ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Tigger - just an impression you gave us!!! Are you in panto this year?

    I'm on Facebook.
  • P.s. lucky Sean!
  • Malcs.......sadly my missus wasn't saved from any further running talk after the train journey. I just had to keep it to a minimum as I had a few surprises lined up over the weekend for her birthday. Not the easiest thing to do when still full of excitement. 

    Even if unlucky when the calls go out in the new couple of days, I'm still very tempted to enter Paris too and follow the wise words of wisdom from the winners.

    Hopefully my picture will go live tomorrow when approved.

    Good luck everybody!

  • DS2 - Oh no I'm not! ........chanted in true panto style!!

    Panto takes up so much time, after 9 shows over 3 weekends I usually end up rather run down. I decided last year that I want to concentrate on my training.  It is good fun I'v been a baddie and a Pink sparkly girlie fairy godmother, my daughter is very proud!! Maybe I'll go back one day. It helps with my confidence being so quiet, shy and retiring!!


  • I still need to try twitter, just getting use to being on here now that you (group 2) showed me where to find it and how to join in!

    RRR what was the name of those gels that you recommended again?

    The free asics top was fabulous, lovey colour and it fitted perfectly. My last free top at the Leeds abbey dash drowns me despite it being a small, and the one from London marathon.. Well that's been donated to my other size (doesnt) fits all!
  • Hi Malc, reference Ranger no he's the replacement for Ned the original 2 hour long run partner

    I think now we will only do short distance together and the long stuff by myself

    Set for a 5k in the morning with head torch but no dog he's on a photo shoot!!! at a farm

    Well Monday is nearly up on us all good luck everyone

  • anyone have any tips on how to upload a photo up on here - every photo I have appears too large?


    Good luck for tomorrow/tue everyone

  • Don't ask me! my photo I down loaded from google, ok so the only one I could find small enough is a kids colouring sheet!

  • morning all........did they tell you how long they will take to decide the shortlist........

    sounds like you had a great day.........image

  • Morning seren nos. We are expecting to hear today or tomorrow. No doubt everyone will be staring intently all day long at their phones waiting for them, to ring. I think I speak for us all when I say we had a great day!

    Morning everyone else - good luck. Did anyone sleep last night?

  • thanks DS2............another anxious day then for everyone to get to the next stage.......good luck all

  • I was half hoping that I would turn up Friday and lots of the people would appear to have nothing to say, and make it quite easy for the jusges to decide who should go through, but so many people stood out for me. It really was a good group and whoever they put through will do it justice I'm sure. Not just from a running perspective but from a personality viewpoint.

    The best part for me was hearing all of the group's running histories and stories - incredibly diverse. How on earth they are going to pick the ones to go through I have no idea.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - I had to use an image editor to crop mine down to 100 x 120 pixels then I saved it as a .gif which reduces the quality and therefore the file size.

    If you're on Windows you can probably do all this with Paint which is built in. On the Mac maybe Preview would do it for you.

    DS2 - going to work today? image

    Thanks for taking the time to write about your training - very interesting. It's the last 6 miles where I struggle so perhaps base mileage could be the key. I have tended to do one speed session a week all the way through - never thought about introducing it later on.

  • Malcs - was at my desk at 7.45am! Not that I've done much work yet!

    The regular speed sessions really are important for the shorter distances, I believe, but more tempo/MP running is required for the marathon. Usually, I switch to speed too early - primarily because I enjoy it and it's easy to see development as your reps get run at ever increasing speeds, but I'm not sure it helps with the marathon without getting plenty of LSR in along with the tempo/MP sessions.

    It's worth lurking on the Sub 3:15 thread. The guys on there really know the theory and most of them have gone under 3 hours now. They all swear by the approach i've just spoken about, which is why I've gone back to that for this spring.

    Good luck today!

  • Tony/RRR/SO4 - what was the name/forum nickname of the South African lady that was sitting with us having a coffee at the end on Friday?

  • DS, Her name was Caroline. Don't know if she was on forum tho'.

    Really interesting your thoughts on training, will give it some consideration.

    Good luck for today...

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 - I am an excellent lurker, I will do just that image

    So if you make it to "Judges Houses" as Jen so nicely put it, I wonder if there will be a gagging order this time on announcing your success? 

    Hope you can all cope with the tension. I have a feeling it may not be until Tuesday that they start contacting people. Alot of adrenaline can go through the system in 24 hours image

    Good luck!

  • Malcs - I fear you may be right on the date thing! Enjoy the lurking - they are a good bunch and will happily share their experience.

    Clive - That strategy has worked for me in the past and marathon's were more enjoyable as a result, but I'd keep an open mind because just because it suits me....

    The key - as I understand it - for good marathon running is having more slow twitch fibres. That comes mostly from lots of slower running. Sounds like you have both got more fast twitch than perhaps I do which is good in many ways.

    What were you marathon times, previously, Clive?

  • Malcs I'm with you on the Tuesday thing!! just think they are probably discussing us all right now............

  • You sound paranoid Tigger image

    Too much alcohol does that to people......

    Remember, just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you!!!

  • Hi everyone! First post for me image

    Relieved to read that I wasn't the only one who stuttered my way through my video interview. image That's the only part of the day I didn't enjoy...everything else is still keeping me on a high.

    Was so nice to meet everyone, and talk to experienced runners. Picked up lots of valuable tips. Everyone was so nice, I can't wait to see who had made it through!


  • Welcome First 26.2 - I take it from your nickname that you are a debutant???

  • Yes, will be running my first next year, whether I get into the asics team or not image

  • Great stuff - the best feeling ever finishing any marathon, but especially your first. How long have you been running?

  • If it's anything like finishing a half, I can't wait! I have been running on and off for about 5 years. Have only taken it seriously for about 5 months though, when I entered my first half. Have caught the race bug!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Is that Emma from NZ?

  • First 26.2 - twice the distance but 10 times the satisfaction!!! Enjoy the journey image

    Malcs - did you say you were from Orpington? I spoke to so many people on Friday I'm getting myself confused!

  • Hello Emma, this is Tasha!  Glad to see you on here. 

    Sounds like everyone will be on edge today and tomorrow!  Being relatively new to serious running, I've found the book they gave us to be full of good information.  

    DS - I also appreciate your thoughts on training.  

  • Malcs - yes that's me!

    Hi Tasha! Hope you got the next train back and had a good weekend.

  • And thanks DS2!

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