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  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Happy Easter weekend everyone!

    We've been really lucky here and have had sun for the last 2days, so I've been out for one lovely long beach run yesterday, and intervals today. Hope you've all seen a bit of sunshine.

    Happy holiday running image


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - of course I fancy joining you but whether I can or not is a completely different matter. Sub 3:15 is serious hardcore. I would love to be able to get that fast but I really don't know if I have it in me. Remember my marathon PB is 3:58! I'll be over the moon to have something close to 3:30.

    Jen - how has the wind been? I'd be grateful if you could start setting up wind breakers along the whole of the marathon route. It's a double lap course so you only have half the work to do. image

    Will you be making granola bar easter eggs? I'm thinking like creme eggs but with your patented granola bar recipe as a filling image

    Not as much sun here so I'm quite jealous!

  • Hi Jen, happy easter. Sounds like you have been very productive with your running this weekend image


    I guess I shouldnt get ahead of myself either Malcs....I havent concored the sub 3:30 either yet image

  • Happy Easter everyone! Hope its been a good one, with some running to burn off the excess calories image

    Managed a couple of runs, including an 8 1/2 miler at 10pm when still on call , before I went home. Did a route near work which is 'challenging' in the dark with no headtorch. Had to make it a bit like a fartlek session as had to run quicker past some of the pubs in less salubrious parts of Doncaster....

    Malcs- sure you'll be able to smash that marathon pb with the running you've been doing?

    Jen- Always very jealous of your beach runs

    DS- I agree that this weather is getting beyond a joke. I can't remember the last time I went out for a run without gloves or tights image Hows the preparation for Halstead?

    Sarah- How was trip to liverpool?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I murdered half a Cadburys Creme egg easter egg yesterday without even blinking. Yes, that's half an easter egg and one of the two creme eggs that comes with it. I felt so ashamed image

    Good to hear you got a run in Clive. Ha, don't blame you for upping your pace around those delicate spots. A man in lycra running past a pub full of lagered up blokes is likely to attract a fair amount of abuse!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. At the risk of setting myself up for a fall, I'm very confident of taking a big chunk off my time if I don't have any last minute issues. 3:45 at least be achievable though the closer to 3:30 I get the happier I'll be image

    I can't remember, do you have any races booked between now and TR24?

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Yep Malcs, I've got the coast wind sorted, I'm going to run alongside you with a riot shield!

    Like your interpretation of fartlek Clive, I had a new one today as I had to dodge huge waves breaking over sea wall along Swansea front!!

    If we're all confessing... I ate a whole HUGE hollow thorntons egg yesterday! (no regrets)

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    LOL - awesome Jen, that should do the job nicely! image

    There is a real risk of the other half of my egg being consumed tonight. Glad I'm not the only one on chocolate duty.


  • glad to hear that you managed to get some runs in clive

    I had a fabulous time in Liverpool. Probably drank one too many cocktail though...but thats it now until after london!

    I have sheffield half and isle of skye half and the national three peaks challenge before TR24 Malcs. How about you?

    I havent had any eggs at all jen & malcs, the easter bunny forgot me this year, but I think I made up for it with cocktails and wine on saturday night insteadimage

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Blimey, how many races are you doing this year Sarah?! I've only done one so far image After the marathon I don't have anything until TR24 either.

    3 Peaks will be fantastic I'm sure. Hope you get decent weather for it.

    As predicted the other half egg bought the farm tonight. I did manage to leave the creme egg in the box though .... for tomorrowimage
  • Im trying to get them all in before any little sarahs come along and it ruins my hobby!

    Did you have your cream egg tonight ? I got my first egg tonight, chris bought me a 1D egg and cup that was reduced in tescos!!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Ha - gotta love 1D image

    Aha - I see, doing a race blitz eh? Sounds fair enough.

    I resisted the creme egg but I did have two Cadburys Roses!
  • Hey you guys!!!

