ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - isn't bad? I think it's brilliant! Ooh - there's a challenge then. 103 to go, can she make it? I look forward to the weekly countdowns image

    FruitSmoothie - aha! Like Sticky, the penny has dropped - secret identity revealed image 

    As I said on Twitter - that is an amazing time going sub 3 for a first marathon and also in some discomfort too. Who knows, you could be doing the Q&A at bootcamp in years to come!

  • FruitSmoothie Now the penny drops, great forum identity! 

  • Managed another steady 6 miles on the dreadmill this morning at 8:20mm. No issues with knee so, hopefully, this is the way forward.................but boring!image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Great to hear DS2! Boring yes, but at least you are running! Stick a TV in front of you and buy some library footage of someone following a running route. Angela could probably bung a headcam on and shoot something for you.

    I can't remember but did you find out what the knee problem was in the end?

  • Yes Malcs - runners knee - overuse and aggravated by my history of lower back problems!

    Hope you find out today. I'm nervous and I'm not even in the competition!image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ah. Bleedin' hockey!

    Well that tallies with what Sarah was saying then.

    Do you have regular treatment for your back? I have one of those massage chair things that you lie against. It's brilliant. Not as good as a proper massage but it definitely helps.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Ha Malcs, brill idea for treadmill! There is footage on youtube of our recent MT10 DS2 someone ran it with a headcam!! He even does the heavy breathing for you! I'm somewhere around mile 4.5 cheering!

    I'm enjoying the high mileage so far Angela but the weather has been very kind to me. Not sure if I'll be so happy out for 3/4 hrs in cold/wind/rain. I've been playing around with my fuelling and am currently eating protein/fat/no carb during the day and then carb backloading in the eve post training. It seems to give me lots of energy. Do you have any views?

    No one has ever used me as inspiration before DS2, that makes me feel good!! but I must point out I am doing all these miles really slowly image I just hope I can continue to stay injury free as the lies ramp up. No running this eve, off to play with the weights.

    Is it tomorrow you get judges house results?? fingers crossed for you forumites

  • Malcs - got a sports masseur over your way - Orpington. She is very good but I don't go as often as I should because of work commitments. Generally, I find that if I bother to do core work at the gym I don't get injured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Consequently, I rejoined a couple of weeks ago and do at least a few minutes each time I go. I will go tomorrow night and do a full hour of core stability work.

    Jen - honestly, I love hearing of your progress. The idea of an ultra appeals to me but the mileage seems daunting. Completing those long runs at a slower pace takes some mental toughnessimage

    Malcs - it seems the phone calls have started. Doppy Ashton on the new thread has advised of bad news!

  • Hello bootcamp buddies!

    Unfortunately I didn't get through the next round of Asics 26.2 as they don't want someone who has already ran sub 3. I'm not sure why they took me this far through the competition as they knew my p.b when I entered! I thought with the help of the comp I could go even quicker but I'll have to try on my own now.

    Good luck everyone and I'm looking forward to voting for my favourites image

  • Afternoon!

    Sorry to hear that Fruitsmoothie- bit frustrating for you. At least you had the experience of Bootcamp...

    Still no running for me, but been to the gym and had a good workout this afternoon. Now got to get the minions to football/rugby

    Apologies in advance for the crap Xmas themed name change- not feeling v inspired!

  • hi, all...its going to take me ages to catch up with whats been happening on here and then keep up.....I might be a while!

    hope you all enjoyed bootcamp (those that went)

    hope your colds done one Mr P

  • Good luck to the final few - you know who you are now!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Cheers KR. I'm in a similar position to you - second time at the vote! It's a bit different this year though with the live vote counters, way too scary and stressful.

    FruitSmoothie - still puzzled why there was no female representation in your group. You would have been great. Do stick around the forums!

    Clive (shortened version) - good to hear you're getting some excercise in. Are you counting the days now until you can run again?

    Sarah Claws - bootcamp was awesome thanks, but you probably know by now! image  Are you doing VLM this year?

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    evening all image  had a great weights session last night, I got a new PB for backsquat 72.5kg !! Today was a 10mile beach run in the sun, just made it back as sun was setting SO beautiful, note to self 'take head torch next week'

    Forum threads are really buzzing...i'm off for a little look around.

    and hey all you lurkers that follow this for Malcs!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Your run sounded fantastic Jen!

    Out of interest, do you do your squats on two legs? I read something recently (which was backed up by some of the stuff at bootcamp) that one legged strength exercises are much better for you. In fact the suggestion was that two legged ones could make you weaker.

    The reason is that the stabilising muscles that you use during a foot strike don't get worked when you're on two feet. 

    Here's the article:

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Malcs if I've got 72kg on my back I'm on two legs!!  But I do single leg squats a lot, as I'd read a similar article ages ago. They def make you engage the core more. Also I do a sort of lungie thing when my back leg is resting on a low bench, so all wt is on working leg. They are fun image

  • Good Luck everyone - its amazing! The live vote thingy does seem very stressful but it isn't the only thing taken in to consideration from my understanding from 2 years ago (where has the time gone!)

