    Food fest starts tomorrow right? That's something to look forward to!

    Jen week is taking over here. Yesterday I had the remainder of my Jenny Babies. Today I have midget Jens. My deodorant has run out so I had to use Alex's Soft And Jentle, I get my gas from PowerJen and my favourite game is Jenga image

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    image Power Jen is what I need for Saturday Malcs! hope all goes well with your move.

    Work was manic today, a number of staff off with the lurgie, so I picked up the extra work load.image, but it's ok, I got away in time to have my hair done ( very important if your going to be on TV) and my legs have been declared in full Snowdon order by my sports masseur! Bring on the carbs!!

    Incidentally Tinkerbell made a TV appearance, shown crossing the finish line at Cardiff waving her wand!!

    Good luck at weekend with your exams Angela.

    sorry its not a long post, I still don't trust this computer not to wipe my post any minute. image

  • HI guys, thankyou for all the positive feedback and kind comments, I really appreciate it. I ended up still being nauseous on monday and then chris started with it too so im wondering if I did have a bug. I guess i will never know for certain but it would explain alot of things...except why I was capable of finishing a marathon and chris had to be sent home from uni unable to listen to teaching??? I woke up with 2 cold sores on tuesday morning so again im wondering if runningwith a virus has further lowered my immune system. I havent had a cold sore in over two years before this week - there horrid little things so im feeling all sorry for myself and quite self conscious.

    Angela your race report on sunday sounded worse than mine...You sounded in far more pain than me! Lets hope that there are not many more of them. I really dont envy your year next year...all those marathons...looks tough! David must be very understanding!

    Loved reading your race report Malcs mainly because I could relate to so much of it...that awful hill after 25 miles but than fab downhill finish! Would you do it again? Good luck with the move...D day almost here!!

    Mr P I havent ever done hill training but my club (second claim) does it on a tue night at 7pm, im thinking that I might be able to get there in time - would you recommend it?

    DS2 sounds like your ready to do business again ! I agree with you, two marathons 6 months apart is a bit of a bad idea, feel like my life has been taken over by them...although if i had a sucessful run on sunday I may have felt differently. I would love a sub 1:25 half - any training tips?

    Hi Clive Im sorry to hear that your foot is still not right, I was hoping that it would have settled by now. Have you been back to see the specialist at all? How about Belvoir challenge in May, me and angela are running it? Not too far from shef. There is clown half marathon at the end of Nov too that im planning on doing it if your free?

    Go Jen go. Your marathon sounds amazing. I think I want to do it....all those buns and cakes. Its def a marathon to enjoy and finish than achieve a specific time.

  • Belvoir challenge in march?!? Don't gimme a coronary Sarah!!!

    Jen, it's ur week!! So exciting- I do like the idea of powerJen image. I'm carb loading today and it seems to be helping with giving me a bit more zing!!

    Malcs, hmm. Bake off final wasn't all that exciting- right person won on the day I guess.  What happened to kkimberly, she was doing so well then made that boring poorly finished wedding cake!!

    Sarah, the joy of those marathons is that they aren't gonna be for time- we get to link them up with little weekends away, and have a bit of fun with it.  We went to both Lake District and surrrey for races this year and David does enjoy the scenes like me- an excuse to get the camera out  image I would probably not make him cone to Manchester with me, except I'll need someone to drive me homeimage 

    i really do think Sunday was just a fuelling issue- whilst I'd usually set off about 90 mins after a porridge brekkie, I waited to track u all doing York for a few hours but didn't eat anything else before setting off, so no wonder I conked out!! image live and learnimage

  • I had to avoid the thread yestrday in case there was any bake off talk as i knew raymond Blanc had spilt the beans and I couldn't watch til aftert he Chelsea match.

    I was stuck in a traffic jam on Monday with one of our sales managers and we had a good old chat about strictly and bake off.  quite funny really. 

    Angela the idea of booking several maras makes sense, I always feel like by taper time I am actually just coming good, and another couple of weeks might make all the difference. Stratford would be a sensible one for me after London I guess.

    Sarah, I love the hill nigt, I start off wondering how on earth I will get round, and always end running the last one like a train. I know it has to benefitting my overall fitness, but the simple logic that they are so much easier week on week tells its own story. Funny you should mention second claim, the other club I like meets on a Wednesday and has good routes, rather than switch clubs I could just join them as second claim. As if my performance would make a difference! 

    Jen how will those of us who don't know you identify you on sunday's tv coverage? 

    What will you do Malcs? Have you access through your phone? Work?

  • Malcs - good luck with the move!!

    Sorry not to have commented for a couple of days. My Dad is in a pretty bad way so time taken up, I'm afraid. I will have a good read back when I can.

    Keep up the good work!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear that DS2. best wishes to you and your family.

    Angela I think its shows great support that you are willing to carb load with everyone on this thread. I'm on home made mushroom soup and soda farls for lunch today.

    Sarah, make sure its out of your system before you push running again. How are the toes? Delicate?

     Mr P, first clue to recognising me will be the fact that I'm at the back of the pack!! There are 1800 male runners and only 500 women, so that will narrow it down again!! I'll be wearing a lime green vest over grey long sleeved, and my race no is 2155. If its hammering down with rain I'll have my head down and an orange jacket on! They do spend more time with the front runners obviously, but you never know, they may feel sorry for us!! image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

     BTW, Monday 28th is the anniversary of this thread!! RRR and myself both posted on the first page!! image

  • Mr P, only problem with multiple marathons is that in the UK they ALL seem to cluster in April and October, so you might have to book overseas ones, which seems a bit pricey if you may or may not race it properly...

