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  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Brilliant parkrun this morning, my daughters first and she took over a min off her PB. I was so pleased! I felt a great sense of achievement. I think my strength is definitely in the motivational speeches I deliver. image

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Continuing with my support role, I watched/supported a friend in her first triathlon this morning. Malcs- I've renamed that hill Jens hill, I ran up it with her today!

    Just a steady 10miles for me this afternoon. Needed my sunglasses, and my legs got their first airing image,

    Hope you've all had a good weekend.

    Tigger, hope your daughter is doing ok xxx

  • Jen - I have decided you should be thread coachimage

    Well done to daughter Jen!

    My eldest daughters 17th birthday today. First driving lesson. I feel old!

    did a steady progressive hilly 6 miler this morning. Hilly course. Felt amazingly good considering marathon only a week ago. Average 7:21mm with last mile in 6:55. Going to concentrate on shorter faster stuff for a few weeks.

  • Hey!!

    Well done Jen on the 6 lines of typing! I'm with DS2 on the coach! If you can plan training schedules and paces, I'll be your first guinea pig anytime!

    You wont be surprised to hear that actually not running isn't a biggie at the minute! So one of the boys slide tackled her after she said she was NOT playing bring down bulldog! and the result a banana break in her forearm, OMG I have never seen anything that nasty with the bones still in the skin! the good news is that they managed to manipulate the bones once she had been put to sleep. We had to stop in over night and in the middle of the night the pain got too much and she was starting to lose the feeling in her fingers, the decision was taken to cut through the cast all the way and yes it helped a bit but the painkillers they gave her left her wired! 1 in the morning we are playing eye spy listening to the next door bed snoring!! Friday morning we were sent home! YAY!!

    Saturday afternoon back in hospital BOO! lost all feeling and her fingers had swollen to about 4 times the size of normal! this time the bandage inside the cast was cut open and this worked!!  We were sent away with the consultant patting me on the head, as if it had been left any longer the nerves could have been damaged!

    Monday morning back in hospital! this time for more x rays! the first set showed that the bones had slipped and may need it operating on, so after her arm was put into a new cast (BIG OUCH) and more X rays are taken we have avoided surgery for now!! Just need to keep everything fixed for next week when she has more x rays!

    and just to top it all off the brakes and hand brake died in my car on the way home...Very Scary!!

    so yeah not really got much time for training at the minute!


  • Bloody hell, Tigger!

    Not sure what to say other than I hope she recovers quickly! take care!

  • Tigger sounds like your having a nightmare of a week. Hope your daughters ok and doesnt need any surgery. That must have been so scary with your car...what happended and how fast were you going at the time when your brakes failed?

    Jen my socks are just a boring shade of black.....might be adventerous and get some coloured ones though. Ive neve run in them yet, I just wear them after a long or difficult run.

    Reg hope your bike ride went well this weekend. Cant wait to hear all about it.

    Malcs did you manage to get a long run in this weekend?

    DS2 Happy birthday to your daughter and good luck with the driving lessons. My dad refused to take me image. Sounds like your legs have made a full recovery from your marathon last week image

  • Had a fantastic weekend in wales, im so impressed with the place. It has such gorgeous scenery and the weather was perfect.

    I managed a 14.5 mile LSR on friday before we left, then walked up snowdon on saturday. Yesterday I just ran 5.5 miles on the beach (which I think is my most favourite training run this year...or maybe even since I started running 2.5 years ago).

    Snowdon was amazing, although there was far more climbing than I thought there would be, and the low clouds meant we didnt really see much after half way.

    Drove back today and had a rest day from running/walking!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    thread coach, hmmm DS not sure I have enough knowledge n experience for that!  lol, see myself more as a cheerleader image

    Glad you loved Wales Sarah, so do I!!!

    Hugs to you tigger n to your daughter

  • thankyou ever so much for sponsoring me jen, II really appreciate it and im so grateful.

    My knee didnt feel to bad after snowdon yesterday, nothing like after scafell, although I am tempted to take walking sticks with me at the end of June, just incase.

    i think you would make a fantastic cheerleader image

  • Oh my goodness Tigger!! You mentioned a bit about it but that sounds so scary!! Hope she gets better soon.

    Hi Jen! I think all compression socks should be in pink ... although I DO have a pair in black from Asics that leave a reverse Asics print on my leg. Shows they're compressing things, I guess image I reckon you need some pompoms.

    Malcs - hooray!! So I dont actually have to tell you about any of my training at all, ever? The freedom!image Although ... I have got a new schedule that I'm following I AM resisting the urge!!

    Afternoon DS2! Gosh 2:44? That's amazingly quick! I think all PBs are re-set once you become a vet thoughimage So DEF a new PB!! I'm doing New Forest marathon in September. Thik it's a bit hilly so maybe not a PB course!!

    Afternoon Reg! *waves*

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    imageimageimage ' Bootcampers - we are the best,

                we've had more fun than all the rest,

                we've nailed our races

                held our paces

                moving on to the next great test' imageimageimage

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    RRR - pink pompoms of course!

  • Hooray!! Do we have to do a cheerleader pyramid?

  • Brilliant Jen!

    RRR - I agree about re-setting as a vet. It took me a while to realise it was unrealistic to think I could still run that fast but there now and thoroughly enjoying getting faster again!

    What are your goals now?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    My crazy working continues so this is the quickest of check ins.

    Just wanted to wish your daughter a speedy recovery Tigger - sounds awful what she's been through.

    RRR - good to see the pink one back here! You're welcome to share as many details here as you like - always enjoy reading about your antics! 

