ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Mr P and malcs im loving your way of thinking image

    I really dont know how they work out car insurance it just doesnt make sense. I didn put chris on my insurance as its a 2l fiesta when he first pasted his test a few years ago, but after a lot of ear bashing I finally did it and my premium went down ?? You would think a fiesta, being a smaller car would be less than a focus, but then again a fiesta is a bit of a boy racer car! Glad to hear your still getting some good runs although its making me feel guilty about not going tonight now.

    Thanks Jen. I was wondering whether to try the half first and if I survive put in for the full, but I guess it would all be sold out if I do that! Thankyou for the tips on acommodation. Which Ultra is it that your wanting to do? I cant believe that they have the xmas faces already...its only november. Last year they came out so late! How was your run? I loved resistance training. Feeling as though I am already loosing some tone since leaving the gym even though I am still trying to keep up some exercises but with free weights instead.

    Hows the new house looking Malcs? glad to hear that your entering again. Cant wait to see you jump up and bite your bottom!!!image. Thinking about my application last year (written when I was drunk) and the one ive done this year I dont think I will stand a chance to get in as I think it will be too dull!

    You will love the gym angela especially if you can go during lunch when its quiet. It use to be really busy when I use to go but I still enjoyed it. Quite nice to people spot inbetween sets!!

    I was going to do some free weights tonight and a short run on my treadmill as the weather is pretty lousy and chris doesnt like me to run in the dark, but my cold has taken a turn for the worst so ive decided to rest for another day. Started with a cold on sun pm. Didnt feel unwell with it so I ran on mon and still felt fine. Yesterday I went to the local to watch the fireworks and still felt ok. Today however I have woken up feeling a little drained (despite going to bed an hour early) with a slightly scratchy throat and a heavy head. Decided to be sensible and postpone the exercise until tomorrow....all being well I will wake up in the morning feeling great...I dont do ill very well!

  •  I think you and clive are was freezing out there today!

    I cant remember my xmas name now...need to think of a new one!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Christmas smilies already?! 

    Mr P - that is very odd indeed. I may take you up on the 'mrs P on your policy' offer. Are there any strings attached? Would we have to allow her use of the car on weekends and bank holidays?

    Jen - "Its hammering down with rain and blowing a gale out there", standard weather for Wales, no?image 

    Had to google the stormshell - looks like a very nice bit of kit! Sounds like you have perfect conditions there to put it through it's paces.

    Sarah - sorry to hear you're unwell. I hate colds so I feel your pain. I'm sure your application will be fine - stop being so negative!

    House is great thanks - just need some blinkin' furniture as we are short of places to store things. 

    Re. Christmas names for you, all I can hear is Johnny Mathis - When a Child Osborneimage

    Tigger - I like the time cats too. Knocking 30 mins off is just the sort of challenge they'd love to tackle so I wouldn't worry. 

    Angela - well done on going gym-side. I used to love the gym - kept me sane when I was going through some stressful times. That was a long time ago though when I was really into my rugby. I haven't done any resistance work for a looong time.

    What sort of excercises do you all do. I know you power squat Jen - is that with a barbell? I have some dumbells in my garage which I may start using. Also I use the children's climbing frame as a pull up bar (love pull ups).

    Going for my first run since York today - we'll see how this leg is then...

  • MALCS are you trying to tell us something with your little wink?

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Well my inov stormshell passed with flying colours! Kept my top half totally dry whilst being light n breathable, really comfortable and looked good! What more can a newbie ultra runner want? Yes Malcs, typical welsh weather, hence the purchase, as I'll be out in it for hours on end!!  I've a place in the Born to Run Llanelli ultra Sarah, 40mile at end of March.

    Tigger, I wouldnt worry about the categories, we all know they can change them if they want!! I think they look for a range of interesting stories that other RW readers can identify with more than anything else. Good Luck! You too Sarah, ?Malcs?

    Sarah, free wts are better than machines anyway, just dont be afraid of them and end up using ones that are too light. Hope your cold gets better quickly, It's that time of year, and I think we are all a bit more susceptible post race. I love Malcs xmas name for you!!