    DS2 sorry to hear about your dad.  thoughts are with you and I wish you strength to cope with whatever it is *hug*

    Jenf, yup, I like to support my fellow forumites, who have given me so much support in the past..  What is a soda farl?  Is this something Welsh??  I managed a 12 mile run today on the same route I ran (failed to run) on  Sunday.  I did stop at that same bench in Wivenhoe, but instead of sitting on it and sulking and wondering whether to go in the pub, I had a mini break on it to consume my energy gel and ran my merry way home, slightly faster than I had run there.  One of my return miles was at marathon pace, so certainly think the gel had a big effect this morning.

    So Geography geek... I read a chapter of a book I got for Christmas yesterday, called 'On the Map'  - non-fiction book unsurprisingly about maps.  Anyhoo, I read the chapter about Mappa Mundi which is in Hereford cathedral, and now I have the strongest desire to go there, but its rather far away from east anglia, so we would need to link it up with some other things to do.  Do the folk that live a bit closer than me know of anything?  Maybe a fun race or something??

  • Thanks for the good wishes people. He got taken back into hospital this morning and I suspect he won't go back home. Considering he was given only a 5% chance of living 17 years ago it's remarkable he's still here but tough on everyone, whatever.

    Anyhow PowerJen - there is no need to show off. I thought I was 'an original' but I didn't join until page 6! Tigger was there just before!

    Angela - I would think jen will be one of the best placed on here to give you advice around races on the North Wales/Hereford area.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Angela, look up RW trailblazers, they have a race 24thMay in forest of dean, just down the road from Hereford. I did it 2 years ago, its good fun. it was a 10k, but I believe they are doing a half marathon distance this year aswell.

  • I've read On the map Angela! My attic is full of all the maps I collected  when I was trucking, mostly street maps i used to love the A-Z county maps, but some of the older folding maps of little towns are quite charming.  I still look atthem in charity shops image

    Hereford is a nice place to visit, then there's Ludlow which is a Foodie capital, I'm sure you'd find somewhere nice to eat.

  • I would LoVE to do that race Jen, would have to havea word with David though, as it is the day we've scheduled to get married.... We have booked the church and reception venue and everything, but I'm sure we could rearrange so I could do a race image  Maybe notimage

    looks like some stormy weather is blowing in! Perhaps you could fashion a sail to help you getting around SNOD?

    mr P, I'm glad I'm not the only map geek!  I still remember one of the essay titles for the module 'philosophy nature and practice of geography'.  the title was '"Mapping is a form of repression." Discuss.'  All very interesting, had to chat about how religious buildings on OS maps we're represented with a cross, no matter whether christian, Jewish or muslim, although I suspect that's probably changed now...

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    just checking in to say I'm feeling great!  There's a great buzz already here. Thank you all for your great words of encouragement this week. I'm looking forward to what I hope will be  an amazing race experience tomorrow! 

  • Good luck Jen!!

    good luck for exams Angela!!

    hope everyone else has a good weekend running or racing...

    I'm off to in laws caravan in Wales with the kids for a long weekend as it's half term. Still not tried to run but foot still aching. I wonder whether I should get it reviewed image

  • Jen, we're all routing for ya!  I would like a nice race report to read tomorrow evening as well! no pressure!

    ive had a dreadful day, despite leaving home with half an hour to spare to get to my course I ended up being half an hour late due to train delays and so missed my first exam! It was aweful!  Now I won't be able to retake it until next year!!  Really enjoyed the rest of the course though!  Then on my way home another train delay.  This one I was more sympathetic to, as a passenger on the train ahead had been taken ill to the extent it was dangerous for the paramedics to move them from the train for a while.  That said its ridiculous, both delays were caused in the same place, Chelmsford, which is the county town of Essex, recently made a city, yet if a train gets stuck there, there is no way through except for the opposite line! Added to which despite paying hundreds of pounds a month for my season ticket, I was standing all the way back to Colchester for an hour and a half. Rather than 50 minutes because of the delays!

    2 exams tomorrow! Hopefully I won't be late for them!  Wondering about driving instead but don't know the roads well enough and I bet silly sat nav will take me on north circular rather than M25 to getto chiswick!  Such a stressful end to what was a very relaxing and recharging week!

  • Good luck Jen, hope all goes to plan.

    Not a great dY here either , Mrs P is ready to pack her job in because of a tosser area manager, puffy junior has just broken down in Glossop. Luckily I added him to our AA membership so he is ok but he is going to be mighty pissed off when he gets in!

    Angela I thought Chiswick was on the North Circular image

    Clive I think I'd be happy to rest a bit longer and see how my foot was in a week in your position, perhaps  immediate post-marathon isn't really the best time to assess what state it is really in?


  • I think it is, but it's not a very effective road to use when coming from north east london- from Essex.  Even though u do far higher mileage on m25-m4 it's still usually much quicker, but I don't trust myself or the sat nav on the last piece, so a 6:33 train instead! Joy!

  • Good luck Jen. Make sure those granola bars are packed!image

  • Hey guys! I think I have found a solution to my posting issues! Yep whoo it worked!

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