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    Hope you had a good race today Sarah.image

    My last longest run was 18 on the wed before I went away, with a 10 and a 10 on the next two days! I average 50 miles a week. I did 14 yesterday and 10 again today. I still have 7 weeks to go, so I have no need to worry really. I have various victims lined up to run relay with me next Saturday !!!! lol

    It's horrible falling over, I think it shakes you up more than anything Stan. and I hate ruining good kit! 

    I hope we have seen the last of this weather too, it's messing up everyones training plans!

  • How did the XC country go Sarah? Lovely day for it bit I imagine it was fairly muddy! I live over in Ramsbottom which is just north of Manchester. Great for running especially in summer as there are loads of off road routes not to mention the hills! Being a Norfolk boy the hills are certainly a novelty!

    Glad to see you've got the running back on track Jen and 7 weeks is loads of time. I do just look on with awe at anyone doing an ultra! Are you also doing London two weeks later? I managed to get out and do 20 today and didn't 't fall over! Woohoo! I never really fell over until the last 6 months. Fallen over 3 times including landing on my head once! Had a bright red scab on my forehead for a parents evening!

    Was it the train station in Crewe that you work at Mr P? Heard that one lost its roof. Am hoping the rain and the gales have stopped for a bit as it's rubbish trying to run in them.
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    Hmmm, an Ultra and then London 2 weeks later! now who would be daft enough to consider doing that...image image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Yeah image back on it! Did another 8miles last eve after work and it was still light when I started. Running along the sea front at dusk was a real lift to my spirit.

    Did a resistance session today, and another 8miles planned tomorrow. Then on Thursday I can start carbloading. Time to make a new batch of my famous granola bars, think I fancy mango ones this time.

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    I can report that my new variety of granola bar is lush image. I added some dark choc chips into the recipe...yummy or what!

    I did 8 steady miles yesterday, 5 on my own, and 3 with my clubs beginners group. A few of them have their first races coming up..I was getting quite excited for them!

  • Wow that granola bar sounds amazing! Can you post me some? Glad to hear you've got your running groove back. I am doing to Blackpool half this weekend and think I'll be getting blown around it judging by the forecast!

    Thinking about doing a 20 mile race mid March. Does this sound like a good idea prior to London? Might use it for pacing and mileage rather than racing....
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    Good luck at Blackpool Stan, image  hope the wind is behind you! A 20 mid march sounds good to me, but as you say, pace it not race it.

    Well I did my 31mile training run today, my longest distance ever, and I felt strong and had no niggles at all, which has made me one very very happy lady. I did feel tired at 30.5 miles, but I think that was mentally cos I knew I was near the end. I feel like that the last half mile of any long run!

     I am chilling this eve with a glass of wine and catching up with series of Game of Thrones which I just bought, and tomorrow says 'active recovery'  so I think I will walk to my local for a Sunday carvery. image


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    oops..nearly had this thread slip to page 2!

    Pleased to report my recovery was all to plan after the 31. I was a bit stiff that evening, but I wore my recovery skins, stretched, ate well and fell asleep at 8.30! I woke up Sunday feeling so good I began to wonder if I'd actually dreamt the run! I did develop a bit of a sore throat for a few days, but I think I can attribute that to being out for so long breathing the cold air...and the constant chatting!!  I have felt ok  otherwise.

    I am now feeling more confident about my ability to complete this Ultra image

    Its been an easier week on the mileage, 6 +4+6 and I just have a 14 and a 5 at the weekend.

    Happy running everyone!

  • 31 miles is so far Jen... Glad to see you recovered well though. Blackpool was a battle last Sunday as it was so windy. It's a two loop course so ran some miles really quick with the wind behind me but running into the wind was a different matter. Me and this guy took it in turns to run behind each other. In the end I clocked 1:28 which wasn't what I wanted but the best I could do in those conditions....

    Signed up for the 20 miler in two weeks time. Will try and run just a little slower than marathon pace to begin with and see if I can up the pace towards the end. Been down visiting my family this week for my Dad's 70th which gives me the opportunity to do some great running along the seafront. Plus being Norfolk it is relatively flat....

    Six weeks until London. Time is going all too fast! Is it 3 or 4 weeks until your ultra Jen?
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    I'm on a 4 week countdown now image Nerves kicked in a little yesterday when e-mail arrived confirming my race number etc!

    Runs are going to plan still, and no niggles or injuries so I really have no reason to panic...but there's always a little seed of doubt. But then maybe thats all part of the fun of doing a race, if the finish was guaranteed it would loose its excitement!