    Malcs my routine includes power squat with olympic bar, deadlifts, cleans, benchpress, upright row, lateral pulldowns, military press, lunges with free wts, infact you name it -  I probably do it! I do 2hrs a week of wts, but then I am a bit obsessive. I've yet to do a full unassisted chin's on my list 'to do'. Between that and my ultra plan runs I dont think there will be much housework getting done this winter. lol

  • image  I did it.... I entered #asics262.... entered the sub4 category with a rambly ode to last year's winners.

    Something changed in my life where i suspect I will have rather a lot more free time, and rather a lot less demoralising train journeys into London.....So, I didn't join the gym but will be doing more free weights resistance work at home.  I don't have a barbell, only dumbells.  They do advise if you're a runner and you really can't stand weights, then a good bit of hill repeats should be adequate for your resistance work.... but you don't just want to be adequate, do you Malcs???


  • I will probably put in my application this weekend, but like Sarah I think I used all my good stuff last year this one will probably sound a bit dull! Good luck to everyone who has entered. Hope you get at least to bootcamp but hopefully further.

    Jen how quickly does the Snowdon marathon fill up? Is it in hours? I have a friend who is getting married on New Years Eve and so my start to 2014 maybe a little delayed but don't want to miss out on a place. Snooze you lose!

    By the way why has no one ever told me how much a sports massage hurts? Went for one this evening and can barely walk now. Feel like I've done a marathon. Was also told that I have the tightest calves the guy had ever seen in the six years he has doing massage
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    lol Stan, yep they hurt, but are great!!

    Usually Snowdon takes a couple days to fill up, but get in before you go to bed, think it opens at midnight!!!

    It's great so many have gone for Asics 26.2 again. Will be brilliant to follow someone from this thread.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Jen - I'm knackered just reading that! That's a serious amount of resistance work. Remind me never to get on the wrong side of you - I reckon you'd crush me with just one hand (that would leave the other hand free to do bicep curls).

    Good to hear that the jacket did it's job. If it can handle the Welsh weather it'll handle anything!

    Stan - good to see you back here - great that you're entering again! How has your year been post bootcamp? 

    I never seem to hurt that much after a massage - perhaps my therapist is a little kinder? 

    Angela - something changed? Have you thrown the towel in? Did I miss something? Do spill the beans!

    Really pleased you have entered the competition! I'm in too now. We'll see what happens.

    Yes adequate will not do at all! I will have to dust off the free weights. At least I have somewhere I can set up a bench now. 

    Tigger - ha image It wasn't meant to be a reference to offspring. I think poor Sarah probably has enough family members on her back about that little matter. 

    Did my first 4 miles since York today. It was quite good. Didn't need to stop and stretch and leg is ok now although something is still not right so I will have to keep with my stretching for a bit longer. Nice to finally get out there!

  • Hi everyone,

    sorry for the radio silence, but been a bit down abou tthe running, and only so many times can say "still not run"...

    Had a fab catch up with Tigger on Tuesday- 1mile swim in a lake near Sheffield- she came all the way up from Derby to do it with me image. It was 7 degrees, so couldn't feel my hands afterwards, but great catch up, chat and coffee in the car afterwards!

    Going to enter Target 26.2 this weekend- not sure about timings, but think sub 3.30 is all I can go for as clearly never going to be sub 3. Likely will be typing practice as suspect they might bounce it as I have already gone sub 3.30??

    Off to try a short run.... Will elt you know how it goes....

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    oooh I'm really excited that you're going for 26.2 again! imagine if you all get in... I'll never be able to keep up with the threads!!

  • Good luck each and every one of youimage I really hope some of you get in. You will be getting my votes!

    Tough week ahead for me. Dad's funeral is Thursdayimage. Went to see him this morning to say a personal goodbye. Then took my lovely old Alfa Romeo to the scrapyard - just wasn't worth the expense anymore for something that sits on my drive most of the year.

    Re-joined the gym this morning to make sure I can run in all weathers this winter!

    Good luck Clive - I'm rooting for youimage

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Clive - glad to hear that you're entering the comp again. Sorry to hear that the foot is still troubling you. What's the prognosis on that? Are you getting treatment and is there a timeframe for getting back to normal?

