Running tights help

hi, ive decided to invest in a pair of running tights but need advice, im a 32 waist and 5ft 7 with prett short legs, about 29 inside leg. What would be the best to buy without having them too long in the leg, cheers J


  • 2xu in a small - tbh they are all really stretchy anyway.  When i first bought a pair i thought they were never going to fit, they did perfectly.

  • You could also try some 7/8 tights. I know 2XU does these sometimes, and I think some other brands do too. I also find Ronhill tights very short, so maybe try them (I'm the other way, short with freakishly long legs!!).

  • Another tights question, I got bought some compression tights, are this ok to run in on their own or is it best to wear another pair of tights over the top. They look pretty skin tight when on but not sure if they are ok to run in.
  • I wear under armour compression tights and I wear a pair of shorts over the top  more for modesty than anything else. Wearing anything full length over the top would result in overheating!

  • can wear on their own or wear shorts over - up to you and how happy you are with the "visibility" factor image.

  • Ronhill are short, as dancing in spikes says.Try a medium, should be fine for you. Compression brands do offer good recovery, but they are pretty expensive if you just want to keep the cold out. 

  • But are there any tights that don't slowly roll down your legs as you run, leaving you with a quarter of the leg around your ankles? They all seem to do it.

  • Get braces ?

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