    Belated Happy Easter to all!! I can honestly say that I too had no Easter eggs, however with Mr Tigger home for two weeks and his sweet tooth and lack of will power...... humm lots of everything consumed!!

    Well the weekend saw the running club AGM.... ouch... as those on FB saw I suffered somewhat! I had far too many pints of beer, as we had 3 barrels of the stuff! We then heading to our favourite haunt 'the Bless' for yet more pints and lots of dancing! got to love a running club!!

    I went to the Tri club last week, for my first swimming coaching session! OMG it was an experience and a half but I survived! and really enjoyed it!!

    As for races, I have a 10k in 4 weeks then a half next month and fingers crossed a tri in July ( 14th DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY!!) then very excited for the TR24!!

    Glad to hear we have another member for our team, BUT  INDY  I  NEED TO  SPEAK  TO YOU  PLEASE  EMAIL  ME!!!

  • I do love 1D...but shhhh dont tell any one!

    Tigger let us know if Indy gets in touch. Fingers crossed he is still up for it. Looks like you have a busy time with races and tris coming up : )
  • Hey guys - 3 days!!!

    We could've all been there!

  • DS2 wrote (see)

    Hey guys - 3 days!!!

    We could've all been there!

    I was thinking the same thing yesterday... Wish I was going but really looking forward to seeing Alex, Sarah, Ady and Mel do well. Gutted for Steve, but think he made the right decision. It is good that RW are taking him to Paris anyway as he has been a huge part of the competition. Hows the Halstead preparation going- looked like the volume/speed has been good from the posts on the sub 3-15 thread.

    Tigger- sounds like the AGM went well image. Which Triathlon are you doing? I am going for my first Tri club swimming session tonight as preparation for the Great north swim and am a bit nervous. My wife has been a couple of times and it all sounds a bit full on. Would be much easier to put the running shoes on!

  • Hi Clive,

    Great to hear from you. I'm looking forward to them all doing well - they really deserve to!

    I'm doing ok but work has been manic and what with the weather i've found motivation waning a little in recent weeks. I think 3:15 is still a strong possibility but I need a good few weeks now. I've started putting more interval tempo work in now so as long as I don't lose endurance I should do ok. I'll know better after my race this weekend - Paddock Wood half. Hoping to get very close to Sub 90, but will be tough.

    How about you?

    tigger - would love to do a tri but I am an appalling swimmer!

  • Hey Clive I'm looking at doing foremark sprint on the 14th July ( day before my birthday if i hadn't mentioned it before!!) although not booked it yet! You will love it! well it may take some getting used to! for me it was just having so many people around me that I wasnt used to!

    DS2 don't talk to me about being an appalling swimmer.....I WASNT a swimmer and now look at me!!

    Sarah totally nothing wrong with 1D ask my 9 year old daughter!!

  • Hey Tigger - we went to the O2 at the weekend and the new 1D store had opended that day. Luckily my 3 daughters were there to see Olly Murs so weren't that bothered but they do love 1D - just not as much as Olly. The girls went in with my MIL so me, Mrs DS2 and FIL went for a very pleasant meal while the concert was on.

    Malcs - if you are about, I've been trying to to PM you but something wrong. I just spent half an hour writing a long response to your last message only for it to be lost once I pressed the send button - so I rewrote it and it happened again! I'll try again later mate but in a nutshell I think your targets make sense. i would suggest starting a touch inside 8mm and after 3 or 4 miles see how you feel. If it feels tough ease back a little. 8:20m will still see you around 3:38/9 and you are defintely capable of that.

    I'm setting 3:15 as|Gold, 3;20 as silver(probably more realistic) and 3:25 (won't be devastated) as Bronze.

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 - eek, I feel a bit guilty now. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I actually had the same issues the other day with the PM system. I always copy my post text beforehand just in case something goes wrong.

    What I found did work is pressing Back on the browser, which restored by post text and then sending it again worked.

    I will go for your suggestion. Sounds sensible. I think if I start slow I'll just continue slow so if I want 3:30 I need to go 8mm from the start.

