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  • Great stuff Sticky! Glad you enjoyed it as much as we did last yearimage

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     and we got our very own personalised top too with our very own number image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sticky - brilliant to meet you! As DS2 says, so glad you enjoyed it - sorry we got split up on the train but that happened with me and Tigger last year too!

    Whatever happens please stick around. Your enthusiasm and encouragement would be most welcome here.

    DS2 - it was a great day. They made some nice improvements from last year - personal lunch boxes for one! Mara Yamauchi was so nice and very approachable. The physio was in the gym this time which was much better.

    Sadly no Olly Murs this year - seems he is focusing on his music career! image

  • Likewise, honoured to meet you, somewhat of a bootcamp celebrity known to almost everyone!

    All trains at Birmingham were delayed or cancelled, technical faults issue, they say. My 18:03 eventually arrived after some detour at 19:09! I'm just so glad it wasn't the same with this morning's train!

    Yes, Olly Murs was missed...

  • Well done Malcs. I really hope it's your year mate! You'll make a great read and I'll be right behind you mateimage

    We should get right behind those that post regularly on the forums in my opinion. I think it's a shame that some have taken a lot from the competition but given little back. I for one would like to know how people carry on after their involvement in the competition ends. People like Malcs, Sarah, Tigger, Jen, Clive, mr P etc etc

  • I'm not in it DS2, condition of my bail I'm afraid image. I moved over here from Sarah's 3:30 thread.

    I thought my cold was improving but it is bad today, feeling dizzy and uncoordinated, havent run all week!


  • Yes Mr P - I did remember that but it seemed rude not to include you since you are such a stalwart on hereimage

    Shame about the cold but better now than over Xmas or the week of the marathon!

    pleased to say I've run 3 x 5 miles in the last 4 days pain free. I'm embarking on the P&D up to 55 mile plan on 9 December. Just don't feel up to the 55-70 plan this year. 

  • Wow looks like you both had a great time yesterday! Great pics Sticky. I am very jealous as it sounds even better than last year, however I am not jealous of your email/phone call wait that you now have to endure! Hope you both get through to the public voting stage!

    Did my 50th Parkrun this morning. Top 5 finish and a new best for this year too all on top of a cold as well. Feeling happy! Probably will be to the detriment of my half marathon tomorrow but we shall see....
  • Nice going Stan! I'm envious of you being in such good shape when I'm barely starting out regaining fitness. Hope tomorrow goes well.image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Stan - well done! And great that you managed that all with a cold too! Best of luck with the half.

    Thanks for the good wishes, very good of you. Both Sticky and I are in the same group. They were a great bunch I have to say. Had alot of laughs with them. I think they would all be great to follow.

    DS2 - thanks, really appreciate the support. Whatever happens, I'm happy. To make it to BC is more than most get so to do it twice I feel incredibly lucky - verging on quite guilty if I'm honest!

    Let's face it, Clive should really have been there instead of me so I have been very fortunate.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to go through. However, I didn't participate in the forums until last year so I won't be complaining if the nod goes to a newcomer. 

    Mr P - sorry about the cold. Having just had one of those pesky blighters you have my sympathies. Bet you feel good for the rest once it's gone though. Every cloud...

  • Thanks Stan, for the vote of confidence, much appreciated! image. As Malcs says, we're in the same group, but feels more like a family, and I can clearly feel the support we gave each other, especially on the tracks, it was almost emotional at some stages, very touched by it all. OK, I'm a softie...image

    And triple well done for parkrun Stan! Great achievement! Good luck with the half today!

  • Not only did I have an amazing day at bootcamp and meet some lovely people, but I have now discovered that there is this brilliant community of runners! I would have felt less nervous about Friday had I realised sooner. 

    Any of the people in my 3:30 group would be well-deserving of a place (and you all outran me in the 5k time trial!!) so thanks for making it such a lovely experience (apart from the 5k time trial - never going to find that distance easy, but hope Steve's advice will reduce the pain) and good luck everyone! image

  • Oh no can 't believe you're in the same category. Oh well you'll have to persuade my why I should vote for you! Try not to check your phone/emails too much over the next few days!

