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  • Will those mince pies be washed down with a tipple of Port? It is almost Xmas after all!
  • G'day guys- everyones been busy and up early (andrew- 5am??)

    Just managed to catch up between cases- this is interfering with work big style as am neglecting all non important jobs to keep on forum image Like Sarah slept better but withoput the vodka.

    Good to see Tamsin online- good luck!!

    Seems a lot of people like Garmins- I use a 210 with HRM, and religiously upload to Garmin Connect. However, other than keeping a track of paces, and times there is a lot of data I don't use/understand...

    Tenjiso- thanks for the book tip- will be in Xmas stocking off myself. I definately don't go slow enough on recovery runs, and looking back at my HR there doesn't seem to be an improvement- maybe my heart is old and tired image

    Mike- great tip for Camelbak- definately try that out.

    When I did the marathons I used High 5 Gels (with the added caffeine). They are pretty sticky, but put about 8 in a 250ml hand held water bottle and sipped steadily till finished them at 28-30km then chucked it. The warmth of your hand and repeated shaking makes them go a bit thinner and easier to drink.

    Caroline- enjoy the celebrations

    Ady- Get up early like andrew to sneak a run in at your brothers!

    Surgery beckons image, so be offline for a bit. Have a good day everyone!!


    jenf – Ooh coastal run – lucky thing!! It’s a gorgeous morning here!

    CaroT – sounds like you’ve got an AMAZING day planned!! We want pics! We want pics!

    Tony's onthebeach – Ooh decorating the Xmas tree sounds like a plan … I always try to decorate it on my birthday too!

    Doc Sarah – homemade damson vodka? None of my customers give me anything like that? Got some racing tickets once but not any booze!

    paulsamcymru – Morning Paul! Bleurgh! Jellybabies? I’m not much of a fan of those! I like mars bar slices though for long runs!

    Mike Sheridan – that is an AMAZING tip!! Thank you so much! The sloshing drives me bonkers – plus it makes me want to wee all the time. Think I might be a bit suggestible image

    Clive Kelty – morning Clive! I love the High 5s too – found them great for the marathon and Bristol and Reading half marathons. I alternated the gels and mars bar slices.

    Shady_Ady – Mince pies!!! Yum! I’m working out all my Xmas runs in terms of mince pie miles! 2.5 miles ... that's one mince pie when I get home ...image

    Malcs - Good luck with Xmas decorations! DOn't eat all the chocolate ones - remember Santa is watching!image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone. I had a lovely lovely run this morn. I meet with some friends on a saturday morn and we do an hour then have a cup of tea/chat. It was cold n a bit slip under foot so we took it steady, ( not slow remember what Sam said at boot camp!)

    Malcs/Tony/RRR , I live on the SWales coast near Llanelli so I have easy access to the cycle path which is perfect for running. I can easily get to a country park/forest and beach for all my runs....made you all jealous now havn't I!!!!

    Great tip re camel bak from Mike.. why have I never thought of that!! I like mine when I venture off into the forest cos I like to carry phone, first aid kit and other sensible things!!

    Wierdest pressie I was given at work was home grown beetroot!!!

  • Ahh Soreen, with an inch of butter!  That's my carb-loading strategy right there.  It is okay to start carb-loading now, isn't it?  image

    Anybody buying the Heart Monitor training book - let me know if the schedules inside go longer than 10k now.  I have the second edition, and a new one has come out in the meantime.  No worries if they don't, because the principles are easy to grasp and applied to any training schedule.  I'd buy the updated version if it has been expanded.

    If they still do the offer - get the zipvit starter pack.  It includes a gel belt, sample gels (my favourite) and sweets for a fiver.  The gels have the highest carb content of any gel I'm aware of.  I've seen them described as "rocket fuel" - referring to the effects, not the taste image


  • jen.sounds like a lovely part of the half and ful marathon PB's were at llanelli

  • Hi mike, someone else has mentioned the soreen loaf to me before but I'm yet to try it....something else to add to my shopping list. Is it like Christmas cake?

    Shady, it works a treat, I've had all my best times with the incentive of a jelly baby at the last few miles. I've also had one bottle of fruit cidar the night before all my PBs too.....think it must ease the nerves so I sleep better and I'm sure the sugar in it counts as carbo loading. I only have the one though! I like all the damson and sleo drinks, there so sweet but taste like medicine as though they are doing you some good. I'm not keen on normal vodka and gin though.

    Malcs I use to be a good drinker when I was at uni but since running my drinking abilities have Deminished. I tend to have the odd drink at the weekend but that's it. I dont drink on a school night. My OH calls me a boring runner now but he's forgetting that he gets a lift to places and doesn't have the hassle and expense of getting a taxi! I'm out tonight though with the girls in Newcastle for our christmas outing......just hope I can keep up with them all!

    RRR, my patients are great, they bring me all sorts of little nicities. What have you had for your bday?
  • Tenjiso I kept seeing that offer on in RW and was tempted to get it but never got round to it as I thought there would be some sort of catch to it. Wish I had ordered it now as I haven't seen the offer in the last few issues I've had.
  • Jenf - Yep! Definitely jealous! image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Let me know if you do Llanelli again then Seren ... I'll come n supply granola bars!! image  I've done the half twice, but not the full.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    oh and Tenjiso, have you tried the banana soreen?  yummy!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Jen - my in-laws are in Llanelli, we're down there quite often! Where are you then? Burry Port, Pembrey, Pwll?

