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  • Let one Lingerimage

  • Whew! Just managed to sit down for first time today...operating till 11.30 last night, and then since 8 this morning is not good for keeping up on the forum- It's taken me ages to catch up on the postings- youve all been very busy!

    Its freezing here, but think it will be a stupid o clock run if I'm to get out today, need to get tights on again image

    Caroline- Spice Girls is good! I was dressed as Ginger Spice on my stag night many years ago, and still hvae outfit somewhere. Union Jack mini dress and fishnets fine to run in, but knee high silver platform boots I think may be a struggle

    Video looks great- thankfully like Malcs my video has been binned!!

    I like the idea of TR24- would anyone else be thinking of getting a team together I could maybe join? Or other races to do- Percy Pud 10k in Sheffield 1st weekend December each year- all finishers get a Xmas Pudding!

    Or for any budding triathletes, one of the Great Swims (Windermere, Salford, London etc)- 1 mile open water??

  • Stills you deserve a medal for getting up at that time!

    SLB I once left the house in PJ's, luckily I only made it to the local shop when I noticed. It could have been a very embarrasing day at school otherwise!

    DS2 Thankyou for that, its nice to have positive feedback like hat, it make you happy to go to work and shows that people do actually appreciate the hard work you put in (rather than all that negativity in the press)

    Haha Seren nos, ive been thinking exactly the same about reg's picture, i keep doing a double take!

    I presumed that tamsin was just busy or something so hasnt had time to post. I didnt meet her at BC either, hope shes ok.

    Im guessing and hoping that they didnt put my bit on camera on the website...would be so embarrasing! image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Thanks for clearing the air with that one seren. Like Sarah, I'd wondered this too but didn't feel I had the authority to point it out - needed someone with forum clout image

    sarah osborne 4 wrote (see)

    Stills you deserve a medal for getting up at that time!

    Psst, Sarah - it's 'sills' not 'stills'. At least you didn't call him 'stools' although it seems that might be quite appropriate for Reg image

  • I'm definitely with those releaved my interview didn't make the really was shocking, I just hope there's no outtakes leak down the road  image

    Ady, RRR, Tigger, you did us all proud!

    Sarah, I think the early runs are going to become the other way to get the miles up, but going by last nights activity on here, I hit the sack a little earlier than most

  • Malcs wrote (see)
    Psst, Sarah - it's 'sills' not 'stills'. At least you didn't call him 'stools' although it seems that might be quite appropriate for Regimage

    What have you heard? Have you been on to my branch? Have you spoken to some friends? 

    This is why I have to run at the back of a group, its quite lonely at times.

  • we can put that one down to a typo Sarah image

  • My interview was pretty shocking too to be fair!? I made no sense what so ever and walked off trying to work out what the hell I'd just said. It made no sense to me at all so goodness knows how it came across on camera?!

    I managed to squeeze my standard 10k run in this lunch time kept it nice and steady finishing it in 44.49. Got a santa run on SAt so lloking forward to that, it should be fun. Its 4.4miles which is not a distance I normally run so will be good to mix things up a bit and will allow me to experminet with my speed. Would like to finish it Sub 28mins but that will depend on the course I suppose and how many santa get in my way!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Reg image. I'm afraid the word is out my friend. You certainly didn't help by using a photo of you on the job as your forum pic. Do you have a web cam in there?

  • What are the plans for the weekend? Im saying I want a sub 28 time on my santa run but have just remembered i have tickest to the derby v leeds game tomorrow with full hospitality meaning 3 course meal with unlimited free booze?!?! That could have a slight impact on my time?! lol image

  • Only have a web cam at work as my boss thought I was wasting too much time.

    Apparently it was a time and motion study and I was the perfect candidate!

  • Santa always manages to get it done in super quick time whilst drinking on the jobimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    just watched bootcamp video. glad some of us made enough sense to make the cut. I'm still gutted tigger didn't get through!

    I spoke to tamsin a bit last Friday...but no idea what s happened to her.

    hope weather good at weekend I fancy nice long beach run to blow cobwebs away!
  • Another one here glad my interview wasn't in the final vid.

    I just froze and the mumbled out what probably sounded like incoherent nonsense! Cant really remember what I said!

    I think the videos great though.

  • The video is pretty amazing! It has made me feel proud and part of something really special!! Its really good!!! image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Andrew - go for the footy, it might be the last one you're last allowed if you make it through! Clive knows what this does to your guts and even he's recommending itimage



  • Reginald lol, it's the pies that keeps me going on the long runs, I'm thinking maybe I could get some extra votes through Pukka Pies. I'm with everyone on the video interview, I turned into a gibbering idiot within seconds, they probably had to get a translator to figure out what I was sayingimage
  • sorry Sills, me getting carried away with the typing...thanks for pointing that out Malcs (I may have gotten away with it otherwise)!

    Just watched the video...its fab, I want a copy! image

  • According to the video, the team will be using MyAsics to generate a plan, so I thought I'd register and see what it's like.

    I can choose the number of days to run per week.... 2, 3 or 4  image  I can't change it to five, six or seven.  Changing my training from four days to two days per week added just over two minutes to my predicted marathon time at average pace.  The three longest runs are 15m, 17.5m and 20m.  So it looks like it's easy street for a sub-4:00 marathon.

    Good luck to anybody using this to generate a plan image

  • seriously it as useless as its online shoe generator......image

    off to look at it

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I was surprised to see that on there - we weren't told anything about this or did I miss something?

  • oh wow...........i put in my 5k PB......and it states that on running 2 days a week at an easy pace..............and a max of 27 miles in a week.I can get a time of 3:52.......WTF................

    never seen such a bunch of crap in my life....and only running 4 days a week.thats going to work well for the guy going for 2:20

  • I was going to ask you malcs how they explained the calculator to you

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    No, there was nothing on it at all. Reassure me guys? I didn't miss a session did I?  

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    no explanations oncalculator in our group. I'd looked at the asics site n thought 'I do more running than that!' maybe that's where we are going wrong...we do too much!
  • the calculator was briefly mentioned in one of the sessions but not much was said really, just that we will be using it to make our training programme. I tried to use it in prep for a half, but I found I was doing more than it suggested and had a better outcome.

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭
    I was a bit confused by the lack of running as well. I'm sure all will become clear.

  • Sarah - Haha! Yes I can see how that would be quite embarrassing - at least it wasn't a onesy...

  • Evening guys and girls! Have been out for a couple of hours and again everything has moved on without me! Eek!

  • My word....this was a bad day for a full day's worth of training...I must have missed about 500 messages.......AND....the video.......I'll save watching that for later after my squash match in a few minutes (cross training and all that), and see what else I missed out on. That's my evening's entertainment already planned!

    Managed to squeeze a short run in at lunch....only 3 miles.....not up to Andrew's 10k standards. Boy, was it might just be me, but running in wind always makes me angry, especially when it's pushing you around!

    Before I disappear off to play squash, if any of you could provide your opinions on wearing Camelbaks, it would be highly appreciated. I've only worn one once, earlier in the year when doing an ultra marathon. But to save on stopping off at shops on my long runs to buy extra refreshments, I'm thinking of wearing it for these as well. Does anyone else wear these when training? Do you have any negatives to doing this?  Gordon Ramsay said (so sad of me to remember this!) when he trained for London he wore a bag with books in, which made him go faster on race day when he wasn't wearing it. Any thoughts?

    Look forward to seeing the video later....will help keep my mind off my 5-0 drubbing I'm about to receive!

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