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  • I found it hard and we were all too quick in our group I think? It wasn't helped as I run using time/km so trying to recalculate for miles was too much to do all at once. It's a male thing not being able to multi task image
  • Do you normally stay quite good with your pace in training or in races? Generally I am quite vague, especially in races. Some of the shorter races I tend to get away with it by just gritting my teeth.  In the few half marathons I have done however,  I have either crossed the line with far too much left in the tank, or hanging on for dear life. Is that just a refelection on how hard it is to have the perfect race?


  • Running in Sydney sounds amazing. I'm so jealous. I've only run abroad once in Berlin and found it so much fun, although luckily it wasn't in the heat that you ran in and i wasnt wearing a full santa costume. I can remember seeing someone run in a dearth vader outfit at London this year-no idea down he managed to breath in the thing! Hopefully we will get the chance to run at Paris next year, I went there for the first time last year, such a pretty city, so clean and to me symmetrical looking. Would love the chance to run on its pavements and do some further site seeing.

    I tend to use my watch to pace myself normally but didnt take it with me on Friday. I've done a few training runs without it and can normally pace myself ok, it's the races where I struggle. I just see someone in front of me and feel the need to catch them up, luckily my garman keeps me on track and then once I get in a rhythm Im normally ok.
  • Daniel, I'm not too bad with paces but tend to rely on Garmin quite a lot. I almost always run negative splits so tend to be strong at end. I've only run 2 marathons and felt fairly good at end, well didn't hit wall, so my training seems to work?

    Sarah, running in Sydney is amazing but more a reflection of the weather. Most amazing run is bridge run- 9k across harbour bridge, over ferry terminal circular quay, through botanical gardens and finish in front of opera house. Pretty much all the iconic sights in 5 1/2 miles!
  • Hi all, great to meet you at bootcamp. Had a fantastic day, lots of great advice from the RW Asics team and met some really nice people too.

    Enjoyed the pace session with Sam, but struggled with the 5K time trial image in fact one of my worse 5K times for a while! No idea what went wrong there, clearly more track sessions and speed work needed for me! Left the day feeling positive though and know the areas I need to work on, so just consider myself lucky to have been there.

    Gait analysis gave me something to think about too, as maybe I shouldn't be wearing orthotics after all!

    Malcs, Adrian and Mrs Adrian, thanks for your company on the train to Euston. You helped to make the journey go really quickly. Hope I didn't bore you too much, but as my boyfriend doesn't let me talk about running much I needed to get it out of my system before I got home! Hopefully see you guys at a local race soon.

    Best of luck to everyone this week.  





  • Annabelle, I also discovered by gait analysis that I no longer need orthotics. Bit scared to take them out just yet though - bit of a security blanket! My 5K time wasn't great either, about 30 seconds over what I should be, but maybe that's right taking into a count the slower 100m each time? Anyway, best of luck!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Daniel Kashi wrote (see)

    I have either crossed the line with far too much left in the tank, or hanging on for dear life. 

    Oh to cross line with far too much in the tank! It's hanging on for dear life for me every time!

    Like Sarah I'm usually totally dependent on my watch so it was a really refreshing trying to work it out in my head. That said there were others around me with watches who were aiming for the same pace so it was hard not to follow them.

    Great running on the track though. First time for me - really enjoyed it. Who else was sorely tempted to take take a diversion over the steeplechase water jump?image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Annabelle - first off apologies for the incorrect spelling of your name earlier! I think we are all of like minds here so no way was it boring for me. I do feel sorry for Adrian's missus who sat and gallantly smiled through it. On the plus side that probably saved her from a debrief when they got home image

    How did the cross country go?

  • Malcs - No problem re name spelling, serves me right for choosing the long version and for being so unimaginative with my forum name!

    XC was not the best! Not sure why I thought that was such a good idea, especially straight after a gym session. Our club captain had a flask of hot mulled wine and mince pies waiting for us at the finish though so wasn't all bad!

  • Great to meet everyone on Friday! The day exceeded even my highest expectations. Everyone I met had such inspiring stories. I'm still new to running and took everything on board and the only way is up. Trained this weekend with even more enthusiasm.

    Tigger - hope you enjoyed that first beer on friday night. I'll be at the Bolsover 10k in a couple of weeks and may be at your club next year!

    Well done and good luck to everyone

  • Afternoon all. Good to see so many of you on here although I admit I am struggling to put faces and names to nicknames! Good shout re New Year races, I have only entered the Exeter 1st chance 10k on 20th January so far, very flat and quick but places fill up fast if anyone is in travelling distance and fancies a good tester.....
    Have just tried the core moves from Friday again and still can't quite get the hang of the bridge move, definitely one to work on!

  • Afternoon everyone. Hope you all managed to get out for a run in the winter sunshine today? I tried the tactic of starting off slow and finishing about 5K pace. Nearly died! However the thought of red wine and roast beef certainly spurred me on! Living above a pub certainly has its advantages!

    Anyway I keep thinking about Friday and all the amazing and inspirational people that I met and how it was such a fantastic experience. Daniel I wouldn't worry about the pacing thing as I think most of us in that group were a little faster. I really had to concentrate on the timings and still ended up six seconds faster.

    I can also see why football managers talk in cliches as that is all I seemed to do when I had the camera shoved in front of me. I didn't know whether to look in the camera or to look at Katie either! ha ha

    I guess we all have to worry about the phone dilemma now. Watch the phone like a hawk and it won't ring. Leave it somewhere and you won't be able to answer it! Good luck to everyone.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    I went out for 8 miler this afternoon ....but I had no energy in my legs..must have used it up on Friday.

