ASICS Target 26.2 - 2013



  • Thanks DS2...I think im going to work on the mile reps after london to try to improve my HM time (after a little rest of course)

    Have to agree Tigger whitby is freezing....I dont think i have once been there and survived with just short sleeves!

    Can you get a sports massage to release your ITB?

    Good luck with your 20 tomorrow.

    What are you planning on doing tomorrow Malcs?
  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone! its good to be back! I had a fantastic time with my daughter image I've had a read back over missed posts, but there are far too many to comment on, so I'm starting again as of today!

    Tigger, I would def recommend sports massage, It may be a bit painful (understatement) if the IT band is v tight, but it really does help.

    Malcs, happy tapering! I look forward to cheering you on soon!!

    Sarah, sounds as if you are running really strong image

  • Hi Guys,

    Good to see everyone is on form..

    Not been around much recently as work been a real headache (too long to bore you all with) but have tried to pop in every so often. My running has been going OK, but not really focussed on anything so need to set some targets. Did my longest run in a while this week (14.5) which was a hilly one in the Peak district- legs felt really light and timed myself at a 1:38 HM- not bad considering the first 5mi all up hill, then a 3 mi descent, then another 3 1/2mi uphill. Then went to work and found out they had cancelled my clinic without telling me image

    What is everyone planning this week??

  • Hi jen, welcome back. Glad that you've had a fabulous time with your daughter.

    Congrats tigger on a fabulous 20 miler image

    Hi Clive how come they cancelled your clinic? What a way to waist money and increase waiting times!!! Dont get me started image

    Good run though especially if you havent really been training for anything, are you doing sheffield half on the 12th of May?

    I had a good 20 miler today, first 10 miles my ave pace was 8:24 and the second 10 miles 7:27. Time on my watch 2:39:08image

  • Hi Sarah,

    They cancelled the clinic as they thought I was at an inquest, even though I told them 3 weeks ago I was not needed so would be doing the clinic. Ah the NHS.... Going to hand in resignation hopefully in next couple of weeks as been waiting for job plan to be agreed and have to say can't wait. It is not a fun place to work at the moment, and some of my colleagues are being very difficult. I think they are vying for position to pick up a couple of the roles I have- they only need to ask as I will happily get rid image

    I'm on call on the 12th so likely going to miss it, unless I swap....

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Been busy today with mini rugby then company accounts - nice. Having to jump through hoops to report such a small amount of money is an absolute pain in the a***.

    Jen - welcome back! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. Not quite at taper stage yet but I'm certainly ready for it.

    Clive - good to hear from you. 14.5 in 1:38 is very impressive. How did you feel after it? Sounds like the sooner you can get into the new job the better. Best of luck!

    Sarah - I'm getting a bit sick of saying wow to you! Good going to hold yourself back in the first half.

    I'm planning an easier week after cocking up my LSR yesterday by taking a wrong turn. Don't feel too bad today though. Nevertheless easy going is the aim this week with a shorter long run at the weekend. Then the week after another 20 and we're on to the taper image

  • Hey guys!!

    I have Marathon envy..... well I did last night... this morning I just hurt!!  I'v decided although it was fab that I completed the 20 mile race yesterday, without stopping and in a good time under the circumstances, that being I have only ran 13 once since my marathon last year, and only done 10 milers a hand full of times since christmas. It DEFINATLY not the way to go! AS I HURT LIKE HELL THIS MORNING!!!! As some of you may remember I said I would like to get under 3.19 well after a run in the snow.... yes snow... and an muddy slippy pit for the last 400m I finished in 3.22!  I shall be wearing my ashby hoody with pride today, and it's running club green!

    So next is the Bosworth half on the 12th May if anyone fancies it??

    Cant wait for TR24 by the way!!

