Sunday 28th October 2012


Lyrics - The cafes are all deserted, the streets are wet again

I was waiting for someone else to start the thread as I couldn't think of any lyrics but, whilst it's not raining, these are quite apt for me at least.

A beautiful sun rise over the sea was my reward for a pre-breakfast run. Knees are complaining a little ad it was quite tough into the head wind on the way back but so worth it.

What:                6 miles easy
Why:                  why would you not if you could?
Last hard:          admitting that six miles was about all my legs were up for
Last rest:           25/10

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • Morning

    LMH: I couldn't be bothered to think of any lyrics! 

    What: 2.5K swinm set done
    Why: can't be a runner all the time
    Last Hard: That was
    Last Rest: 20/10

    Its a lovely day in Dubai 


  • Morning! Foul day here in the very wet and cold north west, not that it bothers me stuck in my bed! Not a nice day for RW and Preston Marathon.

    Yesterday's lyrics were " Ticket to Ride", The Beatles.

    DD: how close was that 10k time to your pb?

    7d: Dewsbury parkrun might be an option also. Enjoy the mud this pm.
    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Dreich here too - gray and wet

    What: not sure if I can be bothered kayaking

    Why: wet and miserable

    Last hard: ?

    Last rest: Friday

    Lyrics: likewise looked at empty thread for today but couldn't think of any apt lyrics

    RW hope the weather's not too unkind

    (the hot shower at the end will maybe make it all worthwhileimage

    Not regretting having stayed home this weekend (5h travelling for 10 mile run in cold rain)

    Lit the coal fire for the first time this winter yesterday

    LMH we'll be seeing dawn over mis morning coffee before long! image

    Moonlit dip under the bridge planned for tomorrow eveningimage
  • Ale: 35 seconds down from my 10K PB in this running life, over 6 mins from my real one!


  • NZC: I think you have some very positive news to share! image

    DD: good going then! Obviously you will go more quickly in more favourable conditions.
    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    morning all,

    ditched the 10m race in dorset for a 13.65m LSR with 3m at HMP, feel much better for it too, as racing 10m in the leauge next week, so not fussed at missing one.

    Take care


  • Afternoon!

    What: Gym in a bit.

    Why: Big night last night, not up to much more.

    Last hard: After a while of nagging her to join me my sister came along for parkrun yesterday, unfortunately she didn't enjoy it and we ended up walking half of it. She can do the distance but I don't think she's really 'got' running yet, she struggles to get in the moment and is discouraged very easily by the perceived speed and ease of others. I had the dog with me though and she enjoyed it!

    Last rest: This weekend really.

    Lyrics no.
  • Afternoon all. Back from XC in Liverpool. Incredibly muddy, knee-deep in parts, long ankle-deep stretches were par for the course. Really enjoyed it though. Came in 3rd counter for my team (six to count, we fielded 11 or 12). Two teams (Liverpool and Knowsley) in particular dominated the race so all the smaller clubs were fighting it out for the minor places, we must have a shout of top 5 as 4th to 6th for my team weren't too far behind. Time was irrelvant, just glad to have done my bit.

    Lyrics: no.

  • A'noon

    Rest day for me

    Walked Goedie earlier in pouring rain...

  • Afternoon all, missed the lyric last couple of days as been too busy with work to do anything else, missed planned parkrun yesterday as had to work, so grumpy this weekend image

    Don't know todays lyrics

    RW never got the chance to wish you a good run today, hope it went well and weather wasn't too bad.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Hi everybody

    No run day for me. Spent the morning marshalling at the Fenland flat fenland course with not too much wind today. Race was won in 52mins, with 10-11 runners breaking 60mins. really enjoyed myself...the most fun I've had at a road race without actually competing....and in some cases moreimage

    Enjoy Strictly Come Dancing and The Antiques Roadshow everyone, though Sunday's not the same anymore without the repeats of Last Of The Summer Wine.

    ........err, just joking, honest!
  • Ok - some one has hijacked Tom's log in image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • sevendaughters - teams events are great - nice to finish 3rd fastest in your team.

    Dubai Dave - you must be very happy with your running at the moment.

    alehouse - yes, I'm pretty happy with the result.

