ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Do you know it dawned on me this morning, tr24 well it couldnt have been until December, January time that we booked in last year. As well this time last year we hadnt even been to bootcamp! This year the event sold out in two weeks....thats awesome!

    MALCS hope your house move is going ok,I'm probably late with that but well your probably still unpacking! DS2 worry to read about your dad, hope your all doing ok!

    ANGELA make the most of it while you can, I do wonder how much I would have done if I started running before my family came along! Good luck with the exams

    CLIVE I love the way you 'just pop in' and write an essay! Definitely looking forward to the swimming events, Windermere and Coniston not to mention the training swims!

    JEN I know you will do amazing!

    As for me I've been to see a podiatrist, I have some 'go faster strips' added to my right shoe as my foot collapes, which is why I have had hip/itb issues all this time, the physio wants me to go back in January or before if the strips dont work! I have my half marathon tomorrow! Worksop and I'm looking forward to catching up with Paul, Neil will be running too. Discounting tr24 and my tri this is my first race back since may and im papping it! Last time i did this race I thought I was going to die with dehydration and vowed never to do it again! Oops And on the swim front......yep still swimming at least twice a week in the lake! Wednesday im doing another night swim and can not wait!

  • Glad to see you are still bonkers Tigger. A night swim? Does the theme tune of Jaws not play in your head? I have difficulty getting in a swimming pool if it is just me....

    Anyway it's been good reading this forum over the summer. Been lurking about and not posting. I see they will be launching it 26.2 shortly. Who is entering it again? I am doing London which is the week after Paris so possibly won't bother. Was lucky to get to bootcamp last year but did love it.
  • Hey Stan, I remember you from bootcamp. How are things?

     I'm doing London as well so not bothering to enter. Good to see you back on here. 

  • Opps slight typo angela . Glad you made both your exams today and a huge congrats on passing them with flying colours.

    Mr P I think im going to swap my clubs around next year so my first claim becomes my second and vice versa as im going to sheffield less often at the moment so im not really getting to train with Maltby or run for them. It would also be quite nice to get to know some more runners in York. Hope your bad luck has changed...sounds like you had a bad day yesterday.

    So sorry to hear about your father DS2, I hope your ok? My thoughts are with you and your family at this diffiult time. 

    So glad to hear that you had a fantastic marathon Jen and that you really enjoyed it. Is it a marathon that you would recommend? How difficult was it? Will you be watching it in the morning aswell? I was starting to think that this thread was jinxed so im so glad youve proved me wrong. My toes arent to bad. Chris managed to stand on my worse toe in the week, it hurt so much it brought tears to my eyes but I think they might be ready for a run in the morning now. image. I didnt realise this tread was here until after boot camp so I was a late arriver!

    Hi Clive sorry to hear that your foot is still playing up. Think I would be tempted to see a specialist but as said above I would make sure your foot had recovered from the marathon so that it can be assessed properly. Hope your having fun in the caravan and the weathers stayed good.

    Good luck Tigger for tomorrow. I really enjoyed worksop half last year, really jealous of you all running it.

    Hi Stan not sure if I had the pleasure of meeting you at boot camp or not, will you be sticking around? As much as I would love to run paris marathon I dont think I have it in me to go through all that campaigning again!

    Ive had a week without running and its driving me crazy. Really looking forward to going out tomorrow (just hope my toes hold out). I went to the gym on friday (free day pass) and did some cross training which has helped but I am now climbing the walls!


  • Thanks Sarah image I learnt so much today that I want to share with u all, specifically about strength work and how best to encorpirate it into a marathon program- I'll try to blog about it in the next few days, but certainly think it's the kind of thing that would help take big chunks off ur marathon times and mine! image


    looking fwd to ur race rrport Jen!


    good luck tomorrow Tigger!!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    OK, Here it is! But firstly I want to say a massive thank you for all your support and encouragement this week. You are the best image

    This was an amazing race experience, from the minute we arrived in Llanberis the atmosphere was superb. I've never spoken to so many strangers in coffee shops etc Everyone was just so positive. The weather was appalling as I sat n had a cream tea, rain lashed across horizontally. What was I letting myself in for?

