ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



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    Been meaning to take a look at your report all week but didn't want to rush it so waited until a really boring afternoon at work! God, I hate days like this - no client meetings and boring accounts!

    Anyhow, much happier now. Brilliant report and a truly amazing performance. Fantastic that you running buddy finished with you. It must have been truly emotional to finish.

    I still can't quite get my head around running a marathon, then a half marathon and still a little bit left to go all in one hit. 8 hours is a magnificent time.

    You may be slightly disappointed not to hit your dream time, but in the  brilliant articulation of words that is Meatloaf 'Two out of three aint bad'image

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    Trying the running legs out later image


  • Wow! Love the race report. Once again I look on in awe at your achievement. I don't think it is a challenge I could ever take on. You did amazingly well and it's always difficult doing the first one. I remember turning up to my first marathon without any energy gels or anything....

    I agree with Sarah and Malcs. Just have a few easy runs. No need for the long runs. Your body will probably still be repairing itself.

    Which start are you on for London? Getting excited about it now.....
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Thanks again for your all your positive comments. I really have valued your support along this Ultra journey. Its a fabulous road...are you sure no one wants to join me..

    Really enjoyed my run last night. image I took my beginners group, telling them they had to look after me! We did a slow jog warm up, some drills, a few strides and a bit more easy running. My legs felt really good, no niggles at all!! I can hardly believe it!

    I'm in Blue start for London Stan, and I'm running with a buddie from RW thead image I am SO excited!

    love your comment ..'the first one' ... how did you know that i'm already looking at others image

    Thanks for advice re runs guys, I agree, that although I feel good, my muscles will have sustained lots of little tears, and need to repair. I plan to do an 8-10 mile steady run at weekend, then 2 easy runs in the following week. Think that will do me. I also have a nice sports massage booked image

  • I would really like to attempt an ultra but I'm having difficulty getting chris to let me do another marathon....dont think i stand a chance with an ultra...yet! Fancy hadrian's wall so maybe if you do it next me a year to work on him!

    glad to hear that your legs feel great. 

  • Eeek not long until Sunday and I've just got one little run left. Getting excited!!!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    image runs all done! I'm as ready as I'll ever be for London! An ultra was probably not the best prep, but I'll get around....just not very fast!

    Stan I think we are trying to meet up at Blackheath church between 8.15 and 8.45 if you want to join us. Will be great to put some faces to names!

    Good luck anyone reading who is also doing London or any other marathon this weekend!

  • Hi Jenf, yes I am going to try and make it along. I met you briefly in the cafe at the boot camp but sat too far back in the lecture theatre to enjoy your flapjacks!

    Good luck to you on Sunday and everyone else doing London. It is going to be amazing!
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    I've got some of my granola bar to share at the church! !

  • And it was fab too! How did you get on? 3:09:45 for me. My second best time ever. Not what I wanted but it was hard work today....
  • Granola was yummy as ever! 

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    Stan,   it was SO great to meet up with you and the other 2013 bootcampers pre race. Well done on your time image

    LMVM is definitely an experience! My race didn't go quite to plan, but I had a fab day!image. We started with shady ady who was pacing 4.15 for the blue start. We were 8 miles into the race and going well... but my running buddy started struggling and feeling unwell. At mile 10 we made the decision to drop the pace and reset the goal at finishing. It became a different race then for me, I was running at a really easy pace and enjoying, but at the same time worrying about my buddy.

    I learnt a lot during that race.

    1.Runners are strong gutsy people.

    2.Runners care about and respect each other.

    3.I am really proud to be a runner

    4. I think my heart actually lies in the lonely ultra miles....

    WE FINISHED...and we got the same medal as MO image

    I have promised myself a weeks no running this week, ha ha ha ... as if that will happen!!


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    3 days no running...image going well so far!!

  • I might try a swim tomorrow and maybe a light run on Friday. Am tempted to do the parkrun this weekend. Last time I did a marathon I smashed all my pb's in the following two months. Curious to see how it goes this time. Planning on doing a very flat 10K early May so I'll see what happens there.....

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Sunday Jenf. It was great to meet you and once again thanks for the granola! I agree with your sentiments about runners but think you missed off number five. All runners are slightly mad! 

    Let me know how you get on with the no running, Bet you're climbing the walls by Friday! Have you planned your next ultra yet?



  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Haha Stan... yes number 5 is definately true!!

