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  • Thought the video of Bootcamp was very good, I've had a go at the calcuator and wondered why it didn't go over 4 days???
  • for most people carrying books etc is likel;y to cause back no.camel baks are fine for training.......lots of people use the for long runs especially if you are oit early when shops are shutimage

  • I've used a camelbak as well as a belt- camelbak better but found that the sloshing around sound after a while made me feel like I needed to wee all the time image doesn't matter if its dark and no one around
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    Ady - I don't like anything on my back when I'm running. I use a fuel belt and then top up as I go. Finding open shops isn't an issue for me it's public loos that never seem to be open when I get the urge - and I don't mean that in a George Michael kind of wayimage

    You will enjoy the video - there is some guy talking about running to eat in it, you may recognise himimage 

  • At least i'm not the only one confused with the online calculator tool. Sub 4hrs for me looked  a bit less than I was anticipating. 

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    Reg - did they talk to our group about that? 

  • There is lots of research stuff into whether you need to drink when running and how much. The better trained on these forums often don't drink anything on runs up to 20 miles. I'm now up to 16 without i,t on their advice.

    The key is, so I understand, to keep hydrated all day and the evening before you run and you are unlikely to need too much. I normally just have a couple of mouthfuls of water and then go. Nothing more, no gels, anything.

    I was sceptical at first but now I have got into the right habits I find I'm fine on all of my runs.

    And Malcs - not drinking on the run shuts the bladder down for longer and I haven't needed to stop at public loo's  either. A certain Mr Michael is somewhat disappointed I hear!!!image

  • Malcs - No they didn't or if they did I wasn't listening

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    DS2 - image maybe I should try that. I'm having enough trouble training my legs though - the other parts of me will have to wait for now!

    I can get by with very little fluid if it's cold but turn the heat up and I'm terrible. Are you the same in the heat? I'm not talking July heat, I mean 20degrees with a bit of sun in April.

    Reg - phewph, I'm not going mad then.

  • The Hydration thing is interesting as I put this on another thread:

    Do I drink too much?

  • Shady_Ady wrote (see)

    Gordon Ramsay said (so sad of me to remember this!) when he trained for London he wore a bag with books in, which made him go faster on race day when he wasn't wearing it. Any thoughts?

    I remember reading John Tarrant used to run around with a rucksack filled with rocks form the quarry, you could give that a goimage Think I might leave that for a few years myself!

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    seriously it as useless as its online shoe generator......image

    LOL - don't get me started, seren.  The shoe generator asked me three very basic questions.  I answered one that I was a mild overpronator.  So naturally it recommended shoes designed for "severe" overpronators.  Nice programming work guys image

  • snap  tenjiso.........i run ion asics and have done for years ....yet i tried every combination going on the shoe choices and it didn;t ever advise my shoe ( which i have been matched with by 2 different running shops with good reputations )...........

     the generator also came up with shoes for severe overpronator.which i did try once as they were free but they got me injured image

  • Reginald wrote (see)

    The Hydration thing is interesting as I put this on another thread:

    Do I drink too much?

    Martin/Reg, Whilst it is technically possible to get over hydrated, it is pretty difficult to actually do in practice if your kidney function is normal. Headaches are more likely dehydration (hangover anyone??) and needs replenishment with a combination of fluid and electrolytes (salts). There are a multitude of products that all claim to be superior, but a recent metaanalysis (Scientific review of all the studies) suggested actually most of it is all rubbish. If you replace the fluid volume lost with salts you should be fine

    Most people are chronically dehydrated, particularly if they work in air conditioned offices, and drink caffeinated drinks all day. I am a bit of a zealot about this, and walk round with a bottle full of water all the time (Nathan triton- very nice, and a flip up straw easy to drink out of)

    Then like DS, i drink very little when I am out running. Drink plenty when I get home. A good cheap rehydration is skimmed milk, as has fliud, and some proteins but no fat.

  • How many people use Garmins? What do people feel about heart rate zone training?

  • Off for a quick round the block before I go home, and hopefully won't get called- on call till Monday morning image

  • I use the 205, I had the one with HR monitor but found I didn't really train on hr but more on pace. Mark at the boot camp was suggesting training according to hr so there is a school of thought that swears by it but I've just never got the hang of it.. I couldn't train without garmin though! I use if for pace, distance and calories mainly - I'm not overly technical with my training but hopefully will become more so image how about you?
  • Clive, Thats is what i am looking for, thank you. Why did you not tell me last Friday? Oh I didn't ask Sorry.