    The next morning was dry, but dark clouds hung over the mountain, heavy rain was due in at 4 o'clock. Ok...that gave my 5.5hrs to run the marathon n get back to cover! I'd given myself a few goals, 1st was just to finish, and in my dreams to do sub 5.00. I'd worked out a rough pace for a 5.00 finish, bearing in mind those 3 hills demanded respect. I set off at a sensible pace letting loads overtake me. Needless to say 4 miles in on the first hill I started passing people! It was on that hill I made the best decision of the race. There was a young girl alongside me that I realised had been there from the start running a similar pace to myself. We started chatting, and encouraged each other up that hill. We decided to stick together.

    From Pen y pass we then had a lovely bit of off road downhill, great fun! The scenery was superb. We were both feeling good and kept a steady pace going, a few people overtook us, but we decided to stay sensible because we still had 2 more gruelling hills.

    The hill out of Beddgelert (about mile 13) was a killer! Her physio had recommended walking the steep bits, We fell into a strong power walk, and soon found ourselves overtaking many running. We reached the top feeling good, The route then stayed on the main road and was undulating. We fell into a comfortable pace again. The miles just passed, I lost track of time and mile markers, and before long we realised we were at mile 18 which was the cut off point of 4hrs. We were there in 3.05. This was exciting, because we worked out that even having to walk every step of the last hill we had every chance of getting in under 5.00. You've never seen 2 happier runners! We were even overtaking people at this point who had given too much on the first 2 hills and were really really struggling.

    The hill up to Bwlch y groes at mile 21 was every bit as evil as expected. It is off road, steep, and 3 miles long! We power walked again. All the way up we passed people walking, nobody was running, but we both still had energy!  From the top at mile 24 it was a very slippery/muddy steep slope down into Llanberis. At this point youth was on my running partners side, and her knees were managing the downhill better than mine, so I told her to go for it and I'd see her at the end. It was every man/woman for themselves as the wind was also trying to blow us off the mountain side!

    I was absolutely elated to break my dream time, with 16mins to spare!!! image AND I got back to the hotel before the rain came in as predicted at 4 o'clock. Result!

     It was a fantastic race, I'd recommend everyone put it on the 'to do' list, but definitely a race to respect.

  • Jen - wow, wow, wow!! Brilliant run and fantastic report. You must be absolutely elated. That is an incredible time. I'm so pleased for you.image

    As for me, managed 5 miles today @ 7:59 pace around a local lake. Very windy and every step felt like an effort but glad to get running again after another false start!

    once again Jen - brilliant run. I have been thinking of doing that event for some time. I must do it after reading your report!

  • The race is on! Just watching it on s4c

    nice big names on the bibs, easyto see.


  • Hi all. Sadly, my Dad passed away this afternoon. Thank God for running at times like these!

  • Thankyou Angela might come in handy if I do run snowdonia next year!!

    Fantastic race report Jen, I watched the marathon on S4C, didnt understand a word of what was spoken but got a taste for the marathon. I ve always loved mountains and the scenery out there is amazing. I would love to run it now. When I was there in summer, the weather was horrendous x 2 so it must have been tough yesterday. I feel ashamed for moaning about the hills in my marathon...they were nothing compared to those you ran yesterday.

    DS2 im so sorry to hear about your dad passing away, I hope your ok and you and your family are supporting each other through such a difficult time. My thoughts are with you.


    I managed a 7.5 mile run today at an average 7:58 mm pace. Everything felt good except my second right toe...I think the nail needs to come off but its not playing ball!

  • DS2, So sorry to hear about your dad.  Thinking of you and your family at this tough time, and that you can all find your peace with it.

    Jenf what an amazing race, and an incredible time given the molehills (image) you had to overcome!  Seriously great work! well done!

    Sarah I knew it wouldn't be long before you'd start looking out for another marathon to doimage Well done on your run.  Remember to still be taking it easy in the next couple of weeks so that you recover fully from York!

