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    Andrew  - just read back. That pain on your shin - where is? Outside, inside or down the middle?

    Is it tender to touch if you push your fingers where the pain is? Need to be careful - shin splints is a nasty nasty injury and you don't want to take any chances with anything in that area! I've been there and it's easy to develop worse.

    Sarah the physio would tell you to get it assessed. So would I.image

  • Wow - away for two days and the thread has gone bonkers!

    Here's a picture of my Elf friend and I before we ran 10 muddy, windy and hilly miles over the South Downs testerday. Last year we were angels - I'm thinking Christmas puddings for next year!



  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Emma - great picture. How did the run  go?

  • Andrew......I'd definitely listen to DS2. Ive experienced the same pain before. I don't know if its coincidence but since doing Pilates I haven't had any problem with this.

    I remember Sarah saying at bootcamp to us that this could worsen into a stress fracture.
  • It was great fun! I haven't run more than 6 miles since the Marathon so worried about how my legs would be come miles 8 - 10. Started very steady with my chum for first 3 miles then tried to pick it up a bit. Just under 10 min miles as an average which given the conditions and course I was happy with. I took it easy and enjoyed the run rather than racing it and hurting!image

  • EmmaC......nice photo. Maybe you could introduce an Xmas food theme to the run next year for everyone!
  • Fab pic Emma! Thought about you at bootcamp this year as you were so nice last year calling out encouragement to me during the 5k time trial! I must have like as though I was sufferingimage
  • Andrew- sounds like shin splints.... See a physio and check your trainers- how worn are they? What did mike (Olly Murs lookalike) say at gait analysis?
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    Sounds like the ideal return to racing Emma. Nice to enjoy it. That is, after all why we run first and foremost!

    Shady_Ady/ Andrew - it can, indeed, develop to a stress fracture and then you are out for months. If the pain is on the endge of the shin bone it's worth running ice up and down the affected area to reduce the inflamation. Hopefully, it's not that and it's nothing more than an ache and you can tell me to shut upimage I'm old and have suffered most of these things in the past and, thankfully, learned a bit from them.

    First thing is to see if the pain is there when you press it. if it is I'd speak to a physio - I hope it's nothing Good luck!


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    Hi Clive. Sounds like the Doc is agreeing with my amateurish assessment Andrew!

  • AW - A net of chocolate coins and a half eaten advent calendar?

    Seren Nos - I thought as I was a lot slower than most of the gents going for GFA, I'd better get my act together and try and get some votes! image But like you say, the final say is down to the RW team and who they think would be interesting to train and mentor. However, I'm having a BLAST! image This marketing lark is fun!!

    p.s. You forgot the customised T-shirt at Parkrun and the posing at Silverstoneimage

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    Ouch Andrew - can only echo the advice above, even though I am rubbish at following injury advice myself. 

    Clive - the gait analysis machine was a bit wonky when our group had it after a certain somehone clattered into it (ahem reg!)  ;)

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    RRR - are you refreshing a page from which you originally posted ?

  • How random!!

    Echo! Echo! image

    Maybe because I'm logged in through both phone and laptop ...?

  • This forum seems to be gathering a rather fast pace, harder to keep up with than Andrew Price in the 5k Time Trial
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    How funny RRR. I thought I was living in some kind of parallel universe. I might add that both had bright pink flouorescent socks!image All I can remember from our coffee time before we came home was those bloody socks!!! I can't visualise anything else and when I try to think what you looked like I have to take a look at your picture on the comp page!

    Malcs - it's perfectly acceptable as a runner to dish out the advice but heed none of it in returnimage

    I seem to have given up with my own thread and on here all the time. It's far more fun!

  • Hi guys,

    Left home at 6:30 this morning and only just got home from court...! Thinking of asking RW Towers for a transfer to the Busy Lifestyle category image

    Thanks for the lovely comments re my nan - she is such a character, never lets being registered blind get her down. She has been on I think 8 holidays this year, and counting!

    Loved reading all the comments on voting - as has been said, the ultimate decision is a combination of votes and RW/Asics opinion so let's just enjoy the ride and see what happens come Thursday - best of luck to all, it genuinely has been a pleasure to chat to you all on here.

    Andrew - take it easy and get that leg checked out!

    Emma - Love the pic - very festive image

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    paulsamcymru wrote (see)
    This forum seems to be gathering a rather fast pace, harder to keep up with than Andrew Price in the 5k Time Trial

    LOL - excellent image and don't we know it Paul! 

    DS2 - it's official, I'm turning into a real runner - great!

    If you want to put a smile on your face check out Tenjiso's pitch on the Forum Six thread:

    Absolutely priceless. I can say this now that he's voted without feeling like I'm a crawler. 

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    Great pitch Malcs

  • I've heard Sky & BBC are running a 24 hour broadcast on results day, when all the votes from the different parts of the country start to come in.

    All the breaking news will be live....

    Just a rumour I've heard
  • Paul haha are they going to break out the swing-o-meter??

  • So they say.......

    Apparently I'm 5th favourite to win my group, which is fine, but there's only 4 of us in it
  • Haha Steve/Paul, I'm about to set it to record!

    Busy day on here again, I trust everyone's had a good one.

    Has anyone ever run with a headtorch on? I'm getting into this early morning running lark but don't like the idea of being stuck to street lit pavements.
  • DS2 - You are definitely getting a pair for Xmas. And I will be most upset if you aren't wearing them when I see you at racesimage

    Paul - I wish! At least then I would know when I can relax safe in the knowledge I'm out of the running!image

    Steve - Definitely sounds a busy day! So ... long run later then?image


  • Paul - I think I'd be happy with fifth right now! Each group is so tough image

    Sills - I have once or twice - they're very cheap to buy and actually pretty effective. Very worthwhile investment in the winter months

  • RRR - still waiting for the fish and chips to go down! This job is a nightmare for my healthy eating drive... :/

  • Sills - I use one regularly, but it took me a while to find one I liked and which was bright enough for running in the woods! Don't even bother with wind up ones! image I've found it really handy if you running in areas where there aren't streetlights ... plus it gives you extra visibility to cars.

  • Evening all. Well its just taken me 20 minutes to read eveyones comments from the last time I was on. I kept thinking of things to say....but then I would read them from someone else later, for example my reply to Andrew who I was concerned might be starting with shin spints, so now im wondering what to write!

    AW...I can get my hands on a half eaten advent calendar if thats any good?

    Malcs,  thanks for the link to Tenjiso's pitch, like you said "priceless" wondering if he will write mine if I dont make the final 5! image

    Seren Nos RW did say that it was only partially down to the public vote and that they make the final decision....only time will tell! Will we ever find out how many votes we got and is there anyway of me finding out if my OH actually voted for me or not?

    Sleepy bear  when are you next up in york (i could just do with a sports massage)?

    DS2, you appear to have been on here less guessing youve been working hard (or youve been on different threads)???

    Andrew I keep promoting the RW website saying how good it was for searching for local races, diet tips, training tips, meeting people on the forum etc and everyone appeared keen to join up (or they pretended to be infront of me)!

    Clive I didnt run today, I was supposed to be playing netball, but not enough people turned up so it was cancelled at the last minute, so its turned out to be a rest day for me. Might have to get up early in the morning now, as im at a clinical meeting in the evening tomorrow night. image

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    Sills - this was a topic of conversation a couple of weeks or so ago on the Sub 3:15 thread. They recommended one. I'll see if I can find the mesage and quote it to you!

    RRR - I will send you my address and you can post them but don't be surprised if my dog turns up in them. Remember what I said about autistic girls and pink and purple?image

  • in the time it took me to write that above there were 5 more entries!

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