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I know there are lots of threads on here about 3 hour marathon times and training.  I am planning on trying to run London in less than 3 hours next April. My last marathon was Berlin in 2011 where I knocked 10 mins off my time to get a new pb of 3:08. 

My trainiing back then was runnng around 3 times a week. 1 small run of 6, a mid week 10 miler and a long run at the weekend which went up to 20 miles.

This year I have concentrated on my half marathon time and knocked 2 minutes off that and it now stands at 1:24. I also did more training and tried to run 4 times a week and did some interval training.

My current 5 k time is also 18:45.  

I am going to start to train in November/December and try and run 5 times a week and build up the miles but not run myself into the ground. Do I need to be running a half in 1:22 to succeed at sub 3? Any other adive would be great as well.



  • I think sub 1:25 is the point when a sub 3 becomes achievable for most runners. You've done well to get down to that half time on such low mileage though, but the lack of mileage may be the thing that makes the sub 3 harder.

    If you can up the miles over the winter then you should be ideally placed, maybe look at some of the Hansons marathon plans which have a good reputation for getting good times out of lower mileage.

  • Thanks Ross. I plan to up the miles up over the winter and try and get up to 50 - 60 miles at peak. We shall see. I will check out the Hanson plans. Thanks again.

  • Looks sensible and similar to me in someways.  

    I did a 37:20 in Dec, 1:18:26 HM in March and 2:55 at London.

    My PB for half was 1:29:59 year before and only my second marathon with first being 3:24. for blog and

    power of 10.  

    I used Don Fink's Ironfit to train for marathon and Ironman.

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