ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Argghh - broadband is not behaving here at all. This is about as long a message I dare risk in case I lose connection (again).

    Angela - great run that. The mud is good TR24 practiceimage Loved the pics!

    Clive - anxious to hear how the foot is?

    Sarah - Good to hear you're feeling better. Fabulous 5K result! Have a great trip and good luck with the half marathon! 

    Mr P - Blimey, that does make the spring marathon season sound scarily close. No races for me, I want to be sure I'm fully over this leg issue before entering anything.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    huh! I posted on here yesterday, n its not there!!! now I have to remember what I said!

    Lol Angela i've never heard SNOD described as a training run before!! But I must admit my decision to try ultra was based on how well or not I recovered from it. I clocked up 32 miles last week. My long run this week will be 16, then there are lots of 18 and 20's with B2B 6's the next day.

    Clive its the Born to run Llanelli that I'm thinking of doing. I chose it because its on my doorstep and I can hobble home after, and also because its all on a cycle path that I cant get lost on! How's the blister on the blister? I've been very lucky in never getting any, but I wonder if my increased mileage will change that.

    Malcs, really pleased to hear your leg is allowing running again. But keep up that stretching daily. Prevention etc etc

    I can't remember you from bootcamp Stan, but great to have you on this thread image

    I got absolutly soaked last night on my club run MrP, wish now I'd run from home like you, cos I hate sitting driving home wet and I'd forgotten my socks so had to go home after work then straight back out!

    Bet you dont keep silent all week Sarah, lol, bet you post something!

    A big hug for you  DS2 ( )

  • Happy tuesday peeps! 3 mile pool swim done...running club later, I have a 121 session with an absolute beginner, then onto the club run! Whoo hooo

    Massive bouncing tigger cuddle for you DS2 x

    No way in the world sarah will stay quiet!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    just blown home from a 12miler! I struggled to move forwards into the wind let alone run!!!!

    radio silence from Sarah n Malcs is v v weird! I've got two post on the same page!! image

  • Maybe they have good news image

  • It is a bit windy here too Jen I thought it was too good to be true when I was flying down the lane, turned the corner and boom! I did my usual five mile route but in reverse, and with a bit added on. So not the usual route at all I suppose...just over 8mm but very comfortable all the way round with a sharp hill at the end. A long hilly run planned for the weekend to replicate Conwy now.

    Jen have you done Conwy half?


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    booktrunk - ha image no, the only news here is that my broadband is a bleedin' lottery!

    I can see the excitement building for this years's comp. There's a huge sense of deja vu about it all. Last Nov and early Dec I was on permanent adrenaline. I can see you're already there and I can understand why.

    If you make it to bootcamp then that will multiply by 10 and if you make it to the vote then be prepared to lose two weeks of your life and a full head of hair (I had locks like Peter Stringfellow before last year's process). 

    I've thrown my hat in again like some of the others here but a part of me wonders if I could handle all the excitement. I may have a nervous breakdown image

    Best of luck to you. Oh and I don't expect they will make any decisions until Friday at the earliest btw. 

    Jen - you are going great, keep this up and you'll have that ultra nailed! Thanks for the reminder about stretching. I will definitely be doing more of that.

    Mr P - sounds like you're continuing to run well too. Really hope this campaign goes well for you.

  • Cheers Malcs. This is fun it's like waiting for Xmas image only you've just woken up and are confused if it's Xmas day, or even just Xmas eves, eve... heheimage

    My one consolation if I don't get through is the Ashes start so i can just stay up all night watching cricket instead.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ha! Yes indeed. And if you get to the end of the vote it really is like coming down on Christmas day but with a 25% chance of there being nothing in your stocking image  (0% in Clive and Sarah's case last year image)

    I love the cricket too! Every cloud... image

  • I got to watch three days live ashes cricket in the summer.  I was there every day we won a test.  Which was rather good planningimage 3 Days and 3 Victories.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Wow - you are the magic talisman! We'll have a whipround and get you on the next plane to Ozimage

  • DEAL image (unless of course i get through, then i'll have to skip first test watch it from here) mind you asics sponsor the aussie team so they can't complain about swanning off for cricketimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    just popped in to catch up, I'm feeling excited and I've not even entered this year!!

    No Mr P, I've not done Conwy half, well to be honest I've not really done that many races! I'm a fairly newbie runner, and I've stayed local n safe in general,however, with the encouragement of this thread I'm becoming more adventurous in my old age image I will go and google it.

    Booktrunk/malcs, how come you still have normal smiley? I can only pull up santa?

  • I had sata smileys, but then they left me yesterday! The pictures still show them as Santa ones image image image

  • hehe now i'm showing off!! spooky

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    image is the only unfestive one I have! and image, obviously santa never goes on holiday!

  • but... he delivers to deserts as well!! Just doesn't need his hat!