    After my weekend of Gym instructing  course, I can honestly say I love this stuff, although they were long exhausting days with 2 hours travel (at least) each way - ended up driving yesterday as there was a very limited train service, and the North Circular wasn't too bad...  I passed all the exams I did take- even got 100% on the customer exam.  Now have loads of course work for the next month before I go back for my practical.  

    After 3 days inn a beautiful gym I decided I would get a little workout in before driving home.  I did a 30 minute run (on a treadmill) with a few bursts, either sprinting on the flat, or with a 4% incline.  Then I had a pretty half hearted attempt at some of the weights machines, mainly because I have to learn how to use them so I can teach them.

    Sitting at home as no trains running due to the storm.  Silly david tried to drive to work- surely if there have been 60 trees down on the trainline at least, then there are probably trees down on the roads too!!  Anyway he's home now having met several obstacles...

  • DS2 so sorry to hear about your Dad, you and your family arein our hearts and thoughts x

    STAN....Moi??..... Bonkers?..

    JEN whooo hoooo had every faith and you as predicted you did brilliantly! Great race report!

    So guys dont fall off your chair....but I have race report!

    WORKSOP HALF MARATHON.....BLOODY HATED IT! This was the second attempt at enjoying this race....and no it didn't work! My main priority for the race was to finish it injury free, I didnt really care about times, just wanted to finish I ran with a good friend, and nattered for the first 6 miles, felt good, then we hit clumber park and to honest I found it sooooo boring, long long stretches of straight road with nothing but trees either side! Just felt that my legs were going around but I wasnt getting anywhere! The thing is with worksop is that you start on a hill, and majority of the race is uphill, if not steep hill, then long gradual climb! The down hill bits are very short and unrewarding! Oh and the weather didnt help as it was blowing a hooly! at the 10 mile mark I had to stop for a good long drink at the water station, it was probably all in my head and because of my experience of last time I worried myself. My hip was sore, I wasnt sure if it was actually sore, in my head or because of the inserts in my trainers.....I was a very grumpy tigger! And grumped until I got back on proper roads and the last 1 1/2 miles was awesome...and downhill! We started picking off runners and must have passed about 12 runners! So yes a strong finish....granted hip hurt like hell after and to see me when I got out of the car at home I looked like I would never walk again! And whoo hoo got a nice t shirt that I will never wear because surprise surprise it doesn't fit! Other than that saw Paul before the race and gave him a fully charged tigger hug! And it didnt rain until we had finished

  • DS2 - very sorry to hear about your Dad. You and your family have my deepest sympathy.

    Good to see all the race reports. I think Snowdon will be one to aim for next year. It sounds great. Were the views good Jenf? I did the Oldham half the weekend before last and that has an ascent of 1100ft and fantastic views of Saddleworth, the Moors and then towards the end Manchester in the distance. It was a lot more enjoyable than your race Tigger and my t-shirt fitted at then end and even with repeated washes shouldn't shrink. Didn't get a medal to clutter my draw with though!

    Sarah I don't think I met you at boot camp either but I can remember seeing you there. I never had to do the whole campaigning thing last year which was a relief I think as the whole waiting for the phone to ring / checking emails every 5 minutes was enough to nearly send me over the edge!

    Going to go for a run in a bit as it's not as windy as you southern folk seem to have it! Missed my long run yesterday due to a wedding reception induced hangover....




  • Hi Stan,

    i wasn't at the bootcamp but followed RRR, shady and Steve on their forums as well as Sarah on her RW forum, then met all these crazy cats at TR24 last year, and met DS2 at Halstead marathon.