  • sarah - you are flying. Sub 3 next April!!!!

    clive - sounds like you will be well out of it. good luck with the new job!

    tigger - well done, well done, well done!!!! that is a truly couragious effort!!image

    I have had a rubbish weekend of training - or not training! Did a very wet, cold and windy 10 miler on Saturday which I rather strangely enjoyed but ended up playing hockey yesterday. First game for a year - in goal in the kent Cup Semi final. No injuries so no real issues but I must stop doing such things and concentrate on my GFA ambitions!!!

    Anyhow, feeling more motivated now having found out for sure that next years VLM is on 13 April which is the actual day of my 50th birthday. What a way to celebrate!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Well done tigger! Your legs will feel much better tomorrow I'm sure. So does that mean you'll be looking to do 4 laps at TR24 now?image

    DS2 - that's great that you have the chance to run VLM on your birthday! You have loads of time until Halsted so I wouldn't worry about having a little break weekend (why am I giving you advice? image)

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hey, that will be a brilliant 50th birthday bash DS2, I hope we all get an invite!!

    Tigger, well done! legs will recover! image

    I did a really hilly 14.5miles on Sunday, my legs are heavy today. I have a lot of work to put in before I'm fit for SNOD!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Well done Jen! You do live in Wales which is basically a whole country built on a hill so training for Snowdon shouldn't be a problemimage

    I will write a letter to Sir Richard - we all need to be at VLM next year for DS2's 50th. A large cake at the finish line wouldn't go amiss either. 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    ok all you computer buffs, what key have I knocked on my laptop which makes all my posts come up in tiny tiny writing as I type?


  • Thanks guys! to top it all I had a bug yesterday! Total Mess!! So not only could I not move without yelping but could not stop throwing up either! nice! so any thought of recovery run or swim totally out the window!!

    Malcs - sod it lets make it 5 laps!!  haha yep...... I am joking!! although saying that I am feeling rather awesome about myself right now! did I mention that on sunday.....

    DS2 50th Birthday Marathon the unknown race called VLM Love it!!  I definitely want to join in the fun!!  humm cake.... costco cake with lots of icing... down side would be that by the time I would finish you guys would have eaten the bloody lot!! grrrr

    Jen my posts come up tiny as well.... spooky!!

    Oh and I'm still struggling walking down stairs!! haha loving it!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I think they have been doing som site maintenance and screwed a few things up. Everyone has the small fonts and quoting is even harder than before. Also the messaging system complains that there is no message when you try to send. image

  • Thats a shame about Sheffield Clive....but fingers crossed you might be able to make will have to resign so you leave the day before!!

    Your week sounds like mine Malcs...a nice easy one, before a final 20-22 next week!

    Are you feeling any better Tigger?

    Thankyou DS2. Did you enjoy being back in the game? I did my last two netball matches last week for the season...ive got to admit, I was relieved that its finished!

    What a way to celebrate your 50th!

    Hi Jen...when is SNOD?
  • Hey Sarah Yep I'm good thanks! Back to bouncing fit!!  only just realised I said I was going to have a few weeks off running.... well screwed that one already! felt fab being out this morning, heading back to the pool tomorrow and cant wait!

    Jen isn't snowdon in October time.... hey lets all do it!!!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Sarah/Tigger, SNOD is 26th October, but I'm afraid the places are all sold! I am really looking forward to it, but at the moment I am still on my quest for speed! I did a really good ladder interval session yesterday, and this eve did all my favourite Olympic power moves at gym .image  Going to try 5k parkrun on sat and a 5mile race on Sunday. I WILL get faster!!!!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    First part of weekend went to plan, knocked some more seconds of my 5k PB image 

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    ...And so did today! image did 5mile in sub 42mins (that's really fast for me!!) and came 3rd woman. I realised at turnaround point I was in 4th woman position, and for the first time in my life I felt a competitive streak come out. I finished in 3rd image lol

    Hope you are all staying safe if you have snow, last thing I want to read about is injuries caused by falls.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Well done Jen! Those power squats are starting to pay off image

    Been trying to do a bit of speed work here too but it's so damn cold it feels like the legs never warm up!

