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  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    hmm think I shall have to investigate 'breaking bad' when I've finished 'Lost'.

    hope shin better soon Mr P

  • Hi jen I cant do jelly beans...they take too much effort to chew! I was only averaging 45 miles a week for my marathon - when I looked at P&D it panicked me alittle...but everyone is different. If my mum did any more than 50 miles a week she ended up injured so ive always tried to keep below that just incase. You have to remember that youve got a busy job and you havent the time to run all day. I think your doing fantastic.

    Where are you up to Mr P on breaking bad? were on a little rest after series 4 whilst we do this crossfit for two weeks then series 5 commences! its great isnt it? I would highly recommend it jen..its exciting and has you on the edge of your seat.

  • jenf, I started watching breaking bad, and quite liked the first series, but when i started on the 2nd series, I decided it was far too violent, so stopped watching... am such a wuss!

    Sarah, last week when I did 40 miles, it was the furthest I've ever run in a week.  I plan to get upto a 50 mile week in this campaign.  I can see me trying to follow P&D at least once, but I agree that lower mileage is better- I think what is even better is maintaining a relatively high mileage throughout the year... I've been quite happily on 20-30 miles per week since recovering from my last marathon, whereas I know there are others that start their spring marathon campaign thinking they are higher, but in reality, from too many missed runs are more like 10-15 miles average, if that!   I think that's why there are lots of niggles coming out now, after 5-6 weeks of significantly higher mileage.

    Mr P, sorry about your shin pain- I saw your post on Malcs thread about rest.  I definitely think with a hard half marathon effort like that you deserve extra rest, and perhaps shouldn't have run again until Wednesday.... you live and learn image

    Thanks to your reminder, I have now booked my hotel for Manchester- rather more expensinve than when I looked when I booked my marathon place!! Annoyed I left it so long.  The hotel is on Talbot road, which looked as if it wouldbe walking distance to the football ground- I wanted to make sure of that just in case road closures stop us driving there to park...  I've just checked google maps and it says 4.5 hours from colchester, but I think that's just in current traffic... hopefully it will be a quicker run on a Saturday morning image  Getting excited! I've never been to Manchester image

    Nice race there Stan, I can't remember, do you have a marathon place yet?  I didn't realise you were from Lancashire... I'm very proud of my Lancastrian roots... although I've never actually been to Bolton, which is where a lot of my family are from... image

    Malcs I love JB on carb loading day, but I find it totally impossible to chew whilst running!!  I find it hard enough to drink from something that isn't a sports cap, and usually end up choking myself! image 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Interesting what you say there about base weekly mileage Angela/Sarah. I'm currently reading Mo Farah's autobiography. His coach says 'you have to build up a lot of miles in your muscles before you can think about running fast. First comes distance, then comes speed.'  image I'm looking forward to that then! speed may be coming my way! lol

    This weekend I'm away on a social with the running club ladies. Somehow I have to fit in a 14 and a10 mile run. Hmmm, loooks like early morning alarm calls for me!! But at least I will have a change of scenery.

  • that where I went wrong at york marathon? Should have been doing double the mileage before I attempted a sub 3:15? I found it hard to fit in more than 50 miles a week, but that was when I was doing a lot of netball too. For my last marathon I guess I could have ran more than four times a week but I was also trying to be around for Chris after's so hard juggling hobbies, work and family life! whats his book like Jen?

    will you get to go to the Trafford centre whilst your there Angela?

  • Angela which way will you go? M11/M1?

  • No idea about Trafford centre... Is that a shopping centre?  probably not- gonna have to be a bit of a whistlestop as david will be driving and doesn't have any time off work.

    Yes, we will use our cheat route to Cambridge- A1124, which is much faster than the way the sat nav tells you, then jump onto M11, and follow signs for THE NORTH!  I guess.  we tend to rely on satnav a lot though, but thats the way we went for the Lake district.

  • Great to see you back posting on here Angela. Did you join the running club in Colchester? I can't believe you've never been to Manchester! Shame it is going to be a whistle-stop tour though as it is a great city. Can't believe that you have Bolton heritage either. I've just finished second in their parkrun points competition. I was in the lead until August and then a succession of weddings and holidays ruined my points total. Pretty pleased to finish second though!

