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  • Oi Malcs! Be nice about the socks! Or you'll get a pair for Christmas!!image
  • It was great meeting some of you yesterday (I don't think I met everyone)! I learned a lot, had to write it all down before I forgot everything. I can't wait to learn even more from those who make it through, good job everyone!
  • Good morning all!! I am still buzzing and bouncing yesterday was totally brilliant! It was really great to put names, faces oh and forum names together!! The whole experience was amazing, I personally got a lot out of yesterday!

    And yes malcs I did get on the train!! Shaun and I chatted all the way back!! Had to run straight out of the door for Christmas fayre, I dont think anyone noticed I was still in running kit :-/
  • Hi everyone, a very big thank you for everyone from the organisers, coaches, photographers and all the runners I met.

    Made it back to a misty Cornwall before midnight and have just come back from a steady mile in the light!! with my new training partner Ranger! (our 10 month old black lab)

    I found the whole day encouraging and inspiring, it has re-energised my running and I am committed to get a qualifying time via good for age for the London 2014, I am just keeping everything crossed to get through to the next stage and a step closer to doing it in style at the Paris Marathon!!!

    Of course now having met a lot of the competitors, everyone deserves the opportunity that the Asics Target 26.2 brings?

    RunnyRunRun Great idea, a Bootcampers 2012 thread would be great to keep in touch

    DS2 hope your journey was okay good luck in getting to your 3.15 target time

    Again a big thank you for a great dayimage


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    RunnyRunRun wrote (see)
    Oi Malcs! Be nice about the socks! Or you'll get a pair for Christmas!!image


  • A fantastic day and a great experience. I am sure all that attended agree !

    Really enjoyed meeting a great bunch of people. Was good to chat about everyone's  goals and achievements and life in general. 

    Was great to meet the highly respected Coaches and Asics team. I have taken away some useful tips and information from the day which i know will come in handy.

    I will certainly get some track time during my training as this was the first time in using one. Can see why a track is highly recommended. 

    Hope all arrived home safely. .

    Good luck to everyone in getting through to the next stage !

  • I loved the socks, there now on my Christmas list after some fabulous reviews I heard about them yesterday.
  • To anyone who has a movecount account, or just wants to be abit nosey!

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    sarah osborne 4 wrote (see)
    The drive home gave me the opportunity to reflect on how awful I was on the one question interview. I was worse than a 5 year old, couldn't even string a sentence together

    Sarah, I was exactly the same. I could see Katie slowly losing the will to live as I stuttered out a stream of mindless drivel.

    Tigger - good to know you got on the train, it was a bit of a scrummage. If it hadn't been for two guys in front of me making a last ditch surge I wouldn't have made it on. Now the big question, di you manage to get that beer?image

    Tony - is Ranger the one that you took for that monster out and back? Must be the only dog in the country that runs and hides when you shout walkies!image

    DS2 - where are you hiding?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Hey Daniel - great talking with you yesterday. Sorry to hear about your journey back. Still slighly sick after hearing how fast you ran Snowdon!

  • Well, I was feeling pretty fragile after Snowdon also! I forgot to ask the target team experts about the run on empty approach! 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    image - you might still get you chance!

  • Malcs .....Yes..... I..... did!!!!!!!! It wasnt the cold one I had hoped for! more a warm bottle in a VERY hot School hall!! still hit the spot!!!

  • As for another thread we discussed yesterday a 'bootcamp rejects' for those that don't get in! But at the minute we are all still in with a chance!!!


  • Well I can only wish! But nevertheless it was still a very enjoyable experience. I had never considered running the opposite direction on a track untill the warm ups for yesterdays track sessions either...

  • Hello to everyone who went to Bootcamp yesterday, good to see so many faces on here from yesterday. Still buzzing from it, took ages to drive home not that I'm complaining, good luck to all, even if I don't get further the advice etc i got is a prize in itself and am more than happy!!!!!
  • Good afternoon all, finally found my way home to sunny Cornwall and on to the forum! I can only second what has been said above by many of you, great day, friendly people, quality advice and a good all round laugh!
    Was great to meet so many like minded people and must admit I was a bit in awe of some of the quality on display with some making it look effortless.
    Whatever happens I will be following the winners this year and pinching any advice the coaches give on here. My 5k may not have been all I had wanted and I too fell into the 'One question mindless mumble' trap but I gave it a good try and will have to wait and see.......
    Good luck to you all for next week when the short list is revealed, going on what I saw in my group the RW team are going to have a mighty task to cut it down to a final 15 or so!!

  • Tried posting last night but it didn't seem to work...

    Had a great day, and big thanks to everyone from RW & Asics. Learnt from Sarah, Sam and Steve, but highlight was meeting all you guys, all with different stories and motivations but same goal!

    Now cringing about my video interview, forgot how banal it probably sounded hopefully it doesn't count for too much.

    The website I was talking about for predicting times, but especially what paces to do for different types of sessions is

    Best of luck to everyone and think idea of thread for 'unsuccesfuls' is good
  • Hi all,

    An absolutely brilliant day yesterday despite the long drive home! Great to meet up with all those who had already been on the forums. Got everything out of the day I was expecting and a bit more. Great sessions on the track and a lot of fun.

