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  • Hey DS2, Yep hubby has started his job now! Turns out he is going to be away A LOT! He is away when I'm supposed to be doing Ashby, my parents have stepped in but my mum has not been well of late so may have to pull that as well! Dreading the cricket season starting!! he has already mentioned a 3 week cricket tour in India..... imagine my response!!

  • Be about the same as my wifes response Tigger!image

    This is absolutely true - I once went on a weeks cricket tour (pre-kids) and I told her I was away working! Actually, I had one appointment a couple of hours away from the tour area - so it wasn't a total lie!!!image

    I gave the game away somewhat when I returned home with a bootfull of dirty kit though! I told her that I'd picked up a game with someone from the local office!!!image

    I will go to hellimage

  • Two weeks after getting married he spent 3 weeks in , and claims 'it's duty' when he comes out with that it's like a red rag to a bull!!

    I'v been married for 11 years and to be honest still haven't got a clue about cricket! even spent last season doing tea's and still have no desire to understand it!

  • DS- really sorry to hear your news- thoughts with you and her family too. Seems like you needed that run though!

    Sarah- Job would be at the Northern General mainly... Getting worried as found out there are political ramifications that may prevent me getting it.  Its not what you know and all that...image

    Jen- jealous of you run on the beach! I slipped and slid over melting snow round doncaster today.

    Felt better for just under 9 miles in 1:03:12- 7:08 pace. Suspect I'll suffer tomorrow having had 6 days off

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Been really busy so I've mainly been on Ady's thread.

    Great to see you back Clive! Blimey 9 miles in 1:03? I managed about 7 today in the same time. You're flying!

    Jen - you are firmly establishing yourself as resident hard nut. Running on snow on top of quick sand through a mine field pursued by cannibals? I tell you, they build them tough in the wild West of Wales image 

    Tigger - cricket is a very simple game, maybe we can start a separate thread and teach you image

    Sorry to hear your news DS2. Both my next door neighbours of 18 years (husband and wife) have succumbed to the big C in the last year. It's a terrible, terrible thing.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    evening all.

    Tigger, I don't get cricket either..I'd rather watch paint dry! But if he goes away for 3 weeks...its only fair you get a similar treat! What exotic race do you fancy??

    DS2, so sorry to hear of your friend losing the C battle. Life deals some hard blows.

    LOL Malcs,I like my new name 'hard nut', I def deserve it after my mega deadlifting session this eve!

    Sarah/Clive I took some brilliant photos on the beach yesterday. It looked like the arctic, and the snow was still falling! I havn't worked out how to put them on here yet though.

  • Jen- get the pics on!!

    Malcs- glad you're feeling better. I need I check out the threads of everyone else as been tied up with work....
  • so sorry to hear about your friend DS2, life can be so evil sometimes, my thoughts go out to you and her family. You try not to get attached to your patients but it doesnt always work, ive hads a few sad days in my career so far.

    Tigger you dont look old enough to have been married for 11 years!

    Clive looks like the breaks done you some good, you was flying round today. I know what you mean, it is more who you know rather than what you know sometimes. Fingers crossed though the right person will be given the job.

    Hi Jen, cant wait to see you pics. I found that if you put them up on facebook and then save them from facebbook onto your desk top, it shrinks the size so you can put them on here.Im sure that there is an easier way to do it though.
  • found this today on the RW site, quite good for working out paces

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Sarah.. thank you! I have spent the last hour and have now got 2 photos in my profile gallery of my 'beach' run. Tecnology n me have a very poor relationship!!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭


    and there is my beach! lol

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭


    and there I am..image 

  • I've got to admit, I've never seen a beach look like that before. I'm terrible with technology, it was completely by accident that I found out how to get the pics up using Facebook.

    Its been snowing heavily here for the last 5 hours, we have at least 3inches that's settled (in places on top of ice). So glad that I managed to get my LSR done today.

    Jen do you have anymore snowy beach runs planned?
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    It rained last nightimage snows all gone! floods instead now!!

     Just done a normal 14miler today, did the miles with a friend who is training for an ultra. I can't get my head around her running for so long!

  • /members/images/699883/Gallery/530569_4368962950075_818883347_n.jpg

     Making a snowman when I got home this morning at 1am!!

    not been running yet, but raining now so snow all going....

    Sarah- a better pace calculator is at

    goes through optimum paces for stamina, endurance, speed workouts, as well as predicted times for distances from 200m to 100 miles!

  • Jen- love the pictures!

  • Sarah always knew I loved you!!

    We woke you at midnight to a car stuck in the snow on our cul de sac! we had SOOO much it was really deep and hard work! I can't wait for the snow to do one now!

    Slightly nervous now... nearly Feb and the longest I have ran is 8.5 miles.... 20 mile race in March! I have kinda lost my mojo for long runs, I'm loving the swimming and looking forward to my bike training!