    Well done on battling the elements at Blackpool Stan, enjoy the sea front training runs this week. That sounds a good plan for the 20 miler.

    I've got a 25miler this weekend, and I'm joining in a 15k charity run for the last bit which should spur me on. Its a one way course, so I'm going to run there for the start!! which means I can have the cake and cup of tea provided by the RNLI at the end image

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    Well my 25 turned into almost 26miles as I miscalculated slightly!

    It was cold and overcast to start, but by 12miles the sun was out and I realised I was a bit overdressed! top layer came off, and I wished I'd put suncream on!  I got to the start of the race with 10mins to spare, so my timing was perfect. It was an informal charity run, so no numbers or chips, just turn up and run image

    I found the return run quite hard as everyone else was fresh, and I got dragged along at a faster speed than I would have liked, and I also tend to overheat. But I finished an almost marathon distance in an almost PB time, so I was happy. I even got to sit in the lifeboat and pose for photos at the end!

    I have to admit to feeling slightly stiff this morning! but I'm sure i will run that off this eve on a little 5 miler.

    I am going to keep this thread going till after Paris, and then find out where everyone wants to decamp to. It seems to have turned into a bit of a personal blog at the mo, lol

  • Ha ha no worries Jen. I shall help you keep the thread going until after Paris. They haven't got long now...

    Well done on your 26 miles. Good effort! I managed 21 miles but it was a struggle. Having a few beers the night before and running in the sun the next day isn't always a great idea. Was so dehydrated that I starting eyeing up the puddles!

    Not long until your ultra. Doing my 20 mile race this weekend then it's virtually taper time. Club night tonight. Always good sessions that push me..
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    image yeah its taper time , just 18 miles today!

    Had a great run, beautiful sunshine but cold, so perfect for me. feeling strong and as if I could have carried on running for ever, which is exactly how I wanted to feel today! I just have to keep my head together now for the next two weeks.

     Stan, beers and sunshine work better together without running in the mix!!! But good effort. Hope your race goes to plan this weekend is a good pacing exercise.

  • Love how you say just 18 miles today! Great to hear that your running well and that you had plenty of energy, bodes well for your ultra! Jealous of your weather as well as have just been stuck under grey cloud for last two days...

    Race went to plan today. Held back early on which I've never done before as I usually go fast at the beginning and slow down. It was difficult to hold back especially having people running past me but I held my nerve! Was aiming for 2:20 but finished in 2:18 so pretty pleased. One more long run next week. Can't wait for the taper...
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Well done Stan, that sounds a pretty good paced run. Keep it calm for the next long one...and you're on the home straight!

    I'm loving my taper this week, just a few 5 milers have been great. I have a 10 and a 5 b2b at the weekend, then countdown begins!

    I am still remarkably calm about this ultra race.  I have been reading ' The Chimp Paradox' and found it a great help. Its author, Dr Steve Peters, works with the British cycling team. I'd recommend it to anyone who struggles with the mental aspects of running. Blame your Chimp!!

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    Cut my runs a bit short this weekend. My calf muscles were feeling really tight and pulling a bit on the achilles. I decided nothing I do this week is going to make me any stronger or faster, but I could do lots of damage, so I pulled up short of the distance and had a stretch session.

    This week I'm meant to run 5, 3, 2....race 40!!   who ever goes out for a 2mile run??

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    5 miler...check image

  • Ha ha a two mile run! I know what you mean, you've barely even warmed up by then but I know plenty of people who can't run 20 metres. Have you gone taper mad yet? I know before Paris last year I went a little crazy....

    Managed to run 20 yesterday was hard especially doing after work.

    Good luck for Sunday. Let us know how you get on...sure you'll do amazing. Where is at again.
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    its Llanelli Born to Run Ultra, Stan. Its on Saturday, and don't worry, I will come and bore everyone with a race report on here, good or bad!!

    Did a bit more than 3miles this eve because I took my beginners session. It was great fun though, and they were all so supportive and positive. I really feel good now! Cant say I've suffered taper madness, had a little panic on the weekend, but talked myself down from that easily.

    Best bit now is Carbing for 2 days, yum yum! I have a store of fruit bread and cranberry/orange bagels to take to work tomorrow.

  • Carbing is the best bit of training.... enjoy! You made some flapjack too? Good luck and I look forward to the report

    Just a fast/slow 9 miles tonight once I talk myself into it!