  • Well done Jen - there is a competitive streak waiting within everyone I reckon. It just needs bringing out. The harder we train the more competitive we tend to get - with ourselves if nothing else.

    One of the best things about meeting you all at bootcamp has been checking on here and making sure everyone is keeping at it - it's kept me going at times.

    This bloody weather is really annoying me! Should we not be in shorts and t-shirts by now. I know what you are saying Malcs - during my 3 mile warmup for my intervals this morning my legs and lungs felt like I was running flat out, I thought they would never cope at 6;30mm pace. Strangely, they were ok once the intervals started.

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    I'm sure it will warm up before marathon month. image

    Malcs, I will be in touch re meeting up with Mrs Malcs to have coffee n cake while you race, oops I mean to support you.

    Ok, question for you. If I run mile intervals at my dream 5k race pace, what rest between should I do?

  • Jen- I have always used half the time of the reps so if you run the miles at 8mm then take 4 minute recoveries. As you progress you will naturally shorten the recoveries at the same time so you get double the benefit.

    Hope this helps.

    Also, make sure you stay warm on the recoveries by jogging rather than standing still.
  • Hi jen...whats a ladder interval session? Congratulations on some new PBs and for coming third, you must be on cloud 9. Whens your next race?

    Glad that your feeling better tigger and still addicted to running!

    Thanks for that DS2...that makes lots of sense for the intervals and its easy to work out.

    I had a 15k race in france this weekend. My legs didnt feel their best after the 12 hour journey but I managed to come 2nd lady and averaged 6:53 m/m so I cant complain too much...alot better than what I was doing 6 months go.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Jen - yes, I hope you are working on your supoort bannersimage Cake is fine as long as you're not eating it as I go by - I will be too tempted to stop and joing you!

    Glad that DS2 replied to your recoveries question - I usually just wait until I have my breath backimage

    DS2 - good to hear from you. I know from reading elsewhere that you've been very busy lately. Looks a bit warmer today. Comes to something when 2 degrees is considered warmer! The long range forecast is for improvements next week too so fingers crossed.

    Sarah - that's an amazing result. And sub 7 too! Sure you won't be gunning for 3:15 in London?

    Tigger - good to hear that you've got your running mojo back. Only 4 months to TR24image

  • Hey guys,

    Great to see you back out running Tigs - didn't kep that up for long, did you?image

    Sarah - sub 7m/m for 15k?? That's super quick! Have you run a 5k recently? It'd be really interesting to see how fast you could go now...

    Malcs - yes, the weather has been ridiculous!! Hopefully it'll thaw out slightly before all of our forthcoming races... Don't fancy running in my thermals. Not a good look.

    In other news... I'm now an uncle! image So proud of my sister and love my new niece to bits. She's called Emily. Here's a pic of her at 5 hours old:

     What a beautiful little girl!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Congratulations uncle Bacon!

    Nice to have some good news given all the trouble you've had with that knee of yours. 

  • Ahh! A little piglet!!! As Malcs said - nice to have some good news! Steve - I've commented on your thread. I'm sure you will understand the manner in which it is meant. I truly hope your knee settles down enough over the next couple of weeks.

    Sarah - great performance. That's almost bang on 3 hour marathon pace. Next year................image


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Lovely photo Uncle Bacon!

    Thanks DS, I've used that formula for short intervals, it makes sense to use for miles also, but yes, jog the 3-4 mins recovery 

    Brilliant running Sarah! you must be on a real high now!

    with a ladder interval session you run a chosen time, then rest for 10secs less after each interval, I found it quite fun!

    no major races for a while now, concentrating on 5k parkruns


  • Haha Malcs...not just yet....but you never know, maybe in fancy joining me?

    Congratulations Steve. She looks so little and angelic, you must be so proud.

    I havent done a 5k now since so eager to do a park run though, want to see if I could now get under 20 mins!

    Ha DS2....I think I would die keeping up that pace for 26.2 do you do it!

    Thanks jen...will have to try that one next, i never thought that there would be so many ways to do speed training, definitely stops you from getting bored.
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