  • All our snow has gone too...our back garden now looks marshy with loads of puddles. Have a feeling the river is going to be quite high again aswell at the moment.

    How far does your friend tend to run for her long training runs Jen?

    Thankyou Clive, will take another look at it...can see what the differences are!

    When in march is your 20 miler tigger?
  • The last of our snow got washed away in the heavy rain last night!image

    jenf - great pictures!

    I did my first race in ages today and met CarroT and Sam Murphy there.

    Canterbury 10 miler in 70:58 (chip time) so pretty pleased. Hard conditions, hilly course and strong winds but felt really strong the whole way and overtook loads all the way round.

    Seems like the hard work is beginning to pay off. Getting quite confident of a sub 3:15 on May 12!

    Well done Sam on your PB!image

  • Well done DS!!

    I managed slow 10k in 48 mins in slush and howling wind but cleared cobwebs!
  • Thanks Clive. I imagine your conditions were far worse than ours. We got off pretty lightly.

    I know what you mean about the cobwebs. I've been doing so much slow mileage I almost forgot what it felt like to stretch the legs.

    Mind you, that was a pretty handy 9 miler you did a couple of days ago!!!

  • Thats a fabulous time DS2, congratulations image


    48 mins for a 10k is still good in those conditions though clive, image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Sarah, my friend is following a plan by Byron Powell. Not sure of overall mileage, but she did LSR of 31 last saturday, starts taper next week n is running LSR of 25miles!!

    Good running DS2, Clive.  image

     The wind was a real battle for me today aswell, I really struggle in it, only did 5 miles but I was worn out! Happy with my overall running this month though.

    Tigger, are you changing your plans/goals then? Sounds good to me, do what you enjoy most I say!

  • Blimey Jen. That sounds like some serious mileage. Well done on battling through the wind. I reckon you probably had it a bit worse than us to be honest but us southerners like to be wimps about it.

    Thanks sarah. Was pretty pleased with that and feel great this morning. Think there was a bit more in the tank but I don't intend to run anything flat out in the lead up to the marathon. Bigger picture!!!

    sarah - You seem to be going amazingly well. I'm  still following your thread everyday although posting time is a bit limited. Minni looks like the ideal mentor for you!

    Clive - are you still focusing on an autumn marathon? What races have you got lined up? You seem to be in good form if that 9 miler last week was anything to go by!

    Has anyone heard from Malcs?

    I saw CarroT at my race yesterday. Told her to get posting again.

  • Sarah my race is 17th March. Training is currently on complete hold as you can imagine!

  • Awwww... it was so great to see DS2 at the Canterbury 10 yesterday! I must warn you ALL... he's looking super lean, fit and speedy, I almost didn't recognise him image. DS2 you ran a great time yesterday on that windy and hilly course... kicked my butt you did! Gosh, you said you once ran 58min for it - maximum respect!!

    Great seeing & chatting to Sam Murphy too. She must meet 1000's of people daily so unsurprisingly I had to remind her who I was and especially as I know I didn't stand out at BC  image. She's super friendly and nice, I might look into going to one of her day / group workshops one day.

    Loving the beach pictures Jen... I can't believe you didn't go for a swim image. Malcs, my OH and I have entered the Tunbridge Wells Half, you entered? Great catching up on hearing everyone's news xoxox

  • Hello everyone, sorry for long long absence, I couldn't even begin to explain why I left for a bit and wow the forum has moved a pace and I've got no chance of catching up.

    I hope everyone had a great Xmas and new year and all your running is going well!!!!
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hi Paul, welcome back! Saw your name down on SNOD list, I've entered it this year!

    Hey CaroT, good to hear from you!

  • Jen, your friend is crazy...heres me worrying about 20 miles this week!

    Whens your marathon DS2? Minni has been really supportive and helpful so far, I feel like I'm progressing well.

    Tigger, sometimes there are far more important things than running, I think I would be completely the same if I was in your shoes. I just hope you get some good news soon and everything will be ok.
  • Hey guys, If anyone's feeling guilty about low mileage... Don't! I've managed a sum total of 0 miles since bootcamp image

    Physio doesn't seem to be able to help much with my knees, reckons it could take 2 weeks to 3 months to fix (talk about hedging your bets!), since I've already been out of action for 2 months this is not that inspiring. Needless to say I have now booked to see a specialist sports physio, fingers crossed he can do more for me.

    Tried swimming too but it just exacerbates things, a man can only take so many pushups! On a positive note 3 months still gives me enough time to recover for the Thunder Run!

    Green & White Tigger wrote (see)

    Sarah my race is 17th March. Training is currently on complete hold as you can imagine!

    Hey Tigger, I'm a bit out of the loop having not been a ble to get on here for a little while. I hope things are ok over your way.

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