    The cycle path is fantastic. I've run from Felifoel to Pembrey and back before and nearly killed myself in the summer running the other way to Mumbles.

    I'll be doing the great welsh marathon if I don't make Paris so save me some granola bars!

    Watching the Scarlets at the moment!

    Ady - desperately trying to resist the Port but not sure how long I can last. We expect a report on constitution hill!
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    I'm in Burry port, malcs. I will def save you some granola bars if you do the GWM  and i'll come n cheer!

  • Haha what a bootcamp video!! 

  • I need a run to relieve some stress image

  • Get your self out running Clive NOW!!

    I love how a run always makes you feel a bit better and a little less stressed!

  • AW- I'd love to, but got another surgery to do... It has been a difficult, stressful and suitably depressing day. I will go before I go home tonight
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    jen - do you know we nearly bought a house there when they built the new Westbury houses. A small matter of jobs got in the way unfortunately. 

    I'm beginning to wonder if I'm in an episode of Lost and we're all connected somehow. First there was sills - who I had a business lunch with last year. Jen, you're probably going to tell me you bought the house we were looking at in Burry Port. We have the same loo that Reg is sitting on in his profile pic and Clive operated on my wife when her husband kindly broke it in two placesimage

    Still trying to work the rest of you out but I'm getting there slowly...

    Tigger - you were awesome in the video. Make sure you sort out your rights to royalties. 

  • Can't say I have ever heard of banana malt loaf, Jen.  Don't mess with the classics image


  • Kinda weird Malcs, no sure where our connection comes in though
  • Good banter on here as usual. Tough day Clive. Get that run in mate. You'll feel a whole lot better.

    Saturdays are such hard work. Hardly anytime for forum play.

    Glad to say my football team returned to winning ways. No doubt SO4 will be happy - blades won and Owls lost after leading with a few minutes to go
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Paul - there'll be something me lad. You don't carve Welsh love spoons by any chance?

    DS2 - I know what you mean, though today has been less busy than usual. Got to see the Scarlets lose at home this afternoon image then my 10 year old destroyed me at Halo. Who is your team? 

  • You have me thinking now Malcs!

    Haha, I'm going to be celebrating tonight....a Sheffield double! Who do you support DS2?

    Hope the rest of your shift went ok Clive and you manage to unwind.
  • This made me LOL today. I emailed an elderly relative to please vote for me and this was his reply...

    "Caroline, at the age of 94 I have joined Runner's World  and was amused to be asked if I was a runner or a triathlon athlete. I would  love to be able to walk a few yards let alone run them!"

    Happy Saturday night everyone, must go get ready to celebrate the past year with a great bunch of like-minded people at our Christmas Dinner tonight xox

  • Malcs - Ha ha ha that could be the link

    Anyone else an XFactor widow tonight, might be a good time to read that complete guide we had at Bootcamp!!!!!
  • Hi Guys!!

    Well dispite the opportunity to abuse the free bar I have taken the sensible option and thought about my race tomorrow!! I am now home after having only a few merry pints and am going to ensure that I thoroughly rehydrate myself ready fpr tomorrows santa run!! Things seem to be moving as fast as ever on here which is really positive and means that the buzz & excitement is still there!!! image

  • That's a fine level of restraint Andrew! Not sure I could have done the same!?
  • Am impressed Andrew! I had a couple of drinks last night for my birthday today and decided in my hungover pre-parkrun state that sugar AND salt in my porridge might be the way forward ... Well that was a lesson not to be repeated! image

    Paulsamcymru - Might be an idea! I'm not much of an XFactor fan! image

    CaroT - That's fab! Tell her you'll keep her updated with your Asics training plan if you get to Paris - there's hope for her yet!image

    DS2 - Hope you get Sundays off if you have to work Saturdays! Eek! Need a chance to put your feet up and chill ... or go for a run! image



  • Shady_Ady wrote (see)
    Will those mince pies be washed down with a tipple of Port? It is almost Xmas after all!

    My nemesis the Mince Pie, as a bakery manager I can safely say I'd be happy never to see another mince pie, or hot cross bun for that matter which I'll be making from Dec 27thimage

    I love a piece of malt loaf  but how do you toast it on the way round? Surely toasted and dripping with butter is the only way to go? Tenjiso, you'll be glad to here there's an apple flavour too!

    I've found my Garmin invaluable to pace myself on any runs, haven't used the heart rate monitor for a while, but think I need to after looking at myself in the video, time for the fat burn zone. I believe the winners get a free Garmin at the store day (Apologies if this has already been said, I may be quilty of missing a few posts!)

    Anyway, back to work, looking forward to finishing at 23:00, at which point I'll probably be way behind current events again. Not looking forward to being back in at 08:00 tomorrow though image

  • IndyMcQueen . . . . .we have been having a mince pie tasting going since the 1st December and once I knew i was going to Bootcamp I had to withdraw my advice on which is best lost quarter of a stone in 3 weeks!! so no more mince pies for me and now on skimmed milk !! Hope you get through this evening


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