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    C'mon Minni, he did have man flu. Having suffered from this most crippling of diseases myself I know that it can bring even the hardest of the hard to their knees. In many ways it's a wonder he had the strength to stand.

    DS2 I salute you! image

    PS my previous statement could be misinterpreted. For clarity I am in no way claiming to be the hardest of the hard. Great wet lettuce would be a more approprioate description.

  • I'm beginning to believe there was nothing wrong with me other than a weak mind and an element of taper madness!

    Luckily Minni stepped in with some choice words to make me man up! 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Ha image

    I was amazed how bad I felt the day before mine. I wasn't kidding when I said I felt like death. All completely down to the mind talking over the body. Quite scary how it can do that. 

    Have you had your ice bath yet? image

  • No I haven't! My legs have never felt so good after a marathon to be honest. I obviously didn't try hard enoughimage

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I felt like that after London and by the Tuesday it was as if I'd been run over by a tractor! 

  • I remember you saying. I have a massage booked for Wednesday so hopefully that will help. I had one last Wednesday and for the first time all year I ran without pain in my glutes.

    I will do more of these I think.

  • DS2 wrote (see)

    Ok, so to the report:

    Things hadn't been too clever in the proceeding couple of days. Noticed on Friday a sore throat developing and decided to run after work to see how it felt. Result - not too clever! Was burning up on a slowish 3.2 miler and wheezing noticeably. I did run the last mile or so at PMP and it didn't feel any worse, but............

    Saturday was far worse and I really would have pulled out if it hadn't been for the fact I'd been sponsored to the tune of £600 already and Minni gave me a pep talk on another thread (you know the one guys - it's manflu, just Fecking do it!!!). Obviously, she put it nicer than that, but need I say more. So decision made I set off to Halstead at 7amm after taking some Lemsip and nurofen and the obligatory porridge!

    I met up with the lady I intended to run with who was hoping to creep inside her PB of 3:19. Kit on and ready to go. Down to the start and a minutes silence for Boston followed by a round of applause. I used this to focus on what I was there to do.

    Then we were off. First mile is steeply down followed by very steeply up (steepest on the course). I intended to run between 7:30 and 7:35mm depending on hills. Through the first mile in 7:36 but already sweating far too much - this could be hard work!

    Settled down and next couple were in 7:30 and 7:29 but still sweating profusely. Next one was 7:27 and starting to feel better but my friend was struggling with stomach cramps  (she'd been ill for VLM and perhaps not recovered as she thought).  The following miles were 7:34, 7;44, 7:39 and 7:39 and Debbie was struggling. This was all into a pretty strong wind so I wasn't unduly worried. I wanted company for as long as possible so hung about hoping she would feel better but she was clearly struggling and telling me to push on. I resisted for a bit but realised I needed to when the next one came out at 7:51!

    Mile 10 was a little quicker in 7:44 but still off the pace and went through 10 in 76:15 which was 45 seconds slower than I intended. I pushed on. It was surprising how hard it was to pick the pace back up but the next 3 miles were 7:32, 7:35 and 7:37 but had some hills. I went through halfway in 1:40:04 and realised I had to push on if I was to get inside 3:20.

    I kept thinking about all the advice I'd received on here and the fantastic performances in recent marathons and how people dug in when it got tough. It helped immensely.

    The next f miles got me back on track as they came in at 7:26, 7:31, 7:22, 7:33 & 7:34. I was struggling up a long climb in the middle of this when I caught and passed a guy pulling (and his mate pushing)an Aga!!!!! It really picked me up - I felt truly inspired. The road surface at times is pretty dreadful in the country lanes and finding good footing for your feet was hard enough. How they got it around the course I do not know!

    I always hate these miles 18-22  but I thought if I could keep the miles at this pace I would give myself a fighting chance. I was working hard but controlled. The four up to 22 were slowish though in 7:39, 7:39, 7:41 and 7:40 but amazingly consistent considering the hilly nature of the course.

    Now I felt Sub 3;20 was on. Again I thought about all those recent marathons completed by those on this thread. I was passing people regularly and no-one was passing me and I took heart from this and my legs felt the best they had felt all day.

    Mile 23 was 7:27 and mile 24 was 7:29. Still feeling good and overtook third placed lady in mile 25 which I completed in 7:34. I knew I had 10 minutes from the 25 mile marker and knew I just had to keep ru

  • DS2 wrote (see)

    Half a mile of uneven grass which starts with a really steep quarter mile. It really affected my legs for the first time all day they felt tired and I contemplated walking. Luckily I had been racing with a guy for the past 3 or 4 miles who had been hanging on to me after I passed him in mile 23 and he was having the same issues. We encouraged each other briefly and the next quarter mile felt so tough as he went past me. I knew I had to hang in there and stayed a yard behind him until we hit the tarmac again when I went back in front. I was really struggling through mile 26 but completed it in 7:34 which surprised me and then I just hung on to cross the line in 3:19:05 (official chip time).