    Shame that aren't allowed to do the Brass Monkey, Sarah. I love the course there but each year I forget to enter and then it fills up. Oh well. My PB for a half marathon is 1:23:49 which I did in November 2012. Hoping to beat it this year.

    Mr P Take it easy on those shins. Always easy to overdo it. I am still trying to sort my knee out.

    Malcs - how was your second training day. Guess I shall have a look over on your thread to see how the training is going. The JB's were ok last week. I really missed my gels though. I am still worried at trying a different fuel when running after the person next to me had a case of explosive diarrhea doing the Chester Marathon a few years back. He did go on to beat me though. Probably because the smell nearly made me vomit!!!

    When it comes to training mileage I am don't generally go much further that 45 miles in a week. However looking back at my Paris plan last year the furthest I ran in a week was 34 miles!!! I guess that explains why I ended up walking! I have actually sorted a proper plan for London. I really want to dip under 3......

  • 45 miles is top end for me too Stan. Resting again today.

    Angela if you want we can swop numbers nearer raceday in case you get stuck. 

  • Hiya Stan, I think like Mr P, I'm finding it a bit tough to keep up with all the different forums, especially as I'm mentoring on one of them.  Didn't join the Colchester Harriers for a few reasons, one being that I'm actually hosting a beginners running club now aat a gym and its the same time as the harriers session, but also I was invited to this facebook group of runners at the end of the year called the Commandos, and it provides more what I want out of a club- running banter, chance to set up group runs etc, but in an informal setting.  Most of them come to parkrun too, and they've set up a 14 mile run tomorrow on the coast that i'll do (+3 miles) before going for lunch together.  Really starting to feel part of the community here in Colchester because of them now image

    Yes Mr P, number swap woudl be good- its our parkrun anniversary the day we'll be driving to Manc, so might set off a little later than I thought, but then I can't check in to my room until after 2pm anyway.

    So, I was run director at pr today, and we had 221 runners!!! Our highest ever! it was great!!!

    And just got back from a really good run - 4mi@MP, 2mi@HMP, 0.5mi@MP then i stoopped to put a sign back from parkrun that had been left out, then the last 1.6 miles was done 0.9mi@7:50 which is faster than my HMP, then the last bit as a cool down but pretty much MP

    8:25/ 8:28 / 8:24 / 8:24 / 7:58 / 8:00

    then 0.5mi@ 8:19

    0.9mi@ 7:52

    0.76mi @ 8:32

    really pleased with that run, as its the longest I've done for MP and it felt pretty achieveable.  Still got work to do, but was good image 

  • Commandos??? Err...what are the entry requirements??

  • haha, its a bit of a play on words.... could be what your thinking, or could be military... we're a garrison town afterall image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Great run yesterday Angela, in fact you had a very successful running weekend!

    Yes Stan, get that plan going, it would be fab to see you get a sub 3.00 image

    I am enjojing Mo's book ,Sarah, He's quite a character, and I like that. I agree, juggling work/home/running can be a challenge in itself.

    Well I managed to fit in my runs with my social weekend away, but it did see a very tired soggy runner in Bute park on Sunday morning!! I had to wring my clothes out over the hotel bath, and carry the soggy kit home. All good fun in the life of a runner eh!

    Hows the shin doing  MrP? new trainers?

  • Feels good today Jen, my trainers are quite recent so it is just plain overuse I think, I know my limitations!


  • Wow stan that is pretty speedy. What halfs do you have planned this year?

    I ended up recce in the course the day before so it wasnt the end of the world that I couldnt race it. I did enjoy cheering people on and seeing the pain in there faces at 11.5 miles....least I now know its not just me who feels bad at that stage of a race!!

    Im very impressed jen that you still managed to do your runs whilst away...your very disaplined! The weather was awful yesterday. I did a 10 mile race in hull. There was horrizintal sleet and snow for several miles as we were quite high up in open land...i kept my bin liner on until 7.5 miles as i just didnt dare take it off!!

    Was quite a nice course very undulating which I like. Didnt do very well but after all the crossfit I did last week I decided not to race it but just push it alittle. Went out for a meal on sat night and had prawns in a garlic and chilli sauce for repeated on me all night and for the first 5 miles...never eating that pre race/run again!

    Back at cross fit tonight, mentioned something about doing head presses (whilst in a handstand) last could be dangerous!

