ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • DS2, last year people moved between categories and I don't think you can get a look at your form again...last year the coaches had them in booklets and were taking notes which was a little unnerving

    Seren, yours will be sent by royal messenger, look out for a carriage and knock at the door image

    Sticky, last time they didn't add people so 34 out of a possible 40 actually attended bootcamp

  • I caught up on here with people getting shortlisted and heard the cheery "ping" of my email systems. I said "Runner's World..."....I opened...I paused.....It was a notification for this thread! BAH! Hee hee, still hoping...

  • maybe a daft question but what actually happens at boot camp?

  • No sticky88 I was just asked if Im free!


  • Are people already finding out??? How chuffed must you lucky people be ! Good for all of the fortunate's makes me just a tad jealous!

    Keep us mere mortals posted !

  • thew first one they have you doing some to you about what you would have to do and then go away and shortlist about 20 from the 50...........the 20 are then rekeased to the forums and then we vote...and between the votes and the opinions of the experts they pick the final 5 or 6

  • image Do all the emails/calls go out on the same day? Are we to think that's it then? Trying not to be too disheartened!! Why do some people get an email and others get a phone call? Hey ho.....

  • Not sure what'll happen this year but last year ... we were broken down into groups of roughly similar ability, and then each group had

    • a physio chat (sly assessment??) of core strength, 
    • gait analysis
    • track session working on pacing (roughly 5k in total)
    • 5k time trial
    • junk lunch!!! (lots of crisps, biscuits and some token fruit - not that I'm complaining - it was like a kids party and I snaffled everything I wouldn't normally allow myself image)

    You get plenty of rest between the 2 track sessions and there's lots of standing around having photos taken and chatting.

    Everyone that went got a very generous goody bag from Asics & RW - I had a rucksack with a really nice long sleeve top and a RW complete guide, a waist belt and a few other bits and bobs.

    Rachel - don't give up hope yet - maybe they'll ring this year, maybe they'll email subject to time and pairs of hands available.  If you haven't heard by Saturday I would say there's a fair chance you've missed out this year - but there's always next or the one after that image

  • Rachel, we'll all be put out of our misery by Saturday, only 2 days to go....

  • It's worth noting that I was constantly on the forums, with all of my personal stuff on here. You end up forgetting that its not just the guys commenting on here that are reading (who you get to know really well *waves*) but other who never post. Had a look and I've got stuff about aches, pains, tummy trouble, job stress oh and every session I did in training... Every single mile... (More or less)

    The only issue I really with comments was during the voting process... But after that the people were brilliant. At the 22 mile mark, it was proving that all the support, advice and good will got me to the end...

    Bootcamp was exactly as SB described. On the same track as one Mr Bolt trained on too....

    If you get to bootcamp, the pacing exercise is exactly that. Make sure you do it as asked. Oh, and expect to get photographed and filmed a lot. The RW people are also cool.

    There is something else, but can't remember... And Mrs BoD is on the computer doing a work presentation...
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hi, I confess to being a forum lurker who rarely posts... but.... I had a call today! I went straight out for a run to calm myself.

  • I think my e-mail got lost in the post...

    Well done to all those who have had their calling. Would be good to know what they were looking for.

    Ah well! There's always next year.

    I've already signed up to do the Milton Keynes marathon in May. Will have to get through without my goody bag and the experts.

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Just back in, after a long day, wondering .....

    Need to catch up with all the posts.... 

    Had a call from a numbner did not recognise while in a quiet car on a train. No message. Been wondering all day. Saw the posts about calls and began to panic. Just rang it back and found out it was Vodafone !!!!! image

  • Jenf, I had loads of calls today, none from RW!! Did you really get the call?

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Yes FH,  I was  told i'd made the shortlist, and will get another call if I make it to bootcamp.

  • Jenf, that's great news well done and good luck. Were you not told to keep it hush hush ??

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Thank you. image

  • Jenf, I did too and the lady said the same! I do hope it doesnt go against us for being on here!!??

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    She never said a word about keeping quiet,..? I thought i'd practice my typing skills as thats going to be needed also, I'm painfully slow!

  • maybe hush hush applies to getting through to boot camp? although I think it would be really obvious if we did!


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    I'll just do what I'm told when I'm told image 

  • It's driving me mental not knowing if I'm in or not I've checked my emails so many times. Hurry up and put us out of our misery!!
  • I must admit, i agree with the comment above ! Wish we were told either way...i've applied for jobs and never been so impatient to find out ! oops probably shouldn't admit to that ! image

  • I have decided to remain upbeat, at least till the end of tomorrow...image

    I've already entered the Manchester marathon in the spring anyway, so maybe those of us who don't make it can caryy on supporting each other (along with the lucky few!)?

  • Totally agree I will be soooo gutted if I don't get in as I'm sure everyone else will be.
  • Just a word of advise for those lucky enough to get to bootcamp this year. It's just as they mentioned but for the 5k time trial, they're looking for you to Pb at it. So with 4 groups of approx 10, there's 2 sessions in the morning, and 2 after lunch. So if your unlucky you'll be in the group that has to do the 5k sess straight after lunch. So don't eat anything for lunch, or you'll suffer, as I did.

    Runningbean - If you couldn't make the first date ( bootcamp), why did you enter? It was in the T's and C's.
  • I seem to remmber that the hush hush thing was major in the past......i know friends that had to pretend they were doing something totally different as they were going to bootcamp.........

    not sure why they would be expecting anyone to PB at the bootcamp.....if you are not training for that kind of distance why on earth would you be able to just go out and PB at the distance..........

  • good job that i wasn't picked because i would bnot have a cat in hells chance of a 5k PB at the moment.,but by march I am expecting to PB at it...

  • Seren - Yes it was a bit of a surprise for me to. Basically we had to run 400m slightly faster than our 5k Pb, then 100m slightly slower ie active recovery, and repeat 10 times, which in theory would give you a new 5k Pb, nice (not). The other strange thing was the 4 groups were split according to your 10k pb, not your Mara or half mara!
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    So does no call today mean that the dream is over ??????

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