    Good old Tigger. I did say she was a nice nutter, I'm upgrading her to incredibly nice nutter now image

    Hang in there - things will get better.

    DS2 - Wish you all the best for Thursday, we'll all be thinking of you.

    Sorry to hear the Alfa has bought the farm. Sounds like you made the right call on that one.

    Jen - that would be great if we all made it. Sadly I think it's nigh on impossible. I certainly don't want to be negative though. I'm just happy to have the excitement of the possibility of making it to bootcamp again. Easily pleased image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Rainy rainy morning and I've got the post marathon blues image  (wish I could take his hat off!!!!!)   Off to do my 14miles alone... my usual saturday runners have decamped to a fitness class for the winter! and I think my club running buddies reckon an ultra is too much for me... Huh!  image  ( an angry Santa is just wrong!!)

  • Good luck Jen it's cold and bright here, had to miss parkrun for an eye test so I will run later. Mrs p is out for the evening so I don't need to cook, I can run later in the day. 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    well would you believe it!  5 mins into my run the rain stopped, and I did 14miles along the beach in glorious sunshine! image  That will teach me to moan!!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Well done Jen - good for you for getting out there!

    Mr P - hope you passed the eye test. I'm seeing double after two beers. I really am a complete lightweight.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Good thing about doing a long run on a Saturday is having a glass or 2 of vino on a sat eve! Just think positive Malcs its much cheaper being a lightweight!!

    6 miles this afternoon for me,a bit faster than yesterday as the sand wasn't slowing me down!!!

  • Hope everyone managed to get out and do a run today in the lovely sunshine? I managed 12.5 miles which certainly helped blow away the cobwebs from last nights beer.

    Malcs my running hasn't been great post bootcamp. Just haven't managed to hit the times I was able to this time last year. Did Paris and just blew up around 24 miles so had a little walk. Still managed 3:14 but know I am capable of better! Achieving a sub 20 at the Bolton parkrun has eluded me since May. However am currently second in the male points table so its not all bad!. How has you running been going?

  • Yes Stan, It was beautiful here today, clear sky, autumn leaves, low raking sunshine, an absolute pleasure to be out.

    I jogged along the back lanes to the bottom of a long hill, about a mile and a half with 350 ft of climb, so it isn't going to kill you but you need to work hard.  There are several routes up, you can go up back lanes, up the old road through the village, on trails in the forest, but I chose to go up the dual carriageway, because it is a smoother grade and a good surface. I ran facing the traffic, pretty safe as there is a substantial shoulder to the road, and felt quite strong on the way up, then turned and made my way down throug the village, amazing views across the Cheshire plain to the Welsh hills - not as far as Snowdonia but the Clwydian range and Mol Famau. (One of my ambitions is to run to the summit of Mol Famau from our house).

    It's about 3 miles back to our house, so i just tried to keep my form on  the way back at marathon pace. Really enjoyable run. Anyone else?


  • DS2- I know its tough right now, hope Thursday goes well. Thinking of you...

    Malcs- sounds like you might be coming out the other end of the injury. An encouraging sign image

    Jen- Great running. Love the pictures too. When/where is ultra you are planning?

    Mr P- Sounds like a lovely run- it was beautiful yesterday here too

    Stan- I don't think I had the pleasure at BC last year, but running 3:14 in Paris despite 'blowing up'- most of us would love to be in that situation!! Have you entered any other races, or are you waiting till this years target 26.2 before making plans?

    No running for me this weekend, as too busy at home with friends and the kids taxi service... Maybe this week though

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - that sounded quite idyllic until you mentioned the dual carriageway! I hope you weren't held up in any roadworks and you resisted the temptation to stop at the services  image

    I like your choice of running into the traffic, presumably so you could get a good look at anyone who attempted to mow you down. You're a brave man, I would never contemplate that in the South East. I would be pavement debris in no time.

    Jen - ha, yes, good point! I need to be a cheap date at the moment so I can pay this bleedin' mortgage image  Sounds like you had a great weekend - 20 miles banked, nice one!

