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  • joggersaurus wrote (see)

    Just had E mail from Runners world, no it was:- The guide to charity runnining, panic button when i saw the sender before the subject

    I got that as well.  Heart rate just about back to normal.

    Do you think if I keep staring at my phone it might ring?

  • I'm still waiting...I'm in the Charity Guide tho!image

  • Phone just rang...private number...heart leapt a beat....routine this life until Saturdayimage

  • 2 years ago we were very definitely told to keep it quiet when we were told about the boot camp - not easy!

    Can't remember what our running bits were but I do know that as has already been said they were definitely looking at an ability to keep to a steady pace rather than starting fast ad running out of steam.  There was no real chance of any PBs for us as it wasn't just cold .......... the track was covered in compacted snow image

    As to age ........ I was 48 when I was selected so Vet's are in with a chance too

  • Shall remain hopeful till tomorrow.....image


  • Ultra - you've raised my depressed hopes just a fraction.

    Rachel - I too shall remain hopeful until tomorrow.....

    Am signing up for a BMF bootcamp session x 5 as consolation if I don't get in.

  • i would be suprised if they haven't chosen and rung or emailed everyone by nowimage

  • The only hope that I cling on to is that I missed a call about midday yesterday from a private number, although it's more likely to have been a PPI/Accident claims etc company cold-calling image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    On a train planning a strong 5 mile run later this evening to forget about all of this stress. Tomorrow is a new dawn and with it comes hope and happiness for some no doubt. If they have advised people by now ... Well done to whoever you are.... If they have not yet and who knows anymore .... Best of luck to everyone ...
  • I too got excited by the Runners' World e-mail about charity running. I also had a missed call on my phone this afternoon from 'Unknown', but they didn't leave a message. I agree with KevinR1 that it was probably a PPI claim hotline.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Emmy_H wrote (see)
    seren nos wrote (see)

    also there is a chance for those who have been rejected to apply for the forum 6....which is an alternative set of big prizes or race entries or bootcamps............these match a runner with a mentor on these forums.........and they get their own thread which others join.............its a bit more fluid as they do not need to follow the RW training plans....they can follow anyplan or make one is a great way to chat as if you don't find an official thread that seems to suit your needs you can apply for the unofficial ones or join in with one of those winners........

    I just want to second Seren's comment. There is another opportunity within the forum itself. They'll be a thread posted around christmas offering people the chance to get mentored by someone on the forum. I 'followed' the thread last year and it was a fountain of knowledge and ideas and really helped my marathon prep for the VLM.

    So.... it's not all over image

    I'll third that.  This is a great opportunity for those really wanting a marathon PB and not bothered about the kit and trip.   The pitching thread will be set up as soon as the Asics competition is announced so all is not lost folks. image

    David.M.3986 wrote (see)

     I've spent all year running by myself, except for the GSR, and the Portsmouth Ghost Race (and the Gosport Half this Sunday), so it would be great just to find out how well I'm doing and what I am capable of!

    Most of us on here run by ourselves, which is why we appreciate the support, advice and encouragement from others around the forums.  Your race results will tell you how well you're doing and your background and training plans will tell you what you're capable of.  Get your pitch ready for the forum 6 if you're not successful here. image

    For those who are successful image  will look forward to seeing who gets through and following a couple of threads. image

  • I too got an email from RW but not the one I really wanted. I shall start thinking hard about the forum 6.

  • I do wish Runner's World would stop calling me and asking me to take part.  

    Apparently they didn't get any suitable entrants in the "most handsome runner" category.

  • Haha brilliant Tenjiso!  yep your picture say's it all!!


  • I missed out on the forum super 6 last year so entered this in the hope of consolationimage

  • USB - Yes I remember the video of your bootcamp and all the snow. How's things?

    Listen to Minni/Seren, as they say, the forum 6 is a great oppourtunity for the unsuccessful candidates to be mentored without so much pressure, but still with the forum support.
  • Glad it's not just me who's heart missed a beat from a witheld number today....though mine was from one of those PPI reclaim sharks *shakes fist*

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    Just back in after a 5 mile run in the dark around Regents Park. This was my first run in the dark this winter and interested how you good folk cope with not being able to see the ground in front of you. Nearly missed my footing at one point when the ground came up to meet me when I was not expecting it. Helpful suggestions only please.
  • may sound really daft Carl D but ever thought of running where there are street lights?? or maybe a head torch?? I'm sure I have seen an advert recently maybe in RW for one designed for running.

  • Yes yes it was page 36 of the december issue or

  • although dont thing 'blare which project' I wont help!!

  • I magnificently fell in broad daylight on Sunday- the bruise down my leg was (and stll is)very impressive! And to think my initial thought was "oh no! Target 26,2!" As it happens it hasn't put me out of action at all and am managing to pick my speed back up after 4 months of marathon traning. I LIKE speed, there's something about the warm glow that last throughout the day.....but I did like marathon training too....ASICS guys...are you listening????

  • Can you believe my mobile (battery) was flat the whole of yesterday, so on getting home from work in the Iate afternoon, I charged it and almost fell off the bed when I listened to a voice message that had been left at 12pm! I must say I was HIGHLY motivated ALL of a sudden to go for a run early this morning image Not even the dark or fresh morning temperature could keep me in bed this morning!

  • A quick question to all those experienced marathoners out there....would you expect your 5k time to come down much after preparing properly for your first marathon? (Assuming starting with the ability to run a decent half marathon time). Thanks.

  • sills, depends how good it was in the first place. If you were a fun runner definitely, mid pack probably, fairly quick, possibly is my view.

  • I find training for long.distance makes a 5k easier however to gain speed you would ideally mix in some fartlet type training.
  • Sills, it makes me marketly slower over 5km (PB's 5k 16:50 & Mar 2:43), I put this down to different session that I run specifically for the two different distances, that I'm always knackered when I'm marathon training and my stride length shorts for a marathon (by 2" approx).

    However I agree with the points Stray Celt made as it is likely most people would say I fall into fairly quick

  • 22 mins for 5KM and 4.08.31 for the marathon I have some work to do on both!!! Asics I need your help pleaseimage

  • Mcs, I am thinking both our phones must be broken. . . .
  • I'm still waiting for the call and I'm guaranteed a pb at the boot camp 5k as I've never run that short a distanceimage

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