    This was 25 minutes quicker than last year. It is a tough course for sure. It was won in 2:43 and I came in in 49th of the 504 finishers. The last time I ran quicker than that I wasn't even 30, so I'm pretty pleased and relieved.

    I now have Abingdon to look forward to and like the guys above realise I need to run my faster sessions faster if I'm going to improve.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Great report DS.  It sounds like you could have gone faster - just the way you want to finish. 

  • Great stuff ds the run and report. 


  • Although I would love to do a 7:51 mm in a marathon! 

  • Fantastic race report DS2...I felt like I was running it with you, I was so excited as I read along, even though I knew you had made it in under 3:20. So glad that the man flu didnt amount to anything, i was quite worried on friday when I read your message.

    The race you did sounds all hills and extremly tough, just think what you will get in London next year image.

    My legs felt great after london marathon, and havent really stopped me from doing anything, fingers crossed your will be the same and no tractor will come to run them over tomorrow or tuesday, like they did Minni.

    Malcs any chance of bringing some of that cake to TR24 image

    We now have 8 members in our team for TR24...a full team! Need to work out how much we all owe you Malcs?

    Tigger how did your race go today?

    I managed to get a new HM PB of 1:31:12 today at sheffield half so im happy. I went in to the race with a few to many negative thoughts so im over the moon with my time, as I know how much the mind can play tricks on you!!

  • That's another great run Sarah. You have had an amazing run of results since finding Minni as a mentor. I think it's time you joined the Sub 3:15 thread. 

    Looking forward to the report.

    Reg - once you start running sub 3:45 you'll soon start seeing sub 8mm as possible. Just ask Malcs and Ady

  • Tigger - where are you?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Sarah - that's a brilliant time today. You must feel very happy. Without a doubt you'll be sub 3:15 later in the year.

    DS - Sarah's great performances are not really anything to do with me. She was already a really good runner and she just followed the schedule and got even better. image


  • I really think having a mentor can make a huge difference Minni. You two have been well suited. I know Sarah has done all the hard work but I'm sure she would be the first to say your input has made a difference. Confidence wise if nothing else!

  • WELL DONE DS2!!!  I so please for you!! but then I always knew you would get it!!!

    New PB for both you and Sarah that's just Brilliant!!

    I on the other hand kinda let the side down! I was on for a PB or close as dammit when my knee died on me at nearly 12 miles, I don't know what Ive done, when I initially stopped I could only walk on it a few strides before the pain was too much, then managed to walk to the finish with a straight leg! I wallowed in self pity and pigged out on Jelly babies! I did however finish and it was the LONGEST it has ever taken me to finish a Half and It was a first for getting injured in a race! and I got a t shirt thats too big so its not all bad!!

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    DS2 - Superb report! I was trying to add up your splits as I was reading it. Sounds like you were having a bit of a tug of war trying to keep your average pace down. I was quite nervous by the end even though I already knew the result! image

    I agree totally about the mentors. I didn't have any allocated to me so I chose to nick yourself and Minni whether you liked it or not image  I can say without doubt that it helped me massively. Be prepared to be nicked again come the summer when training proper kicks in! You have been warned so if you need to find somewhere to hide do it now image

    Tigger - sorry to hear things didn't go to plan. That is the worst luck getting injured in a race. How is it now? Have you iced and have you seen anyone about it yet?

    Sarah - I'm sure Mrs Malcs can be persuadad to bring something to feed the troops!

    Well done on your HM PB! Creeping ever nearer to that sub 1:30. I suspect it won't be long until you sneak in there.

  • Tigger - sorry to hear that, but it sounds like you were going really well before the injury, so take all the positives from that because you must be in good shape - and I loved the comment about the T-shirt being too big. It made me laughimage

    Malcs - I think I was really in the zone this year because I could remember it clearly!

    The mentor thing is really important, I think. I was just saying on the 3;15 thread that I had no recent experience of running at that pace for a marathon and had to trust in the advice of others and in the training. I think if I hadn't been part of these threads I would have lost confidence and set off for a slower time.

    Probably, the most important thing is to know people are rooting for you. I thought a lot during my run about the marathons completed by you, Ady, Sarah, Reg etc and it really helped!

  • Hey guys, long time no speak! Sorry for the lack of posts... Been finding it pretty bit tough to read/talk about so much running when I've not been able to!!

    But no time to feel sorry for myselfimage Promise I'll check in a lot more regularly...