    I'm trying to get to grips with that bridge also jimmers... so easy to cheat!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Not enough granola bars jenfimage

  • Having done three weeks building up to 40 miles per week I've enjoyed having a cutback week this week but really looking forward to over 40 for the coming week.

    Great to see that Friday left everyone even more motivated.

    Trying not to think about those video interviews!image

  • Hi all,

    One thing for all those new on the forums - be great if you populated your profiles please? It will help some of us remember proper names etc from Friday. Always good to see a little about people's history on them and maybe a little about your personal goals.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    ha ha malcs. .. somebody ate them all.... need to make new batch! If I get through to judges houses I will post recipe on my thread!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    They didn't all get eaten - Tigger managed to stuff a load in her Asics goody bag. She made up some story about going home for a beer but I saw her selling them from a suitcase outside New Street station  ;)

  • Ha ha Malcs!!! But Tigger would've eaten them all, not sold them!!!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Good point DS2 - damn, I've been rumbled!

    My strategy of making false allegations in order to trash the other candidates has clearly got off to a bad start. I've been watching too much of the Apprentice image

    Tigger, I can only beg for forgiveness.

    Btw. 40 miles a week! I wouldn't normally hit that until my peak of training in early-mid March. Have you got a marathon planned before the spring or is this how you always begin your campaign? Could be one of the (no doubt many) ways I'm going wrong.

  • I'm with you Malcs- 40miles/ week? I didn't even get to that for either of my marathons....

    Beautiful trot on the cold sunshine this morning- 6 miles out into Peak District. Hands were cold until just before I hit home but temp gauge in car an hour later still said -1.

    Back to work tomorrow and hoping phone rings, but whatever outcome feel really inspired and motivated after Friday with all you guys
  • I'm feeling extremely jealous that I didn't get to sample one of these home made granola bars. By the sounds of it they will get you many votes!

    Just been watching the video of the finalists from last year....making me think that the bit on camera might help them decide on the 15 that go through, although I'm hoping I'm wrong. Watching the finalists again from last year talk about the whole experience and their achievements made me more envious and hopeful to get through. Think I've got all my nervous back from Friday just thinking about the phone call tomorrow/tue.
  • Homemade granola bars? I missed those too! Sound delicious!

    Annabelle - any race with mulled wine and mince pies at the finish HAS to be good! image Although I got free soup at my XC last Sunday so not complaining too much! ... But may suggest mince pies now for next year!

    ... Trying not to think about a phone call / not phone call on Tuesday. I had a blast on Friday and it was great having an entire day just running and talking about running. AND getting a bag of freebies at the end! image

    Is anyone else on Twitter? I'm @mia79gbr - would be great to keep up with you and hear how your training is going! ... Whether you get through to the final few or not! image


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    sorry Sarah and RRR. . the granola bars were in group4!
  • Noooooo! (sobs)

    ... I don't mind if you post me some Jen .... image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I reckon you need to head straight to Dragon's Den Jen - stopping at the patent office on the way of course, you don't want to upset Peter [I could go and make these myself tomorrow] Jones!

    Sorry RRR, I'm total technophile but Twitter is something that I just haven't been able to get into image

    Good point about the freebies. Best post race goody bag I've ever had. The T-shirt fitted for a start - only the Bluewater 10K has managed to pass that test for me up to now! The socks are mighty fine too. It's not what we all entered for but it was a very nice touch at the end.


  • One more night shift before I can go out and test my new shirt and socks as well! image

    Still having a problem getting a small pic on my profile but as suggested earlier would be good if we all updated them so we could see who's who....


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Jimmers83 - in case you don't already know, it has to be approved first so you might have to wait until Monday. The quality threshold is clearly not very high as they let mine through!

  • Ahh - all this talk of granola bars is making me hungry...again!

    Totally agree about the goody bag - what a pleasant bonus image

    Malcs/Clive - my planned marathon (unless something completely unlikely happens) is on 12 May. The only time I have ever been running 40 miles per week this far in advance was back in 1994 when I set my PB. I didn't think about speed until after Xmas that year and just concentrated on strength. Did quite a lot of hilly fartlek's etc. I ran 2:44 on 6 March and, honestly, felt really strong even in the last couple of miles. I'm sure it was mostly down to the base I built up, but my lifestyle has never allowed me to do this again - until now.

    There is a downside though - I have very little speed at the moment! I felt like I could've run at the pace I did on friday for another 5k but every time I thought I'd push on there was no leg speed.

    I intend to run 40-50 miles for the next 4 weeks and then think about some speed early January. I've tried running marathons with no real base (maybe 20 - 25 miles per week) but it doesn't really work for me and the last 6 miles have been really awful.

    Malcs - when I looked at your shorter distance times I was amazed that you were struggling to get inside 4 hours. I would have thought 3:30 was definitely possible. It could well be that you need a better base. You have the speed, clearly, so I'm sure that would come in later quite easily. And, of course, you will be looking to run 8mm to get inside 3:30 and that will feel quite easy for 20 miles with your times.

    Clive - I don't know much about you but you were pretty sharp on Friday. It could be again about getting a good base in over the next month or so.

    One last point - I seem to stay injury free doing it this way round as opposed to trying to run too fast too often.


  • Ahem... Malcs and DS2..... with the way you pair are going on anyone would think that all I go on about is food and beer! Clearly this is NOT true!

    Sean it was great to sit squidged on a train with you!

    Jimmers the socks are really nice!

    any of you guys on FB?

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