    Stan - I have to echo what Clive said, I would certainly kill for a sub 3:15 on the best of days. How far off a sub 20 5K are you? I'm guessing it must be seconds? Well done on being second in the points table, now get your finger out and make it to first place! image

    Post bootcamp I pretty much stalked Shady Ady. Camping out on his thread I got some great advice from Sam and Ruth who were extremely generous with their time. I also got some amazing help from people on these forums too and as a result I bagged a 26 min PB in April which I was thrilled about.

    A load of us from bootcamp then did TR24 together. It poured with rain during the night section but it was a brilliant weekend. I picked up a lower leg injur just prior to that and I've been trying to shake it ever since. Seems to be almost sorted now though.

    Clive - thanks, yes, things are definitely improving. Ran 3 miles on Saturday and then 5 on Sunday and no 'in run' stretching was required. Seems to improve as I go on too and it feels stronger than it did in the summer so I'm hopeful that it will ease off from here.

    How is your foot feeling? I can't rememebr if you said whether you were having treatment or not? Having had recent experience of a lay off I know how frustrating it can be. Really hope it improves for you soon.

  • Hello all,

    DS2, all the best for Thursday *hugs*

    Jenf, your beach run sounded awesome!- I'm amazed you're getting out for such long runs so soon after SNOD!  ITs funny, if marathon is your longest distance it takes 3 weeks to recover from running one, but if you're heading for an ultra, then a mountainous marathon becomes a training runimage

    Malcs, so glad to hear your foot's on the mend image maybe when it realised that you weren't going to give up because of discomfort, and run a marathon anyway, it decided to man up!!

    Clive, I think the rest will do you some good, although not sure being taxi is rest for your foot unless you drive an automatic???

    My weekend of running was pretty good.  Saturday I was parkrun director, and yet again we had a record turnout on my watch - 193 runners, which made the whole volunteering thing take that much longer than usual, as it takes longer to clear up the number barcodes etc.  Then in the afternoon as I was letting my bread proove I went out for the 55 min run with 2.5 miles at MP that I missed midweek.  I think the cold weather agrees with me.  Although it took me forever to warm up to a level where I felt happy to push the pace (about 2 miles into the run), once I was on that pace, it was fairly easy to keep up, and even after I'd done the 2.5 mile section, I didn't slow down all that much after.  The marathon pace section ended up on average at 8:23mm, and the 1.6 miles I did after that was 8:55mm.

    Then, yesterday I did a 15 mile LSR.  my blog report copied below:

    So, elephants are my favourite animal.  I even have a. Cuddly elephant with a lavender pillow belly that I can warm up to keep me warm in winter, so when I was planning my route for today's 15 mile run, and I read the route instructions about it passing close enough to Colchester zoo that you could hear elephants trumpeting, I was sold.   First I had to get to the starting point of the route though.  The route is here: I figured it was about 3.5 -4miles from home giving me a perfect 14 -15 mile run.  When I got to Gosbecks road and saw this sign,

    I assumed the starting point car park would be really obvious and on Gosbecks road.  I got my map out to try to figure it out an just couldn't see a car park, nor could I see it on my iPhone maps.  After much looking and trying to figure this out, a man came out of his house on the other side of the road and asked if he could help!  How kind!  I showed him the map, and he pointed me back to the main road.  I was only about 500m short of the car park.  He said that it was a lovely route especially this time of year with the autumn leaves.

    I'd never been here before, but for a brief history lesson, Colchester is Britain's oldest recorded town and was a key settlement for the Romans.  As such there are many roman ruins in the town, and Gosbecks is an archeol
  • eological site where a rather impressive fort, and amphitheatre were excavated.   I started on the run and took some pics.  Loving the crisp and brightness of the day:

    In the next picture you can make out the tops of the buildings of Colchester Zoo.  I didn't hear the animals on my way out, but on the way back I certainly heard some exotic sounding birds:

    I put the camera away and got on with following the route.  I passed a couple walking, sensibly in wellies and they told me it was really sloppy where I was about to go.  Having just passed through a muddy patch I thought it must be the same and nothing I couldn't deal with.  I was wrong though, this was the kind of mud that let's you sink in further than ankle deep and then tried to steal your shoes:

    Had quite a few muddy patches to go though, and the route instructions were clear.  I gave in to the fact that those purple trainers I've had my eye on will now need to be bougt for my spring marathons and these relegated to just my winter training shoes.  I've probably already done 100 miles in them, and I tend to need to replace them at 300 miles anyway, so not too fussed.  At least they started off grey, so once cleaned, the brown they will become won't be too noticeable.   The route instructions were so good, they even described a path to the ruined st Mary's church, which is on private land, but obviously quite interesting.