    Jen - that was the sprint Tri Mrs Malcs did last year. Good to hear you're keeping up with your supporter training

    Sarah - great climbing. Nice long run too. I wanted to do 10 but had to cut it short to 7.5. Just didn't have time. Hopefully next week things will return to normal here!

    DS2 - nice pace! Driving lessons - OMG! Dreading that day. No patience. 

    Right - better go to freakin bed.

  • Hey Malcs - good to hear from you. Have you managed any running this past couple of weeks?

    A nice steady 5 at 7:42mm this morning. Felt very comfortable. Beginning to focus on October marathon now. It looks like a number of us will be running very similar times. I'm expecting Sarah to take over my mantle as fastest on this thread - if not one or two others! I shall do my best to stay up there and finding that very motivating!

    tigger - how is your daughter?

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Hey Malcs, hope work settling down for you.

    DS, love the thought of 7.42 as steady image  I ran this eve with club n got dragged sub 8.00 for a mile! I was dying, and I ache now.


  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    RRR look out for them new forest ponies, they are evil!

    Sarah, who does the driving for your challenge? do you think you'll catch some sleep en route? Look forward to seeing photos.

    Tigger, what's the update on your daughter?

    Reg,Clive, Steve, anyone else out there. **wave**

  • Jen - how cool is it to see a mile showing as completed in 7:xx. I always get a kick out of running a quicker than normal mile.

    it's meant to hurt - that's how we get fitter. Nice going! Next week 2 miles at sub 8 and so on!!!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    imageIimageimage I did feel a little thrill looking at my watch!  never seen a 7 before!

  • Make it a habit now Jen! 

  • Haha, I love it jen. We have my friends father driving for us and then there are two other members of the club helping if needs be. They are not going to do all three mountains just one or two. My friends dad needs a hip replacement so isnt very active at the moment but he still likes to take part if he can. I will try and sleep whilst they are driving but im not very good at sleeping the best of times and think that I will struggle. On the way to kenya, despite having a reclining chair, ear plugs, alcohol, codiene and it being through the night I didnt catch even one minute.

    Malcs you was up at 2:23, OMG you poor thing, I was about to complain about my awfully busy 12.5 hour shift but im not going to bother now! Well done for getting 7.5 miles in.

    DS2  I think your safe for the moment...not sure if I wiould call 7:42 min/mls steady for me just yet either!

  • I did my first speed/interval session yesterday since london marathon, the aim was km reps after a 2 mile warm up. I decided to run 5 x 1 km @ 6:35 min/mls with 2.5 mins recovery @ 9:13 min/mls, followed by a cool down was great to be back doing intervals, I loved it, so satisfying. image

    Today I just went on the exercise bike for 30 mins after work before they closed the gym...made a nice change and hopefully the (small amount of) cross training will help my running

  • Morning Malcs , as we now have a team of 8 for TR24, we are all wondering about when you want the entry fee paying and how much it is?

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Hi all - launch day tomorrow so at least I know there will be an end to my pain. 

    Sarah - yes, ended up in bed at 3am on Tuesday. Lay awake for half an hour too as my head was buzzing.

    However, last night it was daylight when I eventually made it to bed. Just after 5am. Quick but crap hours sleep or so then up to do the school run. 

    Good TR24 training image

    I still think I have it way easier than you and Clive as this is fairly rare for me. 

    Re. TR24 it was 248 + 5.50 admin. I'm happy to have it whenever. If it's easier to wait until the day then that's fine. Otherwise I can email my bank details. 

    Right - final push...

    PS. great speed sesh btw. I want to do some of those this time round. Not sure I'd make that speed though!

  • I am around people, been a bit of a different week. Will update later today.  On a call now

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    image looking forward to bank holiday weekend. My plans - nothing!!  but I'm sure I'll fit in a few runs. Running club does a breakfast run on bank hol mondays, run followed by breakfast in local hostelry, sounds good!

    Hope launch goes well Malcs, and that you get to chill out a bit this weekend.

    So is the TR24 the next big race for people?

  • Hi Malcs, I hate it when that happens. I use to be like it after my nights and being on call. I recall not sleeping at all after one of my night shifts...3 hours before I was due to  go back into work I started to really panic as I had been awake for over 36 hours and i had an hours journey to work. I ended up calling in saying can I come in late and try and get an hour, with the pressure then off me (when they said yes) I managed to grab an hour before driving in. Luckily I only started my shift 30 mins late.

    I think I get it far easier than you as I dont have children to look after too!

    Im happy to do what evers easiest for you. I hate owing people money so I would prefer just to give it you now, but if its easier for you to have it on the day, then im sure I can manage to wait a month.

    Really enjoyed the speed session, made a refreshing change. Today I did my LSR on the treadmil as it is too cold, wet and windy to run outside. I did 15 miles, with the middle 5 miles at my hopefully october MP (7:24m/m) and the rest slower at 8:20 m/m. I was pretty bored by 1.5 hours..been a while since ive done such a long run on the TM!

    jen I love the sound of your breakfast run...maybe I should suggest it to one of my clubs! I have the isle of skye half in june and then it will be TR24 (after the three peaks challenge that is). How about you?

  • Sarah - honestly, if you can run like that at this stage you need to target Sub 3:10!!!image. I'd say you are ahead of me and I'll be very disappointed if I don't do that!

    Malcs - I trust you are now in recovery mode. Have been missing your wit!

    Shutting ears and eyes to all talk of TR24!!!image

  • Just been reading about the Asics teams a exploits in Paris.  Malcs - do you know when Ady is off to SA for Comrades? 

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