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  • I can't believe they did that at that stage. That's not fair on those that were in that category. I'm not interested in entering anything else. Sarah/Clive and other in that category I feel gutted for you.

    Good for Mel, but that's not right.
  • Congratulations to the final 5 it will be a fantastic journey! image

  • Thanks guys. Really, really appreciate the nice messages. Totally got to knock in that GFA now. Otherwise you'll be queueing up at my door to kick my arse!image

    I'm totally up for the TR24 Bootcamp reunion if you guys are?

  • Congratulations to the winners, couldn't be more happy for you, Sarah and Clive gutted for you both, I though the winner was going to come from you guys.

    No sour grapes but it seems a little unfair that no one from our group got through
  • Thanks so much  for the kind words guys... Wow!

    We will, of course, post about every last little bit of the journey image

    I actually am genuinely gutted that so many of you that I've got to know so well didn't make it... can we petition RW to make it a final 21??

    TR24 still sounds great - whoever gets the job of organising (!), count me in image

  • I seem to remember one group had 5 people in and her forum vote thing does state Vote Mel First Timer.

  • Hi everybody. Well, what a time to have meetings all morning (and sadly all afternoon as well image).

    I did sneakily check my phone just before 12 and saw an email, but I didn't have chance to read it.  I'm speechless really. First of all commiserations to everybody who didn't get through. It's not easy to be super excited knowing others haven't been so lucky.

    One thing I can promise is to grasp this opportunity with both hands, share as much of what I learn as I possibly can and give it my all.

    Well, it's back off into meetings now......I'll catch up with all the posts in a while.

    Thanks again everybody...i wont let anyone down I promise.

    Reg - I'd be happy to exchange our shirt - only if you send me the carrot t-shirt as well! image

  • Maybe it's more to do with the finishing times: this way they have got a finish in 3, 2 finish on 3:30, 4 and one on 4:30.

    I said from the start that Bootcamp was great for me and more than enough, well done the winners and I'll look forward to reading your progress!!!!!
  • Not to worry Ady, but if you do see any lying around on sunday....if you know what I mean!!  But Sssshhhhh !!! someone from Asics or RW might read this.

  • Paul.i think they have to split the finishing times up a bit.

     congratulations to those who have got through.................My voting was crap this year and only 1 of my 5 choices got through so the bribes were useless....

    those who are successful.this was one of the best campaigns ever in the pressure is on you now to produce a good , interesting and lively thread when the RW team set them up.........that is more important than actually getting your targets..........

    you are hopefully going to get a lot of others on your threads with similar aims who will take the journey with you.......

  • those who are unsuccesful.the majority of you have proved to be interesting and friendly posters...pop along the the forum six and do a pitch to win the unofficial threads..........

    no freebies but it has a higher chance of success at targets than the official ones

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    seren nos wrote (see)

    My voting was crap this year and only 1 of my 5 choices got through so the bribes were useless.....

    Tell me about it seren. In the 'on a plateau' group I thought my strategy of voting based on baldness would be a dead cert. What happens? The hairyest of the lot got through. I'll be changing tack completely next year.

  • I think a wig would be the way forward next year Malcs...or a full gorilla suitimage

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Yes, YES, that's it! Roll on 2013 image

  • mcs wrote (see)

    Congrats to those who made it. Some of us who didn't make it last year are still together on Auvoir Paris come and join us for a run, chat etcimage

    +1 - we have a mileage comp going on - you're all welcome to join in!

    Sorry some of you didn't get through - I remember the try hard to be cheery "oh well" phase!  Bit baffled by the swapsies but hey ho - sometimes the only thing that makes sense is the actual running itself.

    Only 2 of my votes seem to have been successful image

  • right for those who were successful..............time to practise the hourly postings..night and day ... everyday .. including christmas....we will want to know when you sleep... what you eat ... what colour your urine are now our property..image

  • Reginald, we have a spare L shirt here - I can send on. 

    In terms of categories, as Seren nos mentions, we have to keep in mind different marathon times so that people following the progress of our final five can follow the same training plans. It was a very tough decision and there are a lot of different things we take into consideration when we pick the final five, but I hope you agree that we have a great line up.

    Katie RW

  • Congratulations to the team.  I will mostly be stalking Steve this year.

    I've been working on my pitch for next years competition....

    "Dear Mr Asics,

    I would really like you to put me in your team because I would like to run the marathon for the first time (first time in Paris, I mean) and achieve a GFA, which would be a PB for me, having been on a plateau for many years due to my extremely busy lifestyle.

    Failing that please send me a new pair of shoes.



    I think thats's a winning formula.  No copying now.

  • Thank you very much Katie, very kind of you.

    As regards to the line up, I do feel that you may have been a bit hairist!! Where are the baldies - hey Malcs, back me up.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Yes Reg, no representation from the folically challenged community whatsoever. We had a range of different 'thinnesses' to chose from in the plateau category so they were spoilt for choice.

    Ady, I expect you to adopt a full shave for Paris as an act of solidarityimage

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Tenjiso - LOL looks like a sure fire winner to me!

  • +1, cracking pitch Ten image

  • Ten - haha love it image guaranteed success!

    Malcs - I'll make sure Ady has a shave on Sunday... we definitely need some more representation for the follically-challenged!

  • Brilliant pitch Ten!!! Covers all bases!!

    For the 5 who got through make sure you enjoy every minute and don't worry about the rest of us. You deserve your places and we'll all be right behind you.

    I wasn't going to Paris yesterday and I'm still not. I haven't lost anything.

    To everyone else let's be thankful that we're healthy and able to contemplate running 26.2 miles. Stay on the forums, learn more and enjoy a chuckle!image
  • You have gained a few more forum friends/ admirers DS2.....

  • May not have been shortlisted..... or made it into the final 5 but...... I have just won a hamper at my kids school! YIPEE

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Absolutely - right behind the lot of you!

    To keep you on your toes Myself and Reg are going to team up to form a kind of Statler and Waldorf -esque double-act providing informative critique on your performances as the training progresses.


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Well done Tigger!

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