    My next target is the TR24 in July. I'm in a team, but hope to get quite a few laps in. I'm writing my training plan to try and build a bit of speed back into my legs, without losing endurance. I'm going to try training twice a day image

    I'm currently researching another Ultra!!!  But I am going mountain treking in Nepal for a month in November, I think that almost counts!!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    5 days..... might give in tomorrow image 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Such a perfect running morning yesterday. Clear blue sky and no wind...just asking for an easy 4 miles! 

    Feeling good!! image

  • Great to hear you're back to your running Jenf. Had a few runs myself but have also put in for a 10K next weekend and a half marathon the following one..... Will see how I get on.

    Do you find that as you do ultras that your body recovers quicker after a marathon? I find that I am fine after halfs and 10Ks but I used to ache years ago when I did them. The only thing that knocks me is the marathon. Ached for days after London!


  • By the way I am very jealous of your Nepal trip!

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Hello chaps!


  • Hello Mr Puffy. I can't believe that you were at the church before the London marathon and I didn't come over and say hi. How is your running going?
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    image Back to serious training this week! Had the weekend off for my daughters wedding, and have only done a few fun runs since London.

    yes Stan, I definately think recovery is quicker because of my Ultra training. Doing all the long back to back runs helped. I 'could' have gone out the day running the day after london, I had no significant aches or pains, but I decided to give my body a good rest. I can remember being very stiff after my first marathon though.

    Hi Mr Puffy! I just visited Malcs thread, but ducked back here quickly as they are talking 40min 10k !!!  My hope for TR24 will be to knock them out in an hour or so!! What are your next plans Mr P? You got anything planned Stan?


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Tried some speed intervals yesterday..thought I was going to die! My ultra legs need a make over!!

  • Hey! My 10k was today and I finally managed a shiny new PB! Finished in 38:23. Feeling very pleased with myself as that is 40 seconds off my previous best!

    Keep up with the speed sessions Jenf they are worth it but i have to force myself to do mine! Is it just TR24 that you have in your calendar at the moment? I have the Morcambe half next weekend then nothing planned....
  • Hi sorry ive not been around a and spending time with my hubby has been taking over a little.

    congrats on a new PB yesterday Stan, 40 secs of a 10k at that sort of pace is amazing, you must be delighted? I managed to knock 15 secs of my 10k pace on Tuesday and I was happy. It now stands at 41:22 so ive still got some work to do to get me that sub 40....but I'm working on it!

    what are you aiming for at morcombe? I'm guessing its flat?.

    Hi jen, I think the rest will have done you some good. The wedding came at the most perfect time. Good luck with your 3 x 5 miles today. I love speed training, such a good stress buster!

    I got my first sub 1:30 half yesterday so im still on cloud 9....sneaked on here quickly before the other half wakes up!

    Running the Yorkshire three peaks next sat with RRR!

  • So how did the three peaks go? Saw a great muddy picture of RRR on twitter. You enjoy it?

    After nearly changing gender during a mid week collision with a bollard I had to really think about whether I was up for today's half marathon. Glad I did as it was a lovely course (or what have been if the wind had made it so challenging). Managed 1:30:18 which is a bit off pace but I don't mind as I knew it was never going to be good time after Tuesday.

    Jenf how is your preparation for TR24 going? Are you getting up in the middle of the night to run so that your body is used to running at stupid o'clock? No more race plans for me at the moment. Just parkruns and speed work I think....
  • Blimey forgot to say well done on your half marathon PB Sarah well done. Now you've gone through that barrier it makes it easy to go faster. Took me years to do it and my PB is now 1:23.
  • Hi Stan, so sorry for the late reply, life's been going quicker than ive been able to keep up, just seems like there's one thing after another, and the jobs just keep on piling up!

    the three peaks was fun until the final peak, then it became quite wet, cold and unpleasant and I just wanted it to end. It was a cold and wet day anyway and all the paths had flooded but at first it was quite good fun. By the time we reached the final peak however it was hail stoning and there was such a strong wind. There were waterfalls forming on the path we had to take up ingleborough. when we finally made it to the top I wasnt sure how I was going to get back down as my legs were so sore, but once we started running again I got into it. 

    The satisfaction at the bottom was fantastic and im so glad ive done it. Was great to see RRR aswell. We walked round the waterfall walk the day after, thinking we had gotten away with any fatigue however the following day I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I hurt in places I didnt know existed, my whole body ached! 

    Which half marathon did you do? 1:30:18 is fantastic. 

    How are the park runs going? Jen has been out with her head torch On, practicing for tr!

    i would love a 1:23 PB thats an amazing time. I'm still trying to get quicker than my parents...a 1:23 would be perfect image

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