Glute strengthening


I'm getting back into running after an extended absence due to playing lots of squash. It appears that in that time, my right glute has become somewhat weak -- my right foot 'slaps' down notably harder than my left hits the tarmac. It's beginning to cause issues with my right foot and my knee, so I'd like to nip it in the bud.

Any suggestions gratefully received!




  • Single leg glute exercises a couple of times a week at the gym? Might also be an idea to do shorter slower runs and pay close attention to your running form. If you concentrate specifically on NOT slapping your foot down for a few weeks I'm sure that would help things.

  • Hi Mat - look up Lunges on Google / Youtube, you can do them with or without weights.  The important thing to do is keep your back straight, and knees in line with your second them in the mirror to check form.  Do enough of these, say 4 sets of 1 minute lunges and you should feel your glutes ache.  Otherwise, Squats are good for Glutes too, may also be worth looking them up.  If you do use weights get advise from a professional who can teach you how to do them properly, otherwise you could end up with a serious injury.

    Good luck!

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