chip timings

Hi all

Just wondering if someone in the know can explain something to me.Ive just run the GSR.My training partner started the race a good 5 seconds in front of me,we ran the race together and crossed the line at exactly the same moment but our timings say he beat me by 600th of a second.So what happened to the 5 seconds he started in front of me,to my reckoning my time should have been quicker than his cos we crossed the line at exactly the same time,am i making sense lol


  • Andy are you sure you're not seeing seconds not hundredths of a second? I dont think chip times are givent to tenths let alone hundredths?

    Usually hours:minutes : seconds
  • I stand corrected Mr Puffy.My time was 1.38.08 and my training partner was 1.38.02 so the difference was 6 seconds.............just had a thought!!,my training partner had both envelopes containing the timing chips sent to his address,the organisers have put the wrong timing chip in the wrong envelopes so I was wearing his and he mine,that can be the only explanation,really pissed about it

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