ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Indeed RRR

  • I am lucky ebough to have a shower so that is cool!! The staff think I'm mad running then ramming pasta down my neck at my desk whilst trying to answer the phone and reply to e mails!!

    MALCS - Serious mate Im not sure how I am going to make it to next Wed!! Its actually breaking me! lol Im glad I've got you guys because nobody else seems to understand at all and see's running marathons as torture so if anything just think im weird

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Just to reassure you Andrew - you are weird...and so are we image

    ...I'm sure I said I needed to get some work done...

  • Stop posting you lot - I need to get some work done!!!!

    Agreed - you are weird!

    My business partner never exercises, smokes heavily, drinks heavily and barely eats. And he thinks I'm mad!!!!!image 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ok, posting cease fire declared...nobody to post until late afteroon at least please. That includes you RRR!

  • (sulky face)

  • Morning guys, just managed to get to a computer...

    Malcs, Andrew- glad its not just me who's a wreck- I need some proper sleep!

    DS, RRR- I like to run at lunchtime too- will squeeze in a tempo intervals run on my way back to the Hospital from an outreach clinic (and people wonder why I'm red faced in the afternoon)

    RRR- running at midnight- respect!! image I thought going at 11pm when on call, or 5am for weekend long runs was bad...

  • Serious I think Im going to get the sack if i look on here anymore! Im actually supposed to be in a meeting all day but have just nipped back to my computer whilst they break for cigarettes & bicuits!! image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Clive, you need to sort that sleep out. You of all people cannot afford to be dropping off on the job! Imagine waking up with your face in someone's open abdomen. Apologies if anyone is on an early lunch and just read that image

    Damn - I've broken my own posting cease fire! RRR will have my unmentionables for this!

  • Malcs- tell me about it! hopefully a run at lunch will calm the nerves....will try to stay off line for a bit- solidarity image

    RRR- don't sulk....

  • Wow! Great to see you nominated for this. Thanks for all your help on my first ever half marathon (Windsor) this year, enjoyed it immensely. If you qualify for the Runners World thing I will expect even more knowledgeable advice and motivation!

  • Malcs - I had the same thoughts about Clive! Perhaps he had better drop out of the competition!!! kidding, obviouslyimage

    BTW we're meant to be on a cease fire!!!

  • I go to work for 4 hours and it goes crazy on here! I dont get to run at lunch unfortunately. Today ive got 4 home visits to keep me busy instead, although I do try to walk on my visits if I can.

    Seren are you still buyable? brought another smile to my face, you make me laugh!

    Malcs that looks on holiday in wales next going to be on my best behaviour now!

    Hi Andrew, same here - i go to bed thinking of ASICS 26.2, I lay awake for a couple of hours thinking of ASICS 26.2 and I wake up thinking of it too.....if we can survive this week, we can survive anything!

  • Now that I can no longer be part of the shortlist, I have finally stopped crying long enough to be able to post my votes image

    Looking forward to seeing the Fantatic Five announced!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    "Fantatic" ? Did you mean "Fanatic" or "Fantastic" ?image

    Emma - I have to confess, I thought you were through. When the list went up yesterday I wondered why I didn't see you. Sadly there will be a few more of us crying next week with you image

    Damn - I broke the cease fire again! 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Great to see this thread buzzing as usual! It's taken me ages to catch up..

    I have a love spoon hanging on my hall wall... just by the door image  

  • Thanks for the education Malcs, that sure does look lethal, don't think I'll be bringing up the Welsh Love Spoon over dinner tonight!

    RRR - hi back to you, don't think we spoke last week either but crazy how well I feel I know you already. I've just tried heading over to your blog for a bit of lunchtime reading and the link from the voting page doesn't seem to work, you may want to get Katie on it.

    This really is becoming all consuming, productivity in all other aspects of life really is taking a hit image



  • Haha Malcs, whoops, Fantastic! but Fanatic will work too.

    Yeah, I was in until yesterday when they told me that because I can't make the store day, I'm out. I told them when I got the call for BC that I couldn't make the day, and was told it was ok. So was a little less than happy yesterday!

