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    Yes Minni - better to shamelessly lie through your back teeth and know that they are not constantly worrying than tell them anything near to the truth!

    Hey - where did you get that heart from? Don't tell me there's another whole set of smilies out there?!!!

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    Now that's just not fair! 

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  • Haha Malcs, the challenge continues!!

  • I still can't even get smiley faces up on here using my iPad!

    Does you gran believe you minni?

    Malcs, your only as old as you feel!
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    Thanks Sarah - I'm knackered thenimage

    The iPad doesn't show the posting toolbar - could be because it's Flash based image

  • Knew I should have gone for the Galaxy...
  • Back from working late & and a quiet-ish night out with good friends. I love my friends but its been soooooo difficult trying to explain this competition to them.... they glaze over with running talk as it is, and then adding the blogging thing into it.... I've mostly been saying, yup, I've been very busy recently image

     It's STILL taken me an age to catch up with you die hards on on this blog tonight....image. Feeling pretty relieved that it's all over, don't actually feel as disappointed as I thought I would. To add insult to injury, after hearing I didn't make the final cut at 12pm I had to do an enema on a constipated cat before lunch image! What a treat!

    I haven't thought about the Forum 6 much before tonight... I'm not sure I can survive any more sleep deprivation? Anyone else pitching? Not quite sure what to do... must go search Minni's post? Will they be nice & accepting to us who want to enter that haven't made the final cut??? xox

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    Nykie wrote (see)
    Knew I should have gone for the Galaxy...

    image Not as shiny but they do work!

    CaroT - I'm going to have a go, I think Sarah and Paul are thinking about it. Will they be accepting? Absolutely so if you fancy it then go for it. 

    Thanks for the enema story...thanks alot....

  • After the disappointment this morning I've re-instated my positive vibe with a trip to the Indian followed by The Hobbit image

    Completely knackered now though, looking forward to probably the first decent nights sleep since Bootcamp!

    Nighty night.
  • Good morning all.

    Good to see your all in good form still and the posting is a rapid as ever! I took a bit of time out yesterday for some r and r, was able to have a sneaky peak on the forum with my mobile, but its not the easiest! I had an afternoons xmas shopping and then a lovely meal and drinkies! And a good nights sleep!

    Good luck to those pitching for the Forum 6!


  • A.W.  don't blame you having some time out. i imagine you are going  to be really busy on here for the next few months.

    For the chosen 5, make sure you report back here on Sunday evening so we can hear all about your day. I think there may be a little envy from the rest of us but certainly no jealousy! Enjoy the day. image

  • I've made a decsion not to pitch for the Forum 6. I gave it a lot of thought but have decided I'd sooner back the others that I have met. Good luck guys.

    Feeling amazingly enthusiastic this morning. I really thought I would be gutted but I'm really looking forward to following the 'winners' all the way to Paris. Others who lost out  seem to be the same. I think everyone is really pleased for those picked.

    I will stick to the advice I'm getting on the Sub 3:15 thread. They've done me fine so far so I can't see any point in changing it!

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    morning ! sorry I missed the after party..I had a training session in gym ( the heavy bag took a pounding) when I got home I just crashed!

    not quite sure what my next plan is... 3.15 thread speak another language.

    off to work..maybe I'll be early next week! catch up later x
  • Will do DS2, and than you for the support, not just for now, but over the coming months too. It means a lot, and will be a great source of extra motivation for us all.
  • Morning all. I definitely chose the wrong day yesterday for constant meetings and then an Xmas party all night long. I was quite impressed by the number of diet cokes I drank. As Mrs. Shady_Ady would say "You've changed!".

    Normal service should be resumed today though. 

    Malcs.....I now expect a whole new level of Emoticons and Smilies flashing through this thread.

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    A.W. - good for you, quite right you should be celebrating.

    DS2 - great to hear you in such good spirits. Very good of you thinking of the rest of us re the forum 6 too, I'm sure you would have been a great candidate. 

    Jen - there are plenty of other threads where you can get advice. I've been on the Paris Marathon thread and had some great help there too (it's not really a thread about Paris per se). There are people on there with a wide range of target times:

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    Ady - so do I but Minni isn't letting me into the secret yet! Grrrimage

  • Morning everyone. Glad this thread is still going strong. Think I'd be lonely without it.

    Annual review day today. Yippee.

    Might sneek a 7 miler later.
  • Congratulations to the five winners! Will be avidly following your feedback as your training progresses. Keep us all posted. image

  • Thanks Becky. I wouldn't consider anything less than doing that image

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    Guys, when you're up in town on Sunday doing your supermarket sweep, if you see a disheveled looking character with his face pressed up against the window like an orphan left out in the cold then...that'll be Reg.

    Just ask someone to draw a curtain or something. You don't want that kind of sorry image spoiling a perfectly good photo shoot.image

    That said, if his annual review goes well he may be doing the sweep with you! Fingers crossed Reg!image

  • Haha..........if Reg's annual review goes well, he'll be buying everything before we get there image

    From the sorry state of me in my BC photo, I think it will be me that will be spoiling images again. At least my BC photo makes for a good 'before and after' photo. I'll remember to breathe in next time!

    Good luck Reg!image

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    LOL - good point. You better get there before they open just in case! image

    If you're concerned about your image myself and Reg have bodies like Adonis and would happily step in as a double if you ever need one. Not that I think you do of course - I'd rather stay neutral on the matter if it's all the same to you. It's a general rule of mine not to comment on other mens attractiveness, one way or the other image.

    Just thought I'd offer our services as fellow plateau-ers.

  • Morning everyone. Hope everyone recovered from the excitement of yesterday!

    Feel slightly jaded today, going to have a rest day I think. so icy outside probably safer too.

    Minni- is the Forum 6 only for a Spring Marathon? I'm thinking about it, but may decide to go for Chicago in October instead...

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    Just about Clive - how are you feeling?

    After the last two days of siberian weather down South, it's mild as anything down here today. Haven't even got the heating on - I'm not lying!

  • Just read the 5's pitches again. When you read them one after another like that it is really inspiring. 5 great stories! 5 top people!

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    Malcs, just read your forum 6 pitch! Great stuff, I will def come n cheer you on in GWM and supply granola bars! image

    I'm having a rest day too Clive, but I've got youth club xmas party tonight...I'm going as an elf. image 

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