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Hi everyone,

Does anyone use a Suunto Ambit? It has been recommended to me as the best GPS Heartrate monitor on the market, but as it doesn't allow you to track the data per interval I am unsure how useful it will be for running training and traking speed over time and distance. I know the Garmin is very well thought of for runners - but interested to hear from anyone who has used the Suunto.




  • The Ambit seems to be more geared to outdoors than running. Having things like altimeter, thermometer, compass and barometer. If you only want it for running is it worth paying £350 for these functions.

    I would much rather be able to record intervals and am happy with my Garmin 410 at £150 or better still go for the 610 still £100 less than the Suunto.

  • I use the Ambit & have done since it was first released.

    I only run off road & long distance, so its well suited for the info I need, such as altitude, ascent, decent, plus the navigation features are good for guidance. However, at present, there are no interval timers (due in Nov update though).

    If you run on road or well defined trail, its probably overkill, but if you are more adventurous / ultra type runner, its worth considering.

    Personally, Its a great tool for me & I wouldnt swap it. Suunto seem committed to the firmware updates too, adding new features & functionality. The other thing to consider is the S/W to analyse the data ... Movescount v Connect

  • Yes, but you don't have to use Garmin connect - all sorts of online logs will take the data from your garmin (don't know about the suunto).

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