    Tigger well done for completing the race and sorry you didnt  enjoy it!  Sounds like a real toughie with all those hills!   I think dorney is in feb and silverstone in march- those are the ones most advertised for London prep, though we also have a number of half marathons in Essex that time of year so I'll be doing those instead.  There's also a 20 miler that's only £8 to enter- or £6 if ur affiliated


  • Hi angela I cant believe that you and david aare at home due to the weather. Its not been bad up here. We have had a bit of rain and thats it which im glad off but its strange to think that the weather can be so different just a few hundred miles away. Has it caused much damage? I even walked on my patient visits today as its seemed reasonably ok outside!! My mum pointed out to be that I could do palermo marathon in three weeks time instead of the half...but im worried that it might spoil my holiday (thats if we get there with mount etna erupting)! Your gym course sounds fab, good that you got to try out some of the equipment to image Been giving my extended hours rota up until march next year (inclusive) and I was down to work when its colchester half - I asked to swap and now im down to work when its essex 20 - grr!

    Great race report tigger I can completley relate to your experience having run it last year, I can remember thinking...another bloody hill, every corner you turn there seems to be another one. It is a circuit so there has to be as much up hill as there is down but it certainly doesnt feel like it. Think all teh town hill bit is in that last mile-mile and half. I ran it last year wanting the black T with the illuminous green pumpkin on it that they gave out the year before. Turns out 2011 was a special edition so i got a rubbish one instead last year.

    Hi Stan, it sounds like you shared all of our experience of the RW comp last was so awful waiting by the phone and having to keep checking your emails to be told that you hadnt made it, I guess we were lucky to have made it as far as bootcamp but I think the experience afterwards scared me for life! Do you fancy snowdonia marathon then? I was looking last night and there is a snowdonia half marathon on the 6th of april that im tempted to do...see if I can survive that one first! image

    Hope the moves gone ok Malcs and your not lost beneath boxes!!

  • Heya Sarah, 

    There's another half marathon near me in February - great Bentley Half - not done it before, but its a lovely beautiful village, getting closer to the coast:  Whereas the colchester running clubs are mega competitive, Gt Bently is thought to be a nice alternative club to join which is a bit more inclusive.  But again, with my current working schedule I just couldn't get out there to do their training, though I suspect I could do their Sunday training runs as they meet somewhere thats about 3 miles in to one of my usual long run routes anyway.

    Yes, the storm was pretty bad around here-  the howling wind woke me up at about 5:30, but thats ok- went to bed at 9pm last night I was so exhausted!  We just drove to Staples to get some stationary for my case study.  We stuck to the major roads rather than the back roads, and some rather large trees have had big branches come off, and in some cases split down the trunk.  David said that some he saw on the way to work had been pulled over, pulling the roots out of the ground and breaking the road surface as a result.  Luckily, we have power, but the train companies have decided not to bother running today at all- instead are spending the day trying to repair all the damage.  I guess this is the problem with having a train line with overhead power lines, as well as being really vulnerable to cable theives, any adverse weather affects them!

    So, for a report on Greater Anglia, which I have tried to use in the last 4 days:

    Friday: a total of 52 minutes of delays, including standing up the whole way home for an hour and a half

    Saturday: 10 minute delay

    Sunday: No trains but instead replacement buses which were not runing early enough for me to take sensibly so drove.

    Monday: No trains at all!!  

    I really feel like my £417 a month season ticket is well worth it. . . image



  • DS2 - so, so sorry to hear about your Dad. Deepest sympathies. xx 

  • Fab report Jen!! And well done on beating your dream time by 15 minutes!!! Woo woo!! (Does PB dance!)

    Sorry to hear your half wasn't fun, Tigger. Guess now you know you DEFINITELY hate Worksop half so won't have to try it again!! image Reckon you need ot come and do Skeleton Run with me next year! Was brilliant fun! Twice up a Beacon Hill, in the dark, in fancy dress. What's not to like there?image

  • I got the black t shirt.....that didn't fit either! 

    RRR definitely next year! I have got an costume for Wednesday's swim I'm a little devil!

  • Argh! Tigger ok ... it sounds COMPLETELY crap then!! Don't think it'll be on my list!!

    OK cool would be fab to run with you at Skeleton run next year. Is between Loughborough and Leicester - not sure how far that is from you? Ha ha! You're going to SWIM in a costume??!! Brilliant!

  • So have you all signed up yet for 2014.

    Got my fingers, toes, legs, hair, arms, n everything else I can think off crossed.