  • forgot to say...going to have to buy mos book now image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Struggled with my club run last night, I think the weekend caught up with me. Still got in my 8 miles, but my legs were tired. I treated it as good mental training for when the going get tough!

    No running for me today.

    I sympathise with the repeating food Sarah, I have a list of things not to eat pre run for that same reason!


  • a well deserved rest day for you jen. How are your legs today?

    i did some hill intervals today and my legs were so tired....and I haven't done much milage in the last week at all, just that cross fit. I dont think I could even imagine how tired your legs must be

    its the first time its happened to me but I can now sympathise with others and my patients

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    image Legs fully recovered. Did a muddy 10mile in the forest on wednesday afternoon, which wasn't my best idea ever, but it was fun! I then did an interval session with our club beginners in the evening, which was brilliant. Today I am carb loading for my 24miler in the morning, followed by another 5miles on sunday. Does anyone get the impression that running has taken over my life!!!

    Anyone else got plans this weekend?

  • How did your weekend of running go jenf? Did you get soaked yesterday doing your 24 miler? I did 18 today in the sunshine which was great. Average pace was 7:33 so not too bad, speed will hopefully come once I've sorted my base mileage.

    The points competition at my local parkrun has finally finished and I ended up second. Gutted as the guy who won got a lovely engraved glass trophy and I just got a certificate. Oh well it is still an achievement. I've said I won't get involved in the points competition again but I can see myself getting sucked in all over again

    Looking forward to doing the North West half in Blackpool in 3 weeks time. Just hope the weather holds that weekend. Have you got any races planned Sarah?

    How are the shins Mr P? Hope they are holding up? I went down to cheer on the runners doing the Manchester Marathon last year. The course and the organisation looked so much better than the first year it was held. I will try and pop down to cheer some on you on. I know Mr P and Angela are doing it, anyone else?


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    So, yep, did my 24miles in high wind, rain and hail! but it was actually ok image  did another 5 miles today in cloud/sun. I'm on holiday this week, and have my daughters hen party to enjoy, so am changing some of my runs around. I still aim to run while I'm away...but I think that may be a challenge!

    Aww, shame you missed out on a trophy Stan, but what an achievement coming second! go and buy yourself one and get it engraved with your points!


  • Congratulations on coming second Stan a fantastic achievement you must be proud? I know its disappointing when you Miss out on a trophy, but you've still done amazingly

    ive got quite a few races planned but there all small local type races, my next one is called muddy boots (ribbom, next weekend)

    good luck at Blackpool next weekend,x

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Muddy boots is a great name for a race Sarah! Good luck!

  • Thankyou jen. Whens the hen party and where is it?

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    I'm Back!!!!

    Survived the hen party, even managed to fit in some running image We rented a huge house near Poole, and it was one big party every day!

    Back to serious training now. this week isn't too heavy on mileage, but next week culminates with a 31miler...gulp!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    This week has not gone to plan! Feeling a bit upset ( actually really cross!)  cos I worked so hard fitting in all my miles on holiday. image

    Yesterday saw storms and winds of 100mph, and we had a massive power cut. I think more are forecast tomorrow. I'm not happy.

  • Glad you had a good time on the hen do Jen. Sorry to hear about the horrendous weather. Hope you haven't had any damage and that everything else is ok?

    I fell over 12 miles into my run last weekend. Was gutted but the damage wasn't too bad just a grazed knee and two huge holes in my gloves. My school was closed Thursday and Friday due to high winds blowing off the swimming pool roof so that allowed me to catch up on my mileage as I didn't run on Tuesday due to snow and Wednesday because it was too windy....

    I am hoping they'll sort the swimming pool soon as I usually use it before work...

    Hope the weather isn't too bad for everyone else and that the training is going well
  • what was your last longest run jen? The thought of running a marathon is scary but running 31 miles...ouch! Will you be running with someone?

    Dont beat yourself up about this week, its probably benefitted you having a rest to recharge your batteries. How many miles are you averaging a week? How long is it now until your ultra?

    im hoping we've seen the last of the storms now!

    Where do you live Stan? Sorry to hear about your fall but glad to hear that you didnt sustain any serious injuries and your still running. I wish they would close my work for a few days!

  • XC race tomorrow...just hoping its more successful that my last two races!

  • Ouch Stan. The roofblew off te railway station where i work!


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