ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Malcs: OK. I fibbed I was trying to be all calm... getting slightly excited again now! image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭


    I still reckon it'll be another day or two. They have alot to trawl through. Hope your cold doesn't linger too long. I despise colds with a passion!

  • Bottle of red wine will soon shift your cold booktrunk. Always works for me. Sure your phone will be ringing soon if it hasn't already?
  • Good idea re the wine might have to give that a tryimage

  • Posted earlier and lost it again...

    I hope you get through booktrunk, I'm sure you'll be good value image

    I ran Paris in 2009, I'd like to do it again but not in the public eye! It was superb, a beautiful morning and we met up with some people from the Paris thread under the Arc. 

    I did 13.1 on Saturday in prep for Sunday's race, quite hilly, and had a cracking session tonight with club, we had a few new people and we seem to be looking after them a little better so hopefully they will stay.

    my boss is being a bit arsey over London, throwing down the gauntlet with comments about club runners and boasting about his times.  regardless of my time, I think he is going to be able to do sub 4 vs the 3:30 he is claiming so if I can get to the start and stay on my fet I think there's a chance I can beat him. Not that I am bothered of course, but I might need a bit of coaching from Sarah in sheer determination.

  • Ahh Mr P, long time no see!  Did u Parkrun this weekend?  I was run director again. 157 runners. We have a cake week next week, but I won't be there as I have my assessment on Saturday.

    Its nice that ur boss runs too!  So excited about spring marathons!  Definitely missed it not doing something big in autumn.  I'm getting very ultra curious at the moment, was chatting. To someone at parkrun on Saturday who did the stort 30 this year, is doing tr24 and umming and ahing about svp100 diff between her and me is she likes plodding along and stopping for cake, whereas I do still want to work on my speed.  Only 27 after all- sure I've got a good few years of speed improvement in me.  Sam murphy tweeted today that she got at 10k pb at the weekend and she's 40something...


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    Angela - I'm sure you will keep improving and definitely have alot more speed in you. You're thinking the right way. 

    Mmmm.....cake.....that's just got me hungry and I've only just had breakfast!

    Mr P - what's the race on Sunday, a half marathon I'm guessing? Got a target time in mind? 

    I'd definitely want to beat my boss if he was being like that. That's good motivation from you. Could add a bit of spice to your race if you both end up sprinting for the line together image

    booktrunk - looks like I was wrong about them needing a few more days then. They probably got through most, if not all, of the phone calls yesterday. I hope for your sake they still have at least one more to do today. Have my fingers crossed for you.

  • DS2- glad last week went all right. How was run at weekend?

    Malcs- good to see the internet has found you! Souounds like a busy weekend building flat pack furniture. God I hate that. Have you finished unpacking? Any runs planned this week?

    Stan- awesome new result in the Park Run at the weekend. Where in Bolton is it? My wife's parents live in Walkden so maybe I should come over some weekend we are over with the kids

    Mr P- are you runiing Conwy half this weekend? My broither in law is doing it I think. It looks a fantastic course, as walked round part of it last month when down for half term with the kids.

    Angela- I wouldn't worry about getting pbs- plenty time yet. I'm almost image as old as Sam and ran HM pb this year. With your training it will easily come.

    Booktrunk- any phone call yet???

  • Clive: Nope all over didn't make the grade image Never mind, better luck next year and all that image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Stan, what a great new PB! well done image

    So Malcs , what is the 'plan' now that you've no more excuses for not running ?

    I think Sarah would be a great coach for MrP, and we can use Angelas expertise also. Lets do our own 26.2 ' Mr P to beat his boss' thread!!! lol

    Booktrunk image (hug) stick around? how is the new Garmin? I think mine is terminally ill, what shall I ask santa for? I'm not much for stats, or anything complicated. I'm a pen n paper sort of gal really. Any views folks?

    I did lots of trail running at weekend as it was our clubs MT10 race. It was fun marking up the coures, marshalling, and then I ran a lap with my nutter friend who was doing it 3 times as a charity challenge! I was tired yesterday but still managed 5 mile club run. Tonight is weight training!

  • Sorry, forgot to  go back to previous page to see other messages.

    DS2, glad your dad's funeral went well

    Stan, that sub 20 is frikin awesome!  I'm well jel!!  I think once I've got my BQ (in about 2 years) that I'll set a goal related to a fast parkrun.  You should come and do the Colchester one though- a very tactical course.  I'm 40 seconds faster on a flat course when I was at my best.

    Malcs I made another bloomer yesterday and half of it has gone already.  Tigger said its a sign of me having too much free time, but actually, once you've spent 10 minutes kneading it, you pretty much are just waiting for it to grow, so you can be getting on with other things.

    Clive yeah I know they'll come eventually, but when I set goals, I make sure I put a time line on them.  I want to be on the start line of the 2016 Boston marathon with a qualifying time, so you know, don't want to risk getting injured doing a 100km event just yet, even if it will be supremely fun.  I don't know - I might see how Jenf gets on with her ultra, and moreso the recovery.

    Booktrunk I echo the others- please stick around!  image Has anyone read Booktrunk's amazing 0 to a marathon in 22 weeks thread?  I'm going through it now- just got to the part where she completed her first marathon, and its amazing!  