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Hey Emma

    Bumped into your husband at the Spitfire this year image

    No, the criteria have changed this year. This time it is all on the vote!

  • Hi Malcs! Michael said he had bumped in to three of you guys I believe! He was very excited. I have to confess to struggling a bit with the old green eyed monster - I felt really flat after the experience in Paris was over so started training for Dublin which was fab. Then as the new Target 26.2 started and knowing I wasn't doing a marathon I found it all a bit depressing (I didn't train as Michael was and its too hard to both train with the kids and work). I did quite enjoy being his coach though image.

    How was the whole experience for you? How do you feel now? It's weird when it comes back around isn't it? Are you doing a spring mara? Doing Spitfire again?

  • Emma - that was Malcs, Shady Ady and me!

    i think me and Malcs will definitely do it this time. How is your running going now?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Hi Emma, yes he said that it had to be one or the other of you- shame you couldn't both do one image

    It was great last year. Ady was brilliant - it was him, DS2 and myself who saw Michael at Spitfire. Definitely doing it again this year are you?

    I am in the comp again Emma! I'm up against Tim who I believe knows you quite well image Have to say he was great fun at bootcamp.

    So this year I haven't had to deal with the green eyed monster but I do have to deal with the stress of the voting and the possibility of falling at the last hurdle two year's running. 

    Are you doing a spring marathon? I'll definitely do something whatever happens!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    (oops cross post) image

  • Snap! A lot of cross posting going on!

  • Ha ha - all together now.

    Yes you are up against Tim. He's a really nice guy so either way there will be someone deserving in Parisimage. I think if you have got the mind set that you will be doing a Spring mara then you should continue with something even if it's not Paris. But there is a really good chance that it will be - you've been picked twice after all!

    I found going to boot camp really, really nerve wracking! That said everyone I met without exception was so nice. It was such a great experience.

    I have been debating the Spitfire with my running chum - we've both had pretty bad experiences there but it is ideal time and a pretty course.

    Are you local to Dunsfold?

    I'm doing Brighton. Running has been worse than dreadful due to chest infection, kidney problems and suspected glandular fever!!!!! I did quite a few triathlons last summer though which was FANTASTIC!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    OMG - you are in the wars. Glandular fever is not nice at all! Hope you get it out of you soon!

    I was less nervous about bootcamp but then I have been before. Too long ago to remember what it was like the year before. I think I was ok mainly because I met so many nice people here on the forums before the day itself.

    I'm in Orpington so not local but it's not far and it's so worth the drive! Do it, you know you want to! image

    Brighton has lots of good reviews - nice setting too, sure it will be great!

    Triathlons involve the dark art of entering the water - for that you have my total respect! 

  • Ahh - the swim is my best bit Malcs! Because I've been doing pool based Tris the swim is less daunting (will in retrospect it is - I'm nearly vomiting before I actually start) - typically between 400m - 600m.

    I did an open water Sprint tri in September - it was BRILLIANT. Totally hooked it has to be said.

    Think Spitfire is very likely - it was where I discovered PowerBar gels - less uuky than some other gels.

    I'm attempting a 10 mile cross country run on Sunday with zero training - it's not going to be pretty!

  • The bacon sarnies made Spitfire worthwhile last year Emmaimage

    It's a challenging course isn't it. I remember the first lap thinking what hills but the second lap at planned marathon pace (7:20mm) was pretty tough. Bloody windy as well but really enjoyed it especially with Malcs and Ady doing it!

    at the moment both Tim and Malcs are having their backsides whipped by someone who doesn't appear to be on the forums!image

  • NOOOO - that's no good!

    It surely isn't just the vote is it?

    When I did it I met Sleepy Bear at Boot camp and I'm still in contact with her on FB - she is really lovely and was so supportive even though she didn't get through. Very generous spirit.image Craig and I met up with her for the Fleet half.

  • That's a race I like! Fleet. Set my PB there in 1994!!!image

    I think those of us that met last year will stay friends for a long time as well. Do you hear from the others who made it to Paris?

  • Its a bit quiet on the Lee and Colin front - but they are both pretty active on the forums as they are going from strength to strength it would seem. Although I think Lee has had a bit of a set back - he's thinking about Tri too!

    I 'speak' to Craig and Rosie on FB but we all live a long way from each other which makes life tricky. Rosie keep suggesting the Edi marathon - but I haven't broached this idea with Michael and it falls during the triathlon season!

    I keep in contact with Sleepy bear on FB too - she is a sweetie, always really really positive.

    I paced fleet as it was close to Mara and coach Sam told me not to race! Mmm maybe I should do that one? I ran Bracknell last year and Paddock wood too.

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