    Felt odd to be running at a faster pace having only been doing base mileage but enjoyed it nonetheless. Puts down a marker if nothing else.

    Will enjoy following those that get through whatever the outcome and hope that as many as possible stay in touch on here!

  • Just to reiterate what everyone has said, it was a fabulous day and over far too quickly. The organisers packed so much into it. A massive thank you to them. And everyone I spoke to had such interesting stories to tell about themselves. What a diverse bunch we are/were. 

    As has been said previously, regardless of the outcome and who goes through, I do think that a bootcamp in the future that is open to everyobody is a great idea, not just those who are "rejected". It would take some organisation though. Perhaps over a weekend.

    Looking forward to the next challenge. Speaking of which, does anyone know if the January UK versus USA competition is happening again?

    Kind regards to all,

    Chris Purdon

  • Thankyou Clive for that adress, I will have a look at it later today. Wish it was yesterday again, going to the gym this afternoon and having to run on the treadmill just didnt have the same impact as the track sessions or the fabulous day yesterday. Spent most of my time daydreaming that I was back there doing it all again. Certainly going to start going to the track, found the 5k so enjoyable.....I may have found another distance I like!
  • Hi Wylam (Chris) lovely to meet you on the train - albeit a rather 'crushed' experience image hope you got a seat eventually! Lovely to meet so many motivated people yesterday and what a great mix - from the absolute beginners to the guy who had done 71 marathons under 3 hours - and everything inbetween. Despite having done a fair few marathons and ultras, I also learned something new. Didn't enjoy the 5K time trial so much though - ours was straight after lunch so skipping the sandwiches (rather than throw them up on the track) meant low energy levels. Was starving afterwards! Still, we got through it and thanks to DS2 for his help in working out lap splits. We can but wait now - I wonder what criteria they use for selection? Like Clive, I am also cringing about the awful video interview - could not think of anything original on the spur of the moment! Anyway, bonne chance everyone ...
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    hi everyone. .I've just got home! don't worry not been traveling whole time.. stayed in Birmingham at daughters. Chilled out at cinema last eve ( twilight)

    I echo all sentiments expressed by other bootcampers. I leant lots n the day really boosted my confidence. It was great meeting you all n I look forward to following the lucky ones on their thread.
  • Some of us where the real winners yesterday and that were those of us who sampled the Granola bars! Jen they were absolutely totally awesome and please share the recipe!!

    Glad to hear everyone got home safe and sound! X
  • Tigger  - glad you enjoyed those granola bars! Trust they helped your performance?

    Well, by tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest we should know who made it through to the vote stage. Good uck everyone!

    I really enjoyed the day and think I'm ready to get back to the track regularly now. After a month of solid base building it sure was a shock to try to run under 7mm. Shouldn't take too long to get running faster though. I think I'm pretty strong at MP running - more so than in many years - so a weekly track session should make a lot of difference. My first proper race target is to run inside 70 minutes for 10 miles at the Canterbury 10 on 27 January which I'm sure will be achievable.

    What races/targets have others got lined up in the shortish term?

  • Definitely need some targets too. Might do Bolsover 10k ( but hopefully will have to go to London for this insteadimage ) next year thinking of Paris even if I don't get through or Chicago in October. Feel in quite good shape at moment and really pleased with time trial time on Friday as not done any speed work for ages

    I am going to do some open water swimming as an aside (Windermere and Salford in June) and maybe a sprint triathlon.

    This is all assuming can get family to sign it off!!!
  • Hi Clive - I thought you surprised yourself a little on Friday. Well done. Always nice to feel in good shape. I do too, at the moment, despite having no speed.

    They look like some good targets, I take it you are from the north-west looking at where you are thinking of competing?

    I've rarely ever run shorter races, so have trouble finding the right pace for them when I do attempt something shorter. I think I will start doing the parkruns every couple of weeks or so. I have joined but none are on my doorstep and Saturdays are a bit manic in my house with three daughters needing to get to their activities.

    I've only ever run one 10k road race in my life but find I'm able to run at a similar pace for a lot longer. I must have good slow twitch fibre construction but less fast twitch. That, or I don't try hard enough at the shorter runs. I guess I will find out if I continue training as I am this winter.

  • I was looking at the bolsover 10 aswell, I've heard some very good reviews on it, supposed to be a nice race, its either that or the Santa special which is organised by kimberworth. 6mile trail race which everyone runs in Santa hats. Think that ones only a couple of pounds to enter aswell.
  • Anything with Santa hats is good! I did the variety Santa run in Sydney a couple if years ago- 5k in full Santa outfit including beard and hat in 28 degrees heat! Added to that running with a 6 year old who refused to walk nearly killed me!!
  • How did everyone find the marathon pace session with Sam? I found it particularly hard to rein myself in! In group 1 we ran 2 miles, and the first I ran right bang on my target time,  the second mile however,  I was 15 seconds quicker;  not that I really felt it. Obviously if I do this too much in a marathon that could  lead to a pretty unhappy ending. 



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