    Welcome ArrowsLou. Yeah Steve's time trial is challenging but I try it every now and again to gauge where I am at. Is there a parkrun near you? They might help you learn to love the 5k distance.The forums are great. I dip in and out and there is usually a board for every topic. The advice and support from people on here is amazing. It really helped me out in the run up to Paris last year.

    Thanks everyone for your encouragement on the half. Scenery was great but not as impressive as Mr P's last week. Nice flat course all completed in 1:26:10 which I'll take. Not a PB but my pace didn't vary that much (slowest 6:44, fastest 6:22 and that was mile 12!) So a pretty successful weekend! Just need to sort my London training now. When does everyone else who is doing London intend to start their training?
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    ArrowsLou - great to meet you on Friday. I found the 5K tough too. Haven't done much speed work lately and I think my lunch was still being processed despite the hour gap!

    Please do stick around on the forums. The community here is great. This is last years thread which you would be very welcome to join but I see you found the one for this year too. 

    Best of luck to you for Wednesday and beyond!

    Stan - that's another great result. I'd bite your hand off for that HM time! 

    I'm not in London but I will be doing a spring marathon. Not even thought about starting training yet though.

    Yes, sadly Sticky and I (and ArrowsLou) are all in the same group so only one of us will get the golden ticket. However, as ArrowsLou indicated, it was a great bunch and all would be great choices. 

  • Stan - great weekend! I'm starting my VLM training on 9 December but I'm miles away from where I should be thanks to being injured for nearly 6 months! Still, I did a nice comfortable 10.85 miles @ 8:18mm on a hilly course and increased progressively throughout. Longest run since May by 5.85 miles!!!

    anyhow, I'm still hoping to get in Sub 3:15 shape but a long long way to goimage

    25.85 miles for the week. Need a solid week next week then embark on P&D 18 week up to 55 miles per week schedule. I'm going to enter Halstead again so may consider VLM as a long training run 4 weeks before Halstead if I feel I need a bit more time.

    What you looking to do for London, Stan?

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    I'm so glad you all had great bootcamp. this home laptop is playing up again so I'll write a proper post from work. But suffice to stay I have been stalking you !

  • Looks like all the Sub3.30 are on here but we Sub5hours had fun as was great to meet like minded people and just talk all day about running.

    I'm so grateful to the Runner's World team that I could take part in the Bootcamp! Mara Yamauchi was fantastic, tried out her advice today about breaking down a long race into smaller parts and it worked wonders for me image Managed to finish the Ashford Half Marathon in under 2h10min without even thinking once about walking a bit image Enjoyed every minute of my Halfmarathon.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    lvi-kid - well done on a fantastic half marathon result, you must be very pleased! With that time you should be easily capable of doing a sub 5 marathon.

    I think we spoke very briefly at lunch - there wasn't enough time for inter-group chat sadly. Anyway, I'm really glad you enjoyed the day and that you're reaping the benefits already.

    PS. there's another 2014 thread if you're looking for the other sub 5'ers from bootcamp. You're more than welcome here too of course!

    Jen - your presence is ever felt image

    DS2 - wow, great week's mileage. I need to get my finger out. I'm not even close to that at the moment. Sounds like a good plan you have there. Last thing you want is to be putting pressure on yourself in London. That is definitely a day to be enjoyed!

  • Came out of nowhere really Malcs. Just 3 x 5 miles and then the longer one on Sunday. Knee was a little sore last night so I need to be careful. I think I will do only the longer runs outside and most on the treadmill since I don't seem to get any reaction on there. It seems the hills cause most of the problems which is a problem based on where I live! Anyhow, I iced it and this morning it feels ok, but not great.

    I shall play it by ear but hope it will be manageable! I will attempt 4 runs again this week for maybe 30 miles in total. What are you planning this week?

    I need to enter some races to be honest to add some motivation and give me a sense of progress.

