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  • Andrew Price 3 - I'l probably be out a bit later on when the toddler has settled down a bit. I definitely get the use out of my head torch at this time of year! image Nice though as everything's a bit quieter and the hedgehogs and foxes come out!

  • Andrew - just dropped my son off so about to go out now... And its starting raining. Onto the ice. I may be back later!!
  • it was wet and cold here when i went tonight.but bathed and fed and ready for bed now.

    Runny.............I always got my kids to bed by 7 when they were young as I was shattered by that time and needed an hour before heading to bed at 8pmimage

  • Evening all! I remember being very excited and I don't think I slept brilliantly when I found out I was going to BC. But to be honest after that I relaxed as I didn't think for a moment I would be picked!

    The forum's were tough (more for a few of the others than for me) in the 'campaigning time' but once we got going it was amazing. After Paris I felt lost and we have a post Paris thread that a few regulars still post on.

    There is some amazing advice for really experienced people (Seren for one - but she runs crazy distances!image) and they also have good advice about forum 'etiquette'.

    Go with the flow would be my advice - you all look like such amazing runners already - if you get through it will be an amazing journey and if you don't you can still be part of it but with perhaps a little less expectation.

    I am really looking forward to watching this from the other side. No marathon for me this Spring but planning on another in October.

    Good Luck everyone!

  • Head torch is a cracking idea i should defo invest in one of those although i might startle a few rabbits! I've not long dropped my son off had some tea and am planning to hit the streets within the next hour! It is however raining quite bad at the min - if it aint raining it aint training! lol Be careful on the ice!! image


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    seren - 8pm? image 

    What time do you head off now? I'm lucky if it's before midnight.

  • Emma, watched last year's vid this evening for the first time - I've got goosebumps now!
  • seren nos wrote (see)

    it was wet and cold here when i went tonight.but bathed and fed and ready for bed now.

    Runny.............I always got my kids to bed by 7 when they were young as I was shattered by that time and needed an hour before heading to bed at 8pmimage

    I always try to get the little blighters to bed early but they are a tricky pair!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Andrew you'll need one for the TR24 - I assume you'll be joing us?!

  • Incidentally think the 8 year old has the makings of a good triathlete!

  • I'm usually in bed by 9 to half past.............i need a hell of a lot of beauty sleep........

    for years my kids had tea at 5.. bath at 6 and then bedtime story and bed at 7.................of course this routine had to stop when they became teenagersimage

  • Hi Emma thank you for that advice this is the first time i have ever been part of a forum so was unsure how it all worked really and how i got myeslf involved. There seems to be some great people on here and I am hoping to gain lots of valuable knowledge!! Obvioulsy i would love to be lucky enough to go to Paris but am really happy that i have found a community where i can share my experiences and ask questions without having to guess my way through! image

  • Steve loves bacon wrote (see)
    Emma, watched last year's vid this evening for the first time - I've got goosebumps now!

    Steve - I get emotional even just hearing that music now! It really was that brilliant - and the other 4 are such lovely lovely people. Craig came down to run in my local 1/2 in September for my birthday (no party ran a 1/2 instead!)

  • Andrew - I might be able to out do you on your dinner - I had homemade veg soup.......but I'm watching Man vs Food while eating it, which isn't a good combination at all image I'm on my 2nd bowl now!

    Malcs/ Jen - I love Downward feels good and I dont sweat doing it (maybe I'm not doing it right). I dont have any books. Only my wife's DVDs!

    Seren Nos....I think it would be rude not to post daily....if I dont win, I will definitely be coming here, as I still plan on following what the winners learn. We are all runners, but it's amazing to see how different everyone's training can be each week.

    Talking of training, several people have said I should cycle once or twice a week. Is this really that important if you are already running 5 or 6 times a week?


  • Hi Malc Im bit lost sorry? TR24

  • I do like home made soup and make it often!! Im not really a big meat eater so eat lots of pulses, beans lentils brown rice and pasta. I sometimes worry that im not getting enough protein?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Apologies Andrew - It was suggested (way back in this thread) that we could all meet up at the Thunder Run. It's a 24hr race held in July. Incredibly sociable event. You can do it solo (if you're mad) or anything from pairs up to teams of 8. You run 10K laps of an off road course with one runner on course at any one time.


  • Piddling down here - went for gentle 5 earlier so quite pleased with that decision. My dinner has not been as healthy as you guys - kiev, jacket and salad follwed by some malt loaf ... oops!

    Running 10 miles cross country dressed as an elf on SUnday ... last year I dresed as an angel!image

    Running 5-6 times a week wow - no sprogs I assume Shady! Enjoy!

  • best to check with the coaches re cycling if you win.....if you already cycle then definitely continue...otherwise be careful ... my hubby found that he inmproved on his last marathon by adding a light ride on the turbo after his long run...kept his legs going without risking injury by doing more miles........helped with recovery.....

    but if you havent got a lot of miles and marathons in your legs and haven't cycled much before i would be a bit wary of overdoing it

  • Where is the TR24 - sounds like an opportunity for Target 26.2 2012 team reunion!


  • Its veg soup night on here!! Homemade veg soup here too, with pearl barley and homemade crusty bread. Happy days!

    That Man vs Food is just wrong, how he can eat like he does is beyond me. That must take some serious dedication and training!

    Shady, not sure you necessarily need to cycle, but if you like too its good cross training?!

  • Seren a couple of people have mentioned a turbo to me - this seems rather high tech given I've only swum about 6 sessions and done spin once!

    I quite like the idea of riding a bike and watch TV though! image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    EmmaC - Catton Park, Derbyshire so fairly central. We did it last year as a 6 and it was amazing. I really can't reccommend it enough. Everyone camps and the through the night running is quite an experience. Entries are open now and it does fill up quick. 

  • like a treadmill the turbo is incredibly boring.but can be useful in bad weather or when you want to train but have to watch the kids

  • HI Malc that sounds amazing i would defo be up for that! I would love to make my running more socialble and meet other runners which is what i am hoping from now using these forums!! I am happy to partner up with somebody to complete the race! Count me in!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Excellent. I'm already entered in a 5 and we all have our targets. I did 6 laps last year but really want to try 7 or 8. We could have several teams from here. Last year there were big groups all camped together. Just need someone to get there early and cordon off some space. Now who do we know from Derbyshire...Tigger?

    Here's the link:

  • I hate treadmills - time is so elastic and it seems so so long on a tready when you have only done 2 miles!

  • Clive Kelty wrote (see
    Reg- good to see you onboard! Leg holding up after scare at Bootcamp falling out with the lecture theatre tableimage? Clearly you are able to maintain a balance at work and home unlike the rest of us


    Thanks Clive, still got a little chunk out if my knee!

    You can't keep your eye off this thead its moving quick. 


  • I'm from Derby so if anybody is up for it let me know and we can get a team together!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Aha! There you go, you can pop round the night before with some Police crime scene tape and section off an area for us - sorted image

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