  • Malcs I'm worried about your sanity if you get in again this year.... I'm just remembering the stories of your taper madness! image

    well, my running this week has been slightly non-committal.  I had a step back from 29 miles last week to only 16 this week.  I had planned a run date this Sunday, but it's been moved... I won't say with who, you know who you are image  So as a result I never updated my plan for a run this Sunday.  I guess I'll stick in a 10 miler, if the weather's nice image

    on Tuesday I went to the gym to have an induction, so I could re-learn some of the machines I'm going to have to show in my assessment next week.  I ran there 1.5 miles, then did a 1 mile run on the treadmill, so didn't quite do the 30 mins recovery run on my schedule, but then I did a lot of resistance work, and a really tough core workout which I quite enjoyed.  I don't know about you, but I'm so over crunches and the plank.  This one, you hold a dumbbell up above your head and then crunch with it for 10 reps, then, with ur bent knees raised you do this bicycle thing.  One leg outstretches at the same time you bring your arms back toward the floor, holding the dumbbell, then you bring your limbs back to the centre and crunch up.  This was a really tough one for the deep abs, but I liked it.  As a result, yesterrday I was not feeling up to my speedwork, and was being a bit mopey anyway.

    today I did a 50 minute hilly run.  Although I spent quite a long time cleaning the mud off my trainers on Monday, including committing the cardinal sin of leaving them to dry on the radiator, I came back from the run with dusty mud between my toes that had gone thru my socks.  Was quite windy out there today, wasn't it?

  • Malcs- good to see you back! I had tried not to remember the stress of X factor week, and the constant refreshing of web pages and email to see if you had got through....image Makes taper madness easy

    That run sounded fun Jen, love when it's dead windy to blow cobwebs away

    hows your running going angela? Cadence drills working?

    got up at 6 this morning to do 100 lengths in hotel pool before breakfast, got to get pulse up somehow 

  • Omg Clive, 100 lengths?!?  Eek!  I really need to get back to swimming.  I just can't quiet that voice in my head telling me to do an iron man!  Running is going well thanks.  The muddy 15 miler at the weekend, lots of uneven footing means I'm glad to take it easy this week, as my knees were certainly grumbling a bit.  I think I'm getting to the volume of training now where u can't avoid the foam roller has been happily sitting in the corner of the living room untouched for months now image

  • It was a tiny pool- 12-15m at the most I reckon 

    Talking of IM, still can't believe my friend got selected for oz in the triathlon. I knew he was good, but makes me realisr our 'tempo' runs were probably recovery runs for himimage

  • See it's getting feisty on the modern 26.2 thread (we are SO last year) image

  • Haha, not sureu can call them lengths thenimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    thank goodness for a rest day today image

  • Hi all, back here now to support All those entering againimage

    Thank you all so much for your support these past weeks. Dad's funeral went brilliantly. A real celebration of his incredible life! Even my mum said she had a really good day! There were loads of people there and the church was packed! 

    Had the hangover from hell yesterday but had a lovely family day yesterday with my mum and sisters and our families. 

    Then ruined it all by going to Wembley to watch that rubbish we call the England football team. How bad was that? 

    I did manage two 5 milers early in the week and will do a 10 tomorrow. That will be my first over 6 since Halstead marathon!

    finally, good luck to all those who've entered. When is the bootcamp decision?

  • I'm assuming Monday/Tuesday? As RW Towers showed a pic on twitter of them deciding who to pick on Friday, They didn't say they came up with their final list but that was in the morning.

  • Woohoo finally managed to duck under the 20 minute mark at Bolton Parkrun this morning. Well actually smashed it with 19:43 which is my fastest there this year. Feeling very pleased with myself today especially as we had Ofsted at work this week which stopped virtually all my exercise. Maybe I should eat pizza and stay up late more often as part of my training.

    Glad everything went well at your Dad's funeral DS2.

    There must be some fantastic entries in this years competition as I am sure we had heard by the Wednesday last year or am I imagining that? I guess they've had a lot more entries this year though.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend of running.
  • Stan - fantastic run!!! Maybe the enforced mini taper worked to your advantageimage

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 - great to hear the funeral went well. Sounds like you gave him a brilliant send off. That's how it should be. 

    Really glad you're back running. How did the 10 miler go? Hopefully better than the footyimage

    Clive - that's an impressive 100 lengths! Inspired by you I did 100,000 sets of 10cm repeats image

    Angela - your concerns are definitely not unfounded. I am beginning to wonder if it was a good idea. That said, I don't think I'm alone. Looks like booktrunk is the new RRR - I haven't seen anyone so keen since the pink socked nutter from the midlands.

    booktrunk - I would say try and stay calm but it seems the competition has already got its claws into you. I really hope you get through. 

    Stan - fantastic! Well done, that's a great achievement. As you say, you beat the 20 comfortably. I am so envious!

    Jen - ha, you certainly deserve a rest day!

    No running for me this weekend - cross training with flat pack furniture image It's taken me ALL weekend to put up 1.5 high sleeper beds. I'm knackered!

    I did get a little jog in at the mini rugby on Sunday morning but it wasn't far. Will resume again this week.

  • I'm calm today.  Couldn't get to sleep last night, nothing to do with this just one of those nights, so i'm half asleep, yawning a lot, and got a cold that i thought had gone and it's come back, annoying!

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