    Do they leave you any leeway for the GFA times or is it 3:15 or below as a hard limit? 

  • It is a hard limit so if I'm struggling to make it early on I will ease back and look to be inside 3:20. The last time I did that was in 1997 so it will be good whatever. I'd love to get inside 3:15 though and will assume it is going to happen!!!!

    I tried that hitting the back button but to no avail.

    I think we have similar pacing strategies. I think it is the favoured method. I will try to run 7:20mm for the first half and see how it goes. That would mean 7:32 for the second half would get me there! Every mile after half way I am inside 7:32 will be bonus seconds for the last 6 miles.

    I'm thinking that 1:36:30 and 1:38:29 will be perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a good plan DS2. 

    I think for me the biggest factor will be the weather. Oddly I'm staring at the snow outside and thinking I'd prefer that to 20 degrees and sunny image

    BBC Forecast for Paris this Sunday is 11 degrees and sunny which for many people would be perfect conditions. 

  • I reckon that's perfect conditions for anyone! As long as its not windy!
  • Good luck for your half at the weekend DS2

    Tigger thats made me feel even worse (im 31)! Are we having belated birthday celebrations for you at TR24 then??

    Not sure about the sun in Paris though...might get too warm!
  • Good luck for the race this weekend DS!

    Went swimming last night with local Tri club- feeling it today. As I had been to a couple of the open water swims before they wouldn't let me get in the beginners lane- 1 hour and 80 lengths of 'intervals' later I was knackered. Give me a track session or tempo run anytime. Aching today in places I didn't know could ache...

    Might be quiet next week as in the Lakes on hols and coverage is patchy with mobiles. I'll try to dip in if I can.

  • Enjoy the holiday Clive. Thanks for the good wishes re: the race on Sunday (and sarah as well!)

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    With all the Paris excitement I completely forgot you had Paddock Wood this weekend. Looks like it might be a little warmer than it's been for the last few days which will be nice for you.

    Best of luck. What's your target for this one?

    I missed your earlier post about Paris too. Strange but I had completely forgotten than we were all just one step away from the Paris adventure. At the time I remember feeling gutted for quite a while.

    However, I'm sure you'll all agree that it would have been hard to put any more into it than the five they chose. They have all been amazing.

    I now know for sure that I wouldn't have been able to match Ady. He has been outstanding both with the training and on his thread. 

    I do feel a bit jealous of everyone going off to Paris this weekend, not just the Asics comp guys but everyone. I feel ready to race now and I don't want the weather to have too much time to warm up too much! Also, I am an emotional wreck at taper time so two weeks of mental torture is not something I'm looking forward to!

    Clive - happy holidaying! Hope you have decent weather there, it's just Wales I want to stay cold (and London for Sarah of course)image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Well congratulations to all us hard core bootcampers who've stuck it out on this thread, DS2, Malcs, Clive, Sarah, Tigger, (and the others who drop in occasionally!) I think we all rock! we may not have made it to Paris, but I think we've all done ourselves proud.  image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Well said Jen!

    Btw. my mother-in-law tells me the wind down there has been terrible this week. I'm praying it sorts itself out for two week's time. If it doesn't then make no mistake, I will be holding you to your riot shield offer!

  • I'm sure I must have made some soppy comment at some point, but well we have all won, maybe not the competition but new friends!!

    Gush Gush.... now wheres that pint??

  • Hi All, totally agree with the comments. The 5 have done brilliantly and RRR in my category has been far more entertaining than I would have been. I hope they all smash their targets and Bacon Steve comes back and does himself proud later in the year.

    Malcs - I'm setting off at 6:50mm which would bring me just inside 90 mins........ But.....that is a tall order keeping it going. I haven't run under 90 since 1994 when I set my PB of 75:30. Think those days are long gone!

    I'm jealous of you lot making TR24 but can't do much about being on holiday. The best thing about the comp was meeting you lot and staying in touch. It has definitely helped me keep going at times.

    Malcs - don't blame your madness on the taper!!!
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