    So how has everyone been getting on?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Steveo - really nice to hear from you! Your absence is completely understandable. I think we all know what it feels like when you can't get out there. 

    What's the latest on the knee? 

  • DS2 if my comment about the T Shirt make you laugh you will love this.... I showed my 9 year old the T shirt which she said she liked, I said shame its too big and her comment.... never mind you'll grow into it!!

    I feel a total fraud... what ever I did to my knee..... it doesnt hurt at all anymore! the other leg aches from walking like a peg leg! still going to leave out the running until next week, and not hitting the pool until Thursday!

    Bacon my smoked buddy!!  (definitely prefer smoked to unsmoked!) hows tricks?


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone! Deepest apologies...I've missed you all!!!

    It's taken me a while to read back, but I think I'm up to date now with all the great running! 

    I have kept up with my running, but done most without a watch, just taken the pressure off myself and run to enjoy. However, I promise to get back on track this week image

  • DS2 I kept thinking about going on the 3:15 thread butthen I kept on getting in to a panic about it taking me weeks to read through all the tread and pick up some good advice. I also couldnt find it when I last looked....although I know it must still be there. Im determined to get 3:14 at York so I need all the help I can get. Minni was great, I really think if it wasnt for her mentoring me I wouldnt have done aswell in london or now. She has taught me to train so much more smarter and wiser. I just need to find another Minni for Autumn!! I havedone a race report for sheffield on my thread last night but its all pretty miserable, I could copy it on to here if you like?

    Minni, thankyou, im over the moon with my half time. I didnt feel my best but I expected not to. Just so happy to still be improving, although I know that it wont be long before I hit a wall and I need to change my training to further improve. You helped me no end with my training and I cant thankyou enough. Your input has made such a huge difference to my times, confidence and fitness. Im coming up to newcastle on the 22nd of June to watch the althletics. I cant make the park run as we will be at the althletics on the saturday but I was wondering if your free on the sunday at all if you would like to meet up (although I may be a little hungover as we are out in newcastle on a leaving party on the sat night)?

    Tigger was so sorry to hear about your knee. Just so glad that its ok again now. Your comment about the t shirt and then later your daughters comment had me in hysterics, bless her. Well done for still finishing the race despite your knee.

    Malcs just need to run 9 secs/mile quicker and then I will bag myself a sub 1:30...sounds easy on paper, but I bet its not! Is Mrs Malcs coming with you to TR?

  • Hi Jen ive taken to trying to not look at my watch now when im running and to run with how I feel instead...feels far more comfortable and enjoyable...and I seem to run quicker!

  • Managed to get a new 10k PB last night...was a pleasant surprise as I thought I would take it steady after having tired legs on sunday. I started the race in the middle of the pack so I wouldnt be tempted to try and run with the faster people upfront. I looked at my watch near the beginning of the race and saw I was running at 7m/m. Felt quite comortable so I decided that I would be happy with running it all at that pace, if I could. I didnt look at my watch again until 9k and just ran with how I felt, running neck and neck with another female runner. At 9k I was shocked to see that my average pace was now 6:42 which I managed to continue at until the end of the race. One hill near the end near had me, but apart from that I felt great and got a new 10k PB of 41:33.

    Legs hurt in bed last night and kept me awake for alot of the night, but today they feel surprisingly ok again.


  • As you all know im planning on doing the national three peaks at the end of June. I have decided to do it to raise money for the epilepsy society, mainly due to the problems that my mum has been having since she developed epilepsy.

    I have just set up a page on virgin money (although I do still need to add some photos).

    I thought I would put the link up on here just incase anyone would like to sponsor me. I dont want anyone feeling pressurised into it so I wont be offended if you would rather not as I know that a lot of you are already sponsoring others at this time. I just thought, if you dont ask you dont get,


    (forgot to say, if you didnt already know, my married name is attwood, maiden name osborne)

  • Inspired by the continued, unabated success of the pocket rocket I thought it was time I ventured out. Did 4 miles. Was meant to be easy but felt far better than I Thought I would So got a bit carried away running 8mm average. Lovely to be running again!

    Sarah - that is another incredible performance! I don't think I could do 10k that quickly. Honestly, as long as you're careful I'm certain you can go sub 3:15 at York. I'm absolutely loving hearing about your runs!

    And of course I will be sponsoring you - a great cause!

    Tigger - how is that knee? Be careful it isn't the early stage of runners knee.


    My knee is fine! well doesn't hurt! thought I would still leave it a couple of weeks just in case, although I'm not very good at not being able to run!

  • I had been having trouble with my knee but when I went for my massage I was told off for not stretching my quads after running. Been stretching everyday since and guess what? No pain. My marathon was the first time I've been pain free in weeks!

    might be worth a bit of stretching! Two weeks without running - no!!!!!!!

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