  • It's back again..........!!!

  • Angela i really think your being ripped off! image At the mo im free on the 9th of Feb so its which ever one you prefer to do and what fits in with your marathon training I guess. The storm sounded horrendous down there, I think we did really have it lucky. I didnt even see on broken branch let alone a broken tree.

    image Tigger I so wanted the black annoyed now! How did your fancy dress swim go?

    Hey RRR loved your fancy dress photo.....I think I need to do a race in Fancy getting all jealous

    Good luck Booktrunk I really dont think I could go through it again although it was an experience that I am glad that I had, I have learnt so much and met some fantastic people

    Long time no see knight rider (...the founder of this thread), cant believe it was a year ago now that we all entered (and im guessing two years for you)- it goes so quick!

    Had a rest day yesterday and plan to do some weights and 5 miles tonight. Im sick of being sat on my actually hurts/aches more than my leg muscles have ever hurt!

  • In theory RRR however may chicken out as need the costume for trick or treating on thursday....oh decisions decisions!

    I haven't signed up this year I want to concentrate on DS2's birthday bash! Although I hope all those going to bootcamp get as much out of it as we have.....bring on tr24 2014!

  • Angela Mrs P has a season ticket on Merseyrail, it isnt anything like that expensive but very frustrating when they stop the trains for no apparent reason.

    I watched the rest of the Snowdonia Marathon earlier, bit of drama in the ladies race where the winner fought off a challenge.  The mens winner looked as if he was in pain throughout, but really ran well, I think the second guy was a little disappointed, started conservatively but finished like a train.

    last night was our industrial estate night...a 1k loop, followed by an 800m loop, then a milish effort, then some slow fast lamposts before another effort back up to the start point. I felt quite good til the lamposts, then I felt quite old and creaky!

    lots of people off with colds etc at work, and ive got a rotten sore throat, really dont want to go down with another illness. I'm looking forward to a good hill run on Saturday, up Kelsall hill and into Delamere forest.

  • Sorry to hear of your bad news DS2 - take care

  • Yes 2 years ago for me Sarah (3 years if you count applying the first time). Back in my day there were no smart phones & sports drinks, it was all pen & paper and everything was in black & white!

    See page 1 of this thread for anyone new to this and just your application in!

  • Thank you for all Your kind wishes. My mum seems to be doing ok which is the main concern. Hopefully I'll get a run in today but taking the kids to the zoo since it's half term. That should help a little.

    as KR says - get your entries inimage

  • You know what? I've thought it through and don't reckon I'm going to enter the Target 26.2 this year ...



  • I want to lend children so I can go trick or treating Tigger. Made a zombie nurse costume for a party on sat night but then I never went...dying to dress up and wear it.

    Mr P you sound as though you have some great sessions with your club, im so jealous. I really hope that I can alter my PM clinic at work so I can finish earlier so try to get to training with my club. The race between the two ladies was great wasnt it, the winners face was a picture when the second lady went past her. Credit to her though for pulling it back at she looked in pain and all her muscles looked tight. The second lady looked so comfortable and as though she could have given more of a fight to the finish than she did. Is that a race on saturday?

    I thought it was just sarah/RRR that got in after applying a second time, I didnt realise that you did too Night rider. Maybe I should bite the bullet and try again and not fear rejection!

    Glad to hear that you and your mum are doing ok. Hope you have a good day with your children at the zoo DS2.

    I used my home gym yesterday and did some free weights (much easier using the weight machines at the gym), the punch bag (yes I needed it after an awfully busy afternoon clinic yesterday) and did 5 mile between 8;00-8:30mm on the treadmil and didnt feel to bad.

    Have been speaking to Minni today and she seemed to suffer with the same thing I did at york marathon on sunday in her half marathon. She felt unwell, flu like and shivery with swelling of her hands! She has decided to do either the marathon around the racecourse in newcastle on the 9th of dec or the 50 miler around the course. Wondering what you all think to this...should I attempt the marathon or is it daft doing another one 7 weeks after York?

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