    What: Auckland Marathon.

    Why: I'd entered and thought I just might be able to get away with it.

    Up at 3.45am, on the ferry by 5.00am for 6.10am start. I was always going to start easy as I didn't want to blow myself to bits. 

    Lined up behind the 4 hr balloons, with a few others from my club. A few people said we were going a bit fast, 2 minutes up at 10km, the the first half of the marathon is hilly, and also includes the Auckland Harbour bridge.

    Then I heard someone say that the guy with the balloons was only going half-way. Decided to just run the first half and then see what I had left. So 1.55.41 for half-way, then the wheels started to fall off.

    I was very hot, and I was glad I had worn my hat, so kept on pouring water over my head. I really wanted to walk, but kept on telling myself, I had to run for at least 3hrs!

    The second half of the course runs out and back along Auckland's waterfront, so you get to see the front runners on the return journey.

    Tried to concentrate on them, as I got into my marathon shuffle. Told myself I could walk through the drink stops.

    I started taking flat coke with water soon after half way, I had no energy, but with about 7km to go the sugar must have kicked in, and I was able to run reasonably to the finish.

    Very happy to finish 4.09.46 2nd in my age-group F60-64 

  • Evening

    Well done for battling it out NZC brilliant time and congrats on the catagory  position

    Nice long night for me last night image

    Anyway slept well today and got up just about early enough to get 7 easy miles done in semi daylight

    What : 7 easy mile in 65 mins

    Why:  Keeping it all easy till next Sundays 10 mile race although I may get a LSR in tomorrow or Tues

    Last hard : 21st

    Last rest : 20th

    Gradually creeping back up to 50 mile weeks to get ready for schedule did 45 this week 

    Last shift of run of 4 tonight then off till wed then got a weeks leave yyyaaaaaaaaayyyy image


  • Good report, NZC! I'm just looking at the weather for Auckland - 92% humidity! You would never get me out in that with the temperature above 15 degrees unless I was aiming for serious weightloss. I think you should be really proud of that effort.

  • Well done NZC

  • Well done indeed, NZC:  does that make you a Roadster?

    Good fun, 7D: when I ran there years ago it was muddy...and it had been dry for weeks!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Well done NZC, running in that heat is not nice!

    What:20 min walk to minibus, 3 hour drive, 30 min warm up, 1 hour of lacrosse, 3 hour drive, 20 min walk home
    Why: I had a match to get to!
    Long day!  last weekend we had 23C here and today it was 5 and there was a lot of snow on the way down south. Lost our game too, the other team were very very good!

    Ale how are you feeling today?
    OH you're joking about that dip right?

    Have a good one all.

  • Well Done NZC
    emzap - probably not!

  • Emzap: I'm bored! Been in bed with leg up, bathroom trips apart, since Friday 3pm. Will be going to surgery tomorrow or Tues to get dressing changed and have a good look at infection. Won't tempt fate by commenting!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • What: 10 miles

    What: Great South Run - first time I've run 10 miles in over year and even though I really started to feel it in my legs around mile 7 it was a good run and I'm determined to keep running a long distance on a Sunday. Will book myself into more 10 mile races to keep up my motivation.

    Last hard: Thursday halloween howler 5K

    Last rest: Yesterday (I never do anything on a Saturday)

  • Ale, keep gritting those teeth.

    NZC, well battled. I think that you knew early on the way that it was going. In retrospect I think that you probably pulled off a brilliant recovery. 2min up at 10k, 5 min up at 21k, on a hot day that makes 9min down a serious rescue. It could easily have been 30 min down or more.

    Tom, I think that you've been rumbled. Glad you enjoyed the (snuffly) marshalling.

    Me? Coached swim session. A new chap arrived, clearly a biker, and young with it. He also admitted to having done 12+ months of weights training. He was almost as slow as me, but once he's got a few small techniques and tips embedded, my usual support role will be confirmed.

    Much cooking and catering this weekend, the finale being the pumpkin carving. I'll tri and post a picture over on the dark side.

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Christine: really well run. I always find your efforts and especially your "I can get this done" attitude uplifting and inspiring.
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