ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Glad the weather is going to be ok tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing everyone and putting names to the faces. I agree with everyone else about the pre-race nerves! Probably more nervous than most races I've done and we've still got just under a day to go! Luckily I have a parents evening tonight to take me mind off everything.

    We just need to turn up with running stuff and a smile tomorrow, right?

    Safe journey to all those making their way to Brum. See you at 9.30 if not before!

  • Hi Stan - enjoy parents evening.

    Safe journey's everyone! See you tomorrow!

  • So excited!! *Bounce Bounce*

  • Hi, where is the short list? I assume that people who applied and were unsuccesful didn't get a mail to say they were unsuccessful?
  • no short list Peacey.if you didn't hear then you are not in....they will look at all the successful ones at bootcamp tomorrow and afetr a few days/ weeks will produce the list of the successful 18 ish people and then we are free to ask them questions etc to decide which to vote for in each catergory.........

    so start  thinking up some tough questions image

  • See you all tomorrow!! image

  • Not too tough Seren nos - unless I don't get through, of course and then you can ask what you like!image

  • I was too nervous with my train time, so I'm hopping on an earlier one.  

    G&W, Malcs (and anyone I missed)- I'll try and meet up with you at the cafe, if I can find it! image

  • What time are you getting in Gremlin?


  • 8:45, I hope to make it to campus by 9.  Is the cafe in the Sports Centre?

  • Oh not that early then! Not got the first clue of where to go after the train station!  I'm sure someone will be around to ask!! short of that good warm up..... walking around the campus for a hour!


  • Have arrived in Brum! Glad I came tonight now I'm here. Safe journey's tomorrow folks.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Gremlin - I think we're on the same train now image  I'll be wearing a black jacket with a fur trimmed hood - if you spot me at one end or the other do say hello.

    Better get to bed now! 

  • Have arrived in the Midlands, the temperature is a liittle cooler than Cornwall, can not wait till tomorrow!!

    Looking forward to meeting everyone

  • Good luck all lucky bootcampers. Will be looking out for those of you who make it through to the RW vote. image

  • Good Morning Campers!! and Non Campers! I can honestly say that is the worst night sleep I have had in a very long time!! but am I ready for today? Oh yeah!!

    On a more serious note a huge thank you to everyone on here! As a new comer the last two weeks have been awesome, sharing the advice, nerves, excitement and just the the amount of good luck everyone at bootcamp has been sent is brilliant!

    off to catch a train!!

    Laters xx

  • Have  agreat day.good luck and have fun.hopefully you will make friends that you can join in here whoever is the eventual winnerimage

  • Good luck everybody!

    Hope you have a fab day, learn lots and get lots of nice goodies.

    Look forward to hearing from you all afterwards as to what you did...

    Stay cosy when you can!


  • I am in the cafe. Wearing grey jacket if anyone around
  • Good luck everyone!

  • Boy its cold out there just like last year!!!! Enjoy your lunch.......image

  • Had a fabulous day at boot camp, what an amazing day, met so many nice people and learnt so much, thankyou to the team and all the other semi finalists for making it such an enjoyable day. Good luck with getting through everybody.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Echo that Sarah - just got home and I'm still buzzing! 

    I wanted to post here before I conk out image

    Fantastic to meet you all today, particularly all those who have been posting here.

    Sorry about the abrupt end at the station - we all seemed to get split up. Hope you all made it back safely.

    Tigger - did you even manage to get on that train?

    jenf - you really need to take those granola bars to market

    RRR - some less flourescent socks next time please, my eyes are still hurting!

    Annabel, Adrian and Mrs Adrian - thanks so much for the company on the way home. My last train was a bit of a struggle without you - by some miracle I woke up in just in time at Orps thus saving me from an embarrassing trip back from the South Coast image

  • Really amazing day! Very well organised and thoroughly enjoyable. Now to loosen up my stiff joints after the 2.5hr drive home!!!

    Thank heavens for white wine

  • I agree with all said so excellent day and thoroughly much learnt and so much I realised I've been doing wrong. Can't wait to put the advice into practice.......starting tomorrow (not too early though image).

    Still kicking myself about the 5km time trial and not going faster.........but I suppose to be only a few seconds away from my old pb and not having done any speed training this year, I shouldn't really complain....I now have an idea how much better I could possibly be.

    Annabel & Malcs.....thanks for the company on the train back down to London too.....I think my wife was extremely happy that I could have someone else to talk constantly about running with and save her from feeling the force of it. Hopefully catch up with some of you again if any are taking part in races around London next year.

  • Good to have met a few of you today.

    I just wanted to echo everything thats already been said. Its been a really enjoyable and interesting day.

    Thanks to everyone involved.

  • Hey guys, 

    I hope everyone enjoyed the  day and it was great to meet some of you! Had a bit of a nightmare getting back however...maybe my marathon pace might have got me home quicker!

    It was fatntastic to get some nuggets of information from Steve, Sam and especially Sarah with regards to recovery and stretching, two aspects which are equally as important as running itself...but ones  which I always  tend to ignore!

    So I guess everyone is going to be refreshing their computers and staying by their phones most of Monday and Tuesday?


  • Traffic was pretty horrendous on the way home despite going for a coffee for an hour with some of the people I met today. The drive home gave me the opportunity to reflect on how awful I was on the one question interview. I was worse than a 5 year old, couldn't even string a sentence together let alone remember anyone's names (which I had know three seconds earlier and 2 mins later) - think the nerves got the better of me!
  • Just wanted to say thanks for a great day to everyone involved, what an experience. Pity I had to go straight to work afterwards! Just got back home and am officially knakered. Here's hoping my little one will let me sleep in tomorrow! Good Luck to everyone for the final cut...
  • Hiya!! A late post ... Just got in now! image

    Fantastic to meet everyone ... And put a face to some of the usernames! You were all so nice!! Really enjoyed today - got some great information and thankfully didn't disgrace myself at the track (by tripping over or going the wrong way or anything). Will have to start a thread for the bootcampers 2012 so we can stay in touch!

    I'm looking forward to seeing who makes it through ... But in the meantime good luck everyone!!

    P.s. no Jaffa cakes today!!
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