    What sort of thing should I drink post run? I don't do milk I'm afraid. Normally stick to lucozade.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Interesting stuff Clive. What's the best way to get the salts?

    I have had all sorts of problems at the end of my marathons with cramps, nausea, spasms in the arms. I put it all down to dehydration and salt depletion but I thought I'd drank loads and also took salt tabs. Could it be something else?
  • Hey Clive,

    I use a GPS and HR monitor. I don't strictly use it for heart rate zone training as I mainly run by how I feel, but I do find it useful to track over time what my heart rate is doing at various paces.

    But they are great bits of kit to help with training.

  • I've heard chocolate milk is better than any rehydration drink. I'm like Clive, I drink loads of water in the day, usually about 3 litres, but I find I become easily thirsty on runs. Im currently trying to train myself to require less but it's taking some effort. I feel lost without my bottle of water on runs, it's like a security blanket to me (but it is when I'm not running aswell).

    I like to use my garmin in races to slow myself down at the start as I tend to get over excited and set off too quickly. I only use it on training runs to tell me how far ive run and my pace but I often don't check until the end.
  • I used shot blocks in VLM this year and quite liked them, a bit like jelly cubes with rehydration salts in then and a small amount of energy. I always crave something salty after a long run....the salted pistachio nuts in the VLM goody bag at the end were a treat!
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    hi guys... I love choc milk after a run!

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    All through the summer a 'crazie crepe' van is parked near my house, so when I get back from a long run... oh so tempting...choice of fillings...??

  • I tried those shot blocks on a training run a few weeks ago, they're really nice to eat I just don't think I could manage them in a race. They're just too chewy!

  • Evening! I finally got round to seeing the video - " I run so I can eat more" Honestly? I couldn't think of anything better than that! I'm too embarrassed to watch my interview again. I actually thought it was excellent. Very professionally done indeed.

    Thanks for the opinions on Camelbaks/ Belts. I'm going to test the belt out to see if I like it better than the Camelbak. I had the same issue with you Clive.....with the sloshing, I feel as though I'm swaying side to side when I'm running.

    Sorry if some of these responses are from pages ago!

    Malcs.....I'll be running in Aberystwyth, up Constitution Hill and then on towards Clarach along the coast. It's always better early in the morning if it's drizzling or sea mist in the air.

    Sills.....I'm impressed when anyone says they run before work. I'm not an early starter. As for the pilates present idea for your wife, I don't see anything wrong with thatimage I often surprise my wife with presents that might also be for me! Like weekend trips away, that just accidentally fall on the same weekend in which I've entered a marathon there!

    Minni....thanks for mentioning about Forum 6....if it's a negative result come next Thursday, my application will be swiftly entered for it.

    IndyMcQueen......haha...I thought the same about the camera adding 10 pounds when I saw the doesn't help that one of my wife's insults that she uses when  she's angry with me is 'Buddha Belly'!

    Andrew....which Santa Run are you doing?

    DS2.......I find it very interesting what you said re hydration. I've never considered not drinking for those kind of distances. I've gone as far as 10km before, but never further....and no gels either? I've found these have helped me in recent years of pushing back the wall when it finally hits me. Thanks Reginald for the topic you set up.

  • HI Shady Im doing the Derby SAnta run but maybe a bit ropey after being at the derby v leeds game the day before with complimetary 3 course meal and unlimited free alcohol!! Will have to try and restrain myself....

  • Hey Clive.....I use a Garmin, but I've never used my heart monitor with it. I only use it for pacing myself. 

    Like you Jenf, I use my Garmin to help slow me down at the start, as I tend to try and go off and 'live the dream' before spectacularly crashing and burning later on....and chocolate milk....I even add distance to the end of a long run if I havent got chocolate milk in, so I can get some.

    A.W. I've tried those as well and liked them a lot. Easily digestible. I first started with glucose tablets because I could take them easily and liked them, but the crashes I got when they ran out, were really powerful. I've learnt my lesson now.

  • Andrew....haha.......Unlimited alcohol, that is dangerous......I had a friend who had the same thing at the England - San Marino game and they were still drinking an hour after the game had finished, getting their money's worth.......he's not a runner though!

  • Yeah well kick off is at 1300 I've got to be there for 12.. Im kind of hoping that if i start early i will finish early so therefore have enough recovery time to smash the santa run! ALthoug there is the possibility that i may need dragging round by a few reindeers...

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