    Good luck with the phone callimage

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Yes, I suppose you forget how the miles mount up. I think you're making a good call there sticking to what causes the lease knee aggro. 

    Interestingly, in the physio session on Friday Sarah Connors said that almost all runners overuse injuries she encounters are caused by a lower back issue. That includes foot, ankle and calf problems - they almost always stem from an issue in the back.

    She also said how important it is to go to a physio who knows about running and running injuries.

    I don't have any formal plans yet. I'm just running when I can. Been so busy lately other things have had to take precedence.

    Thanks for the good luck wishes - what will be will be.


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Interesting point there Malcs but prob v  true. Bad posture = bad back, which prob means uneven gait = injury. So are you planking or bridging now? And I'm not suprised you have trouble finding time to run...notifications on your phone must be constant image

    DS2, glad to see you have sensible running head on. It sounds a very good comeback plan.

    Welcome all new bootcampers! image I am looking forward to hearing more from you. I'm really looking forward to voting this year!

    I did a comfortable 18 again saturday, then 5 yesterday. A total 42 for the week. This week is a mini taper image only 35miles to do!!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    and I'm well jealous of those bootcamp tops!

  • Hello all, *waves*... sorry I've been neglecting the forum... so much chat on other social media that I forget to post on here...

    Had a relatively easy week of training after last Sunday's 2 mile repeats.  Easy 3 on tuesday, but garmin was misbehaving and had my pace at 2:45 min/mile!! so recorded it as much longer!   Did 40 mins the next day with a couple miles at race pace.  I'm finding it quite hard to get to pace to start with (maybe i need longer than a mile to warm up properly) but then after the end of the 2 mile section, my pace doesn't drop off all that much.

    Thursday I did an hour on the dreadmill before some weights.  Saturday I overslept for parkrun, then yesterday, RRR came to visit me in essex for a 15 mile stint on the Essex way.  We were meant to be doing 17, but I miscalculated, so to make up for it, I took her on an unintentional detour which meant she got to run in Suffolk too image  Will do a proper run report later-  I've also been neglecting my blog!

    I like your high mileage Jenf - how are you finding it?


  • How was RRR, Angela?

    I look forward to the full story. Between you and RRR it should be 12 pages long!!!image

    Great mileage Jen. I'm so jealous of how you are doing......but, also, inspired by you!

  • Terrible! She kept wanting to stop for mulled wine and the like image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Jen - you're not wrong, I'm getting sucked in....again image

    Brilliant 18 there. I am most impressed. No niggles or anything either - the power of strength training!

    DS2 - and they were both in luminous pink too, surprised you didn't see the glow on the horizonimage

    Angela - great running! Is this all part of the training plan you're following or are you improvising bits? You're on a 20+ week plan correct? 

  • Good afternoon fellow runners!

    As a lucky attendee of the bootcamp on Friday I wanted to share my experience of it with you all. You can read my blog about it here

    For people like Malcs who I had the pleasure of meeting, it might bring back good memories and it might just be interesting to people who didn't get through or who might be inspired to enter this brilliant competition next time. 


  • Just realised who you are, super speedy FruitSmoothie image

  • Hiya Malcs, Yes, its kinda all part of the plan.  I think I mentioned before that for Manchester, I really want to be doing my long runs on flat terrain, so I get used to running for a very long time on total flatness.  Yesterday's run was not flat, and very uneven terrain in places.  I am somewhere along in my 29 week plan, but as long as I get the rough weekly mileage in at the moment i'm not too bothered about switching around workouts.  Since this little change in my day to day life, I've had no problems fitting in the running, and am even doing more strength work.  I will be switching over to Hal Higdon's Intermediate II plan I think next Monday, so then I will be a bit stricter.  Still, up to 15 miles before I've started my 18 week marathon prep isn't bad going, is it?? image  I'm on 897 miles for the year, so gotta fit in another 103... image

  • Sticky88 wrote (see)

    Just realised who you are, super speedy FruitSmoothie image

    hehe I've been unveiled lol! image

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