Advice on injured Achilles Tendon please!

Hi there,

Just signed up to this site and was hoping for some advice please! I injured my Achilles Tendon approx four weeks ago. I have very flat feet and I over pronate slightly. I have been running/jogging approx 5 years and run approx 2-3 times a week. I bought a new pair of running shoes from a specialist shop in the summer. They reccommended a motion control shoe. A few weeks Iater I ran a hilly 10k race, and approx a week or so after, my ankle had a constant ache and felt weak on walking on it. I saw a podiatrst and she advised me to rest for two weeks and they sold me a pair of orthodic insoles. Unfortunately the insole cut into the sides of my feet! After two week of no running the pain did go. Have begun gently running again, training for Brighton Brookes 10k and again, the same ache has come back. Just wondered if anyone could recommend anything or has anyone had a similar experience? I also had my shoes checked out in a running shop, was videoed running in them and they do appear to be preventing me from rolling, so I'm confused as what to do! Thanks. image


  • Hi Alison,

    When you say you injured your achilles tendon, do you mean the pain gradually got worse with each run, or did something suddenly go, or was there an impact etc?

    Do you feel pain if you squeeze the tendon about 1 or 2 cm above the heel bone?  If so, Google 'eccentric exercises for achilles tendinopathy'.

    The shoes you have should take some strain off the tendon, however those exercises are the standard treatment and they do work.  Overall though, best to go see a Physiotherapist who understands running.


  • Hi Alison, if you have Achlles tendinopathy (apparently that's the correct term for chronic injury) you need to stop running altogether, or you're looking at months and months of injury.  Do a search on here because there are several very long threads on this common (sadly) injury.  I've been there and come out the other side stronger and more resilient... in my case, I was making definite mistakes and can now see what they were.   I would definitely advise getting expert help on the specific form of injury that you have.  There is an excercise called eccentric calf stretches that you can youtube, but it's best demonstrated for good form by a physio.  Take care of yourself and don't rush and you will find a way to get over it.  


  • Thank you very much Paul and Questforspeed for your advice. 

    The pain did gradually get worse with each run and is a bit tender 2cm up from heel. I will do a search on Achilles Tendinopathy and I have a friend who knows a good sports physio so will be visiting him too.

    Best wishes to you and happy running,

    Alison. image



  • Alison, sounds like a wise course of action.  Wish you luck with it and do let us know how you get on... image


  • Hi Alison, agree with Quest, seeing the Physio is the way to go.  Remember to take your trainers with you.  Possibly take some old ones so they can see the wear pattern, and the new ones so they can check they fit you properly.

    Good luck!

  • Physio booked for next week. image


  • Hi there,

    I had my physio session today with an excellent therapist. My injury is Achilles Tendinitus in my right leg. What it stems from is a restricted right hip flexor and restriction in my lumbar spine. My legs, ankles, feet, back and hips were checked, manipulated, clicked, and massaged, also I had a little acupuncture on the affected muscles, which was a tad uncomfortable but is now o.k, although a bit tender! I have lots of special stretches to do at home, and ice sessions three times a day. The great news is I can still take part in the 10k race on Sunday, but enter to enjoy, rather than race for speed! One more session to go after the race and several months of gentle recovery because if I ignore it, it could be a very long term injury. Fingers crossed! Good luck to any other runners reading this who have suffered with the same problem. image



  • had this problem for 5 months now and had orthotics fit but still have pain. done ice and stretching but to no avail. getting very frustrated.

  • Hi guys

    This is the best website - cured my chronic achilles problem - combined with some regular physiotherapy and a one month lay off - you can't carry this injury - I lasted 14 months B4 having to take a break.  I'm a reasonable std of runner (masters now) and train reasonably hard for my age, and don't like taking long breaks but sometimes U just have to rest an injury to assist the healing process.

    I'm now up to 3 sets of 25 for each leg (straight heel drop) & 3 sets of 25 for each leg bent kneee heel drop - 300 reps all up.  I do this morning and night making 600 per day - sounds like a lot but doesn't take long - also do wall/leg stretching & use the rolling pad on my legs.  

    Other hints - on your return to running wear flat soled (no heel & minimal cushioning) running shoes.

    Ino longer wear orthotics & feel better for it - only took up orthotics because of a plantar fascitis issue on the other foot 5 years ago - never did like relying on them - don't believe in "pronation" minimising shoes.  Never had a knee prob in my life - only every achilles issues. Cause never ever did any stretching.

    Wear flat soled work shoes - this made an immense difference in my rehab as wearing heeled shoes 8 hours per day was tending to aggravate my achilles. Slight heel lifts are OK to use initially to cushion your injury but you should dispense with them as you heal & move to the rehab & strengthening stages

    You will have some discomfort as you gradually return to running but the exercises definitely strengthen your achilles & calves - the trick is to maintain supple calves & underfeet (the latter can be a major contributing factor to achilles inj though not often mentioned).

    And your achilles needs to learn to stretch.

    And once healed, never stop stretching as an ongoing injury prevention strategy - U never want to get this prob again.

    I was also using ice twice a day, then once per day, now only every so often - it is helpful but shouldn't rely on it too much.  Important thing is to strike the right exercise regime.

    Hope this helps


  • Last thing - its a gradual process & U need to perservere with the exercises - day to day U often feel you're not progressing but when U look back over your progress week by week & mth by mth U really R.

  • I've recently started running again. Both my Achilles are killing me, but I don't want to rest. They're sore when I start running but get better as I go along. Walking down stairs the next day I'm like a 90 year old. Will ice help?

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