    But, still going to do my first mara next year, Edinburgh in May image

  • I know how your all feeling, life seems to be on hold for a week doesn't it!!!! Constantly seem to be checking the forums. At least it's only a week, I'm still in the frame of mind that the Bootcamp was an amazing experience and a prize in itself anything after that would be a bonus. Luckily for me, most of the people who shared my experience of the day are in different categories which made it easier to vote !!!!
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Oh Emma gutting!  I wondered why there were only 21 not 22. Best of luck with training for edinburgh, i'm sure you'll get lots of support on here.

  • Thanks jenf!

  • Yes sorry to hear you didn't make it Emma, good luck for Edinburgh
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    EmmaVRBates wrote (see)

    Yeah, I was in until yesterday when they told me that because I can't make the store day, I'm out.

    image - I think I'm justified in breaking the posting cease fire one final time. Emma, losing out as part of the process is one thing but on a technicality, well it's just as bad as it gets. I was worried that Olly Murs had been eavesdropping and cast a protest vote. Really bad luck but all the very best for Edinburgh. 

  • I swear my job gets in the way of keeping up to date with this thread! That’s what you get for having your boss sitting right behind you, watching your every move! Luckily he’s at lunch now J

    Sarah: I will definitely skip the deserts for the rest of my Xmas parties…….luckily I’m not the biggest fan of Xmas pud!

    Malcs: Your more than welcome to any of my Xmas parties….particularly those after work that involve alcohol!

    RunnyRunRun: Unfortunately if I was to drink Baileys or Mulled wine at one of my office parties, I’d be hounded out of the office. It’s not deemed macho enough! How rude!

    Andrew: Morning…good to see you on here…….I run more or less every lunch break. Luckily I have flexi time at work, so I can take up to 2 hours for my lunch, which works perfectly during marathon training….and it means in the winter I can still run in the light. Are you tired in the afternoons though after doing it?

    Emma: Nice to see you on here and I really hope Edinburgh makes you proud!

    Paul & Jenf: I totally agree……It takes me all my lunch break just to catch up on this thread and is starting to consume my dreams as well…..I woke up in the night thinking I was running, but I was just kicking my wife in the backside. She wasn’t best pleased. , By the time I write one post, it’s straight back to work. I need to start working from home!

  • My voting is done.

    Thanks for the shoes and the money.  You know who you are and should begin preparing now for your guaranteed place in the team.

    The rest of you should start saving up for next year.  Tightwads.  image

  • Shady Ady - I reckon you ought to stage a protest and insist only on drinks with cocktail umbrellas in for the duration of December!

    Emma - You'll do amazingly well at Edinburgh - why don't you start a thread when you begin training then we can all catch up with you and see how you're getting on?

    Sills - Thanks for the heads up regarding the link! Have sent a grovelling email to Katie RW asking for a fix! Should be: 

  • Fairly sure I'm going to get sacked for keep checking the internet at work all day... so that means I should be able to contribute a lot more for the rest of the week!image

    So nice that everyone is getting so involved!

    Sarah - nice to know there is yet another fellow bacon-lover on here image We actually have Bacon Fridays every week at my office (bacon rolls all round) - trying to make it a national thing lol

    Tenjiso - I'll nip out on lunch and buy a piggybank...

  • SO4 - you should walk into the home visits and ask if they've got a PC, then you can log on and won't miss anything. If they query it say your still learning about being a quack and it helps to check things on wikipedia. that should inspire confidence!

    For everyone else - Since the bootcamp I've remembered the importance of core work, especially for someone like me who has had a lifeling disc issue in my back. It is totally manageable but I sometimes get lazy especially when I'm not in any pain. However, I've been much more conscientious since bootcamp and can really feel the benefit of it in my running. My glutes and hamstrings feel free and I'm running more smoothly.

    Could be coincidence but I don't think so. Anyone else found any benefit?

  • Emma - that's really bad luck! I really feel for you. Good luck with Edinburgh. You'll love the event.

  • Right I've just been told off by Minni on my thread for not doing any work! So I'm knuckling down for the afternoon and doing some............



    be back in 10 minutes!

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