    Jenf I'm totally in love with trail running at the moment- its so good for the soul, isn't it!  really nice to just get away from it all!  I like your idea for Mr P's beat the boss thread!!

    I did a 30 min easy run this morning followed by resistance work which included, kettlebell swings with a 16kg bell, pushups, dumbbell shoulder press, weighted squats adn lunges, dumbbell overhead tricep dips, and that abs session i chatted about t'other day and some back extensions.  I now have that nice feeling of worked muscles image



  • Jen- I like the idea of us coaching Mr P....image

  • Yes it would be good fun! He's the same age as I am, and ran between 3 and 3:30 inthe nineties, last London was in 1999. He usually runs about 7 miles four times a week. He's ramped up his distance a bit early I think, I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't make the start line. But - he is a very resourceful individual, very successful in business and an excellent footballer and cricketer, and I know he would love to win. When I blew up in london, I gotto my desk and he just grinned and pulled out a photo of him finishing on Westminster bridge in 3:30. 

    I don't think trotting round together is an option image.



  • Draws up a chair and settles down in a corner. 

  • Jenf: the nice new Garmin 220 or 620 are very shiny and cute image bit expensive but niceimage 620 does everything image 

  • Nobody puts Booktrunk in a corner!


  • if she or he is cute they can put me where they want image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Blimey - that's some story booktrunk! You would have made a great candidate for the comp. Make sure you apply next year!

    Angela - you're making me hungry now with the bread talk, trying to resist the temptation!

    Jen - no real plan as such. I want to fully get rid of this leg issue. It's improved massively but it's not quite refusing to go yet.

    Good to heat the MT10 went well. We were almost entering  a few weeks back but needed to be here this weekend. 3 laps for your friend would be very tough. Definitely qualifies as a nutter!

    Clive - still got boxes lying around. Not sure I'll get many runs in this week as there are teacher training days Thursday and Friday and my brother is over tomorrow. I need to get some work done at some point.

    Mr P - I so want you to beat that guy now! I have an image of the bloke from Run Fat Boy run in my head. Of course that would then make you the Simon Pegg character but in no way am I implying that your running bears any similarity to his! 

  • We've hatched a plan, to fill the office with high fat snacks and make sure he gets invited to any lunch time outings.  We don't drink but sometimes we go to a pub for lunch.

    Rested last night, medium long run tonight, the weather is pretty wild, hope it calms down.

    Angela I did not Parkrun, but I fancy an attack on my PB the week after Conway. Be warned.

    Clive it is indeed Conwy, I've been looking at my Garmin stats for previous races, the hill will be a 20 minute slog, but you're right it is a beautiful area.

  • Hi everyone,

    Some of you will be up to speed with the day's events, but definately an odd one...

    I just posted this on the 2014 thread...

    "Congratulations to everyone who got through! I have had a strange day- missed call this morning, and guess who it was...RW! Asking me to BC!

    Sadly I have just been diagnosed in the last few days that I have partially torn my plantar fascia, and that this realistically requires 6-12 weeks of rest. After some (selfish) soul searching I decided to ring RW and tell them I would not be able to come, and that it should go to someone who deserves a shot at going through the whole way, as I have doubts as to whether I'd be able to train for Paris right now.

    I am gutted, but will be following everyone closely and wish them all the best of luckimage "

    However there does appear to be a silver lining and all that, but more importantly I want you lot to know how much I appreciate the friendship and support, particualarly when I was having the dilemma this morning. It is great having you all out there...

  • Aww Clive... Big hugs!  

  • Clive!! Awwwwww

  • Clive I'm afraid your stuck with us! Just glad we could help! 

  • Brave decision Clive, but you'll be in pole position next year surely?

  • Oh Clive, what a pity! You would have been great especially after how your category was treated last year! Next year?

    did anyone else on here get an invite?

    have run twice this week and feeling good but so terribly unfit. image Struggled through a hilly 3.7 miles in just under 30 mins. Oh well - small steps, I guess!


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Clive you're a top guy and a complete gentleman. I know you struggled with what to do and it was very honourable of you to make the decision you made.

    Its a complete tragedy that you picked this injury up when you did. You were running so well and had an amazing Cologne.

    Everyone is being very nice because a few of you already know that out of Clive's kind decision I was very lucky and more than a little shocked to be offered his place. 

    Obviously I'm very excited but I'm also gutted for Clive who really deserved the place. I really hope you get a shot again next year Clive.

    DS2  - don't worry you'll be back to race pace in no time!

  • Don't know which thread to wish you luck in Malcs so I will do both image

  • Malcs, I just realised this means you won't be coming to Manchester to cheer me on! image 

    clive, re you gonna come and do that? Keep OH company? Prepare him for the craziness that is tr24...

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - don't jump the gun kid, I'd have to get through two more rounds and that will be very tough. Anyway, I'll be cheering you on from wherever I am!

    booktrunk - many thanks indeed. I do feel very lucky to be getting another chance, particularly when there are people like yourself who missed out. I really do hope you get the opportunity next year. 

    Did you stay up to watch the cricket? I was spent so had to give it a miss. Looks like they made a decent start. Nice to see Broad giving it to them image

  • Yawn, yes image

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