ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Hee hee CaroT!! Was going to send you a message but your profile wouldn't allow it! Was fab to meet you on Friday and have a coffee afterwards! Had such a great day ... To be able to run and talk about running all day such a treat! image
  • Morning all. That was the worst night's sleep I've had in ages.150 words kept going over and over in my head! And needing to get a photo sorted. I even tried counting sheep but guess what? ...........



    They were all wearing pink compression socksimage
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    morning Ds2. yeh me too! those sheep get everywhere!
  • Hahaha, I've always wondered about Sheep's legs getting cold......shocking pink knee high compression stockings could be the answer!

    Hi Caroline, glad to hear that you had a fabulous weekend. So pretty up there. Was lovely to meet you on Friday as well, so glad we went for coffee so we could all get to know each other better and let that traffic die down.

    I'm hoping my photo appears on here just like would be nice if one of my first choice pics worked but I have a feeling its going to be the last full face photo that's going to work.....a bit of a close up if I do say! Just glad that they won't be using that one for the competition!

    I've been so nervous all weekend about getting through and think I may have drove my husband mad.....thinks its all about to start up again now, was dreaming running last night, but no pink socks!

    Hope you all have a good day,x
  • photos sometimes take a few days to get through the vetting system.but for you guys i'm sure they will prioritise them........image

    150 words.seems easy to me.........don't vote for the others as they are lazy and ugly and they run on a treadmill all day like a gym bunny...........image

    there easyimage

  • Morning everyone,

    Seren nos haha! I may have to use that...! image
  • Hahaha, but that's sometimes me seren nos when I have nobody to run with and its dark after work!

    How do you get the faces up if your using your phone?
  • "150 words.seems easy to me.........don't vote for the others as they are lazy and ugly and they run on a treadmill all day like a gym bunny..........."

    This is brilliant seren nos.
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    just pressed the send key on my speech...... now I must get off to work...I'm late! have a good day all. image
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Morning fellow disrupted sleepers. Getting the 150 words done is just the start - wait until the grilling begins!

    DS2 - best of luck today, hope it all goes well.

  • Lol don't say that Malcs - the 150 words was bad enough! image

    Well done for getting yours sent Jenf, have a good day at work
  • All the best team sounds like you had a good day. I live next door to Monsal Head and run on the trail to work every day CaroT...........look forward to reading your 150 words pleading for our votes.........image

  • I wonna vote...
  • Some funny stuff on here today already, especially Seren nos.

    Have sent my election manifesto in (15,000 words wasn't it???)image

    Looking forward to seeing everything on the website tomorrow.

    Caroline - glad you had a great weekend. Coffee was fun and really enjoyed the company. Was looking at your club website over the weekend. It is the closest club to me and I'm very tempted so may see you soon on a club run. Just trying to see how to fit it into my rediculously busy lifestyle. I can run first thing or even anytime of day because I work for myself but the evenings are all taken with driving my daughters around.

  • It wasnt easy putting the 150 words together! But its done now!

    Really, this is the easy bit, the next 4 months of training is the real challange!!!!

  • Agreed AW - as they say 'the hardest part about running a marathon is getting to the start line'!

  • LOL Seren! image

    Am looking forward to seeing all the pics and reading your mini-essays!


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Indeed DS2 - and getting there without injuries too. I find I can do the training - it's knowing when to back off that is the difficult part.

    Bracing now for the Seren inquisition. Do I get an easier ride if I have Welsh rellies?

    BoDuke, mcs, Sleepy Bear (and anyone I missed) - how were you feeling this time last year? 

  • Well it's in, I've give it the best go I could, I just couldn't think of anything to put down. I was up til the early hours trying to get my 150 words sorted, again good luck to all, can't wait to see how it all looks tomorrow!!!
  • Glad I wasn't the only one not sleeping! Was thinking about revising it after being woken at 4 am by a grumpy 6 year old, but then realised that it was looking more like my video answer last week so left it alone...

    does anyone know what category they are in? I can't remember

  • Morning everyone. I have made it through to the next round. Agree that it's bitter sweet when reading those who didn't get through. It was great to get to meet everyone, and so inspiring.

    Now the hard part - writing those 150 words..

  • Morning!

    DS2 - Really can't remember sorry - probably had mixed feelings like some of you seem to - excited at the prospect of all the goodies and the race itself but a little intimidated by the pressure of letting people make judgements about you!

    Just found out my 150 word thingy was read out as a good example LOLOLOLOL - Wish I could remember what I'd put! 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    SB - I've PM'd you with the info so you can reminisce.

    How did you cope with the week of voting? Most of us seem to be nervous wrecks already! 

  • Sleepy Bear - if you could remember we could all copy it!!!!image

    I think people are always happy to make judgements about people - it's human nature. Some of the criticism we might receive will be fair and some will not. I work in a profession where it's best not to judge without the full facts. I think anyone putting themselves forward for this competition is doing something they should be proud of - only a very small percentage of the population ever run a marathon after all.

    There will, inevitably, be those who get upset at those selected but as long as we treat the comments with respect and answer honestly I think that is as much as we can do - even if we have to hold our hands up and admit we could have done better!

  • LOLOLOL - I've just seen it (Thanks Malcs) - yea gads - please people - do not, I repeat DO NOT copy it - what a load of pish!

    If nothing else, even if you don't get through, going through the voting process is a good character building exercise!  Malcs there is no easy answer I'm afraid - but if you weren't excited about the whole concept you'd be crossed straight off my list of potentials-to-vote-for! 

    So as not to build up 'losing' in your heads - why not start thinking of a consolation prize for yourself to reward yourself for getting this far and take the sting out of not getting through the vote.  I didn't start thinking about it til near the end of the process - then I bought myself some snazzy purple shoes (and which i still call my 26.2s).

    DS2 - it's sad but true and I agree - it's tricky for us voting too as we know it's hard to see the full picture just from a snapshot and what happens/changes throughout the training period can be a let down or complete transformation of what you thought you knew.

    Don't worry about making mistakes (and learn to laugh at yourself if you do make any - it's not life or death after all) and get stuck in - you all seem a really good bunch and I'm looking forward to learning more about you.

    Wednesday you say - right - best get my work out of the way so that I can spend tomorrow on you lot image

  • We will all have to make sure that we put enough positive comments on here to dilute and overshadow any unhealthy critism or unkind words. Fingers crossed though there wont be much of it this year or in furture years (and if there are, im putting my thick coat on and going for a run)!  image

  • how about a running holiday if we dont get through...there have been a few advertised in Runners World that look amazing. Winter sun and running, what more could you ask for ?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Many thanks SB. Not sure that purple shoes will suit me - I'll leave those to RRR and her ever increasing following of floursescent sock wearers image

    Sarah - great idea, though I think Mrs Malcs might need some convincing. The TR24 in July has been mooted but it's a long way off. 

  • Sarah - that's an amazing idea!! We were talking about a running holiday on Friday! I'll come! Just the thought of running in the sunshine sounds AMAZING! I'm sick of this mud-up-to-my-ankles lark!image

    Thats a fab idea SB ... ! Love the idea of a well done for getting this far! image

  • I'm not feeling the sock-love Malcs! Maybe that should be my tactic ... pink socks for ALL!image

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