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Well I did it!! My first ultra, 40 long and some not very pretty miles. It was quite a humbling experience, and over 40 miles I did a lot of soul searching.

    By the time the race started, the early morning rain had eased off and it was perfect temperature. The buzz at the race HQ was amazing. Ultra runners are such lovely friendly people, but they all looked so pro with their buffs and back packs, I did feel the poor undertrained relative. My training buddy and I set off at the back of the pack. I was fully expecting to come last in this race.  First hiccup occurred at mile 3, when my garmin just decided to switch itself off! The timer continued, but I had now no idea of pace or distance. This threw me a bit, but as there was nothing I could do about it, I resigned myself to having to do mental maths like in the old days!

    The first 11 miles were easy chatting pace. And then second disaster struck, my running buddy developed a recurrence of an old foot injury and had to walk for a bit. By mile 13 there was no improvement, and we were starting the 10mile hill. She made me leave her. I felt really really awful at this point. but she insisted. I knew running alone was going to be a lot harder, and there were no runners in my sight.

    The 10mile 'incline' is deceptive, I'd run it before in training, and It needs respect. I soon found myself picking off runners as they flagged from their too fast starts. By the first bag/food stop I was still feeling good. But the hill eventually got to me, I kept thinking the turn around point was close, but it just seemed to on forever. I had my first mental battle. I was made worse by the fact all these scary pro looking runners were coming back down the hill!! But to be fair, they all high fived or clapped as they past me. I eventually turned around... (mile 22.5)

    I passed my running buddy a mile or so down the hill, she was looking better having dosed up on painkillers. I offered to wait for her, but she refused.

    Energy levels dropped around mile 23, and I started to panic a bit as I realised I was meant to be running London in 2 weeks, and I was struggling. The feeling passed.

    I overtook 2 more runners on the hill down.

    At mile 35 I really did start to struggle, my legs just decided they did not want to work anymore, and I developed a pain in my left hip/ top of IT band. I dropped to a walk, and felt gutted, so close... However, I knew there were lots behind me, and even if I walked in, I could finish this race.

    At mile 37 my running buddy caught me up! Why don't you take a pain killer says she?  2 nurofens later I started running, pain gone!! We finished the race running together in just over 8 hours.

    I had a few goals for this Ultra. first to finish, second  not to  be last, and third dream time of 7.30hours. I am secretly disappointed not to have done all three!! but two out of three isn't bad!

    Today I feel as if I was beaten up yesterday.. but as the day goes on I am improving. Next stop London!

  • Wow JenF, you really are a superstar!  Eat lots of good food to rebuild and repair you ahead of London!

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Brilliant Jen I was wondering how you'd got on!


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    What a fantastic report Jen. Sounded very painful at points - can't imagine what it was like (not sure I want to either)image

    But what a performance and what an amazing experience too! Brilliant that you managed to finish with your friend. 

    Absolutely buzzing for you. Very, very well done. 

    After this London will be like a walk in the park image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Thank you image I can report that after a gentle 2 mile walk in the sunshine, a nap, and food, I actually feel fine again. Everything is in working order! I've even started looking for my next challenge..oops!

  • Fantastic race report jen. The 10 mile hill sounds a nightmare if it was in a ten mile race, let alone a 40 mile one! Its fantastic that you and your friend was able to finish together aswell And your time was amazing, were all proud of you.


    What's your plans between now and London?

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Morning all! Am feeling good this morning, no major aches at all, so I'm well happy.

    Thank you all so much for your lovely comments!

    I'm planning on walking with the power walkers in our club this eve Sarah, and running on wednesday, but I'm not really sure what types of sessions to do these next 2 weeks, and do I do a longer run at weekend?

  • the comments are all well deserved. 

    Hope you had a good session today with your PT and your walk yesterday went well.

    i think youve done enough long runs and dont need to do anymore before London! image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Jen, I agree with Sarah no long runs needed. Surely it's all about recovery now? I have no experience in this area but to me this is similar to a marathon taper. Training is all done and you just need to focus on being as fresh as possible for the start line.

    So that would mean plenty of rest, good eating and the odd short run to keep the legs ticking over. Speed work is pointless so 30-40 min runs done slowly throwing the odd bit of MP in if you feel you need it. Mainly I'd go with how you feel at this stage instead of following some plan.

  • Jen,

    Awesome result! Great report, and so proud of you for doing it. I feel ill just thinking about it. no question the miles are banked, time for another taper before London. spoke to Tigger last week- she's very excited!

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