  • From the Essex walks website: "The church itself is of Norman origins, with much of the north wall built during the 14th century. The upper part of the tower is Tudor. The church fell into disuse in 1598, and by 1768 was a ruin."   The next part of the run went to the Roman river and though the Roman River nature reserve.  Here I did indeed see some nature, I thought I glimpsed a weasel, then several pheasants, a heron, and of course a squirrel.  Nowhere near as tame as the ones in castle park though.

    On the next part of the run, I got a bit lost.  I think the trees down from last weeks storm meant that obvious paths weren't so obvious, but I found my way back to the route, and ran past the pub they recommend as a refreshment stop:

    Back through the reserve and back to Gosbecks park.  The sites of the amphitheatre and fort are marked out in the grass and there are signs up too:

    Back to the car park and along the roads home. This was a lovely run!  The parts in the woods and nature reserve were really muddy and so I had to walk quite a lot of it.  I managed to complete the 15 miles in 3 hours, taking on water and 2 SiS Go gels, one of which with caffeine.   29 miles run this week- it feels like I'm in marathon training image
  • Angela- loving the run report and pics image


  • Evening all. Been a busy few days trying to get everything ready for my wee trip. After sulking and resting on Wednesday I felt much on thur and did my weights and 5 miles on my TM. Sat I did park run, first time in months. Didn't expect to do anything to be honest as I haven't done any speed work for over a month and had the tail end of that cokd but surprised myself with 20:01. Was delighted with my time for about a min then started telling myself off for not going 2 secs quicker! On Sunday I did a steady 10mlies (8:20mm). i have a half marathon on Sunday and will prob not do anymore running until then, but we have a lot of walking planned and a little volcano to walk up! We have dumbbells and bar bells according to Chris. There all the same to me! 

  • looks like there were a lot of good runs on Sunday...was so jealous of yours Jen, the beach photo on FB looked lush. Yours sounded really nice aswell Mr P and Angela.

    Glad your back running Malcs and you managed 4 miles without the need to stop and stretch. Thanks for the xmas name...I will have to remember it for the 1st of dec!

    Clive, how did you get on at ortho? I don't know how you and tigger managed a's freezing out there! 

    I think 40 miles is a good distance for your first ultra jen. I don't think it's too far as long as you train for the distance.

    A proper sport massage hurts Stan, but I reckon it's a nice pain rather than a horrible one...if that makes sense?

    Hope Thursday goes ok for you and your family DS2. I will be thinking about you.

    im laying low now for the next 10 days but I wish you all well. Good luck in the comp. Hopefully if they decide they want me they will email me as I'm going to be phone less for for a while!

  • Very nice pics Angela, I will take my phone out with me next time I'm on the trail and reciprocate.

    I forgot my shoes again today, I got changed at work and had enough time to get home and pick them up, but I decided not to go to club, it wasn't a route I like, and I just thought it was daft to drive into town to run when I could just go as soon as put my shoes on. So I did 5.5 miles at an easy pace with the last mile at mp as usual. It was a damp evening but no actual rain and quite warm. I took my head torch, needed it too as there were one or two impatient drivers that might not have seen me otherwise. I was able to get back in time to cook our meal, another bonus, if I go to club it is past eight when I get back.  

    I was talking to my boss today about London, he was saying that it will be here in no time, he's right. A sixteen week plan will mean starting before Christmas, so only a few weeks to get base miles in.

    Good luck in thr half, anyone else got races coming up? 



  • Thanks Clive, how was the ortho?

    too late to wish u luck Sarah, but just in case u get on here in a moment of boredom- who gets bored on holiday?  Good luck for the half marathon!

    Mr. P, I would love that if you took some pictures!  Great way for me to explore your part of the country without leaving my home!  It's something I really enjoyed about RRR's posts when she was part of 26.2 this year...

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